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Since the dawn of humanity, God has sent 124,000 prophets to this earth....

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) revealed that:

  • a number of prophets, whom were thought to belong to a certain religious creed only
  • a number of men that were not mentioned in the scriptures, and have been entirely forgotten by history... until now
  • and certain wise men, certain great rulers, or certain legendary characters, whom were thought to be either just clever people or tale characters

were actually prophets sent to all mankind.

In some cases this explains entire cultures from a new perspective e.g. the Vikings, or the Ancient Egyptians...


Allah (swt) says in the Holy Quran:
{And those who disbelieved say, "Why has a sign not been sent down to him from his Lord?"
You are only a warner, and for every people is a guide.}

And one can actually see that the message of many great minds in history is one when we look at the example of "Top 10 Philosophies Reflected In Islam".
When great minds contemplated over the universe created by God they inevitably arrived at the same conclusions...



This documentary tells us the story of Prophet Krishna (peace be upon him), and shares a few of his teachings.
Krishna teaches us that the inner and outer war between good and evil is inevitble, and nothing we should fear, because pain is the actual way to purify before the immortal soul leaves the temoporary body to return to the Merciful God.
He (pbuh) also made it very clear that there is only one God, that takes no shape and is beyond our understanding. Hence he made clear that he was not the absolute God who is beyond comprehension, but only a man who’s pure soul reflected the attributes of God in creation.

Arnobius of Sicca

Arnobius of Sicca, also known as Arnobius the Elder, is a strange figure in Christian history. He has often been overlooked or misinterpreted in modern times. He has been described as “perhaps the most bizarre of the Fathers of the Church.”
This documentary uncovers the truth about this mysterious revolutionary figure, his beliefs, and his reincarnation in the present day.

This episode states:

  • Arnobius of Sicca was Adam (as)

Alexander The Great

He was courageous, determined and lethal in battle. He was one of the greatest military strategists the world has even known. A brilliant leader, his men gladly fought for him and died for him. He was Alexander the Great. The true significance of this enigmatic conqueror has remained known until now. This documentary program reveals new details about the life and exploits of Alexander the Great.

This episode states:

  • Alexander the Great (as) has returned today as Aba Sadiq a.s – Aba Sadiq (as)

Note: The Daily Mail published an article in January 2017 titled "Alexander the Great's last will and testament may have been found 'hiding in plain sight' 2,000 years after his death".


Throughout human history God sends many prophets for guidance of humanity.
The Black Banners of The East proudly present the journey of Socrates. One of the most influential philosophers of his time and one of the 124,000, prophets sent my God the Almighty to help awaken humanity.


Plato is one of the most prominent Greek contemplators, quoted, praised and studied in every corner of the Earth. But he is also one of the least understood. Modern so called experts consider Plato a pagan philosopher and completely disregard the divine spark that penetrates every single one of his teachings. They silently overlook that Plato believed in the immortality of the soul, in reincarnation and the existence of other realms.
Plato was a spiritual teacher, uncovering revelations about the soul and the reality of the world we live in. The Black Banners of the East are the first to uncover the true teachings of one of the worlds most famous thinkers.


At the moment only in Arabic...
Aristotle was one of the greatest Greek philosophers of his time and made many important discoveries in various aspects of life. Twenty-four centuries ago, Aristotle laid the foundations of Western culture, ideas and opinions that still define the characteristics of our basic world. Everyone agrees that he is one of the smartest men known to mankind.

Inspirations from the past is a series dedicated to those personalities whom in history have left a striking mark in the hearts of the believers.

Ammonius Saccas

Inspired by the teachings of Plato, and Pythagoras. A man who introduced universal philosophy lay the foundation of Neo Platonism.
Inspired by some of the greatest philosophers and minds in history known as Ammonius Saccas.


{And we sent Messengers about whom we have related their stories to You before and Messengers about whom we have not related to You.} The Holy Quran 4:164
"We must close our eyes and invoke a new manner of seeing, A wakefulness that is the birth right of us all, Though few put it to use."
"I am striving to give back the divine in Myself to the divine in the All."
A man whom existed 1800 years ago whom accomplished this supreme and holy purpose and showed people how it could be done... he is known as one of the most influential philosophers in antiquity and the founder of Neoplatonism.. his metaphysical writings have inspired centuries of pagan, Christian, Jewish, Islamic and gnostic metaphysicians and mystics around the world and throughout history... known in history as the Greek philosopher.... Plotinus


Confucius was a Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher of the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history… his teachings have been used and taught by the West since his death in 479 B.C. Ask those who have studied Confucius, or who have been in contact with Confucianism, there have always been whispers of him being a great and divine man… In this documentary, produced by the Black Banners of the East, we will explore the life and teachings of Confucius - and for the first time in the history of this world, Confucius’ reality will be revealed by Imam Ahmad Al Hassan (pbuh).


There are many men who have made their mark throughout history - Pythagoras is certainly among them. Many fall in error and attribute their knowledge and teachings as nothing more than Philosophy, but as you will see, there is something much more behind these "Philosophers & Great Teachers".
Join us, in this two-part Documentary series on Pythagoras, as we explore his life, his sacred teachings, and the reasons why Pythagoras is one of the 124,000 prophets, from the Unknown Prophets of God - as taught to us by Imam Ahmad Al Hassan (pbuh); the Messenger and successor of Imam Mahdi (pbuh).

These episodes state:

  • Pythagoras (as), son of Hermes (as) and was: Aethalides, Euphorbus, Hermotimus, and Pyrrhus

Iraqs Unknown Prophets

One of the great mysteries of our planet is the presence of sacred places. The earth, on which we live, contains certain lands, which are holy.
They radiate an energy connected to the divine. One such land is known, in modern times, as Iraq, and it contains some of the most holy locations on the planet. The Holy Quran mentions only 25 prophets by name, but there were, in fact, so many prophets that were not mentioned in the scriptures. Since the dawn of humanity, God has sent 124,000 prophets to this earth.
Many of these prophets were sent to Iraq. Some are very well known, while some have been entirely forgotten by history…until now.

This episode states:

  • Five prophets of God who lived in the land of Iraq after Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him): Hem, Adrahan, Erza Uli, Abdul Malik, Ubayd al Hadad

Saint Augustine

King Artazerxes

There is a part of ancient Biblical history that reaches across time that touches the Jewish nation to this day. A history long forgotten. A history that is not talked about and is not taught. A truth that shakes the very foundation of religion. And that truth is the reign of the Persian prophet king Artazerxes.

Join us in this documentary where we delve into the world of the unknown prophets and reveal the truth behind the Persian king.

This episode states:

  • King Darius (as) was also revealed as an unknown prophet in minute 6:7


According to Hindu doctrines, the eighth incarnation of the God Vishnu was a man named Krishna. He is worshipped as the God of compassion, tenderness, and love. And he was, in fact, a Prophet of God. When Krishna’s time on this Earth as God’s vicegerent ended, his successor was his own student - a man by the name of Arjuna. This video explores the secret divine teachings of Krishna and the spiritual journey of his vicegerent Arjuna.

King Philip Of Macedonia

{And we sent Messengers about whom we have related their stories to you before and messengers about whom we have not related to you.} - Holy Quran 4.164
He is only remembered for being the father of Alexander the Great, Philip II of Macedon was an accomplished king and One of the greatest military commanders in history, He was to set the stage for his son’s victory over Darius III and the eventual conquest of the Persian Empire.
Join us as we discover the journey of King Philip the unknown prophet.


Journey with us as we travel to the land of Germany to hear the tragic story of the Prophet Odin (pbuh).
Revealing to you the place of his death...


Archaeologists have recently discovered artifacts linking a small group of Vikings to the first Imam of the Shiah sect of Islam, Ali ibn Abi Talib (pbuh). When exploring some of the Viking travelers faith, morals, and way of life - it becomes clear that Islam influenced the Vikings in that time, much more than the Christians, who were at that time living in the dark ages. Join us, on this new journey brought to you by the Black Banners of the East, and find out just how much this small mystical sect of Vikings revered Ali... in Vikings: Ode to Ali ibn Abi Talib (pbuh).

Donatus Magnus

Cyrus The Great

It is the year 324 BC and a terror grips the city. Fear at the sight of Alexander the great peace be upon him as he majestically rides into the city. Accompanied by his most elite cavalry, eager to wipe anyone who stands in their path.
When the worlds most strongest cavalry shows up at your doorstep
your whole being would tremble in fear. But Alexander did not come to fight these people.
The worlds most powerful Prophet King had come to pay tribute, to someone who had a relationship with his heart and soul. This young conquerer was looking for a tomb.
Join us as we reveal to you one of the greatest prophets hidden in the midst of history.

The Keeper of Secret Wisdom - Horus

Egypt is a land of wonder; an ancient land with a mysterious past. The reality of Ancient Egypt is one of the greatest mysteries in all of history. The tales of Egyptian mythology have survived throughout time. In recent centuries, humanity has unearthed artefacts, temples, and archaic manuscripts, which have preserved the mythological tales of the Ancient Egyptian deities.
Myths are wondrous stories, filled with heroes and heroines, epic battles, and fantastic places. As tales, they can stand on their own and serve as inspiration. However, myths also function on a deeper level. The subjects of myths reflect the universal concerns of mankind throughout history: birth, death, the afterlife, the origin of man and the world, the battle between good and evil and the nature of man himself. These sacred stories have always told universal truths about the world, in which we live, and thus reflect a people's history and beliefs. Egyptian Mythology was the belief structure and underlying form of ancient Egyptian culture for thousands of years. Every aspect of life in ancient Egypt was shaped by the stories, which related the very creation of the world and the sustaining of that world by the gods. One of the most important figures in Ancient Egyptian lore is the god Horus. You may know him by symbolic representations. “Horus" is the Latin version of the Egyptian word “Hor,” which means “the distant one” - a reference to his role as a god of the sky. For this reason, Horus is often depicted with a falcon’s head. Or perhaps you are familiar with the Eye of Horus, a mystical symbol often used to symbolise sacrifice, healing, restoration, and protection. He is regarded as an avenger of wrongs and a defender of order. Horus is well known as a key figure in Ancient Egyptian mythology but there is much more to this ancient figure than what has been recorded by history.

This episode states:

  • Horus is Methuselah mentioned in the book of Genesis in the Bible
  • Regarding the Eye Horus, Horus was born with a mark on his shoulder which resembled an eye and this mark possessed special abilities. For this reason this symbol became an important representation of power and protection but there is more to this symbol that meets the eye
  • Osiris (peace be upon him) has reincarnated in this day and age as the second Mahdi Abdullah Hashem (peace be upon him) and Horus peace be upon him has returned as his close companion.
  • Horus, the keeper of secret wisdom is not an ordinary man, but rather he is an angel. His angelic name is Huriel.

Prophet Amos

Inspirations from the past is a series dedicated to those personalities whom in history have left a striking mark in the hearts of the believers.


At the moment only in Arabic...
In this documentary we discover the truth behind the prophet Zoroaster and how he changed the course of religious history,
and how it had a profound impact on other religions, including:
Redemption, paradise and fire, the promised Savior, baptism by water, the birth of a virgin woman, the most surprising is that he taught that there will be battle in the last time for the salvation of mankind from evil between God and the devil. And other things you will see in the documentary.


In the universe of ancient Greek Mythology, Zeus is the most important figure. He was regarded by the Greeks as the god of all natural phenomena in the sky; the personification of the laws of nature; the ruler of the state; and the father of gods and men. The characters, stories, themes, and lessons of Greek mythology have shaped art and literature for thousands of years.
And yet, despite it’s far reaching influence, the stories of Greek mythology have been long assumed to be entirely fictional. This documentary reveals the truth behind the myth.

Hermes Tresmegistos

Have you ever looked at the sky above you?
And wondered who created the stars?
Or what keeps the planet on Orbit?
Have you ever been in awe when looking at the world around you?
Is it possible by looking inside yourself man can uncover the universe within? There have always been humans that have been convinced that there is something bigger to this world, then what our eyes perceive. They have suspected a hidden reality. So they set out on a quest to discover who we are.

This episode states:

  • Ahmed Al Hassan (as) revealed that Hermes Tresmegistos was a prophet of God one of the 124,000 messengers sent by God since the beginning of mankind. And he said that while the Greeks called him "Hermes the God of Communication" the Ancient Egyptians knew him as the God "Toth the God of Wisdom".
  • Ahmed Al Hassan (as) confirmed that Hermes Trismegistus is the author of the Emerald tablets.
  • Hermes message clearly aligns with the message of those who preceded and those who succeeded him - Buddha Plato Jesus Confucius Pythagoras. All these great personalities are bound to one cause, bound by one message the message of truth which they bring forth to guide humanity out of the darkness and into the light. All of them share the common goal of trying to free us from our chains and open our eyes for the world that lies beyond.
    That is why Hermes wrote in the Emerald tablets: "In the accomplishment of the miracle of the One thing, and just as all things have come from One through the mediation of One, so all things follow from this One thing in the same way."
    So what if the secret of alchemy is closely related to grasping and believing in one true God.
    What if alchemy is nothing but the realization of true monotheism - and the secret of our souls transformation lies in fully believing in the one creator and reuniting with Him?
  • Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as) solved the mystery of how can Hermes have believed in both [an all-encompassing God and existence of several other deities] in his ‘Book of Monotheism’. In it he revealed that humans are able to reach the rank of godhood. Completed humans can be sent to earth to make the image of God and carry the attributes of Godhood amongst the creation in order to make the one true God known to humans. They were created by Him The One The All but resemble His attributes and are therefore worthy to be referred to as gods.
    Note: Imam Ahmed Al Hassan a.s. says in the ‘Book of Monotheism’, “The Successor of Allah in His Earth is the representative of Allah, and if he is the hand of Allah and the face of Allah then he is Allah in Creation, but he is not an Absolute Divine, rather, he is a poor created being whom is in need [for the Absolute Divine] and he is not Light with no Darkness in it, rather, he is Light and Darkness.
    And do not imagine that the description of Muhammad (pbuhahf) and the Family of Muhammad with the description of Godhood means the same as the Godhood of Allah (swt), this is not the case, rather this matter [meaning being described as Gods], does not take them out of being creations who are poor to Allah and have boundaries which they are tied with. But Allah’s (swt) Godhood is an Absolute Godhood. And even if the poverty of Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad (pbut) is not apparent to us, they are poor to Allah (swt) and they need him. They (pbut) are almost rich but they are poor and they are Miskeens (poor people) in regards to Allah (swt) “Its oil almost self lights even if it is not touched by fire, light upon light.” - Surah 24:35"
  • Ahmad Al Hassan (peace be upon him) clarified that the bad self is what binds us to this physical world.
  • Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (peace be upon him) revealed that this hadith [Prophet Muhammad (pbuhahf) Miraj to Heaven] describes the moment of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) reunion with God. In this moment, he lost his personality and separate existence and dissolved within the light of the greatness of his Lord.

Saint Augustine