Unislamic Manners of the Illegitimate Office

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Quote from Imam Ahmed (as) after Black Banner had been raised

The Black Banner Supporters do not claim to be free from faults, and each one has to fight himself and improve...
Nevertheless the manners of the Fake Imam and the Office's representatives are so clearly unislamic that they stare in the face of everyone, who has a sound mind and a sound heart.

Manners of the faked facebook-Imam

Hateful language & Rejection of the questioner Ali Ghurayfi

Ever since the separation between the white banner and the Black Banner Ansar started, the statments of the fake fb-Imam on his page where from the unprecedented harshest language. Upon the occasion of a video of Ali Ghurayfi, in which he had raised rhetorical questions to the fake Imam and the public about the Office the "Imam", the fake Imam requested from the Ansar to distance themselves from Ali Ghurayfi by saying (in the second comment under his fb-post):

"In the name of God, the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful.
Praise be to God.
Prayers upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, the Imams and the Mahdis.
A few days ago, I said that if the water rises a lot it leaves the rats with no choice but to show their heads. After the formation of the Riser Brigades was announced, the hypocrites could no longer hide. They were left with one choice and one choice only: to show their heads so that the believing men and women would recognize them, and the call of truth would be rid of them, and they would go into the trash heap of history and God, the Lord of the Worlds, would be praised.
Ali Ghurayfi has finally shown his head as expected. By His favor, God informed us about this hypocrite a while ago. Now, this hypocrite has made a video filled with the fallacies and foolish arguments that his nasibi masters repeatedly say about the call of truth and its movement. He followed his masters and rehashed these arguments, although they are all foolish fallacies refuted in the stories and narrations of the prophets and imams, as well as the fundamentals of ideology and legislation. These refutations are well-known to the believers, may God reward them with good. They have exposed, and will continue to expose, the ignorance of Ali Ghurayfi, just as they exposed the ignorance of his masters from the satans of mankind and jinn - the masters who took it upon themselves to fight this call that God supports. Furthermore, Ali Ghurayfi filled this video with lies, fabrications, accusations, and conclusions derived from delusions. Not even my dear brother Muhammad, may God protect him, remained safe from his accusations, which he passed around as if they were for free. This hypocrite left nothing in the call of truth, or any of its pillars, without attacking it in a random, frivolous, childish and foolish manner. This is all a miserable and desperate attempt by Iblis and his soldiers to harm the call of God as they are giving their final breaths in their final moments. But they are crying to the moon and they will never get what they want. As I said to you days ago, it is nothing but a process of sifting and purification to rid the call of truth from hypocrites, seekers of this world and worshippers of desire, may God embarrass them. We ask God to fortify the believing men and women with His fort, and protect them from the evil, darkness and foolishness of the hypocrites.
Ali Ghurayfi has been controlled by Iblis, and he talked about every person in contact with me, and who have announced upon my request that they are in contact with me. However, due to his ignorance, he did not talk about Dr. Abdul Razzaq Hashim al-Dairawy, this great knowledgeable man, and the dear brother and friend, who devoted his entire blessed life to support the call of truth. His books and programs testify to this. I am regularly and directly in contact with him. I posted the selected berths in the ports of Sumer and Akkad to this page after he spoke with me directly and requested answers for a scientific and academic research paper, so I answered him in brief and told him I would answer him in more detail through my Facebook page as the answer is lengthy. I then answered him on this blessed page by posting the berths. Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds.
As for the mercy of the progeny of Muhammad (may the prayers of God be upon them all) which you ask about, it was never meant for you, or the hypocrites like you, may God embarrass you. This mercy is for the believers and the disbelievers who do not fight Ahlulbayt. As for the lying hypocrites like yourself and the nasibis who deliberately declare their animosity and insist upon it and fight the truth, they are not recipients of the mercy. God curses you all and promises that you will find the most severe punishment {God has promised the hypocrite men and the hypocrite women and the disbelievers the fire of Hell, wherein they will abide eternally. It is sufficient for them. And God has cursed them, and for them is an enduring punishment} The Quran 9:68.
{Indeed, those who abuse God and His messenger - God has cursed them in this world and the hereafter and prepared for them an embarrassing punishment} The Quran 33:57.
{And [that] He may punish the hypocrite men and hypocrite women, and the polytheist men and polytheist women, who assume about God an assumption of evil nature. Upon them is a misfortune of evil nature; and God has become angry with them and has cursed them and prepared for them Hell, and evil it is as a destination} The Quran 48:6.
I wrote this to establish proof, and so the stance of every individual or group will be clear from today onward. There is no room for hypocrites among us. That is why I demand that Abdullah Hashem and the group working with him in Egypt declare that they are innocent of Ali Ghurayfi, may God embarrass him, and of the misguidance and deviation he calls for, and that they declare this before everyone, individually, immediately and without any delay. Unfortunately, Abdullah Hashem tied himself financially to Ali Ghurayfi when the latter offered. Ghurayfi only offered to do so in a very clear attempt to enslave Abdullah Hashem and the people who are with him. This is why I address them and say to them today: You can choose to be so cheap that you become extremely small and your price would be measly even by material standards. And that price would be what the Nasibi Ali Ghurayfi paid you, so walk with him to hellfire and to the trash heap of history alongside the enemies of the prophets and successors, or you can choose to be heavenly jewels and your reward would be paradise and the satisfaction of God Almighty with Ahmed al-Hasan."


In this video Dr. Ali is seeking a thorough clarification from Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan by roughly saying: O Imam doubt came to my heart, because of these obvious contradictions which are 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. So please Imam give us an answer, and I am resorting to you to guide me and protect me from misguidance. So would Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) say that this man (Dr. Ali) is going to "hellfire and to the garbage of history" without trying to guide him back? Dr. Ali was seeking a clarification from the Office's fake Imam and said: "I swear by the oath of innocence to exit out of the strength and power of God and to enter to the strength and power of myself, if I was from the Nasibi haters, who don't want the banner of the Qaim to be raised". So his request to the Office's Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) was, to give him guidance. So would then the true Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) curse a questioner like that without answering him?

In contrast to these words the Ahlul Bayt (as) were ordered by Allah (swt) to treat people by the apparent - meaning to treat them according to their actions in public and not according to what they knew about their intentions. So even though from the intonation of Ali Ghurayfi in his video one may understand, that his questions aimed at clarifying his points for the viewer and were of rhetorical nature and rather directed to the Office than to the real Imam (as) - one still has to respect his request for help and answers and may not dismiss it.

Furthermore the real Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) taught us, to not easily give up on a person or leave any person to be wood for hell-fire by saying in “The Labyrinth or the path to Allah” pg 54:
"Indeed, whoever has within himself even an ember of truth will remember and return to the Wilayah of Allah and will not obey the commands of the tyrant, and will join the ranks of the believers . As for the wretched one who thinks that his surrendering to the tyrant will save him and keep him alive, do not feel remorse for him, for he thinks that life is in the hand of the tyrant, not in the hand of Allah! And his soul collapsed onto the fear and cowardliness from the tyrant until it became a secondary nature.

As for the supporters of the tyrant, the hearts of the most of them have blackened and their insights have blinded, and they have come to see the evil to be good and the good to be evil, but this does not mean that we abandon them all to be wood for hellfire, for there might be amongst them one who we can reform and get him back to the Rule of Allah
…And let there be for us as believers an example in Al-Hussain (as), as he advised the army of Yazzid bin Mu’waiyya (may Allah curse them), and propagated virtue to them and sought to prevent the vice, so the result was the return of one of the leaders of the Ummayads army
…and the believers should not give up reforming the Islamic community, for they are the party of Allah and His soldiers…”

This way it became oncemore clear, that the true and only Ahmed Al-Hassan and the fake Imam created by the Office are two different persons. Plus the reaction of the Office and it`s supporters was to leave all the strong points Dr. Ali made in his video and all the contradictions he mentioned, and not respond or justify them at all. The only response they say is "look at the devil in the background"! The response to this is, that Dr. Ali clarified in the following episode no.17 close to the end, that he had put this picture on purpose in the background, to see who will focus with him on the proofs, and who will only focus on making assumptions about what is seen in the background.
Furthermore Dr. Ali Ghurayfi challenged the Facebook Imam and told him, if you were a real Imam then destroy me in the next 24 hours - but nothing happened to Dr. Ali after those 25 hours.

Manners of the selfimposed fake Office

Training their Supporters to ignore the Black Black Banner and its Supporters

The Shuyukh of the Fake Office are urging their Supporters to avoid the Black Banner Supporters by any means and instilled into them to block all BBS Supporters, to ignore them and to even report their fb-accounts.

Their average message about the Black Banner Supporters looks like the following fb-post from Nathim Al-Uquaily:

Fb-post from Nathim Al-Uquaily 22nd June, 2015

"Peace be upon you Ansar Allah, and God’s mercy and blessings.
My beloved ones, in your hands is a very great message and a very noble goal; so move quickly to spread the Call of truth and to give victory to the Yamani of Muhammad’s family (pbut), with goodly preaching, and defend against the misconceptions concerning the Riser (as) brigades, so that you may be grand in the kingdom of heavens. And abandon being busy with the hypocrites – I am referring to the rats – because they do not deserve to be turned towards, ever. So leave them alone to die in depression, sorrow and anxiety. God has rid us of them, and made us relaxed from their aimlessness and absurdity. They have lost this worldly life and the next life, and they will be cursed upon the tongues of the generations, generation after generation, as the enemies of Muhammad’s family (pbut) are being cursed.
After a few days, your Imam (as) will be with you with a live voice discussion, and soon he (as) will be amongst us in his blessed office, in the vicinity of [the shrine of] the Prince of the believers (as), with God’s will, the Al Mighty. And at this time let the rats put their heads into the ground from the humiliation of what has happened [to them] and what will happen to them.
So I urge you, O Ansar Allah, do not become preoccupied with them ever, as they are the dead, the dead, the dead [lifeless], there is never any life in them, and challenging the dead is Haram [forbidden], as our beloved Dr. Al Dirawi has said, may God grant him success.
So I urge you to not make any importance to the midgets [small ones] with your speech, and with your preoccupation with them, because they are gladdened by it, very much so. So if you want to conquer them truly, then do not value them with any importance, and with this [act], perhaps a lot of them will think of committing suicide, God forbid."

The post is full of pure hatred and toxic sarcasm hidden under a religious cloak.

Calling people to themselves instead of letting Allah be the judge

They do not call people to let Allah decide, while the 12 ask people, after presenting their message, to do so, just as the AhlulBayt did many times. Read narrations and quotes about the importance of istikhara.

Excessive use of harsh language

The Office and most of its supporters made excessive use of harsh language against the Black Banner from an early stage on.

Yes, AhlulBayt (as) would also sometimes use hard words, to reveal the reality of some people as being pigs or apes, ore dogs of hell etc.

But also Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan said: Kill the shaytan within your dialogue-partner with the kind word. And for sure AhlulBayt (as) alway keep the the middle way between the two and use them in the appropriate proportion.

From this view point, it is interesting, that not too long ago the imposter facebook Imam made an fb-post about the supreme divine morals, taught through the Quran, by Prophet Muhammad (sawas) and his pure progeny (as). This statement was a reply to a comment from Sadiq al-Shirazi, or of his deputies or followers calling the Imam of the fb-page a donkey and a pimp. Find the translation full statement on the website saviorofmankind. In it he wrote in response to the insult:

"The catastrophe is that he lies, slanders and falsely attributes some of these insults to the Prince of Believers Ali bin Abi Talib, the pure one, son of the pure one, out of whose mouth not a single word came out to offend Aisha. While he was at the height of pain, in the battlefield and before the blood of beloved ones whom he lost therein dried, he did not insult Aisha, although he saw that Aisha caused a great genocide that weakened the Islamic State.'

"So the Quran says it to you with simplicity: look at the fruit, it will tell you the type of the tree even if you are not experienced in knowing the types of the trees by their branches or leaves. So who cannot recognize an apple tree when seeing the apples hanging from its branches? The same goes for the tree that produces poisonous or bitter fruit; when you see its fruit, you recognize it by its fruit. {Thus do We diversify the signs for a people who give thanks}. You know them by their fruit. The righteous Imam brings forth good and blessed knowledge, and a commitment to his knowledge results in bringing forth righteous servants who speak with wisdom. As for the Imams of Hellfire whom Satan disparaged, and thus they followed him, they bring forth foolish and corrupt words, and as a result, they bring forth followers who speak the language of Satan: offenses, insults, obscene and filthy words, lies and slander. You know them by their fruit. The good land produces good plants and good fruit, and the bad land produces bad fruit. The land is the Imam in whose knowledge and thesis his supporters and followers are raised. So you recognize the Imam of guidance by his thesis and fruit, {And the vegetation of the good land emerges by permission of its Lord}. And you recognize the Imam of misguidance by his thesis and fruit, especially if there is something to clearly show that he and his corrupt thesis are the reason for this corrupt fruit. This is where every reasonable person should stop and wonder how a person like this deviated one, who has corrupt morals and uses obscene words, or who calls to using obscene words, actually finds people to follow him and accept his speech. But it is the wisdom of Allah that if He wishes to make the truth appear with clarity, He shows you the bad, one layer upon another, to make the bad appear with clarity. {But that which is bad does not emerge except sparsely, and with difficulty}."

… and in order to justify his deviated method of using obscene words, offenses and insults which you heard from his brother in the other recording, … He then moved on to an explicit verse commanding not to insult as He swt said, {And do not insult those who invoke other than Allah, lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Thus We have made the deeds of every community pleasing to them. Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them of what they used to do.} the Quran 6:108. Sadiq al-Shirazi said, that this verse is specific and it does not command against insulting and obscenity at all. … whereas the appearance of the verse is clearly a command not to insult or use obscene words, for this is not a righteous, humane moral. And it is not possible for a well-balanced and righteous human to accuse Allah of offending, insulting and using obscene words. He swt is far above that; He is the Strong, the Capable and the Dominant One and He does not need to offend and insult, and He is the source of morals, values and good words, and it is He swt who says, {Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best. Indeed, your Lord is most knowing of who has strayed from His way, and He is most knowing of who is guided.} the Quran 16:125. So this is the general Quranic method.This is the explicit verse in which Allah commands inviting the opponent to the call with wisdom and good instruction, and not with offending, insulting and using obscene words. … O Beloved ones, O Shia of the progeny of Muhammad, pay attention, may Allah support you. This is the explicit verse, in which Allah commands with all clarity not to offend, {And do not insult those who invoke other than Allah, lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Thus We have made the deeds of every community pleasing to them. Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them of what they used to do}. This is what is explicit, O Beloved ones, O Shia of the progeny of Muhammad. {And do not insult those who invoke other than Allah … Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best}. These are the explicit verses, and this is what reason and humanity dictates. And this is what we know of the supreme divine morals which we learned from Muhammad pbuhap.

And it is the method you will find in the verses at the top of the blessed page, which is inviting with wisdom and good morals, and not the method of offending, insulting and using obscene, filthy words adopted by Sadiq al-Shirazi and his brothers and supporters. And on the event of the obscenity written by this person on this blessed page, I invite them to repent and abandon these evil morals and filthy words."

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan said about Al-Sarkhi, who was using foul language against the Imam (as) the following words:
"This method and these words, which were written by Al-Sarkhi are far removed from ethics, and any author, who has little manners would distance himself from it. Let alone he who claims to write a scientific response, By Allah, Al-Sarkhi has reminded me of Ibn al-Aas when he revealed his private parts in order to save himself.

There is not power nor strength save in Allah, the Great, the High. And this disparity between us is enough, for each pot grows by what is in it. And Al-Sarkhi released the envy that he bore in his chest through his presented words, thus, adding with his envy to the evidences for the blessed call of the Yamani, for verily, we are the family of Muhammad, Upon him and his Progeny Peace, and are the envied people, the Almighty said:

{Or do they envy people for what Allah has given them of His bounty? But we had already given the family of Abraham the Scripture and wisdom and conferred upon them a great kingdom.} {The Holy Quran Al-Nisa: 54}"

No reply to questions, proofs and challenges

While the Office did not reply to any of the proofs against them.

See the video-invitation to mubahala

No reply to the mubahala invitation

The Office didn´t respond to the call to mubahala, even though it is a well known means of differentiating between the liar and the truthful to our Imam (as). Imam Ahmed quoted Al-Fakhr Al-Razi in his book "The Wilderness or The Path to Allah" saying "It was narrated that Muhammad pbuhap, after presenting the proofs to the Christians of Najran, and after their persistence of their ignorance, he (pbuhap) said, “Allah has commanded me to perform mubahala with you if you do not accept the proofs." And he (as) furthermore added that the prophet (pbuhap) had said to the Christians of Najran if you refuse mubahala, become muslims (meaning accept my side). You will receive whatever the Muslims receive and you must give whatever the Muslims must give .” So they refused, so he (pbuhap) said, “I call you to the battlefield .”
The Office follower used to say, that the Black Banner supporters were unknown ghosts, when they were under taqiyya, and used this excuse to refuse to do Mubahala, even though it was said, that for this representatives from both sides would have to step forth. Now that Black Banner supporters have revealed themselves… Why is the invitation to Mubahala still not accepted?

What the so-called "sheikhs" of the Office wrote this with their own hands:

What the "Ansari shuyukh" stated in their newspaper about those, who fled mubahala

"Mubahala (Imprecation) and the Swear/Oath of Innocence.
After the clerics of the three religions turned away from debating the Sayyed Ahmed (as), he called them to do Mubahala against him, following the example of his grandfather The Chosen Muhammad (sawas) with the Christians of Najran. And even though they have a very stubborn stance in belying him, and they were so strongly commanding people not to follow him, yet they turned away from doing Mubahala against him! If they were certain that he was a liar as they shamelessly claim, then they would have seen a golden chance in the request of mubahala to destroy him."- End of their words

{As if they were frightened donkeys Fleeing from a lion!} Holy Qur'an 74:50-51

No reply to predicting future event challenge

Challenge from Imam to predict future event

Even though it is proven from the words of Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) himself (Sermon of the Meeting minute 22:40), that predicting future events is something normal for him, the Office rejected the challenge by claiming, that this would be an illegitimate request, since it would compel people to believe.
Read the refutation of those who say, that the Imam will not force belief by prediction of a future event.

Manners of many of the Office Supporters

Unfortunately most of them adopted the etiqette and morals of the maktab in this fitna and executed their orders.

  • blocked the Black Banner Ansars
  • some even reported Black Banner fb-accounts on a large scale, to that extend that some of them had to create their fourth or fifth account within one month or could only open accounts with limited functions due to ID-tracking of facebook
  • adopted the fould language of their fake fb-Imam to use it against their brothers and sisters in humanity and former brothers and sisters in belief

But alhamduliLah there are also some positive exceptions, people, who are still defending the Office, but at least stick to the rules of a fruitful discussion and respect the basic rights of the one they are debating and understand the kind word. May all of those truly look for guidance, so they may find it.

Those who doubt the believers of the black banners of the east

  • {And do not insult those who invoke other than Allah, lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Thus We have made the deeds of every community pleasing to them. Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them of what they used to do.} Quran 6:108
  • {A part of My servants there was, who used to pray 'our Lord! we believe; then do Thou forgive us, and have mercy upon us: For You are the Best of those who show mercy! But you treated them with mockery, so much so that (mockery of) them made you forget My Message while ye were laughing at them! I have rewarded them this Day for their patience and constancy: they are indeed the ones that have achieved Bliss.} Quran 23:109
  • {O you who have faith! Let not any people ridicule another people: it may be that they are better than they are; nor let women [ridicule] women: it may be that they are better than they are. And do not defame one another, nor insult one another by [calling] nicknames. How evil are profane names subsequent to faith! And whoever is not penitent —such are the wrongdoers.} Quran 49:11

Imam Ahmed al-Hassan (pbuh) said:

  • "So mock and laugh plenty, then do not repeat the way of your ancestors and milk an undue milk, and you will be cursed by subsequent folk just as the ones who fought Mohammad (sawas) and mocked him are cursed today, and you will know who's the winner tomorrow when knowing will do you no good then." Jawab al Muneer v.1
  • “Treat people by their appearances, and Allah is the one who holds people accountable on judgement day. I swear by Allah that it is much easier for me that I be called a thousand and a thousand times an ignorant one, and fooled by anyone with a couple of words, than to meet Allah on Judgement Day with an injustice toward one of His worshippers."
  • "What pushes you to mockery of me and the believers in this truthful call? Ask yourself and revise your Lord and {Read your book; your own self is sufficient as a reckoner against you this day} [Holy Quran 17:14] And throughout the eras, who are the mockers? And have you heard or read that prophets, messengers (pbut) and believers mock? But you would always find that mockery and underrating are the bases of the deniers and the disbelievers of the calls of the prophets and messengers." – Al Jawab Al-Muneer, vol 1, question 51

By what manners is the Imam (as) known?

Safwan ibn Yahya narrated that Abi Sa'eed Al-Makari narrated that Harith ibn Al-Mugheera Al-Nasri said: I said to Abu Abdullah (as): "By what thing is the Imam known?" So he (as) said: "By calmness and tranquility" So I said: "And by what else?" So he (as) said: "And you know him by Halal and Haram, and by that the people need him, and he needs no one. And he will have the weapon of the Messenger of Allah (sawas)." I said: "Is he a Vicegerent son of a Vicegerent?" He (as) said: "He must be a Vicegerent son of a Vicegerent." – Book of Ghaybah - Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Al-No'mani - Page 249. Bihar Al-Anwar 52/156, Hadith 26

Norhan Norhan Aal Al-Mahdi said:
I swear upon you by Allah O Ansar of Allah! This person who claims to be the Imam on Facebook, does he have any connection to calmness and tranquility? The man was freaking out. He only curses, insults, mocks, and he doesn't respond with any proof whatsoever!…
And she said similarly:
The Fake Facebook Imam is the furthest thing from calmness and tranquility, and this is obvious when he freaks out and calls people rats and mice, to say the least. However the real Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) has so confidently and calmly pulled the rug from underneath the office and the fake Facebook Imam, and will continue to do so, very calmly and confidently.…

What are the manners of Ahlul Bayt

The Holy Prophet (sawas) said: The most complete in faith among the believers is he who has the best manners.

Imam Ali (as) said: “Habituate yourself to magnanimity, and choose for yourself the most excellent of all etiquettes, for virtuous behaviour is a habit. Avoid the most low of all etiquettes, and struggle with yourself to avoid it, for evil is stubborn.”

First example

The following is an excerpt from Tawheed al-Muffadal. Let us all read and contemplate over the high morals of the Imams (pbut) in regards to debating others, in this particular case it is a debate with atheists, who altogether deny the existence of our Creator, let us contemplate over the respect and high esteem these very atheists had for Imam Jafaar al Sadiq due to his dignity, respect and intelligence. Now let us compare this with the person on facebook who claims to be Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, from the family of Muhammad (pbut, one by one), who refuses to answer a single question, who refuses to guide us back to the truth if the truth is indeed with him, and instead calls people rats and other derogatory names, all the while refusing to provide well founded proofs. (quote from http://black-banners.com/)

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful,

Muhammad Ibn Sanan relates that Mufaddal Ibn Umar narrated to him thus:

"One day after the Asr prayers, I sat between the mimbar and the shrine of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.), contemplating on the exalted attributes which had been bestowed upon our Master, Syed Muhammad Mustafa (saw). Many of which the general Ummah paid little to no attention to nor did they have full understanding of the greatness of His eminence, perfect merits, and His outstanding grandeur.

While I was immersed in such thoughts, Ibn Abi Al Auja, an atheistic pagan arrived there and took his seat within my hearing distance. A comrade of his followed him and sat listening to him.

Ibn Ali Auja started the conversation with the remark, "The occupant of this shrine has attained a unique station regarding His status and elevated honour." His comrade, adding an affirmation said: "He was a philosopher and made a mighty claim supported by miracles that confounded common sense. The learned intellects attempted to explain the mysteries in their depth but were unable to do so. When his mission became accepted by the sophisticated and the learned, then the common people entered into the fold of his faith one by one. All the places of worship and the mosques wherever the call to his prophet-hood reached, began to ring loud and clear with his name along with that of the Almighty Allah, regardless of where they were located. Not just once but five times a day whenever the Adhan and Iqamah were recited. He got his name attached to that of Allah (swt) in order to obtain popularity and notoriety and to keep His mission alive amongst the people."

Ibn Ali Auja remarked, "Leave aside the mention of Muhammad (saw) for I’m unable to comprehend Him in His reality. Instead let us talk about the basis of the people's acceptance of the faith of Muhammad (saw), the belief in the Sustainer of the universe. Does such a Creator exist or not?"

Then he referred to the origin and creation of the vast universe. He made the preposterous claim that no one had created them and there exists no Creator, nor Designer, nor Renovator. The universe came into being by itself and will continue to exist as such for all of eternity.

I was outraged to hear this and said to him, "O disbeliever! Do you disbelieve in the faith of Allah (swt) by totally denying the existence of Him, who created you, transforming you from one state to another, till you arrived at your present form? Had you looked at your own self and contemplated how you came into existence then you would have recognized within your own self obvious proofs of the existence of the Almighty Allah.”

He said: “If you can provide well founded proofs, then we shall discuss this issue with you, and will admit to you’re being correct. However if you are unable to provide such proofs, then you should not speak until you are able to do so especially if you are from the companions of Imam Jafar (asws) ibn Muhammad (saw). It is not His way of addressing issues and therefore you should follow His addressing issues and therefore you should follow His example and not speak in such an ill manner. He has listened to our discussions more than you have and has never spoken to us in the manner which you have. He acts with dignity, respect, and intelligence. He is never harsh or rude. He listens to our arguments with attentiveness and invites us to discuss matters with Him. Whenever we think we have finally outwitted Him and silenced Him, with just a few words, He is able to resume the debate and defeats even the most knowledgeable of us. We are left unable to reply to His proofs. If you are of His companions, then speak to us in the same manner as He does.” After hearing their words, I came out of the shrine dejected and thoughtful due to their disbelief in the existence of a Creator and due to their words towards me. I immediately went to my master, Imam Jafar Al Sadiq (asws). Upon seeing me, He asked me the the reason for my looking so saddened and dejected. I related to Him the conversation of those atheists and the way I had tried to refute their arguments.

He told me to come the next day when he would explain to me how the Almighty Allah manifests His immense brilliance through the comprising of the universe, the animals, the birds, the insects, all living beings, those in the both the animal and vegetable kingdoms, through the trees whether they bear fruit or not and those which are edible as well as those which are not. Such descriptions of brilliance would be absolute proof against the disbelievers and a source of solace for the believers while at the same time silencing the pagans.

Second example

The Prophet (pbuh) and Ahlul Bayt (as) in general were an example for using the least amount of harshness towards the enemy necessary, and the biggest amount of hope and mercy possible. Futhermore violence was always the last resort for them and they would only fight physically after exhausting all other possibilities. Here some examples:

Although the following example is from a Sunni source, it contains a message: no insults, no filthy language. Look how our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings upon him and upon the Ahlul Bayt) dealt with his enemies - with tranquility and fair retribution - no exaggeration, no transgression, and no excessive use of harsh language, no censoring and no isloating. Where are the manners and the merci of the shuyukh from the Office, who claim to be the representatives of the Imam (as)?

Example for the Prophet's manners (pbuh) from sunni book