The indescribable qualities of Ahmed-Al Hassan

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Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), Al-Hussain in his return, has qualities that the human mind cannot comprehend.
Like the rest of Ahlul Kisa (as), who are the veils God veiled Himself with, Ahmed Al-Hassan reflects God's attributes for creation, so we are able to approach the light...

The Son of Man and Prince of Anger

What Aba Sadiq Abdullah Hashem said about his soulfather Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan Al-Hussain

In his speech "The Rightheous Servant" (audio, pdf) Aba Sadiq (as) said:

I wanted to talk to you about the Righteous Servant whom Abdullah Hashem knows...

Ahmed Al-Hassan, the Righteous Servant (pbuh) is a very difficult man. Rather whoever knows him doubts that he is a human being.
And the truth is that he is not a man like us, he is the maker of men and humans. Ahmed Al-Hassan will test his Ansar by all what is cheap and precious to them.

Ahmed Al-Hassan will make the saying of "the crazy ones to the people of the Earth, and the sane ones to the people of the heavens" apply to his Ansar.
Ahmed Al-Hassan will tear and extract from the bodies and minds of the believers any remnants of our society’s customs and traditions. Ahmed Al-Hassan is the Halal and the Haram. He is the permissible and the impermissible.
Ahmed Al-Hassan is the confuser of the devils and the believers.
Ahmed Al-Hassan is the Harsh, the Merciful.

With Ahmed Al-Hassan the Righteous Servant we either be or not be,
O Ansar of Allah!
With Ahmed Al-Hassan the Righteous Servant we either be followers of his command, or no existence will remain to us O Ansar of Allah.
With Ahmed Al-Hassan the Righteous Servant, if you respond to him by why or how, it will be counted as disbelief and lack of Islam, lack of submission, and it will lead to the expelling out of the mercy of Allah in this world and the hereafter.
Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) is whom nothing in the heavens or the earth is hidden from him.
Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) is the one who knows what the hearts conceal.
Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) is the one whom Iblis is afraid of.

Aba Al Sadiq a.s.: Ahmed Al-Hassan is the bridge between the Imams and the Mahdis - Q&A Paltalk Session from 17.05.2016 with Aba Sadiq a.s.

Aba Al Sadiq (as): When someone believes in Ahmed Al Hassan (pbuh) for the first time, Allah forgives all their sins. And after that Allah forgives the sins with the true repentance. When a person enters the dawah for the first time Allah swt forgives all sins if the repentance is complete repentance. - Q&A Paltalk Session from 16.05.2016 with Aba Sadiq on Paltalk

Aba Al Sadiq (as): And you won´t see the face of Ahmed Al Hassan (as) by Allah, by Allah, until you treat the Mahdis the same way you treat Ahmed Al Hassan. We, the Mahdis…… the Mahdis of the family of Muhammed (as) are all one. - Paltalk Session, 18.06.2017

Aba Al Sadiq (as): Peace be upon Ahmed Al Hassan (as) whom Paradise is within his fist. He sends the souls. ابا الصادق ع : السلام على احمد الحسن ع الذي بعلمه يخلق الارواح Aba Al Sadiq (as): Peace be upon Ahmed Al Hassan (as) who creates the souls with his Knowledge. - Aba Sadiq a.s. - Paltalk Session, 13.12.2016

Pay attention O’ Brothers and sisters, Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as)... with him is Allah (swt), the creator, the One Able upon all things who hears and sees and knows what is in the hearts, and he tells the Ahlulbayt (as) and nothing is hidden from them, not in the Heavens nor in the Earth. And Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as) knows all the hypocrites and all the true believers, and he told many and many and Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as) knows what is in the hearts. - Aba Sadiq a.s. - 25.02.2016 Paltalk Session

The matter of dealing with the father (the Imam sawas) is a dangerous matter. For the Creation has been created for the sake of Ahlul Kisaa. And he is from Ahlul Kisaa. Whoever truly understands that and realizes it would shake whenever his name is mentioned or in his presence. - Aba Sadiq a.s. - 19.03.2017 Paltalk Session

What a pure brother found with Ahmed Al-Hassan

Listen to the testimony of a pure brother, describing which indescribable qualities he found in Ahmed-Al Hassan (as)...

The many descriptions of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan

Also you may read about the many description which point towards the rank of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) which is truly breathtaking.

Islam Zahed Mohammed (a person against the BBS) said:
"Hold on... So Ahmad al Hassan is the successor of imam al Mahdi, and he is he first of the Mahdis, and he is the son of the Mahdi, and he is the yamani, and he is the first of the 313, and he is Gilgamesh, and he is the black stone of the Kaaba, and he is Imam Al-Hussein, and he is the stone that was in the hand of Abraham, and he is God knows what else, and he now is an angel too? That sounds like a man with a personality disorder."

The Response by a Sister:
The matter of the Yamani Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is not unusual for the Ahl Al-Bayt (as), Imam Ali (as) has many descriptions as well as the rest of the progeny of Rasool Allah (pbuhap). So are these chosen of Allah suffering from personality disorder too? AstaqfirAllah from such ignorance!
You may watch the video in which Imam Ali (as) describes himself to his son Imam Hussain (as).

A guest on Paltalk called the Imam a.s "the Imam of the fire"

So the Imam a.s said:
Yes I am the Imam of the fire.

And brother AlRayat Alsud read the verse from the Quran
{Blessed are those who are in the fire and around it},
and a narration from Imam Al-Sadiq a.s where he a.s says that the fire is the Qaim of the Family of Muhamed.

- Q&A from 09.08.2016 with Aba Sadiq (as) on Paltalk

There Is No King like Ahmad Al-Hassan - The Victorious

King of kings

The Book of Revelation: The Lion of the Tribe of Judah & The Lamb who was Slain

The Path Of Messengers points towards Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan

The path of the Prophets and Messengers is not a series of disconnected stories, it is a single narrative in which every story, every character points beyond itself to one who is greater.

To know Ahmed you must know Al-Hussayn

And because Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is Al-Hussain (as) in his return - we shall also take a look at his magnificence from that angle...

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