The Unknowingness of the Impostor Imam

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The following are some examples, for the fake Impostor Imam's ignorance of the Unseen...

Imposter Imam wrongly accuses Abdullah Hashem of having financial ties with Ali Ghurayfi

The fake facebook Imam created by the Office wrongly assumed the following things and later learned about the real facts – and thereby exposed, that he does not know the ghayb.

The fake Imam said on facebook: "Therefore, Abdullah Hashem unfortunately tied himself to money related matters, when Ali Al-Ghurayfi presented it to them, with an attempt from him, which is clear and manifest to enslave Abdullah Hashem and whoever was with him."

Abdullah Hashem (as) clarified in a video statement (at 2:12), that he does not have such ongoing financial agreements with Ali Ghurayfi, as the fake Imam supposed and that he and Dr. Ali only worked together to provide homes for some believers, who are poor and have nowhere to live, and that other than that there are no financial ties between them, and that they mutually do not owe each other anything and mutually do not benefit financially from each other in anything.

You may read in detail about this case of slander which the Illegitimate Office tried to discredit Aba Sadiq Abdullah Hashem (as) with here.

Imposter Imam did not know, that Abdullah was a believer in the Black Banners and remained working with him

As Abdullah Hashem says in the above video (at 2:50-3:22): "The truth is, that we have been believers in the Black Banners long before Dr. Ali Ghurayfi – and that is the truth. And it was the imposter Imam and his alleged Office, who were actually were completely oblivious to this fact, and remained working with us the entire time for the channel. The imposter did not know, that we were Black Banners and we continued to receive our salaries, and missions, and assignments from the channel. Of course he did not know, for he is not the Imam (as)."

The fake facebook Imam called Dr. Ali Ghurayfi a Nasibi for asking questions about the Black Banner movement, but said to Abdullah Hashem: "You can choose to be heavenly jewels..." – even though Abdullah Hashem produced the series of the Black Banners and was a believer in it already for a long the time.

See the video-invitation to the challenge the Imam (as) posed:

Furthermore the ignorant Fake Facebook-Imam always adressed Abdullah Hashem and the Ansar of Egypt as the "Minbar of Egypt", about which Imam Ali (as) said, that it will be built by a representative of himself (as). So Office could you please clarify?

Refutation of those, who say, that the Imam will not force belief by prediction of a future event

In response to the recent challenge video, some Office followers are saying "Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) does not reveal unseen matters, because he does not want to compel people to believe, because a compelled belief is not accepted with Allah swt just like the belief of Pharaoh was not accepted".

Does Imam Ahmed (as) really not reveal unseen matters? First off revealing an unseen matter does not compel people to believe, because simply you will still find people who will try to interpret it in some other way. The belief of pharaoh was not accepted because he touched the miracle and could not have interpreted in any other way so he had no other choice except to believe, and this belief is not accepted by Allah swt. But revealing an unseen matter will still leave some space of doubt in some people, only the pure ones will take a sign from it, but some others will still doubt and interpret it in some other way. So no compelling there. Secondly, how could you say that Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) does not reveal unseen matters? Don't you remember when he (as). predicted the destruction of the cursed Saddam Hussein when he wrote the Qur'an with his impure blood?

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) said in the Sermon of the Meeting minute 22:40:
"And I have also told many people about important future events that shall happen and it happened just as I had told them. And from those things was when I told them the people who pledged allegiance to me in the first time would go back on their oath, which was a year and a half ago and also the going back of those who pledged allegiance to me in this year. And from it was the prediction of the end of the rule of the children of Adultery, Saddam and his impure soldiers. And many other things, that do not fit in this one statement, ask those who communicated with me about them. Rather ask them about the miracles which they have seen with their own eyes. And so I ask you by Allah, in whose hand is the Kingdoms of the Heavens? Is it Allah or is it the Satan, may Allah's curse be upon him? So if you say that these things are Magic or from the Jinn and that is your statement, a rival is he who says that the Kingdoms of Heavens is in the hands of the Devil, may Allah curse him. And Allah curses he who says such an ignorant stupid statement and insists upon it and does not repent to Allah over it."

Challenge unseen.jpg

The Impostor always adressed Abdullah and his companions as "The Minbar of Egypt"

First: Don't miss the video in which Dr. Ali Ghurayfi explains the Miracle of the Minbar of Egypt.

The Fake Facebook Imam and the False office of Najaf with its Sheikhs who usurped the right of the real Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) admit that the Minbar of Egypt – which has been led by Abdullah Hashem – is the very same Minbar which is prophesied by Imam Ali (as) and that it is the Minbar which is built by a man from Imam Ali (as) who is Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as). They admit that the Minbar of Egypt - which has always been led by Abdullah Hashem - is the Minbar of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) the Yamani (as).

Check out the following screenshots of the announcement on the Impostor Imam's official Arabic and English websites.

The posts are announcing the launch of the YouTube channel "The Savior of Mankind TV" in 2012, which has always been run by Abdullah Hashem, and in the very same announcement, they admit that this is the Minbar of Egypt which has been prophesied by Imam Ali (as) and which is prepared by the chosen ones of Egypt.

Also in this announcement, they post the link to that YouTube Channel, which they claim in their own words to be the Minbar of Imam Ali (as) and Imam Ahmed (as) Abdullah still runs this channel, even after we have announced our belief that Imam Ahmed (as) is with the Black Banners, because he is the only one who has always had access to it and the only one who has run it, so they could not take it away from him even after he announced his belief. And now he is using it to post videos for the Black Banners.

Doesn't this show the ignorance of their Fake Facebook Imam?
Isn't the fact that the Minbar of Egypt is now with the Black Banners of the East, an enough proof that the real Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is with The Black Banners?!

48 hours after Norhan Al-Al-Mahdi had exposed the ignorance of the Fake Facebook Imam from the Fake Office in Najaf the link to the Arabic post was deleted!

O office of Najaf, and their followers: How come now you are fighting the Minbar of Egypt? Isn't it, by your own words, the Minbar of Imam Ali (as)? Didn't your Facebook Imam admit, in many documents, that the Minbar led by Abdullah Hashem (as) is the Minbar prophesied by Imam Ali (as)? Why is the Facebook Imam fighting the Minbar of Egypt now? Simply because he is an impostor ignorant liar and he is not the real Ahmed Al-Hassan (as).

Illegitimate Office claims Ancient Egypt has nothing to do with Religion

Another proof for the ignorance of the Impostor Imam and against the Office is their claim that the pyramids have nothing to do with religion, after Ahmed Al-Hassan has begun to reveal their secrets, while they themselves had asked Abdullah in the past to produce a documentary about the Ancient Egyptian civilisation and to film the pyramids.

Abdullah Hashem refuted their claim as follows…

"In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
And All Praises due to Allah Lord of the Worlds,
And May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Mohammed and the Family of Mohammed, the Imams and the Mahdis,
Today they say that the Pyramids and the Ancient Egyptian Civilization has nothing to do with the Divine Religion,
But yesterday their Calf, the Facebook Calf, asked me to produce a series about the Ancient Egyptian Civilization and its relationship to the Divine Religion.
And he, may Allah curse him, asked me to also film and visit the pyramids and the locations of Ancient Egyptian Artifacts in Egypt.
And he also was depending on me to write the script of the episodes by myself and show the people what was truth without any guidelines from him, may Allah curse him.
And today after the true Ahmed Al Hassan a.s. has clarified the truth and all the truth in regards to this topic, they say Abdullah is a liar, and there is no relationship between the Ancient Egyptian Civilization and the Divine Religion.
And here is the proof of my claim in a secret letter sent from the Calf to me in the end of 2013"
Abdullah Hashem's fb-post, 4th October 2015