The Truthfulness of the 12 Chiefs from the 313

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Examine the truthfulness of the twelve Ansar considering the following points:

1. The twelve brought the glad tidings exactly on the prophesied day:

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"The Messenger of Allah (sawas) said: Hijaz will be ruled by a man, who has the name of an animal (i.e king Fahd (leopard). If you looked at him you will see that he is cross-eyed from far and if you came close to him, you will not see anything wrong with his eyes. A brother called Abdullah will succeed him. Woe unto the Shia from him, he repeated it three times, give me the glad tidings of his death I will give you the glad tidings of the appearance of the Hujjah". - 250 Signs p.122 Muhammad Ali Tabatabai [1]

Because the prophet attributed this action to himself, noone but him can give the glad tidings about the appearance of the Hujjah. These days Ahmed Al-Hassan is representing Allah in creation, and Imam Mahdi's vicegerent and subsequently represents the prophet and Ahlul Bayt in general as well.

In the case of his will Prophet Muhammad (sawas) had stated, that the first one to claim his will is the rightful claimant, because noone claims the will except its companion. Similarly regarding the appearance of the Hujjah he promised in the aformentioned hadith, that he will deliver the glad tidings about it. Conversely, this means, that noone else could possibly do it.

2. The twelve came with a divine message about an intrigue, that had been hidden: Imam Mahdi (as) told them to uncover, that the Office is not legitimate and by looking into this matter and that they are the calf, that is worshiped, and the Samiri in this dawah. Furthermore Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan has foretold, that there will be Umar and Abu Bakr in this dawah.

3. They came with a divine command, that has its root in well-known ahadith about the Black Banner(s), which is besides the white banner, the second sign of the Hujjah.

4. They revealed, that the facebookpage attributed to Ahmed Al-Hassan was faked by the Office as well as the audiorecordings on it. The audiorecordings specifically aimed at legitimizing the Office and the page, therefore the representatives of the Office until today stress on these faked audiorecordings as their main argument while it is void.

The maktab supporters do criticise the twelve claimants with the following words of Ahmed Al-Hassan: "Woever claims to have connection with Imam Mahdi and does not return to me in every small and big matter is a liar on Allah and His messenger." 1st, Shawwal, 1424

This can be easily rebutted:

1. You believe that the Facebook of the Imam is not fabricated right? Then you must accept what is written in it, right? Well on this Facebook page Imam Ahmed (pbuh) (according to what you believe) clearly states that people can communicate with Imam Mahdi in different ways, one of which is "meeting" Here is the quote: "As for Imam al-Mahdi (pbuh), he is elevated and absent and the means of communication with those who believe in him are the revelation, the visions and meeting him. And through them (through those ways), he testified to a number of people, that cannot conspire to lie that Ahmed Al-Hasan is his son and successor from the progeny of Muhammad (pbut)." – The full answer here and the original post in Arabic here.

2. No one from the Black Banners supporters ever claimed that the 12 men are not in contact with Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh). As a matter of fact they claim, that they are with Imam Ahmed (pbuh) and they see him and talk to him.

It is advised for the confused to make istikhara and ask their lord with a sincere heart verily Allah does not misguide the sincere servant.

See the comparison of the main proofs.

The Messenger of Allah (sawas) said, when he was describing the companions of the Qa'im pbuh: "Verily, the people see them as disbelievers, but Allah sees them as righteous. The people see them as liars, but Allah sees them as truthful. The people see them as impure, but Allah sees them as clean. The people see them as cursed, but Allah sees them as virtuous. The people see them as oppressors, but Allah see them as just. They have won faith, and the hypocrites have lost." - Assayed Ibn Tawus, Al-Malahim wal Fitan Door 59


  1. Even though Tabatabai cited Ahmad ibn Hanbal’s Musnad as the source, the hadith cannot be found in Musnad Ahmad these days. But Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) knows, that his Ansar use this hadith as a proof and did not remark that, but rather approved it by silence. So the Black Banner Ansar have firm belief in this hadith. Furthermore there are many reasons why this Hadith of AhlulBayt (as) cannot be easily invalidated. Read an essay about this here.

Ahadith indicating towards the 12 men

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Of course only Allah (azwjl) knows the meanings of these ahadith mentioned…

  • From a lenghty hadith Salman (as) narrates, “RasoolAllah (saw) said to me, “Allah has not sent any prophet nor any messenger without appointing twelve chiefs for them.”Dala’el al Imama pg 447
  • "{Verily in this is a reminder for who has a heart and who gives ear and earnestly witnesses} The Holy Qur´an 50:37. Mufaddal asked "And what is the meaning of Allah´s words ‘And he witnesses?’ Imam Sadiq replied "It means witnessing Allah in the Shadow when He took the Covenant upon them." Mufaddal asked "O Master, how many in numbers are the Chieftains?"
    Imam Sadiq said "There are Twelve Chieftains" Mufaddal asked "Are they raised to a higher degree other than that?" Imam Al Sadiq said "There is no degree after that" and recited: {He was specially chosen, and he was an Apostel (and) a Prophet} The Holy Qur´an 19:51."
    Al-Haft Al-Sharif, Door 12

Comparison to the illegitimate Office

If one compares the multiple mentions of the twelve clostest companions of Imam Mahdi (as) from the 313

  • the 12 who will be belied
  • the ambassadors of the Mahdi, who are the way to communicate with his Ansar, and whose names are known in the sky, and on earth are unknown
  • whose arrival is condemned

… to the mentions of an Office mainly respresented by 4 to 5 people – one will find, that such an Office along with its structure is not mentioned anywhere in the ahadiths of AhlulBayt (as).