The Sufyani, the Khorassani and other prophesied Characters

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There are some characters or groups encoded in the ahadiths which play a key role in the events of the End Times.
Noone knows their true identities except a Vicegerent from God.

So here is Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) informing us about some of them...

The Sufyani

The rise of the Sufyani (may Allah curse him) is one of the inevitable signs before the emergence of the Mahdi (pbuh) from the narrations of the Family of Muhammed (peace be upon them).
After 1000+ years the identity of this evil character has been revealed to the world by Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as).
And the narrations have proven true in accurate detail... yet another proof of this truthful call for those with eyes to see.

For over a thousand years, there has been a prophecy of an evil charter rising in the name of Islam, when in reality, he inwardly serves sinister agendas for the Western elite. The torment that will come from the Sufyani is unimaginable; but he will appear to bring peace in the beginning. This prophecy has been fulfilled...

Jordan The Sufyani Kingdom

Jordan is a land of mesmerising beauty and contrast, from the Jordan valley fertile ever changing to the remote dessert canyons immense and still.
For almost 100 years the so called Hashemite kingdom has held the custodianship of Jerusalem's holy sites, and the Jordanian city of Petra is considered a modern world wonder.
But the royal family of Jordan which has ruled the country since 1921 has held a dark secret and bears a hidden enmity to the family of the Holy Prophet (pbuhaf) and their saviour the long awaited Mahdi.
Join us in this exclusive documentary exposing the reality of one of the darkest countries on the planet.

The Sufyani in the ahadiths

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan said (as) said on Paltalk 18/1/2017: "The signs of goodness appeared in the sky and the cursed Sufyani begins to move.
Come to me, come to me, come to me! [ follow me, follow me, follow me! ] Wasalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Barakatuh."

The Sufiyani's appearance is a sign for the Mahdi

  • Imam Al Baqir (a.s) said: “The emergence of the Sufyani, Yamani and Khurasani is in one year, in one month, in one day, ordered like the order of beads, some people will follow some of them and there will be misery on every face, woe to those who stayed far away from them, and there is no banner more guided than the banner of the Yamani, his banner is the banner of guidance because he calls/invites to your Companion/Sahib (Sahib al Zaman a.s), so if the Yamani emerges he will make arms dealing forbidden for the people and every Muslim, and if the Yamani emerges then rise up towards him, indeed his banner is the banner of guidance, and it is not permitted for a Muslim to turn away from him, and whoever does this then he is from the people of the hellfire, because he calls/invites to the truth and to the straight path.” - (Ghaibatul Nu’mani page 255-256)
  • From Abi Abdullah (as) who said: "The Call is from the inevitable [signs], the Sufyani is from the inevitable, the Yamani is from the inevitable, the killing of the Pure Soul is from the inevitable and the Hand that comes out from the sky is from the inevitable." – Ghaiba alNu'mani p.252, Door.14, Hadith.11; Bisharat al-Islam, Door.7, Hadith.383; Mu'jam Ahadith al-Imam alMahdi, vol.3 p.464, Hadith.1025
  • In another tradition, Imam Al-Ridha (as) explained the sentence, "Be calm so long as the heaven and the earth are calm' as 'Be calm so long as the heaven is calm from the call (of Gabriel) and the earth is calm from sinking the army (of Al-Sufyani)." – Al-Bihar v52 p 139,189
  • "In a narration from Imam Ali Ibn Al-Hussayn (as), a narration of Hithlam Ibn Bachir with Imam Zain Al-Abideen (as) about Al-Mahdi (as), said: … and the cursed Sufyani appears from Al-Wadi Al-Yabis, and he is from the sons of Utba Ibn Abi Sufyan. As soon as the Sufyani appears the Mahdi (as) disappears, then he appears again after that." – Ghaybat Al-Tusi p.294, Bihar Al-Anwar part 52, p.291
  • Imam Ali (as) said: "And the house of rulership shall return to Al Zawraa’, and the matters shall be handled through the Shura, whoever dominates over a matter shall do it. It is at that point that Al-Sufyani will appear and travel the land for nine months during which he will inflict upon them the worst of torment. Woe unto Egypt, woe unto Al-Zawraa’, woe unto Kufa and woe unto Wasit, for it is as if I am looking at Wasit and I see no informer there with any news. It is at that point that Al-Sufyani will emerge, food will become scarce, people will starve, rain will be rare, lands infertile, and not a drop of water will come down from the sky. Then, Al-Mahdi the rightly guided and guiding, will emerge, and he will be the one who takes the banner from the hand of Jesus the son of Mary." - Al-Malahim wal Fitan by ibn Tawous, page 266

An Ansari brother (may Allah grant him success to all goodness) noticed about this hadith:
SubhanAllah, just as Al-Abbas (as) was the banner carrier for Imam al-Hussayn (as), in this round Jesus (as) is the one who hands the banner to the Mahdi (as).
And Jesus is Al-Abbas (as).
And the first Mahdi is Al-Hussayn (as).

  • Ibn AlMunada in the Book of Daniel:

"Sufyanis are three, the Mahdis are three, the first Sufyani will emerge, and if he emerges him being mentioned becomes popular, the first Mahdi emerges, and then the second Sufyani, and then the second Mahdi emerges, and then the third Sufyani will emerge, and then the third Mahdi will emerge, and so Allah will make better everything that was ruined before, and he will be rescuing the people of faith, and will make alive the Sunna, and extinguish the fire of innovation." - Alarf AlWardi Syooti p.1/149 hadeeth#250

The Sufiyani (the most cursed) vs. Muhammed, the Mahdi, the 313, and the 10.000

  • A group of people from Kufa rose up and said: O Prince of the Believers what is the name of this Sufyani? So he (pbuh) said: "His name is Harb bin[son of] Anbasa bin Mara bin Kalib bin Sahma bin Zaid bin Uthman bin Khalid and he is from the offspring of Yazeed bin Mu'awiya bin Abi Sufyan, cursed in the Heaven and the Earth, the most evil creation of Allah the Al-Mighty and very much the most cursed" – Matha qal Ali fi Akhir alZaman p.456 (Khutba alBayan); Ilzam alNasib fi Ithbat alHujja alGha'ib, vol.2 p.178; Sharh Ehqaq alHaq vol.29 p.567; Mu'juam Ahadith al-Imam alMahdi, vol.3 p.92, Hadith.639
  • "Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem, walHamdulilah rabb al'Alameen. Verily, the truth is with the Family of Imam Mahdi (as) who are the remnant of the Family of Muhammad (as) who are the twelve Mahdis. And the truth is with the Yamani and his companions, who are the 313 Yamanis and whoever follows them. As for the people of falsehood, they are many, from them are the Sufyani and the Family of the Sufyani. And pay attention that Abu Sufyan was from the sons of Umayyah, and [Umayyah] is the brother of Hashem who is the grandfather of Prophet Muhammad (sawas). And both of them, meaning Umayyah and Hashem, are from the sons of Abraham (as). So as such, in the End Times there are Abu Sufyan and Muhammad and both of them." - Ahmed Al-Hassan, Jamadi Al-Awwal 1426 A.H., answer to question 42
  • "His rising (pbuh) is in Mecca, his companions will gather for him there, and their number is three hundred and thirteen men, like the number of the people of Badr, and the companions of Saul who crossed the river with him, then the devoted believers will flock to Mecca from all the countries of the Muslims until they become ten thousand, and they are the first of his army (pbuh). And he does not leave Mecca to fight the tyrants until when Allah causes for the earth to consume the army of Al-Sufyani between Mecca and Medina, which is an army sent to eliminate the movement of al-Mahdi (pbuh), and after this event he will start his movement in purifying the Islamic lands from the tyrants and their servants gathered around them." – Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, The Wilderness or The Path to Allah, Page 67, English Version

The Black Banners of the East will defeat the Sufyani

  • In the book “Al-Wasiyyah” by “Ansari Sheikh” Nathim Al-Uqeili, page 164: “So the one who administers the fighting with the Sufyani in Iraq and defeating him is the eastern Khurasani Iraqi black banners, and this is before the rise of the Mahdi pbuh in Makkah, because the black banners reach Iraq before the rise of the Mahdi in Makkah, so if the rise of Imam Mahdi (as) took place then allegiance will be sent to him as the following narrations clarify: Abu Ja’far (pbuh) said: The Black Banners which come from Khurasan will descend in Kufa, so if the Mahdi appears in Makkah allegiance will be sent to the Mahdi. And the messenger of Allah (sawas) said: "There will come out from Khurasan black banners, nothing will return them until they are established in Eliyaa” meaning Baytul Maqdis. So in the light of these narrations, the black banners will be the ones who fight the Sufyani in Iraq and defeat him until they reach Baytul Maqdis." – Sheikh Najmeddine Jaafer ibn Muhammed al Askari, Al-Mahdi Amaw'ud Almountadhar, pt 24, p72
  • Narrated from Ahlul Bayt (pbut) "So Allah will send upon them (meaning upon the Sufyani) a youth from the east, calling them towards the Ahlul Bayt of the Prophet, they are the companions of the black banners, the ones who are oppressed, Allah shall give them glory and send down victory upon them, they will defeat everyone they fight." - Alkorani, Al-Malahim wal Fitan, Al-Mumahidoon p.103 / found in p.103
  • Prophet of Allah (pbuhap) said: "And a man from the East with small black flags proceeds to kill the man of Sham (and he is the Sufyani), and he is the one that leads to obedience to the Mahdi (as)." – AlMahdi alMuntather alMaw'ood, v.2 p.328, Door.30, Hadith.101; Malaahem Wal Fitan Ibn Tawoos p.121 Door.100 (Online version: p.54, Door.99); Kitab alFitan, Na'eem alMaroozi p.189
  • Prophet Muhammad pbuhap said: "So Allah will bring out against the Sufyani from the people of the East, a Vizier (Wazeer) of Al-Mahdi, and he shall defeat the Sufyani in Sham." – Sharh Ahqaq AlHaq section 29 p.620; Mu'jam Ahadith al-Imam alMahdi, vol.1 p.295

The Khorassani

Someone asked Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as)...

"The Khorasani who is mentioned in the Hadiths of Ahlul Bayt (as), will he be a disbeliever in the Yamani in the beginning then he will believe in him and be in his army?

"… Yes. He will get prepared to fight him in the beginning, but it will not be long until he gives him allegiance inshaAllah. And his fight against the Yamani (as) in not intentional and is without knowledge, because he doesn't know that he is the Yamani (as) Peace of Allah be upon the Khorasani."See answer from 25th June, 2015 on BBS Forum

Shuhaib ibn Saleh, Khorassani

"1)- Can the Imam talk a bit about Shuhaib ibn Saleh?' Why is he a famous support of the Yamani etc.
2)- Khurassani, is he from the shia militias supporting the fight of the Government of Bani Abbas against ISIS, is he from some mercenaries of Iran State?"
"…Shu’aib ibn Saleh, may Allah safeguard him, is present now, and he is from the Ansar of Imam Mahdi a.s, and he is from a crushed class. He is a brave man who has such a glory. And he has a word like a sword which is heard by the people, and the people around him respect him because of his honesty, kindness, and good morals/manners, [all] which he is known for. And he has incidents with his people to solve unresolved tribal conflicts, with all forethought, intellect, and wisdom, and that’s why he is loved by the people. He has a big known tribe. And he is from the most popular people who defend Imam Mahdi a.s. and the people will gather around him when he rises and moves forward to give victory to Imam Mahdi a.s
As for Khorasani, in the beginning he will be an enemy to Imam Mahdi a.s without knowing or feeling so. But after a certain incident, he will pledge allegiance to Imam Mahdi a.s. and he will be his right hand in the stage of conquests, and he will be martyred in one of the blessed battles. And all praises belong to Allah the Lord of the worlds." See answer from 25th Sept, 2015 on BBS Forum

Gog and Magog

When will the people of Gog and Magog come out?

"Who are the people of Gog and Magog and when will they come out?"
"…Gog and Magog are a creation who are not from Planet Earth, and they are not from the children of Adam a.s. And they will not come out during this age of ours. And inshaAllah (if Allah wills) I will publish a book which is called: (The Lord of the Easts and the Wests) in which I explain the details of this matter and I provide the proofs for whoever wants the proof that Gog and Magog are a creation who are different than the creation of the children of Adam a.s. And it will be a door to whoever wants knowledge or to whoever is looking for new knowledge which makes them reach the secrets of the knowledge of the planets and the stars, and I provide easy, short, flexible, and uncomplicated ways to the sciences/knowledges of the Heavens and their paths, inshAllah (if Allah The Exalted wills).See Answer on Black Banners Forum

Questions about Gog and Magog in Surat Al-Kahf

Read Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan's answer here.

Who is Al-Abqaa?

"Who is Al-Abqaa'? And what is his role in the events of the rise?

In the Name of Allah, The Abundantly Merciful, The Intensely Merciful
All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds
O Allah send Your prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis
No answer." – See Answer on Black Banners Forum

The Qahtani is from the sincere devout believers

"Atheer asks is the Qahtani mentioned in the traditions - is this character one of the mahdis and can you tell us about this character?"

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as): "The Qahtani is one of the Ansar of Allah. And he is from the sincere devout believers."
- 16/7/2016 Paltalk, See quote in pdf

Who is "Al-Jibt and Taghut"?

Someone asked the Imam a.s.: "Who is "Al-Jibt and Taghut"?"

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan a.s answered him: "Your government is one of those tyrants."

- January 23 2017 Paltalk, See quote in pdf