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After Allah (swt) has bestowed upon us the blessing of knowing the Light of Allah in the darkness of this world, and this light is Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as).
And after the arrival of the blessed Black Banners of the East, Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) came forth to reveal the secrets of Allah (swt) which the minds have been confused about since the beginning of creation.

The case of the Returning (Raj'a) of the Prophet of Allah Muhammad (sawas) and the Imams (as) have long been considered a great secret. Comprehending and understanding this esoteric subject was hard and heavy until its real Companion, Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) solved this mystery for us.

As mentioned above that is because it was difficult for us to make sense or harmonize between the narrations of the Raj'a (The Return), the narrations of the Mahdis, the narrations of the Imams, and the narrations of the Holy Rise of the Qa'im (as). And that is to be expected, because those four matters have an important and strong connection to the secret Divine Plan for the establishment of the State of the Divine Justice. So surely not anyone would have access to it except its real Companion.

Abi Abdillah (as) said: "Our Matter is a Secret in the Secret, and the hidden Secret, and a Mystery which has no use without the Mystery, and a Secret upon the Secret and a Mystery covered with the Mystery." - Mukhtasar Basa'ir alDarajat p48

Abi Abdillah (as) said: "Our Matter is the Truth and the Truth of the Truth and it is Apparent and Interior and it is the Secret and the Secret of the Secret and the hidden Secret and the Secret covered with the Secret." - Mukhtasar Basa'ir alDarajat p48

And today, Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) reveals to us the secrets of the Raj'a...

Muhammed (sawas) and the Imams (as)

Through the video "Characters in the End Times: Mohammed and the Imams a.s." we came to know that...

the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (sawas) returned in his Raj'a as:

  1. Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (as)
  2. Imam Muhammad Al-Jawwad (as)
  3. Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi (as)

And that Imam Ali (as) returned in his Raj'a as:

  1. Imam Ali ibn Al-Hussain Al-Sajjad (as)
  2. Imam Ali Al-Ridha (as)
  3. Imam Ali Al-Hadi (as)

And that Imam Al-Hassan ibn Ali (as) returned in his Raj'a as:

  1. Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (as)
  2. Imam Al-Hassan Al-Askari (as)

And that Imam Al-Hussein son of Ali (as) returned in his Raj'a as:

  1. Imam Musa Al-Kathim (as)
  2. Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as)

In this context the following Q&A is very interesting...
Someone asked: Q.20: "Is there for the people of the cloak a.s other incarnations than the 12 Imams?"
Aba Sadiq (as): "Yes but the Imam a.s. has not spoken about it because he doesn't want it to be too heavy on the people."
Q&A from 02.05.2016 with Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan & Aba Sadiq on Paltalk

The Return of Muhammed as Imam Al-Mahdi

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In the book of Monotheism Ahmed Al-Hasan (as) says:
"And His [The Exalted] saying: {Do they await but that Allah comes to them in shades of clouds and the angels [as well] and the matter is [then] decided And to Allah [all] matters are returned} [Surat Al-Baqarah 2:210]. So the one who comes in the shades of clouds is Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) in the World of Raja' (The world of Return) and with him shall be the People of his House (Ahlul Bayt) and some of the Prophets (pbut). And it is known that Muhammad is the one shaded with the clouds, and there were glad tidings given with this description in the Torah and The Gospels about the Messenger Muhammad and the Riser (Al-Qa'im) from the family of Muhammad."
So Mohammed will come back in the Raja (that is now) in the clouds - as Imam Mahdi (as). Subhan Allah!

There are many narrations about this esoteric matter, here are some of them:

  • Abu Khalid al-Kabuli narrated: On the verse {Certainly the one who sent the Quran to you, shall return you to the returning (place)} (Holy Quran 28:85) Imam Ali Ibn Al-Hussein (as) said: "Your Prophet (sawas) shall return to you". - Bihar Al-Anwar v53, p56, Hadith #33, also p46, Hadith #19
  • Abu Marwan narrated: I asked Imam al-Sadiq (as) about the verse {Certainly the one who sent the Quran to you, shall return you to the returning (place)} (Holy Quran 28:85) The Imam (as) replied: "No by Allah! The world does not end till the Messenger of Allah (sawas) and Ali (as) come together in al-Thawiyya and meet each other and build a Mosque with 12000 entrances in al-Thawiyya, a place in al-Kufa." - Bihar AlAnwar v53, p113
  • Jabir ibn Yazeed narrated that Abu Ja'far (as) said about the saying of Allah the Almighty {O you who covers himself [with a garment] Arise and warn} (Holy Qur'an 74:1-2): He means by that Muhammad (sawas) and his rise in the Raj'a, he will warn in it. And His saying: {Surely, it is one of the greatest portents As a warner …} (Holy Qur'an 74:35-36), meaning Muhammad (sawas) a warner to humanity in the Raj'a, and when He says "we sent you to all the people", it means in the Raj'a." - Bihar AlAnwar v53 p52
  • On the commentary of the verse: {He is the One Who sent His Apostle with guidance and the religion of truth in order to prevail over all religions, even though the polytheists may be averse.} (Holy Quran 9:33) Al-Mufadhdhal Ibn Umar narrated: I asked Imam al-Sadiq (as): "Didn't the Messenger of Allah (pbuhaf) prevail over all religions?" He (as) replied: "O Mufadhdhal! If the Messenger of Allah (sawas) had prevailed over all religions, there wouldn't have been any Magus, Jew, Sabian, or Christian, or any sect, disagreement, and doubt, or any polytheism, and idol. Verily, His saying {in order to prevail over all religions...} is in the time of al-Mahdi during the al-Raj'a, and this is His saying: {And fight them until there is no more trouble and till religion is only for Allah.} (Holy Quran 8:39)" - Bihar AlAnwar v53, p33
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  • Asim Ibn Hamid narrated from Imam al-Baqir (as) who said: the Commander of the Believers [Ali] (as) said: "Verily Allah, The most High, The One, was alone in His oneness, then He spoke one word, thereupon it became light and then He created from that light Muhammad (sawas) and created me and my progeny, ... and while there was no sun, no moon, no night, and no day we were glorifying Him and were praising Him, and this was before He created the creatures and took the covenant from the Prophets for faith and aiding us.
    And this is the saying of Allah: {And when Allah took a covenant from the prophets: Certainly for what I have given you of the Book and wisdom when an apostle comes to you verifying that which is with you, that you must believe in him, and you must aid him.} (Holy Quran 3:81)"
    Then the Imam (as) continued: "This means you (i.e. prophets) must believe in Muhammad (sawas) and you must aid his executor. And they all will soon aid his (executor). Allah took the oath for me along with Muhammad (sawas) for aiding one another. Most certainly, I aided Muhammad (sawas) and made jihad along with him and killed his enemies and fulfilled Allah's promise while no one among the Prophets and Messengers aided me. But they will soon aid me and I hold whatever between the East and the West.
    And verily Allah shall raise alive from Adam (as) to Muhammad (sawas) all the sent Prophets, and they fight along with me and along with all (other) notable dead and alive (believers). How amazing and how astonishing shall be the dead whom Allah shall raise alive group by group while they shall be uttering 'Labbaik Labbaik O the Caller of Allah' holding their weapons over their shoulders by which they shall hit notable disbelievers and the tyrants and their followers from among the oppressors of the first to the last generations till Allah fulfills what he has promised them in His saying: {Allah has promised to those of you who believe and do good that He will most certainly make them rulers in the earth as He made rulers before them, and that He will most certainly establish for them their religion which He has chosen for them, and that He will most certainly, after their fear, give them security in exchange; they worship Me, not associate anything with Me} (Holy Quran 24:55). This means they worship Me in security without fearing from anyone and without any dissimulation." - Bihar Al-Anwar v53, p46, Hadith #20
  • Muhammad ibn Sinan narrated that Jabir ibn Yazeed al-Ja'fy said: When the Caliphate became for Bani Umayyah, they spilled forbidden blood and they cursed the Commander of the Believers (as) on the Pulpits for a thousand months and they declared themselves innocent from him, and they assassinated the Shia in every town and they removed them from the world for the ruins of their world. So they terrified the people everywhere. And whoever did not curse the Commander of the Believers (as) and whoever did not declare themselves innocent from him (as), they would kill him/ her no matter who they are." Then Jabir ibn Yazeed al-Ja'fy said: So I complained from Bani Ummayyah and their followers to the clear Imam the most pure of all pure ones, the adornment of all worshippers, the master of all the ascetic ones, and the Successor of Allah upon the creation, Ali son of Al-Hussayn, peace of Allah be upon both of them. So he (as) said: "O Jabir, if it weren't for the Known Time, and the inevitable term, and the ordained fate, by Allah I would have destroyed this upside-down/ deteriorating creation in a blink of an eye, no rather in a moment, no rather in a rapid glance. But we are honored servants who do not precede Him in word and who act by His command."

And here Imam Al-Baqir (as) points to the Known Time, which is the time of the appearance of Imam al-Mahdi (as), who himself is Muhammad (sawas)! And they do not precede Allah (swt) because they have the Known Time.

  • "Imam Mahdi will declare himself to be a prophet." - Al-Majlisi, Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 10, p. 550
    This also brings to light that Imam Mahdi (as) is indeed Prophet Muhammed (sawas).

And last but not least even the second illegitimate caliph Umar (la) was haunted by a true inspiration about Prophet Muhammed's (sawas) return...

  • Isma’il b. ‘Abd Allah – Sulayman b. Bilal – Hisham b. ‘Urwah – ‘Urwah b. al-Zubayr – ‘Aishah, the wife of the Prophet: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, died while Abu Bakr was at a place called al-Sunah (i.e. al-‘Aliyah). Umar stood up, saying, “I swear by Allah! The Messenger of Allah is not dead!” She (‘Aishah) narrated: ‘Umar said, “I swear by Allah! Nothing occurred to my mind except that. Verily! Allah will resurrect him and he will cut the hands and legs of some men." - Abu ‘Abd Allah Muhammad b. Isma’il b. Ibrahim b. Mughirah al-Bukhari al-Ju’fi, al-Jami’ al-Sahih al-Mukhtasar (Beirut: Dar Ibn Kathir; 3rd edition, 1407 H)
  • another version: Umar stood at the Mosque of the Prophet when the Prophet passed away, and said: "There are hypocrites who allege that the Messenger of God has died. Certainly the Messenger of God did not die, but he went to his Lord, as Moses, son of Imran, went to his Lord (for receiving the heavenly commandments). By God, Muhammad will return as Moses returned, and he shall cut off the hands and legs of those who alleged that the Messenger of Allah has died." - Al-Sira al-Nabawiyya, by Ibn Hisham, v2, p655
Sunni traditionists and commentators supressed any hadith about the concept of Raja (except for the case of Jesus), to disclaim the fact that the Imams of Ahlul-Bayt (as) will once rule on the earth without any rival.
(Note: One cannot say that Umar took this idea from Abdullah Ibn Saba. Saif Ibn Umar al- Tamimi (who allegedly invented this character) wrote that Ibn Saba came to Medina and became Muslim during the reign of Uthman (la), which is far after the death of Prophet (sawas).)

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan gave a hint in one of his books that Imam Mahdi is Prophet Muhammed in his return

Translation of an fb-post by Sister احمد احمد:

Indeed that which you were promised has arrived, O followers of the Samiri office.
In the book "Signs of The Companion" by Sayed Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) which has been hidden by the Samiri office [it says that] Imam Mahdi Mohamed ibn Al-Hassan (pbuh) is the seal of the Prophets and the Vicegerents, meaning that he is Prophet Muhamed (pbuhahp) in his return.

Here are the words [in the book]:
"For today we all do not see a possiblity of reforming these corrupt conditions except through a major reformative revolution that carries the words of 'Allah is Great' and is lead by the seal of Prophets and Vicegerents Imam Al-Mahdi (pbuh) in order that he may take the people out of the darknesses and into the light. And he [is] the divine leader about whom the Prophets (pbut) gave glad tidings."

Note: There is so much in the book "Signs of The Companion" which exposes your fabrications and your lies, O followers of the Samiri office.
And by Allah, by Allah, by Allah, we the companions of the Black Banners of the East shall not leave anything for your falsehood, and we shall expose you in front of everyone."

The Return of Hussain (as) as the Qaim in the End Times

  • Imam al-Sadiq (as) said: "The first one who shall return to this world (at the time of al-Mahdi (as) is Al-Hussein Ibn Ali (as) who rules until his eyebrow falls over his eyes due to his old age." - Bihar alAnwar v53, p46, Hadith #19
  • From Jaber Aljo'fy: I heard Aba Ja'far (as) saying: "Then Al-Montassir (The Victor), shall emerge to he Dunya (this worldly life ), and he is Al-Hussein (as), avenging his blood, and the blood of his companions." - Bihar Alanwar v53 p196
  • Saleh ibn Sahl narrated that Abu Abdullah (as) said regarding the verse {Then We gave back to you the return against them.} (Holy Quran 17:6), he (as) said: "The emergence of Al-Hussein (as) in the Return, with seventy men from his companions who were killed with him. On them will be the white golden helmets, each helmet has two faces, and which lead the people to the fact that Al-Hussein had emerged among his companions, so that the believers may not doubt him and so that they know that he is not a Dajjal nor a Shaytan, while the Hujjah the Qa'im will be among them. So if the knowing that he is Al-Hussein (as) became settled in the believers' hearts, death will come to the Hujjah (as). So the one who would be washing him (as), and shrouding him (as), and embalming him (as), and burying him (as) in his grave would be Al-Hussein son of Ali (as). And no one succeeds a Vicegerent except a Vicegerent." - Bihar Al-Anwar v51 p56

You can read more about the Returns of Imam Hussain (as) on the page "Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan is Al-Hussain, and also Imam Musa Al-Kathim".

Imam Ali (as) will not return in the Raja of the End Times

In the Black Banners Episode 10 Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan furthermore explained, that…

  • Imam Ali (as) will not return at all
  • Prophet Muhammed (sawas) will only have one last return in the very very End of Times

Furthermore the following was asked on Paltalk...
Q.24: "Will Imam Hassan a.s return?"
Aba Sadiq (as): "Yes Imam Hassan will return in the future. Allah swt will not re-create Imam Ali a.s. And in all cases the souls of the Imams surround us."

Someone asked: "Are Imam Ali a.s. and Imam Al-Hassan a.s. here now?"
Aba Sadiq (as): "No they are not here now. However they are here with their soul/spirits, and not with their physical bodies."

As for the ahadiths which seem to prove the opposite and which mention the return of Imam Ali (as), like the following ones...

  • Abu Marwan narrated: I asked Imam al-Sadiq (as) about the verse {Certainly the one who sent the Quran to you, shall return you to the returning (place)} (28:85)." The Imam (as) replied: "No by Allah! The world does not end till the Messenger of Allah (pbuahf) and Ali (as) come together in Al-Thawiyya and meet each other and build a Mosque with 12000 entrance in Al-Thawiyya, a place in Al-Kufa." - Al-Bihar, v53, p113, Hadith #138-17
  • Muntakhabul Basair: Saad narrated from Ibne Isa from Yaqtini from Hussain ibn Sufyan from Amr ibn Shirmr from Jabir ibn Yazid from Imam Jafer Sadiq (as) that he stated:
    "Once again Imam Ali (as) will return to this world waving his flag with his son, Imam Hussain (as) and take revenge from Bani Umayyah, Muawiyah and his followers and forces.
    Then the Almighty Allah will send him back with his helpers and this time there will be 30.000 from the people of Kufa and 70.000 from others, and he will fight in Siffin once again and eliminate his enemies. Not one of them will survive who can inform others of what befell them."

The response from the words of Ahlul Bayt to this seeming contradiction is.
If we said something about a man and it was not him but it was his seed, do not deny it…

Just like the following hadith: Imam Jaafer (as) said: "And if we told you something about a man, and it was from his son, or son of his son do not deny it" – Bihar Al Anwar v.26 p.225; Nimat Allah Jaza'eri p.435

To understand the matter of the Oneness of Ahlul Bayt (as) better you might want to read this paragraph.