The Return (Raja) of the Pure Ones during the Time of the Qaim

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{Says he (man): "Who will give life to the bones when they are rotten?" Say, "He will give life to them Who brought them into existence at first, and He is cognizant of all Creation."} – Holy Quran 36:78-79

It is well known in most religions, that certain enlightened souls will return in The End Times - an age of great transformation, in which a world saviour of reformer will appear and the ultimate forces of good and evil collide in a battle ushering in the Kingdom of God. These souls come to assist the Comforter, the Savior, the Mahdi.
Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan informed us, that this is the time in which those souls of Prophets, Messengers, companions of Prophets, and pure believers, who died or were elevated, are returning to this world in order to give victory to this Riser (Qaim) (as)...

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) said…

"My believing sons and daughters, Allah promised the believers relief and victory very soon inshAllah… amongst you are the Prophets, Preferred ones, Righteous ones and believers…"First statement after his absence

And Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan said about the companions of the Qaim (as): "… And indeed they are better than the companions of the Messenger of Allah and better than the companions of Al-Hussayn (as), rather as it was narrated by them (as) that those 313 will pass, and they are the nation of Muhammad (sawas), on the Day of Resurrection, so the nations will say: Verily all of these are prophets…" – Ahmed Al-Hassan, The Allegories, Q80

One must know that Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) had confirmed earlier that the return of the human being through a new birth to life - the concept of reincarnation is true. If you want to know more about reincarnation - from the perspective of the ahadith and tafsir of the Ahlul Bayt (as) - read the article "Reincarnation in Islam".

In this article, we discuss the the Al-Raj'a/ Al-Karra, which means, "return", which means bodily resurrection of some dead, and their return to this world before the Day of Judgment. Many verses from Holy Quran confirm al-Raj'a has happened in the past for some specific nations and individuals and will also happen in the future for some people.

There are many narrations and verses which indicate that Allah (swt) will re-create or resurrect two groups of people. The first group are those who have reached the epitome of Faith, and the second group are those who have reached the epitome of disbelief, meaning the best believers and the worst disbelievers. And the people in those groups are people who lived in the past ages. And the struggle between those two groups is the first step in building the State of the Divine Justice.

{our word had already preceded our worshippers, the messengers, (171) that they shall receive our help (172) and our armies shall be the victors. (173) so turn (away) from them for a while.} - Holy Quran 37:171-174

Let us have a look at the proofs from the ahadith for the return of the Righteous Ones in the time of the Qaim…

Proofs for Raja in the time of the Qaim

Ahadith about The Righteous Ones who will rise with the Qaim from the past

  • {Know that Allāh gives life to the earth after its death; indeed, We have made the communications clear to you that you may understand.} - Surah Hadid 57:17
    Imam Muhammad ibn 'Alī al-Baqir (as) said:
    "Allāh, the Exalted will revive it (the earth) through the Qaim (a.t.f.s.) after its death; its death implies disbelief of its inhabitants, because the disbelievers are dead." - Reference: The Promised Mahdi, Vol 1 page 86 & 89
  • Imam al Sadiq (as) said: "Al-Qaim will come forth from the back of the Kufa with twenty seven persons, fifteen from them are from the people of Musa (Moses) (as), who guided to the truth and acted according to the Justice, and seven are from the people of the Cave and Joshua ibn Nun, and Salman and Abu Dujana Ansari and Meghdad and Malik al-Ahstar are present too, who will become Ansars and Rulers between the hands of the Qaim (as)." - Al-Irshad by Shaykh Mufid v2 p386
  • Imam as-Sadiq said to Mufaddal: “You, along with forty four other persons, will be with Hadrat al-Qa’im (‘atfs). You will be on the right side of the Imam (as) enjoining (good) and forbidding (evil), and the people at that time, compared to the people of today, will believe in you more sincerely.” – Dala’il al-Imamah, p. 248; Mo'jam Ahadeeth Imam AlMahdi a.s. V4 p97; Ithbat al-Hudah, vol. 3, p. 573
  • Sheikh Muzzafar in his famous book "The Faith of Shia Islam":
    "In this question the Shi'a follow what has been said by the Household of the Prophet: That Allah will cause people to return to this world in the same form as they were before; that He will distinguish between the righteous and the wrong-doers, and between the oppressed and the oppressors; and that this will take place in the time of the Mahdi. Allah will not cause anyone to return unless he has attained a high degree of faith of has sunk deep into corruption. After this they will die again, and on the Day of Resurrection they shall be raised again to be rewarded or punished, for Allah has mentioned in the Qur'an the desire of these people who have come twice into this world to come yet a third time in order to repent of their sins.
    {They shall say: Our Lord! Thou hast cause us to die two deaths, and Thou hast given us twice to live; now we confess our sins. Is there any way to go forth?} (40:11)
    Truly the Qur'an came to proclaim Raja in this world, as did many traditions from the house of Infallibility, and all the Imamites believe this…"
  • And Jabir narrated from Imam Sadiq (as) that he (as) said: "Imam Al-Hussain (as), before martyrdom, said to his companions: The Prophet of Allah (sawas) said to me: "O my son, you will be sent [one day] to Iraq and that is the land, which in it, the prophets and vicegerents came toghether and met each other. That land is called 'Amoura' and you will be martyred there and a group of your companions will be martyred with you. They will feel no pain from the touching of the Iron." Then he (sawas) recited: {We said: O fire, be coolness and peace for Abraham} (Holy Quran 21:69). The Battle will be cool and peace for you and for that group." Then Imam Hussain (as) said to his companions: "Glad tidings, because by Allah if they kill us, we enter upon our prophet. [Then he (as)] said: I after being killed, stay as much as Allah wills and will be the first one, for whom the earth will be splitted and exit it with a exiting that will be in the same time as the exit of the Commander of the Believers and the Rise of our Riser (Qaim (as) and the life of the Prophet of Allah (sawas). After that representatives/ agents from the sky/ heaven, near to Allah will descend for me, who have never descended before that, and Gabriel and Michael and Israfil and the Army of the Angels will be sent for me. Surely Muhammad (sawas) and Ali (as) will be sent, and I and my brother and all those who Allah obliged them, will descend on the Markabs from the Markabs of Allah, horses with white and shining foreheads which no creation have ever ridden them, then Muhammad (sawas) waves his flag and give it along with his sword to our Qaim (as), then we stay as much as Allah wills and Allah brings out springs of oil and water and milk from the mosque of Kufa, then the Commander of the Believers (as) gives me the sword of the prophet of Allah (sawas) and sends me to the East and to the West. So I do not go to the Enemy of Allah, except I will shed its blood and do not leave an Idol, except I will burn it." - Mukhtasar Basa'ir alDarajat p37
  • Sheikh Al-Mufeed says: "The information we received mentions signs of the age of the appearance of the Qaim Al-Mahdi (pbuh) and events that will take place before his emergence of signs and proofs, and one of them is the emergence of the Sufyani […] and the dead will spread from the graves until they return to the physical world and they will get to know one another and they will visit one another […] and they will know then about his emergence in Mecca, so they will approach him to give him victory." – Al-Irshad, vol 2 pg 368-370
  • Sheikh Al-Mufeed said: "About the return: and I say: That Allah (swt) revives people from the dead to the living in the image they were on, and He cherishes some of them and He humiliates some of them and the people of truthhood will triumph over the people of falsehood and the oppressed ones of them over the oppressors, and that us during the rise of the Mahdi of the propgeny of Muhammed (sawas)." – Awail Al-Maqalaat, pg 78.
  • Abu Khadijah said that Imam as-Sadiq (as) said: “I asked God to keep (my son) Isma‘il alive after me but He did not grant it, but granted him another station. He will be the first person to reappear along with his ten companions. Abdullah ibn Sharik will be his standard-bearer and one of his ten companions." – Al-Ayqaz min al-Hajah, p. 266. See Kashi, Ikhtiyar Marifah ar-Rijal, p. 217; Ibn Dawud, Ar-Rijal, p. 206.
  • The Commander of the Faithful (as) said: “The Companions of the Cave (Ashab Al-Kahf) will come to assist the Mahdi (as).” – Husayni, Al-Hidayah, p. 31; Irshad al-Qulub, p. 286; Hilyah al-Abrar, vol. 2, p. 601.
  • "Imam Ali (as) said: "Astonishment and all astonishment is between Jamadi and Rajab."
    So a man stood up and said: O Commander of the believers, what is this astonishing matter which you are still being astonished by?!
    So he (as) said: May your mother mourn over you!! And what matter is more astonishing than dead ones striking every enemy of Allah and His Messenger and his Ahlul Bayt! And this is the interpretation of this verse: {O you who have believed, do not make allies of a people with whom Allah has become angry. They have despaired of the Hereafter just as the disbelievers have despaired of the companions of the graves} [Holy Qur'an 60:13]"
    – Bihar Al-Anwar Volume 53, Page 60, Hadith 48
  • From Mufadhal ibn Umar said, I heard Aba Abd Allaah (as) say:
    13 women will be with Al-Qaim (as).” And I said: What will do? He (as) said: “They will treat the wounded and take care of the sick like (the women) did with the Messenger of Allaah (sawas).” I said: “Can you name them for me?” He (as) said:
    1.) Al-Qanwa bin Rasheed
    2.) Umm Ayman
    3.) Habaabah ak-Waalibiyyah (Some say she is the companion of the 2nd Imam, some say she was the companion of the 2-5, some say she was the companion of all the first 8 Imams, and Imam Al-Rida burried her with his own shirt, she was 240 years old. (see: al-Mamaqaani, Tanqeeh al-Maqaal, vol. 23, pg. 75))
    4.) Sumayyah, mother of Ammaar bin Yaasir
    5.) Zabaydah (wife of Haroon al-Rasheed, the Abbasid caliph)
    6.) Umm Khaalid al-Hamasiyyah
    7.) Umm Saeef al-Hanafiyyah
    8.) Sabaanah (Siyaanah) al-Maashetah (wife of Ezekiel others say female hairdresser for family of Pharao)
    9.) Umm Khaalid al-Juhniyyah"
    – Al-Tabari, Dalaa'il al-A'immah, pg. 259 - 260
  • Abi Baseer said: Abu Jafar meaning Imam Al-Baqir (as) said to me: "Do the people of Iraq deny the Raja (The Return)?" So I said: Yes. So he (as) said: "Haven’t they read the Qur’an? {And the Day when We will gather from every nation a group} [Holy Qur’an 27:83]." - Bihar Al-Anwar page 40 volume 53
  • Imam Al-Sadiq (as) was asked about the saying of Allah (swt) {And the Day when We will gather from every nation a group of those who deny Our signs, and they will be [driven] in rows} [Holy Qur’an 27:83].
    So he (as) said: "What do the people say regarding it?"
    So I said: They say it is about the Day of Resurrection.
    So he (as) said: "Would Allah gather on the Day of Resurrection one group from every nation and leave the rest?!" Rather indeed it is about the Raj’a (The Return). As for the verse of the Day of Resurrection then this it is the following: "and We will gather them and not leave behind from them anyone * And they will be presented before your Lord in rows, [and He will say], "You have certainly come to Us just as We created you the first time. But you claimed that We would never make for you an appointment."} [18:47-48]."
    - Bihar Al-Anwar page 40 volume 53
{We will resurrect a group from each nation.} = Means the Minor Resurrection = means the rise of the Riser (pbuh) = means the return of the Righteous Ones = means "reincarnation" had been presented to us with its code name "Raj'a"!
  • Abi Abdullah Al-Barqi narrated that Abu Abdullah (as) looked at Dawoud Al Al-Riqi وقد ولي and said: "Whoever would like to look at a man from the companions of the Qa’im (as), then look at this man (Dawoud Al-Riqi)."
    And in another place, he (as) said: "Let his (Dawoud Al-Riqi’s) rank among you be the same as the rank of Al-Miqdad, may Allah have mercy upon him."
    - Mo’jam Ahadith Imam AlMahdi a.s. by Ali Al-Korani Al’Ameili, Volume 4, Page 98; Ikhtyar Ma’rifat AlRijal, by Sheikh Al-Toosi, Volume 2, Page 704; Al-Iqath min AlHaj’a bil Burhan ala Al-Raj’a, by Al-Hurr Al-‘Ameli, Page 250

Imam Hussain (as) returns in the time of the Qaim as the First of the 12 Mahdis

Imam Hussayn (as), supported by the 313

Most Shia know that Imam Hussain (as) is the first to return for the raja...
12er Shia think that the following ahadith are talking about a raja which takes place in the very very end of time, after Imam Mahdi's (as) return and death:

  • Ahmed ibn Uqba narrated from his father, he said: We asked Abu Abdullah (as) about the Raj'a, is it true? So he (as) said: "Yes." So it was said to him (as): "Who is the first to come out? So he (as) said: "Al-Hussein comes out upon the trace of the Qa'im (as)." So I said to him: "And all the people with him? So he (as) said: "No, rather it will be as Allah (swt) mentioned in His book {The Day the Horn shall be blown so you will come forth in groups} (Holy Quran 78:18) a people after the other." - Bihar Al-Anwar v 53 p 103
  • From Aba Abdillah al Sadigh (as): "Verily the first to return to this world is Al-Hussein son of Ali (as) and his companions. And Yazeed son of Muawiya. And indeed he will kill them an eye for an eye. Then Abu Abdillah (as) recited: {Then we gave back to you a return victory over them. And we reinforced you with wealth and sons and made you more numerous in manpower}. (Holy Quran 17:6)" - Bihar Al-Anwar v53 p76
  • By Imam Al-Sadiq (pbuh): "The first one who the earth will split for and he comes back to the physical world is Al-Hussain bin Ali (pbut), and the return is not a general one, but it is a special one, nobody comes back except whom was absolute and pure with faith, or absolute and pure with disbelief." – Mukhtasar Basair Al-Darajat, p24

But surely the killers of Al-Hussain were "absolut pure with disbelief" and therefore must also come back during this unique return in the time of the Qaim. Therefore surely Allah (swt) fulfills His promise to Al-Hussayn (as) in this return...

Therefore the following ahadith clearly prove that Imam Hussain (as) returns during the raja in the time of the Qaim (as):

Hussayn a sun that never sets.jpg
  • Imam Abu Jafar Al-Baqir (as) said:
    Verily, Al-Hussein (as) said to his companions: "Glad tidings to you of Paradise, for by Allah we shall rest for as long as Allah wishes after what takes place upon us. Then Allah will bring us and you out when our Qaim appears, so He shall take revenge from the oppressors, and you and I will watch them in chains and shackles and the [different] types of torment."
    - Maqtal Imam Al-Hussein a.s., printed by Dar Al-Thaqafa, page 215; Kefaayah al-Muhtadi, pp. 105-106
  • Ahmed ibn Uqba narrated from his father, he said: "We asked Abu Abdullah (as) about the Raja (reincarnation), is it true?" So he (as) said: "Yes." So it was said to him (as): "Who is the first to come out?" So he (as) said: "Al-Hussain comes out upon the trace of the Qaim (as)." So I said to him: "And all the people with him?" So he (as) said: "No, rather it will be as Allah (swt) mentioned in his book {The Day the Horn shall be blown so you will come forth in groups} [Holy Qur’an 78:18], a people after the other." – Bihar al-Anwar Vol. 53 P. 103
  • Imam al-Sadiq (as) said: "The first one who shall return to this world (at the time of al-Mahdi (as) is Al-Hussein Ibn Ali (as) who rules until his eyebrow falls over his eyes due to his old age." - Bihar Al-Anwar v53, p46, Hadith #19
  • And in another version: Saad has narrated from Ayyub bin Nuh and Hasan bin Ali bin Abdullah etc. from Abbas bin Aamir from Saeed from Dawood bin Rashid, from Humran from Abu Ja’far Imam Muhammad Baqir (as) that he said: "The first to do Rajat will be Imam Husain (as) and he will rule for such a long time that his brows will sag upon his eyes." - Muntakhabul Basair
  • From Jaber Aljo’fy: I heard Aba Ja’far (as) saying: "Then Al-Montassir (The Victor), shall emerge to he Dunya (this worldly life), and he is Al-Hussein (as), avenging his blood, and the blood of his companions." - Bihar Al-Anwar v53 p196
  • „…Then Imam Al-Sadiq said "The matter of the Qaim and his rise is to Allah alone."
    I said "O Master, does he not have signs?"
    Imam Al-Sadiq said "Rather he has various signs."
    I said "What are they O Master?"
    Imam Al-Sadiq said "A fire reaching from here" and he pointed his hand towards the Qibla and to the East."
    I said "O Master, all this in one night?"
    Imam Al-Sadiq said "Yes and there is a Maskh in India and Sind."
    "And Al-Hussein enters Halwan…"
    – Manusscript of Mufadhal ibn Omar, Al-Haft Al-Shareef, Door 65

Raja in the time of the Qaim in the Tafsir of Ahlul Bayt (as)

Hypocrites deny the Day of Return.jpg

To the mockers, the deniers, the ones who say to us: "This is a lie from yours! You say so and so has returned, and so and so has returned! By Allah, Allah does not bring back to this world the ones who have died!"
The following narration is to you!

  • Tafsir Al-Ayashy:
    "Sereen said: I was at Abu Abdillah's, when he (as) said to me: "What do the people say about this verse: {And they swear by Allah their strongest oaths that Allah will not resurrect one who dies} [Holy Qur'an 16:38]?"
    So I said to him (as): The people say that [the ones meant in this verse say] there is no day of Resurrection and there is no day of judgment and there is no day of gathering"

So the Imam (as) said: "By Allah they have lied! Rather, this verse is when the Qa'im rises and the Returned return with him! So the ones who oppose you will say to you: ((Your state has appeared O shia! And this is a lie from yours! You say "so and so has returned", and "so and so has returned!" By Allah, Allah does not bring back to this world the ones who have died!))
Have you not seen that [the ones meant in the verse] swore by Allah their strongest oaths?! The polytheists used to glorify Al-Lat and Al-Uzza so much that they would not swear by other than them!
So Allah said: "Rather, it is a true promise binding upon Him, but most of the people do not know so that He may make clear to them that wherein they differ and so those who have disbelieved may know that they were liars. Indeed, Our word to a thing when We intend it is but that We say to it, "Be," and it is.} [Holy Qur'an 16:38,39,40]" - Source: Bihar alAnwar, by alMajlisi, volume 53, page 71

What did Aba Abdillah a.s. mean when he said: "Have you not seen that [the ones meant in the verse] swore by Allah their strongest oaths?! The polytheists used to glorify Al-Lat and Al-Uzza so much that they would not swear by other than them!"

He a.s. means that if this verse was talking about polytheists, they would have sworn by Al-Lat and Al-Uzza, but the verse says that they swore by Allah! Meaning they are ones who claim to believe in Allah. Then how could a person who believes in Allah deny the Day of Resurrection (day of Judgement)?! So the "resurrection" in this verse is obviously not the day of judgement known to everyone. So surely, as Aba Abdillah a.s. clarified, this verse talks about people who claim to believe in Allah, but they will deny the return of The Returned ones with the Qa'im a.s, they will deny that Allah resurrected those ones (the returned) after they had died previously!

Wake up O sleepers, wake up! Imam alHussein a.s. has returned, and his father the Messenger of Allah Muhammad sawas has returned, and the Prophets and Messengers and Vicegerents and righteous ones, peace be upon them all, have returned. We now are in the time of Raj'a as clarified to us by Imam Ahmed alHassan (alHussein) a.s. the leader of the Black Banners of the East!

"The White Rajah" during the time of the son of Imam Mahdi

The following hadith clearly says that the son of Imam Mahdi, who has an absence - indicating to Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, will bring repayment for all what preceded during the "White Raja":

In the book al-Hidaya al-Kubra:
Al-Asbagh ibn Nabata said: "I went to the commander of the believers (pbuh) so I found him thinking and drawing lines in the earth, so I said to him: O Commander of the believers, why do I see you contemplating?"
So he said: "I am thinking about a man who will be born from the eleventh from my sons, he is the Mahdi who will fill it with justice and equity as it was filled with oppression and injustice. There will be an absence for him, people will go astray in it, and some others will be guided in it, those ones [who are guided] are the good ones of this nation with the good ones of this progeny.
So I said: Then what?
So he (as) said: Then Allah does what He wills from the White Raja (the return) and the bright round (another word for Raj’a), and the bringing forth of the greedy souls, and taking revenge, and taking the right, and punishment for all what preceded. Then Allah forgives who He wills." - Source: Al-Hidaya al-Kubra, by Al-Hussayn ibn Hamdan Al-Khusaybi, page 326

The 11th Imam from the sons of Imam Ali (as) is Imam Mahdi (sawas). So the son of Imam Mahdi (sawas) whom Imam Ali (as) is talking about, is Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as).

And Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is the one who entered into a 6 year-long silent absence, starting 2008, as Imam Ali (as) mentioned. And this absence was a silent absence, in which every Walijah and Bitana (all his close ones) fell from the Da’wa, as mentioned by The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (sawas).
Then the Imam (as) came out of this silent absence, and he met with his 42 companions, and they remained with him for a while before he took them to meet Imam Mahdi (sawas), just as mentioned by Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (sawas).

Then on 23rd January 2015, Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) raised the Black Banners of the East, and through the 12 men (as) he gave us the glad tidings of the appearance of the Hujjah Imam Mahdi (sawas). And this was on the day of the death of King Abdullah of Hijaz, just as promised by the Messenger of Allah (sawas).

And truly, after that silent absence which lasted for six years, Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) came to us with the reality and truth of "the White Raj’a" and the bright round, and the bringing forth of the greedy souls, and taking revenge, and taking the right, and punishment for all what preceded", through his door and Vicegerent Aba Al-Sadiq Abdullah Hashem (as).
And he (as) proved to us that we are living in the age of Raj’a and that he (Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is Imam al-Hussayn (as) in his Raj’a, and that Imam Mahdi (sawas) is the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (sawas), and that the ones who reached the epitome of faith and the ones who reached the epitome of disbelief have returned, and the Imam (as) knows them by their names and the names of their fathers and all of their rounds (returns).

Verily, this is the White Raj’a and the bright Round, in which Allah (swt) takes revenge from His enemies and gives victory to His (swt) religion.

Paltalk lecture "The resurrection (return) of the Dead to be with the Qaim (as)"

Sheikh-Abdel-Attar-Al-Kathimi_The-Return-of-the-Dead-to-be-with-the-Qaim - محاضرة بعنوان بعث الأموات من جديد مع الإمام المهدي عليه السلام للشيخ عبد الستار الكاظمي:

Paltalk lecture by brother Sheikh Abdel-Attar Al-Kathimi, the official Imam of Friday prayers in Baghdad…

The lecture contains the following points…

  • it proves that this return is not the resurrection of the Raja or the Judgement Day from Quran, ahadith, dua and a statement from one of the 12
  • Allah (swt) has resent the prophets to this world, while perhaps we don’t know who they are, and perhaps they themselves do not even know until Allah or the Imam (as) reminds them

Find the translation of the full lecture here.

Helpful lecture to understand the matter further...

  • Story-of-Prophet-Saleh-is-a-Proof-for-the-Special-Raja-during-the-Time-of-the-Qaim-and-Reincarnation_and-more-Tafsir-of-AhlulBayt-regarding-the-Time-of-the-Qaim

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Answer: No, they are not all the same.
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Is the baby Mohsin a.s. back today and is he one of the 313?

Question: Is the baby Mohsin a.s. back today and is he one of the 313?
Answer: All of the believers. The 124,000 Prophets. All of the Ansar of the Prophets. All of the Ansar of the Messengers. Everybody who believed in the Messenger in his time has come back or is coming back as a child in this time period. This is the time where all of the believers gathered back. So for sure, baby Mohsin a.s. and the rest of the children of the Ahlul Bayt a.s. have all returned.
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