The Reality of Reincarnation

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Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) was asked the following...

"Is Reincarnation true?"
"…It is true. The soul never dies."See answer from June, 2015 on BBS Forum

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan clarified that in every age there is a return (raja) and that this time we are living in now is special because all the Prophets, Messengers, and the Pure ones are gathering in this age to support the Qaims Imam Mahdi (as) and his Vicegerent Ahmed Al-Hassan (as).

Find proofs for the fact that reincarnation is mentioned in Islam in the article Reincarnation in Islam.

Reincarnation- In The Beginning

Long ago, God gathered the Angels and commanded them to Prostrate to Adam (pbuh) but filled with too much pride and envy - Satan refused.

God told Satan and those he swayed to get out — accursed - and so began the battle between darkness and light.

Satan said to God: {My Lord! Then respite me till the time when they are raised} (15:36) and God did not accept his request: {He said: So surely you are of the respited ones till the day of the Known Time.} (15:37-38)

Imam Sadiq (pbuh) said, “So when the day of the Known Time comes, Satan and all of his followers since the creation of Adam (as) till that day, appear.”

And in this - is a huge secret revealed to us by Muhammad and the family of Muhammad (pbuta) - that we are now living in that known time, and that Satan (is) employing every evil messenger, tyrant, oppressor, and tactic he possibly can to delay this day from happening, because he knows that his end is near…

This episode states that:

|"Reincarnation- In The Beginning" from the Black Banners of the East Satellite Station, 02.09.2018|frame}}
This episode states that:

  • Aba Sadiq a.s. told us that in the future, reincarnation will not just be widely accepted, but people will address one another by their previous incarnations
  • Aba Sadiq a.s. said that most of these cases of past life regression of children and adults remembering past lives are true
  • Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan confirmed that the prophets had the ability to not just send one prophet but many prophets to different times for different missions

Reincarnation- Establishment of Truth

Now that the truth of reincarnation has been established, we will continue with one of the most important steps on this journey together. Throughout history followers of Abrahamic faiths have some form belief regarding the end of times or an age of great transformation, where a world saviour of reformer will appear and the ultimate forces of good and evil collide in a battle ushering in the Kingdom of God.

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Reincarnation- The Return Of Imam Hussein

In this final part of the Raj'a series, the Black Banners of the East Satellite channel, will explore the evidences and knowledge revolving around the promised return of Imam Hussain, the Lion of Judah, and the blessed companions of Imam Mahdi (pbuta).

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You will surely come to realize that Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is the only one who was able to make sense and harmonize between the following matters: the Mahdis & the Raj’a (return), and the Qa’im & State of the Divine Justice, which are mentioned in...

  • the narrations about the Raj’a (The Return)
  • the narrations about the Mahdis (as)
  • the narrations about the Imams (as)
  • and the narrations about the Rise of the Qa’im (as).