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The The faked fb-page attributed to Ahmed Al-Hassan with faked audio-recordings etc.

In 2008 Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) went into absence, because the Ansar had left him through their bad acts. Then a great deception took place, in which some of the men who had been present with the Imam (pbuh) claimed to be in contact with him, and claimed to be the moderators between him and the people. These deceivers then established an illegitimate office and a fake Facebook page (12th Decemeber 2012) and attributed it to the real Ahmed Al-Hassan (as).

But in January 2015 Allah (swt) decreed the reappearance of His Vicegerents Imam ul-Mahdi and Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbut) to expose this conspiracy through their 12 closest companions. The 12 informed the Ansar, that the facebookpage with its posts and audio-recordings is faked, along with all the "official" actions undertaken by the Office. Thereby they exposed the usurpers of the right of the Imam (as), who until this day unfortunately deceive many Ansar by imitating the position of Ahmed (as) through the Fake Facebook Imam and impose themselves upon the Ansar as the alleged representatives of his alleged Office.

The following are the proofs related to the faked fb-page, publications and imitated voice.

The faked fb-page is the Golden Calf

Ansar will imitate the position of the vicegerent of Imam Mahdi

Fake Imam chastisement.jpg

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan says in the book The Enlightenments of the calls of the messengers:
"…And the messengers (pbuh) came with clear proofs, nevertheless the people killed them, they killed their person and their character, and they followed every arrogant cursed transgressor, who imitates the position of the vicegerents (pbut), like the Sameri and his likes {And verily Our Messengers came to them with clear proofs, but then a lot of them, afterwards, are transgressors in the land} and so is the case of the vicegerent of Imam Mahdi (pbuh)…"

So who is the Vicegerent of Imam Mahdi (pbuh)? He is Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh). So according to the words of the Imam (pbuh), someone will imitate the position of Imam Ahmed (pbuh)!

Who else in the entire world believes, that there is a vicegerent for Imam Mahdi (pbuh) – except for the Ansar? Therefore, who else will imitate the position of the vicegerent of Imam Mahdi except for Ansar? Because normal Shia do not even believe, that here is a vicegerent for Imam Mahdi, so how would they imitate his position, if they do not even believe he exists? So according to the Imam's words above, someone (or some people) will imitate the position of the vicegerent of Imam Mahdi, like the Sameri and his likes.

Note, that the Sameri claimed to believe in Moses (pbuh) and he was ascetic and was at the forefront of his army and a worshipper and so high in rank, that he used to see things other believers do not see, and was from the best companions of Moses (pbuh) according to Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan's (pbuh) words in the book The Calf.

Furthermore Prophet Muhammad (sawas) warned us from "false Imams":
“I fear for you even without the presence of the Dajjal.”
He was asked: “And why do you fear for us O Prophet of Allah?”
The Prophet Muhmmad (sawas) said: “I fear for you from the false Imams.” The Prophet Muhammad (sawas) said: “After me there will be 12 righteous Imams.” The Prophet Muhammad (sawas) said: “There will appear 12 false Imams as well, each one claiming the Imamate for himself.”
“What will be the state of the Muslims O Prophet? Surely we must be the best of people…”
The Prophet Muhammad (sawas) said: “Their leaders will be deceitful traitors and their scholars are traitors who will claim to be following my Sunnah.”
“Scholars will be traitors?”
The Prophet Muhammad (sawas) said: “They will claim to follow my Sunnah and example and laws however they will have no claim with me and I am innocent of them.”

Prophet Muhammad (sawas) said: “The Scholars are the trustees of the Prophets so long as they do not indulge in this world.”
He was asked “And how does the scholar indulge in this world?”
Prophet Muhammad (sawas) replied: “By bowing to the will of the authorities and if you see them do so, call them out on what they are doing. There will be a time when there are Imams who will own your money and belongings, they will speak to you but it will be all lies and deceit. They will try to do the job of Imam but they will do a horrible one and they will not be pleased with you unless you believe their lies, and if they have you killed for calling them out, then you die a martyr.”

The faked voice attributed to the Imam

Ahmed Al-Hassan, The Enlightening Answer Across the Ether/ Al Jawab Al-Muneer, Vol.3, Q.242, p.53

The Calf in the time of Prophet Muhammad (sawas) according to the tafsir and ahadith[1] of the Ahlul Bayt (as), was not a mooing Idol made of gold, but Abu Bakr – the "close companion" of Prophet Muhammad, the hypocrite, who even was together with the Prophet (sawas) in the cave. And the Sameri, who called to the Calf in the time of the Holy Prophet (sawas), according to the tafsir of the Ahlul Bayt (as) was the "close companion" Umar ibn Khattab.

And in this dawah the facebookpage is the calf and the representatives of the Office, call to worship this fake Imam's identity. To strengthen the aura of authenticity of the page and furthermore to legitimize the Office, its representatives let someone imitate the Imam's voice to fabricate audio-recordings and let "him" appear on Paltalk. Since this voice (recorded and live) is their "strongest" argument, they vigorously defend the faked audio-recordings and the content of the voice-imitators speeches.

But just as one can distinguish the unique voice print of his father or mother from an imitator, one might detect the difference between Ahmed Al-Hassan's voice and an the imitation. What is even more important is, that the effect on the heart by what is said differs gravely – even though the rhythm of the speech, the intonation, the wording and the sentence structure are being imitated.

And Imam Ali (as) said: "When words come from the heart of anyone, they find a place in the heart of another. But when they come merely from the tongue, they don’t go further than the ears."
But of course distinguishing the false from the real voice is still difficult, without also evaluating the content of the speech.

It is possible that a fake voice can be created, as you can see e.g. in the article "Fake Voice Recordings Easy To Make, Hard To Detect." from Science Daily, 11 April 2003 or here in an article from Geek on "Voice Cloning" or that simply a voice-imitator is used for this task.

Note: It is important to remember, that in the case of Musa Allah also punished the people, who had begun to worship the calf, by giving the calf a perceivable voice. So it is not something unheard of or impossible, that the delusion, that is presented to the people, is extremely convincing and seems very authentic and real. "…And in those forty nights, the Sameri took advantage of the absence of Moses (as) and he made a calf from ornaments, and Sameri has thrown on this calf a handful of soil which he took from under the hoof of the horse of Gabriel (as), so the image of a the calf mooed like a cow, meaning a voice like the voice of a real calf. Moses (as) said: "O Lord, the Calf is from Sameri, so the lowing is from whom?" He said: “From Me O Moses, because when I saw them that they have turned away from [have left] Me to the Calf, I liked to give them more Fitnah”…" – Tafsir Al-Qumi quoted by Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan in The Calf

  1. Allama Majlesi, Bihar-ul-Anwaar, Page No. 629; Allama Majlisi, Haqqul Yaqeen; Tafseer Qummi p.160

First audio-recording published on Fake Imam's Facebook Page

First audio-recording on fb-page of Impostor Imam, 17th Feb 2014

With this audio-recording the Facebook Imam tried to fix his position by using his voice as a proof - while it is not a proof in terms of sharia.

Translated transcript of Impostor Imam’s Facebook voice message titled "Those Who Doubt" on the Saviorofmankind forum:

"May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you. In the name of Allah, the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.May the abundant peace and prayers of Allah be upon Muhammad and his progeny, the Imams and the Mahdis.
With the passing of each day, many people, whether they be students of religious sciences or others, declare their belief in the call of truth by the favor of Allah. But just as it happens with all divine calls, some of those people declare and show their belief for malicious, premeditated purposes. The call of truth has experienced many of those hypocrites, propelled by Satan or certain entities, and these people have returned to them in failure and disappointment:

{But they who plot evil deeds will have a severe punishment, and the plotting of those will perish.} Surat Fatir (Originator) 35:10.
It has reached me these days that some of those claiming to believe in me doubt the official Office in Holy Najaf, and they doubt this blessed page in which I posted a message in my own voice. After this voice message, none of those people have any excuse left. If they were not being malevolent, let them declare their repentance now and their request for forgiveness from Allah. Otherwise, let them avoid me and not pretend to believe in me. And may the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you."

Are looks and voice a compelling proof for an Imam?

While a voice has never been a proof for Imamat, Muhammed Atiyya went so far to add further elements to the Law of Knowing the Hujjah to suit it to his desire of making the voice a legit prooffind the refutation by Dr. Ali Ghurayfi here.
And Alaa Al-Salem followed in his footsteps by also forcing the looks into the Law of Knowing the Hujjah during his appearance on Al-Baghdadiyya TV-channel minute 12:20.

In fact there is no part in The Law of Knowing the Hujjah called „the looks and the voice“. But the Office and its shuyukh emphasize on the issue of the looks and voice because all their glory stems from there and not many people saw Ahmed Al-Hassan yet.
Of course AhlulBayt (as) knew that there would be a technological revolution allowing to change looks as voice such as plastic surgery, makeup or means for voice imitation (if not an imitator is used)or, or, or – and therefore mentioning such things as part of the Law of Knowing the Hujjah has no value and is far from the truth.
The physical descriptions do not even compliment the Law of Knowing the Hujjah. In fact it is a precise Quranic Law and if one attempts to add any weak or allegorical element this would make the entire Law weak

The looks and the voice can be imitated. The will can be claimed after its rightful owner was the first to claim it. But what cannot be imitated is the knowledge, from it is the knowledge of the Unseen. What can also not be imitated is the stance regarding the Supremacy of Allah and the readiness/ willingness to die for it and confronting the tyrants.

Others writing in the name of the Imam (as)

Tawfiq Masrour admits, that he writes in the letters of the Imam (as)

Respective letter from "the Imam"

In the conversation below between Abdullah Hashem and Tawfiq Masrour Tawfiq admitted, that he is the one who wrote "engineer" about Showqy, and when Abdullah asked him "so does this mean that you write in the name of the Imam (as)" he said "no" and he claimed that he only writes "intros" or "the beginning parts" for the Imam (as) – as if this is ok!
However, as clear from the letter in the pictures (which is supposed to be from the Imam), the part where he mentioned "engineer Showqy" is at the end of the letter not even in the beginning or an intro or any of the excuses he gave.

Chat between Abdullah Hashem (as) and Tawfiq Masrour (la)

Mostafa Al-Asady admits, that Dr. Tawfiq indeed writes on Imam's faked fb-page

Mostafa Al-Asady admits Dr. Tawfiq Masrour writes on Imam's faked fb-page on the 14th of July, 2015

This is Mostafa Al-Asady, in his attempt to respond to Abdullah Hashem, says that Tawfiq Al-Masrour indeed does write in the name of the Imam as on the fake facebook page, and what’s more is that he does not see a problem in that, and in deceiving people like that. Didn’t he write in the description of the fb page that it is a page in which Ahmed Ibn Ismael, Vicegerent and Messenger of Imam Al-Mahdi (as), writes?

How and what gives them the right to write in the name of the Imam (as)? And how do we know that Tawfiq Masrour is not the one who ordered to build this “Riser Brigade” in cooperation with the tyrants in the first place and then attributed it to the Imam as? This is the biggest proof that they are posing as/ imitating the Imam (as) and his position.

The fake fb-page is being operated from multiple individuals from multiple locations

fb-post 13.12.2018

The calfs page is being operated from multiple individuals - from them are Alaa As-Salem from Iraq and Tawfiq Al-Maghribi from Morocco as the Imam (as) has revealed.

This fb post by a blessed BBS brother lists the countries operating the page as Australia, Morocco, Denmark, Iraq, and Kuwait.

Original publications vs. faked publications

One can assume, that all publications after Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) went into silent absence in 2008 were faked. But one must be careful, since the Office might have published writings of his, after 2008, which he (as) wrote before 2008. But they also might have published something after 2008 and changed the date "the imam" signed with to before 2008. So it is not clear for each publication, if it is originally from the Imam or if it was distorted or entirely faked.
So sometimes they might keep the words of the Imam almost untouched, when publishing some of what he (as) left behind, when he went into absence, but some other times they might tamper with his writings and to adjust them to their own aims. And in those cases these criminals, would always mix the words of Allah (swt), the words of Ahlul Bayt (pbut), the words of the prophets and messengers (pbut), and some of the knowledge, they received from the Imam (as) earlier, with their own words, in order to deceive the reader into believing, that the publication was from the Imam (as) and not their own fabrication.

Furthermore there are several books from the Imam (pbuh), which are still in the hands of the Calf and the Samiri.

Books from the Imam in the hands of the Illegitimate Office

Some of them are…

Name of publication Arabic Transliteration Comment
Embassy and Portals السفارة والبابية As-Safarah wal-Babiyya used by the traitors in the last days
pretending by a voice to be the Imam
They will ask you about the Soul يسألونك عن الروح Yasalunaka an ar-Ruh
Those who have the turban of hyprocrisy المعممين بالنفاق Al-Muammameen bil-Nifaq
The 76 statements of the Sayyed (pbuh) ٧٦ بيان للسيد ع Sittawasabuun Bayan lil-Imam
The Two-Horned ذوالقرنین Dhul-Quarnain

Post by احمد احمد, See translation right hand

Read the following fb-post with which احمد احمد adresses the Illegitimte Office:
"Indeed that which you were promised has arrived, O followers of the Samiri office.
In the book "Signs of The Companion" by Sayed Ahmed Al-Hassan a.s which has been hidden by the Samiri office [it says that] Imam Mahdi Mohamed ibn Al-Hassan (peace be upon him) is the seal of the Prophets and the Vicegerents, meaning that he is Prophet Muhamed (pbuhahp) in his return.

Here are the words [in the book]:
"For today we all do not see a possibility of reforming these corrupt conditions except through a major reformative revolution that carries the words of 'Allah is Great' and is lead by the seal of Prophets and Vicegerents Imam Al-Mahdi (pbuh) in order that he may take the people out of the darkness and into the light. And he [is] the divine leader about whom the Prophets (pbut) gave glad tidings."

Note: There is so much in the book "Signs of The Companion" which exposes your fabrications and your lies, O followers of the Samiri office. And by Allah, by Allah, by Allah, we the companions of the Black Banners of the East shall not leave anything for your falsehood, and we shall expose you in front of everyone."

Publishing date unknown

The below list shows the date with which the publication was signed, or to which it was dated, or on which the sermon was aired.

Name of publication Arabic confirmed/confuted Hijri date Gregorian date
The Wilderness/ Labyrinth or the Path to Allah التيه و الطريق إلى الله signed with 1420 1999
The Calf Volume 1 كتاب العجل ج1 confirmed to have very few distortions and to be authentic signed with 27th Shawwal 1421 21rst Januar 2001
The Calf Volume 2 كتاب العجل ج2 confirmed to have the very few distortions and to be authentic signed with 27th Shawwal 1421 23rd January, 2001
Statement of categories in which to address the religious symbols, each according to its class بيان الفئات وفيه مخاطبة الرموز الدينية كل حسب فئته signed with 17th Shawwal 1424 12th November, 2003
The secrets of Imam Al-Mahdi (as) بيان أسرار الإمام المهدي عليه السلام signed with 4th Shawwal 1424 29th November, 2003
The revelation of the grave of Al-Zahra (as) إظهار قبر الزهرا signed with 5th Shawwal 1424 30th November, 2003
No Yamani except who is for me like my right hand لايماني إلا من كان لي كيميني signed with 5th Shawwal 1424 30th November, 2003
Sermon of the story of meeting Imam Al-Mahdi (as) 1rst Edition transcript, Video خطبة قصة اللقاء confirmed dated to 27th of Shawwal 1424 21rst December 2003
The Allegories Volume 1, 1rst Edition المتشابهات ج1 signed with 1rst Dhul-Hijjah 1424 24 January 2004
Sermon to their big one, so they might return to Him! transcript, Video with english subtitles رسالة إلى كبيرهم لعلهم يرجعون confirmed dated to 1st Dhul Hijja 1424 24th January, 2004
Statement of Innocence of 13th Rajab بيان البراءة 13 رجب dated to 13th Jumada Al-Thani 1425 31rst July, 2004
On the designation of Grand Ayatollah حول تسمية آية الله العظمى signed with Jumada Al-Awwal 1425 Juny/ July, 2004
Introduction of the book Al-Ifhaam (تقديم كتاب الإفحام لمكذب رسول الإمام (ع signed with 1st Rabi Al-Awwal 1426 10th April, 2005
Sayed Ahmed Al-Hassan is the promised Yamani (السيد أحمد الحسن هو اليماني الموعود) signed with 21th Rabi Al-Thani 1426 30th May, 2005
A Sermon to the Students of the Hawza transcript first edition, Video خطاب الى طلبة الحوزات العلمية في النجف وقم والعالم أجمع confirmed dated to 8 Rabi Al-Thani 1426 17th May, 2006
Jurisprudential issues of pilgrimage مسائل شرعية في الحج signed with 1 Dhul Qua'idah 1426 November/ December 2006
The Enlightening Answer Across the Ether/ Al Jawab Al-Muneer Vol. 1 الجواب المنير عبر الأثير ج1 signed with Jamadi Al-Awwal 1426 June/ July 2005
The Sealing Prophecy, 1rst Edition النبوة الخاتمة signed with Thul-Hijja 1427 December 2006/ January 2007
The Sermon of Forgiveness transcript
The Sermon of Hajj transcript, Video خطاب الحج confirmed dated to Dhul Qua'idah 1427 November/ December 2006

Publishing date after 2008

Name of publication Arabic confirmed/confuted Hijri date Gregorian date
Muharram Statement خطاب محرم signed with Muharram 1429 19th January, 2008
Interpretation of a verse from Surah Yunus تفسير شئ من سورة يونس signed with Muharram 1429 January/ February 2008
Peace be upon the happy Martyrs السلام على الشهداء السعداء رثاء الشهـداء signed with Muharram 1429 January/ February, 2008
The Sermon of Friday transcript خطاب الجمعة dated to 13th Rabi Al-Awwal 21rst March, 2008
The Journey Of Moses (pbuh) to the Junction of the Two Seas, 1rst Edition رحلة موسى إلى مجمع البحرين signed with Rajab 1430 June/ July 2009
The Allegories Volume 2 المتشابهات ج2 signed with 1rst Muharram, 1425, published 1431 22nd February, 2004, published 2010
Letter of Guidance, 2nd Edition رسالة الهداية signed with Rabi Al-Thani 1427, published 1431 Apr-May 2006, published 2010
For the Supremacy of God and not the Supremacy of People, 3rd Edition حاكمية الله ولا حاكمية الناس signed with 1st Jamadi 1425, published 1431 19th June, 2004, published 2010
Sermon Advice to the students of the academic Hawzas and to all those whom seek the truth 2nd Edition transcript , Audio Part 1, Audio Part 2, Audio Part 3 خطاب نصيحة إلى طلبة الحوزة العلمية والى كل من يطلب الحق dated to Rajab, 1426 Hijri, published 1431 6th August, 2005, published 2010
The Book of Jurisprudence of Islam Volume 1-3, 4th Edition كتاب الشرائع ج1-3 signed with 15th Sha'ban 1426, published 1432 19th September, 2005, published 2010
Something from the Interpretation of Surat al Fatihah كتاب تفسير شئ من سورة الفاتحة signed 21rst Shawwal 1424, published 1431 signed 21rst December 2003, published 2010
The Strive (Jihad) is the door to Paradise, 2nd Edition كتاب الجهاد باب الجنة signed with 1431 2010
Allegories Volume 1-4, 1rst Edition كتاب المتشابهات ج1-4 signed with 13th Rajab 1426, published 1431 signed with 18th August 2005, published 2010
The Book of Monotheism - Interpretation of Surah Tawheed, Video

كتاب التوحيد

confirmed to have the least distortions and be most authentic published 1431 published 2010
The Sermon of Muharram transcript خطاب محرم confuted dated to Muharram 1432 December 2010/ January 2011
The Enlightening Answer Across the Ether/ Al Jawab Al-Muneer Volume 5, 1rst Edition الجواب المنير ج5 Someone asked the 12: "Is AlJawab AlMoneer volume 5 from the Imam a.s.?"

"In the Name of Allah, The Abundantly Merciful, The Intensely Merciful
All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds
O Allah send Your prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis
It has some old answers from the Imam (as)." - See answer in pdf

signed with Rabi Al-Awwal 1431, published 1431 signed with February/ March 2010, published 2011
The Thirteenth Disciple commented by Tawfiq Masrour, 1rst Edition كتاب الحواري الثالث عشر تعليق توفيق مسرور signed with Ramadan 1433 July/ August 2012, published 2012
The Thirteenth Disciple commented by Alaa Al-Salem, 1rst Edition كتاب الحواري الثالث عشر تعليق علاء السالم signed with 15th April, 2012
The Return is the 3rd of Allah's Greatest Days الرَّجْعَة ثالثُ أيّامِ اهللِ الكُبْرَى published 1433 2012
The Atheism Delusion, 1rst Edition وهم الإلحاد confuted: The twelve (as) said about it, it is like the dust of the Imam's (as) knowledge, meaning hardly any of his knowledge or very few knowledge is in there. This also refers to the fact that it was written by Tawfiq Al-Masrour, also called Abu Turab, and „turab“ means dust.
Someone asked the 12: "I heard that the Imam a.s. said that “The Theory of Evolution” is not true and disbelief, so are all the “evidences” for it not true? How did humans come to this earth and how old is the earth? If the theory of evolution is not true then how can we interpret the discovery of skulls which go back to thousands of years which are different than the current human skull?
In the Name of Allah, The Abundantly Merciful, The Intensely Merciful
All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds
O Allah send Your prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis
The Imam a.s. will soon answer this in a book by which he responds to the atheists and to"The Atheism Delusion" inshAllah."
- See answer on forum
published 1434 2012
With the Virtuous Servant (questions by Alaa Al-Salem to Ahmed Al-Hassan) Volume 1, 1st Edition مع العبد الصالح published to 1431 2010
With The Virtuous Servant (questions by Alaa Al-Salem to Ahmed Al-Hassan) Volume 2, 1st Edition مع العبد الصالح 2 published 1434 2013
Enlightenments From the Calls of the Messengers Volume 1, Second Edition, Volume 1-3 إضاءات من دعوات المرسلين ج1-3 signed with 26th of Safar 1425, published 1431 16th of April, 2004, published 2010

The latest major publications of the Impostor Imam (e.g. voice-recordings) are documented on the page Impostor Imam's media appearances. The Office Supporters see those as strong proofs for their Imam's supposed divine knowledge. You will also find the refutations there.

Q&A: Can you please tell us what are the books which are from the Imam?

Someone sent the following question to the 12 companions of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan.

"Also what about the book interpretation of a verse from Surat Yunus, and the journey of Moses?
Can you please tell us what are the books which are from the Imam a.s.
and which are the books which have things changed in them and what are the books which are not from the Imam?"

"In the Name of Allah, The Abundantly Merciful, The Intensely Merciful
All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds
O Allah send Your prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis
Now this is not possible. But soon you will know inshaAllah."

Book-title theft by the Illegitimate Office

When Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) went into a silent absence some of his manuscripts and unpublished books remained in the hands of the Illegitimate Office, which is run by those treacherous shuyukh, who used to present themselves as his closest companions. Amongst those was the book "They ask you about the Soul". But the Office had kept silent about that book ever since then.

But in February 2016 the real Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), who is the Leader of The Black Banners of the East, reclaimed his intellectual property and announced the release of the book "They Ask You About the Soul" via Abdullah Hashem (as).

In June 2016 - more than 5 month later- the Illegitimate Office (la) announced that they will release the same-titled book by the end of the month of Ramadan 2016.

This shows that the Dawa of the false office is so empty that they totally depend on stealing the intellectual property of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), and cannot bring out any divine knowledge. Until today they are publishing books in his name - mixing what they had learnt from him long ago and what they had seized of his documents with their own lies and false opinions.
They have reached a new low point. This release is a complete indication that the Imam (as) is not with the fake office because the Black Banners claimed this release many months ago when the office had fallen silent.

May Allah swt curse those who think that they can steal more of the knowledge of our Father (as)!

Example for contradictions between the Imams sayings and the faked statements

In the "Righteous Servant" volume, which is written by Alaa Al-Salem, Alaa Al-Salem said, that the Imam was asked about the Gospel of Barnabas, and he said that Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) answered:

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) said: "May Allah grant you success the Gospel of Barnabas, that is circulated is considered a lie 100 percent, and a Muslim can't use it as a proof upon the Christians, because in brief there is no chain of narrators for it, or even a historical source, that is reliable. So where is the old copy of this Gospel, which was essentially printed and what is its history and where was it found and was it evaluated, and who evaluated it, and what was said about it? Whoever wants to argue with this Book, must answer these questions, and after he answers them, he shall see, that he is empty from the evidence that this book even represents a thing, which is possible to argue with against the Christians."

"What is called the Gospel of Barnabas is nothing but a game to trick those, who call themselves Muslims their own selves. Or else it has no historical value, and an intellectual can't even argue with it against the Christians. So how can you argue with a book, that has no origin to it? As for the Gospel of Judas, it is an old Gospel and found for it a historical origin and historical document and is authentic with its accurate scientific examination."

What the Imam (pbuh) said in the book "The Calf" volume 1 Page 76:

"As for in the Gospel of Barnabas, there is a declaration from Jesus (pbuh), that he has come to give glad tidings of Muhammad (sawas), and another man, who was symbolized by [the title] 'Al-Mukhtar (the chosen)', or one of the chosen ones, and that he will be the one, who will show the religion of Muhammad (sawas). Also he (pbuh) said, that he came to pave the way for Muhammad (sawas) and for his jurisprudence, which will be the jurisprudence of all the people of the Earth during the age of the descent of Jesus (pbuh)."

"The Calf" volume 1 Imam Ahmed (pbuh) said: "As for Jesus (as), most of the scholars of Bani Israel and their leaders were not satisfied with him, because his presence (as) among them was a rebuke to them, and his asceticism [was] a disgrace which humiliated them. It was mentioned in the Gospel: (And then Jesus with greatest vehemence rebuked the people for that they had forgotten the word of God, and gave themselves only to vanity; he rebuked the priests for their negligence in God's service and for their worldly greed; he rebuked the scribes because they preached vain doctrine, and forsook the law of God; he rebuked the doctors because they made the law of God of none effect through their traditions. And in such wise did Jesus speak to the people, that all wept, from the least to the greatest, crying mercy, and beseeching Jesus, that he would pray for them; save only their priests and leaders, who on that day conceived hatred against Jesus for having thus spoken against the priests, scribes, and doctors. And they meditated upon his death, but for fear of the people, who had received him as a prophet of God, they spoke no word. Jesus raised his hands to the Lord God and prayed, and the people weeping said: 'So be it, O Lord, so be it.' The prayer being ended Jesus descended from the temple; and that day he departed from Jerusalem, with many that followed him. And the priests spoke evil of Jesus among themselves). Gospel of Barnabas Chapter 12

So in the book the Calf, in the two volumes, the Imam (pbuh) is using the Gospel of Barnabas to argue. This contradicts the statement which "the imam" said in the book "with righteous servant" as copied by Alaa Al-Salem, where he said that the imam said: "and a Muslim can't use it as a proof upon the Christians" and "he Gospel of Barnabas that is circulated is considered a lie 100 percent," and "an intellectual can't even argue with it against the Christians", and more as you read above.

Abdullah Hashem had raised this apparent contradiction in the words of the Imam (pbuh) to Tawfiq Masrour, and Abdullah had posted his conversation with Tawfiq here.

So to summarize Tawfiq's argument: In order that Tawifk escapes from this argument, he said to Abdullah, that when the Imam used the Gosepl of Barnabas in the book the calf, he was arguing against Muslims, but in the book "The Righteous Servant" the Imam said we cannot use the gospel of barnabas to argue against Christians, and Tawfiq said that's okay to argue withe the Gospel of Barnabas against muslims, because muslims "believe in it", just like you argue with sunnis by Sahih Bukhari.

Even though we say that Sahih Bukhari is not correct 100 percent, we still use it to argue with it against Sunnis, and also even though we say that the Gospels are not 100 percent correct, we still use them to argue with them against Christians and same with Jews and the Torah.

So the argument here is not to prove that the Gospel of Barnabas is 100 percent correct. Our argument is: Since Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) used it as a way of argument in the two volumes of his book "The Calf", then how come he condemns the people, who use it as a way of argument in the book "with the righteous servant"!!

If our Imam uses Sahih Bukhari to argue and to prove his dawa, we follow his footsteps and we also use Sahih Bukhari to argue and to prove his dawa. When the Imam (pbuh) uses the Gospels to argue and to prove his dawa, we also use the Gospels to argue and to prove his dawa.

And then Tawfiq says to Abdullah "in the book with the righteous servant the Imam said, we cannot use the Gospel of Barnabas to argue against Christians, but in the book The Calf the Imam was using the Gospel of Barnabas to argue against Muslims"! Really Tawfiq??? So the Imam is using the books of the Christians to argue against Muslims?! What makes you think, that you can fool us by saying that the book The Calf is only for Muslims?!! The Imam (pbuh) clearly in this book is talking to the three divine religions and is putting proofs from all their books! Don't tell me that the Imam (pbuh) is using the Gospel of Barnabas to argue with Muslims!

So Tawfiq Masrour says, that the Muslims "believe in the Gospel of Barnabas! and that's why the Imam (pbuh) is arguing against them by it." How could you make such a lame statement! If Muslims use the Gospel of Barnabas to argue with Christians, then they are just like us, when we use Sahih Bukhari to argue with Sunnis! Of course no Muslim believes, that the Gospel of Barnabas is 100 percent true. So how could the Imam (pbuh) argue with Muslims by the Gospel of Barnabas, when he (pbuh) knows, that the Muslims could reply back to him and say "we do not believe that it is 100 percent true, we just use it to argue with the Christians, just like we use the other bibles to argue with them".

This meaningless argument means, that someone could argue with me by Sahih Bukhari, because he saw me before arguing against Sunnis by Sahih Bukhari!! Of course if someone argues against me by Sahih Bukhari, I will tell him "please use the books, that I believe in, do not argue with me using Sunni books", even though I used these Sunni books to argue against Sunnis before!

So same with Muslims, if the Imam goes to them and argues with them by the Gospel of Barnabas because the Imam saw them using it to argue against christians, then the normal respond by them to the Imam would be: "please use in your argument the books which we believe in, do not use the Gospel of Barnabas, which is a christian book, which we only use to argue against Christians"! , So The Imam (pbuh) was putting a proof upon the Christians by arguing with them using the gospel of barnabas!

So is the Imam (pbuh) contradicting himself? Far away is he from that.

Example contradictions in Fiqh between Ahmed Al-Hassan and Imposter Imam

These are just some of the contradictions in fiqh answers, that the Imposter Imam answered:

Working for the Iraqi Government


Q: I work in a certain department and I receive a monthly salary from a non-legitimate government, meaning it does not govern by what Allah swt has sent down. What is the legitimate verdict concerning the money I am receiving?

A: The actions of the government of the tyrant concerning personalty and realty is illegitimate, because the government of the tyrant does not have any merit. And in the countries of the Muslims, money belongs to either the Imam pbuh or the common Muslims. So you can take the money considering you are one of the Muslims who own this money.

Note, that 'the Fake Imam, does not recommend to the asker, to not work for the government. And that is the same case in many similar questions.

Working for Iraqi governmet.jpg


Question: As for the employees, is it permissible for them to work in Iraq which is ruled by the state of Bani Al-Abbas? The employees whether males or females is it allowed that they work in civil jobs? Or in military jobs for men?

Answer: As for the employees in the Land of Iraq who work with the government of Bani Al-Abbas, whether civilian or military, whether men or women, they are helping the oppressor against the oppressed. Do not help this government, not even with one stroke of a pen, for they are the reason for your calamities and sufferings and humiliation, and they are the ones who have stolen and plundered the good things of this country, and they are the ones whom have killed and imprisoned the Ansar of Allah and made them homeless. I hope that you do not forget this, may Allah grant you success, like the immoral traitors whom have forgotten, or have pretended to have forgotten, who cooperated with this criminal immoral government whose teeth and hands are still covered with the blood of the believers.

It is a logic conclusion, that anything which helps them maintaining and building the structure of falsehood is haram - even if it is only the stroke of a pen. But of course we have to refer for every single application of this logic to the Imam (as) until we are completely sure how to apply it wisely and how to avoid such haram things with wise steps like hijrah etc. and maybe also how to not apply this logic in an unwise way.

Can menstruating women recite the Holy Quran?


It is not permessible for her to read a part of Al-Azaem (As-Sajda, Al-'Alaq, Fussilat, An-Najm), and is makrooh to read something other than that.Impostor Imam, The Book of Jurisprudence p21

Q: What is the best for menstruating women reading Quran with karaha (the fact it is makrooh/ disliked) or not reading at all? And what should she do, if she was used to read Surat Yassin daily for example?
A: It is better, that she leaves the reading of the Quran and seeks refuge by tasbih and dhikr with Allah (swt).Impostor Imam, Book of Jurisprudence, Q80

Q: Is it makrooh for the menstuationg women to read other than Al-Azaem? Is it more than seven ayats, like for being in janaba or the case isn't the same?
A: It is makrooh even for only one ayat, and the more the karaha becomes stronger.Impostor Imam, Book of Jurisprudence, Q81


The menstruating woman can read whatever she wants from the Qur'an, but without touching its words and without touching the Holy Book.



"Question 63: What is the ruling of someone who is just enjoying smoking and not a real smoker?" "Answer: Smoking is just a bad habit and the person who get used to it can get rid of it. He just needs to fight against his nafs and needs a little bit." Jurisprudence Answers v.1


Question: Is smoking Haram, or Makruh, or permissible?
Answer: Smoking is not permissible, because it harms the soul and the health and the body. It is Haram for the beginner smokers. As for the one who became addicted to smoking then he must decrease or quit, and quits gradually.

As you may see above, the Imposter Imam takes the topic of smoking lightly, and says it is just a bad habit, while our Imam (as) clarified, that it is a serious physical and mental addiction indeed, which harms his soul and health severely, so that one must quitSee Answer on Black Banners Forum

Playing chess


Question: What is the ruling of playing the game of chess, if it doesn't distract me from Salat and the obligations and its not for betting and other than that from the matters and its not playing for the purpose of getting addicted to it; rather, its just to spend my time with my friends sometimes for enjoyment only?

Answer: In the Name of Allah the Abundantly Merciful and Intensely Merciful, And praise due to Allah the Lord of the Worlds, And Prayers of Allah be upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad the Imams and Mahdis Wasalem Tasleema. May Allah grant you success and enforce your steps, playing chess is allowed if it doesn't accompany that which is forbidden like betting and gambling, may Allah grant you sucess and enforce your steps. Salam Alaikom Warahmatullah Wabarakatu. Ahmed Al-Hasan, Safar/1433 A.H'

TRUE IMAM: Question: Is playing chess permissible?
Answer: It is not permissible.See answer on Black Banners Forum

Let us also look to the ahadiths of Ahlulbayt (as) about playing chess:

  • Ibn Abi `Umayr from Muhammad b. Al-Hakam, the brother of Hisham b. al-Hakam, from`Umar b. Yazid from Abu `Abdillah (pbuh). He said: "Verily, every night of the month of Ramadan Allaah has freed men from the Fire except one who breaks fastwith an intoxicant or the wrangler (al-mashahin) or the companion of the two shahs (sahib as-shahayn)'. He said: I said: And what thing is the companion of the two shahs? He said: Chess." – Al-Kulayni, Al-Kaafi, vol. 6, chapter on backgammon and chess, hadeeth #5, pg. 435-436; Al-Toosi, Al- Amaalee, ch. 39, pg. 690; Al-Toosi, Al-Tahdheeb Al-Hakaam, vol. 3, ch. 4, pg. 60, hadeeth # 6
  • Ali b. Ibrahim from his father from Ibn Abi `Umayr from a group of his companions from Abu `Abdillah (pbuh) regarding the saying of Allaah, tabaraka wa ta`ala, "So shun the filth of idols and shun the false speech.” He said: The filth of idols is chess and the false speech is singing (al-ghina’)." – Al-Kulayni, Al-Kaafi, vol. 6, chapter on backgammon and chess, hadeeth #7, pg. 436
More ahadiths on chess…
  • Ali b. Ibrahim from his father from Hammad b. `Isa. He said: A man from the Basrans entered upon Abu ‘l -Hasan the First (Peace be upon him), so he said to him: "May I be your sacrifice. I sit with a people who are playing chess, but I do not play it, rather, I look. So he said: What do you have to do with a gathering which Allah will not look to its people." – Al-Kulayni, Al-Kaafi, vol. 6, chapter on backgammon and chess, hadeeth #12, pg. 437; Al-Aamilee,Wasaa-il Al-Shee’ah, vol. 17, ch. 103, pg. 322, hadeeth # 2266
  • Ali b. Ibrahim from Harun b. Muslim from Mas`ada b. Ziyad from Abu `Abdillah (Peacebe upon him), that he was asked about chess. So he said: "Leave Magianism (al-Majusiyya) to its people, Allah curse it." – Al-Kulayni, Al-Kaafi, vol. 6, chapter on backgammon and chess, hadeeth #13, pg. 437; Al-Aamilee, Wasaa-il Al-Shee’ah, vol. 17, ch. 102, pg. 319, hadeeth # 22652

On Conclusion dear brothers and sisters, you may see clearly the answer given by Imposter Imam is completely wrong, and contradicting AhlulBayt ahadiths (as)!




Q) The gelatine extracted from pork, is it Halal to eat?

A) “It is permissible to use the Gelatine that is extracted from a Najs animal in food or anything else because it has transformed. In fact there is no gelatine in the animal, rather there is glycogen. The glycogen is transformed by chemical reactions into gelatine. Hence, the Najs (impure) thing becomes Tahir (pure) when it is transformed into another state." – Sheikh Nadem Aloqaili


Question: Is gelatin allowed in products like jellys, gums or medicine and other products? is it only allowed from halal slaughtered halal animals or even from najis or animals that are haram to eat?

Answer: The animal Gelatin is Haram. But there is no problem with the Vegetarian Gelatin.See answer on the Black Banners Forum

Wearing Niqab


Question: What is the ruling of exposing the face of the woman in a country that the majority of them cover theirs, and is it better to expose the face or cover it? Did Al-Zahraa (as) cover her face?

Answer: In the Name of Allah the abundantly Merciful, the intensely Merciful, And praise be to Allah the lord of the worlds, May Allah send his prayers upon Muhammad and his family the Imams and Mahdies. It is permissible for the woman to expose her face, and Zahraa (pbuh) didn't cover her face and prophet Muhammad (sawas) didn't order his wives to cover their faces. Yes the women in the Arabian peninsula used to cover their faces during travel, it wasn't for a legitimate reason but rather it was because of the heat of the sun. As for the country or the society in which covering the face is prevalent, then it is better to cover it as a consideration to the prevalent custom but it is not obligatory. Don't you see the woman during Hajj exposes her face, if it was obligatory or mustahab, it would have been more intense in obligation and preference while she is in Hajj and in a situation of worship and among a large gathering of men. Islam supports giving the woman her complete role, and covering the face is an obstacle in front of many works that the woman could do and be creative in and offer a great service to the society through. Ahmed Al-Hassan, Shawwal 1434 H



Question: Is wearing Niqab Mustahab for women? Did Fatima AlZahraa (as) used to wear Niqab?
Answer: Fatima Al-Zahraa (as) used to wear Niqab from her head till the five toes of her purified feet. But Niqab is not obligatory. Yes it is very Mustahab.See answer on Black Banners Forum

As you may see, there is a huge contradiction between these two answers. And when you look to the AhlulBayt (as) sermons and hadiths, you will realize that Hz. Fatima, Zaynab (pbut) etc. were covering their faces with niqab:

Lady Zainab (as):
When Lady Zainab (peace be upon her) was present in the court of Yazid, what did she say to him? History records that she said: “Is it the custom of justice, oh accursed son of the ‘Released persons’, that you keep your ladies and concubines behind the veils (with respect) and at the same time you captivate and parade the helpless daughters of the Messenger of Allah as prisoners? You snatched their veils and exposed their faces, and displayed them from one land to another, being viewed by those at watering places as well as those who guard your forts, with their faces exposed to the looks of everyone, near or distinct, low or elite, having none of their men with them nor any of their protectors?” – Al-Tubrusi; book of Ihtijaj part 2; p.34

Lady Fatima (as):
Abu Nu'aym reports in Hilyat Al-Awliya v.2. p.40, that Anas Ibn Malik said: "The Messenger of Allah (S) asked: `What is best for women?' We did not know how to answer the Prophet, so Ali (as) asked Fatima about the Prophet's question. Fatima answered: It is best for them not to see men and not to let men see them. Ali returned to Allah's Messenger and conveyed Fatima's answer to him. When the Prophet had heard the answer, he said: Surely she has spoken the truth, for she is part of me.'

The correct Ayat ul-Kursi

IMPOSTOR: The Impostor Imam taught that Ayat Al-Kursi was originally revealed with these additional words:

Question 64: What is the secret of the verse of the Chair [Ayatul Kursi], and is it linked to monotheism and the Imamate?

Answer: In the name of Allah the Abundantly Merciful the Intensely Merciful, and all praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds. And may the peace and prayers of Allah be upon Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad, the Imams and the Mahdis.

This is the verse of the Chair as it descended upon Muhammad pbuhap:

{Allah - there is no god except Him, the Ever-Living, the Sustainer.
Neither drowsiness overtakes Him nor sleep.
To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth,
what is between them and what is beneath the soil.
He is the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed,
He is the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful.

Who is it that can intercede with Him except by His permission?
He knows what is between their hands and what is behind them, and they encompass not a thing of His knowledge except for what He wills.
His Chair extends over the heavens and the earth, and their preservation does not tire Him.
And He is the Most High, the Most Great.}
Surat al-Baqarah (The Cow) 2:255.

And its secret is that it mentions the Truth (He), and the Divinity (Allah), and the door of the Divinity (the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful), and it clarifies the difference between the Truth and the Divinity in the rank of knowledge and their unison within the Truth, and it clarifies that the Divinity (Allah) is the manifestation of the Truth and a description of the Truth, and it clarifies that this manifestation is due to the people’s need for it (the Sustainer is a truth as long as there is one to sustain). And it clarifies that the real All-Living is Him swt and that the life of everything else is from His life and it is sustained by His life.

And you will find further details in the Interpretation of Surat al-Tawhid which will be published soon, Allah willing.See on hashemstudiosboard or saviorofmankind

Transcription: BismillahirRahmanirRahim
Allahu la ilaha illahuwa alhayyu alqayyoomu
la ta/khuthuhusinatun wala nawmun
lahu ma fee assamawatiwama fee al-ardi
wama baynahoma wama tahta thara,
aalemul ghaibi wa shahadati huwwa rahmanur rahim
man tha allatheeyashfaAAu AAindahu illa bi-ithnihi
yaAAlamu mabayna aydeehim wama khalfahum
wala yuheetoonabishay-in min AAilmihi illa bima shaa
wasiAAa kursiyyuhu assamawati wal-arda
wala yaooduhu hifthuhuma
wahuwa alAAaliyyu alAAatheem

Ayat ul-Kursi.jpg

TRUE IMAM: Question: Is the verse of the throne how we learned in the dawa or is it as it is written in the Qur'an?

Answer: No by Allah it is as it is written in the Qur'an.See answer on Black Banners Forum

It is no a secret, that Ayat ul-Kursi is the most powerful ayats in the Holy Quran and has tremendous benefits such as protection etc.
Since the illegitimate Office wished to deprive the believing Ansar from its benefits, they inserted some additional words into it and attributed this supposedly "original version" to Ahmed Al-Hassan. This is a disaster and thanks to the real Imam Ahmed (as), it is known, that Ayat ul-Kursi is still the way we knew it before the distortion by the Office.

Furthermore the passionate Arabic Tutor Nouman Ali Khan, discovered a distinctive symetry in Ayat ul-Kursi for himself, which makes any change to this aya even more of a misfit.

Taking interest (riba) from banks

The Impostor Imam taught that taking a loan or depositing money with interest is permissble and that there is no usury (riba) between the believer and non-Muslims, or Nasibi:

Q90/ The Western (European) Banks: Is it permissible to put a deposit there and take interest resulting from this deposit? Is it permissible to take a loan from them although it is with interest? And what if someone took the loan and didn’t want to pay it back, at times when he is not being able to and at other times when he is able?

Answer: There is no Riba [usury] with those; because they are neither Muslims nor believers, and it is permissible to take interest from them, and it is permissible to take loan from them with interest. It is not obligatory to repay the interest to them but it is obligatory to repay the loan to them as long as they are neither engaged in warfare nor Nawasib. And with the inability, there is no obligation to repay them until ability to repay is obtained.

Q91/ Is it permissible to delude a non-Islamic bank and take out a loan from them, and then if he could return this amount to them he would, but what if he could not return it, what is the ruling?

Answer: In respect to transactions with banks that are owned by non-Muslims or owned by Nawasib who sets up hostility to the Imams or Mahdies, it is permissible to take from them loans with interest, or that you deposit your money with them and take interest from them, as there is no usury between the believer and non-Muslims, or between a believer and a one who sets up hostility (Nasibi). And if you have taken a loan from those and you were unable to repay there is no problem may Allah grant you success.

Mortgage with interest.jpg

– Various Answers of Jurisprudence, V.1


Question: Is a mortgage with interest (even low interest like 1%) permissible If it is not possible to purchase a house with cash? Or must a believer keep renting and hope that one day they can buy in cash (even housing market keeps going up and making that seem less real)?

Answer: Mortgage is not permissible and it is Haram (forbidden), and if you believed that Allah swt is the One who sustains and that He is the Compassionate and the Intensely Merciful, you would have not said that and you would have had two houses instead of one. I ask Allah to sustain you and make you well in your religion and in your world and in your hereafter, verily, He is the All-Hearing, All-Knowing. – Ahmed Al-Hassan / Shawwal 1436

As we can see the true Imam (as) says the opposite, namely that taking a mortgage (home loan, hypothec) is completely haram.

Tatbir – Innovated tradition of self-harm in Muharram


Tatbir haram.jpg

"Tatbeer itself if it was a simple wound only to let out blood and it doesn't cause harm to the believer, then it's valid, but if it was a reason to alienate simple people from islam or to slander the islam, then it's invalid and this is what is happening today. So who wants to do Tatbeer, he can do it in his house away from the eyes of people; thus, this is better as his work will be devoted for Allah if he really asked for the face of Allah by his work. Whereas who do it in an arranged and grouped form and in front of simple people especially the dissenting people and non-muslims , then they are causing people to alienate from Islam and thus their work is haram." – See answer on hashemstudios forum posted by sister Labbayk_Ahmed who had sent a respective question to the Imam


"Peace and Blessings and Mercy of Allah be upon you Tomorrow is the first day in the month of Holy Muharram And it is the beginning of the new Hijri year May Allah make it a year of blessings and mercy Tatbir is a matter which invaded Islam And it is from the filthiest of things which invaded Islam And it is a criminal condition which corrupts the image of religion greatly and it is Haram"Statement posted by Abdullah Hashem on fb in the beginning of Muharram 2015, 14th October 2015

The Black Banner Forum stealing answers from the Office Forum?

We see some of the supporters of the office of Najaf saying that the believers steal answers from their "official" forum ( and post them on ours (

Response to them:

We have always said that we believe that Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) was present among the the so-called sheikhs of the office at some point of time before he entered into his silent absence (before 2008). And we have always said that the office’s so-called sheikhs took dust from the knowledge of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) when he (as) was still among them. So some of the answers they have on their forum are answers of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) which he had given them when he was still with them. We have always said that the office people have knowledge which they have learned or stole from the Imam (as) and they keep pouring it on the Ansar every now and then to deceive the Ansar into thinking that the Imam (as) is with the office. And some knowledge and answers which they write in the name of the Imam are completely made up by the Samiri scholars of the office. And some knowledge and answers they write in the name of the Imam are mixed between the Imam's (as) words and their (may Allah curse them) words.

So it is very natural that some of the answers (which have not been distorted or changed) on the fake office’s official forum would match the answers which we have on the black-banners forum; simply because the one who gave the answers to them back before 2008 was Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) Just like the one who gives us the answers now is Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as)

A covenant of Allah: Imam Mahdi (as) and Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) with voice and image

Whoever wants to know the real Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) instead of the Impostor Imam should pay attention to the following Q&A from 23.08.2016 with Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan & Aba Sadiq (as) on Paltalk:

The Imam a.s. says: O Allah peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

ali amin_1 asked the Imam a.s. to speak on the mic

Imam a.s. said to him no it is not possible
Imam a.s. says: Whoever wants a voice, then go to the Companion of the Calf! Let them go there.
Imam a.s. says to the person who asked for the imam to speak on the mic: How would you distinguish? Do you have a distinguishing tool? Stop your hypocrisy - either you stay quiet or you go out. You are only a hypocrite.

Imam a.s says: You will not hear our voice except with our image inshaAllah. I promise you that a covenant of Allah swt. And it will not be me alone, I will have with me my father and leader and master the Messenger of Allah (sawas).
Imam a.s says: And we will give to you soon inshaAllah a great glad tidings that will tremble the thrones of the tyrants and oppressors.

Brother Aba Abrahim says: Some people ask for a picture, some ask for a voice, some ask for a narration with sanad, but they do not ask for the light an the truth.