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This page shall point out glimpses of the divinely inspired knowledge of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), which will restore true monotheism, will revive humanity, and expand human intellect...

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) brings forth his knowledge as 1 out of the 3 elements of the 'Law of Knowing God's Vicegerent on Earth (the 'Hujjah's), hence it is a proof upon the people.

After Allah (swt) has bestowed upon us the blessing of knowing the Light of Allah in the darkness of this world, and this light is Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), and after the arrival of the blessed Black Banners of the East, Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) has come forth to reveal the secrets of Allah which the minds have been confused about since the beginning of creation. He (as) reveals formerly hidden matters right in front of our eyes today.

This article is intended to prove the truthfulness of the blessed Black Banners of the East and the truthfulness of the new knowledge which is published by our Leader and our Master Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), may we be ransomed for him (as), the leader of the of the blessed Black Banners of the East, and his door and his vicegerent and his son in the soul world, our beloved pure Master, Abdullah Hashem Aba Sadiq (as).

To all those mocking or ridiculing the the Divinely inspired Knowledge of Ahmed Al-Hassan of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as):

What makes you deny or ridicule this knowledge?
The reason is that this knowledge is unheard of and is completely different than what mankind been taught and knows.

Did not Imam Sadiq (as) say "Our knowledge is a hidden book on a patulous sheet… that is in the possession of us, Jafr Abyad, Jafr Ahmar, Jafr Akbar and Jafr Asghar who will accompany Imam Mahdi in the End Time and the Imam is the only one who knows it complete."
– Hasan Zadeh Amoli, Hasan, Uyun Masa'il al-Nafs wa Sarh al-Uyun fi Sharh al-Uyun, p. 778, Amir Kabir, Tehran, 1385 (solar)

And did not Imam Sadiq (as) say...
"There are 27 letters of knowledge. The knowledge that is revealed till to date through all the Prophets (as) is the interpretation of only 2 of those letters. When our Qaem (as) will rise, then Allah will reveal the remaining 25 letters, and will add to these the two letters already present. In this way knowledge with all 27 letters will become complete."

When Qaim (as) appears, he will fight all the innovations, and will restore the truth of the religion, bring so much knowledge that it will surprise the whole world…

For this reason, at the beginning of his mission, many people will think he has brought a new religion. Many will oppose Imam Mahdi (as) through rejecting his vicegerent Ahmed Al-Hassan (the Leader of the Black Banners of the East) - not because they fail to identify him, but because of their disbelief in the original laws of the religion he (as) brings back, because of their their overlooking of the transmitted traditions, and because they prefer to follow man-made ideas and opinions.

Therefore to all those mocking or ridiculing the newly released knowledge of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) should read about the "Unexpected Restoration of Islam".

Be careful not to be of those who deny the knowledge of the Qaim, and pay attention to how Imam Al-Hassan answered the following question...

"Why do the majority of people follow falsehood?"
"Because they love falsehood because it is going along with their desires, and because most of them hate the truth." - Posted 01.10.2016, See answer on the Black Banners .Forum

How Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan is spreading his Divinely inspired Knowledge

The divinely inspired knowlege which Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan's (as) spread so far amongst the people of this world might be roughly categorized as follows...

Prophecies & Divine Promises

Get to know the Divine Prophecies and promises got fulfilled at the hands of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as)...

Exposing Falsehood, Corruption, and Evil & Calling to God and the Truth:

Making Sense of Cryptic Topics:

He is the only one who was able to clarify the connection between the following elements of the Divine Plan for the establishment of the State of the Divine Justice... Because one of the peculiarities and secrets of the Imams (pbuh)is to know the explicit (muhkam) and allegories (mutashabah).

Teaching about Matters of the Soul & the Self:

He (as) pointed out truths which irrefutably square with the inner knowing, like the concept of reincarnation, spiritul kinship of every human being etc.

Scientific Knowledge & Revealing Matters from the Unseen:

Restoring Faith & The Permissible vs. The Forbidden:


Regardless the sheer amount of proofs which Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) has already shared...
He (as) clarified that certain ones of these points - even if taken out and looked at as a single proof - are sufficient in the eyes of Allah (swt) to ultimately prove the legitimacy of this call to God, and to ultimately prove the obligation of recognizing him as God's Vicegerent on earth.

Nevertheless by the mercy of God Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) initially came with quite a number of main proofs, and the knowledge he spreads since then increases daily ...

And all praise and thanks are due to Allah (swt).


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Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you dear truth seekers,

The new knowledge has been rejected by some persons and they are saying: "You are upon falsehood, what is your proof that Abdullah Hashem was previously incarnated as Yusuf (as) or Idris (as) or or or" and they were demanding a solid proof for that.
I want to ask some questions to the ones who make such comments...

How could the Messenger of Allah (sawas) say "Fatima is her father’s mother." How can a daughter be a mother of her father?!

How could Prophet Muhammad (sawas) say: "Hussayn is from me, and I am from Hussayn." How can a grandfather be from a grandson?!

O you who doubt, what made you believe Imam Ali (as) when he said that he (as) is the first Adam and the first Noah?
According to how you think, what is your proof for the following sayings of Imam Ali (as) when he said:
"I am the Best Names of Allah which the people have been commanded to make Dua' with.
I am that Light from which guidance was taken.
I am the owner of The Trumpet.
I am the one who brings out the ones in the graves.
I am the owner of the Day of Resurrection.
I am the companion of Noah and I am the one who rescued him.
I am the companion of Ayoub (Prophet Job) the afflicted, and I am the one who cured him.
I am the one who established/rose the Heavens by the command of my Lord.
I am the companion of Abraham…"

Also, what is the proof which Imam Ali (as) gave to you when he (as) said that he is the one who talked to Moses (as)? Even though the Qur'an says that Moses (as) talked to Allah?

O you who raise doubts and confusions, what made you submit to all of that and believe it?

We and you have believed every word Imam Ali (as) said, even though he did not give us a proof which proves those sayings of his. So the reason we believed him (as) is because his Imamate (as) has been proven to us and to you, and therefore we submit and believe in everything he (as) says, even if we do not understand it. This is the path of Muhammad (sawas) and the Family of Muhammad (as) which is submission to the Hujjah after knowing him.

If you were living during the time of the Prophet of Allah Imran (as), would you have disbelieved in him because he promised his people that a male child will be born to him, but then a girl was born to him?! Or you would have remained believing in him and certain that there must be a wisdom from Allah (swt) and a meaning of the Prophet's words which you did not comprehend?

If you were living during the time of the Prophet of Allah Moses (as), would you have been from the ones who worshipped the calf because Moses (as) had promised them to be absent for thirty days but he ended up being absent for forty days? Or you would have remained certain of his Prophethood and that he (as) is Hujjah, no matter what Shubhas (confusions) take place?!

If you were living during the time of The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (sawas), would you have believed in the Isra' and M'iraj (the Night journey) of Muhammad (sawas), even if he (sawas) did not give you any proof that he (sawas) was taken from the Masjid Al-Haram to the Masjid Al-Aqsa and that he (sawas) ascended to the heavens?!

One last question: If you were living during the time of my leader and master the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (sawas), and you were praying with him (sawas) for more than 10 years in the direction of Baytul Maqdis… Then one day you woke up to find the Messenger of Allah (sawas) saying that the Qibla has been changed to the Holy Ka'ba instead of Baytul Maqdis
Would you have been from the ones who immediately submitted to the Prophet (sawas)? Or you would have been from those who doubted in the Prophethood of the Prophet (sawas) saying if Muhammad was a true prophet he would have known the right Qibla from the beginning!

Didn't Ahlul Bayt (as) say that the Qa'im (as) demolishes what preceded him and starts Islam anew?

  • Ibn ‘Ata said: I asked Abu Ja'far alBaqir (as) and said: "When the Qa'im rises how will he walk among the people? He (as) said: (He shall demolish what has preceded him like the Messenger of Allah (sawas) did, and he shall start Islam anew) - Ghaybat Al-Noa'mani 236, Bihar Alanwar volume 52 p354
  • Imam Al-Sadiq (as) said about that the Qa'im (as) "when the companion of the sword comes, he comes with something different than what was before him" - Al-Kafi V1 P536, and he (as) said: "When the Qa'im rises he comes with a matter which is different than what was" - Ghaybat AlToosi 307

Didn't Ahlul Bayt (as) say that the people only know 2 letters of knowledge and that the Qa'im (as) is the one who will spread the rest of the 25 letters and add the two letters to them?

  • Aban narrated that Abu Abdillah (as) said: "Knowledge is twenty seven letters. All what the Messengers have brought forth is only two letters. So the people until this day have not known except for those two letters. But when our Qa'im rises, he will bring out the twenty five letters, and he will disseminate them among the people, and he will add the two letters to them, until he disseminates the twenty seven letters" - Bihar alAnwar, by alMajlisi, v52 page 336

Didn't Ahlul Bayt (as) say that the Qa'im (as) comes with a new matter which will be difficult upon the Arabs?

  • Imam Al-Baqir (as) said: "The Qa'im rises with a new matter, and a new book, and a new judgment. And that will be difficult upon the Arabs!" - Ghaybat Al-No'mani P238

In fact they had promised the unexpected restoration of religion through the Qaim of their family to us!

By Allah, it is difficult except for those whom Allah (swt) has guided.

{The foolish among the people will say, "What has turned them away from their Qiblah ( prayer direction), which they used to face?" Say, "To Allah belongs the east and the west. He guides whom He wills to a straight path." And thus we have made you a middle/fair nation that you will be witnesses over the people, and the Messenger will be a witness over you. And We did not make the Qiblah which you used to face except that We may make evident who would follow the Messenger from who would turn back on his heels.
And indeed, it is difficult except for those whom Allah has guided. And never would Allah have caused your faith to be lost. Indeed Allah is, to the people, Kind and Merciful.} Holy Qur'an 2:142-143

You all know that the Qa'im (as) comes with a new matter and he establishes Islam anew. And that he (as) "comes with a new matter which will be very difficult upon the Arabs". And that he (as) rules with some jurisprudences that some people will think it is opposing Islam!

And that's why you must start by knowing the Imam of your time and whom he is with.
The true religion of Allah cannot and will not be achieved by the opinions nor the incomplete minds nor Qiyas nor the corrupt standards and measures that people set, rather, it is fulfilled by submission to the Imam, as stated by Imam Ali Zainul Abideen (as). We cannot comprehend the reality of many things, even sometimes after the Imam of our time reveals it, just as mentioned in the examples above, and that is due to our narrow incomplete short sighted minds. But the Hujjah of Allah does not look at and see the matters like us, he (as) sees by the eye of Allah (swt). And we have proven his (as) Imamate and that he (as) is with the Black Banners through unmatched proofs.

If it is proven with you that Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is the Qa’im of the Family of Muhammad (as) and that he (as) is the leader of the Black Banners of the East, then you must submit and embrace whatever he (as) says, even if he says the day is night and night is day, and that’s what the Family of Muhammad (as) have clearly stated in more than one Hadith, and the following two Hadiths are just a sample:

Abu Ja’far (as) said:
"O Jabir, our saying is very difficult, extremely difficult, steady/firm, sharp/sagacious, rough, and pure/certain. By Allah, no one can handle it except for a Prophet Messenger, or a close Angel, or a believer whose been tested. So O Jabir, if something from our matter reaches you, and your heart leaned towards it, then thank Allah, and if you reject it then return it back to us Ahlul Bayt. And do not say: How did this come, or how did that happen, or how is this possible?! For by Allah this is the great Shirk (the great association) with Allah!" - Bihar Al-Anwar V2 P208

AbdulRahman ibn Salem Al-Ashl narrated from his father that Abu Ja’far (as) said:
"O Salem, verily, the Imam is guiding and guided, Allah never makes him enter into blindness, and Allah never makes him ignorant of any Sunnah. It is not for the people to investigate about what he says/ does nor to be unjust/ proud against him! Rather they have been commanded to submit to him" - Mukhtasar Basa’ir Al-Drajat:74

{Allah guides to his light whom he will. Allah strikes parables for people. Allah has knowledge of all things.} Holy Quran 24:35

All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds O Allah send Your prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis

Yet Uncategorized Knowledge

The following points are yet to be put into articles so they can be understood more easily...

Book of Fatimah

"Did the Imam a.s. mention anything about the book of Fatimah a.s. (Mushaf Fatimah a.s.)?"
"There is no such thing as the book of Fatimah There is no book written called the book of Fatimah " - See answer on the Black Banners Forum

The Red Planet

"Answers To Our Questions - The Red Planet" from the Black Banners of the East Satellite Channel, 11.10.2018

The Commander of the Believers does not cease to exist

Commander of believers is present.jpg

Imam (as) says: The Commander of the Believers is present before existence, and he still exists, and he remains and does not cease to exist." (in reply to someone asking about who is the commander of the believers (a.s) in this round.
- Paltalk session with Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan 23/1/2017

Zainul Abideen was born after Imam Ali a.s. died

Guest: "Was Zainul Abiddeen born in the life of Imam Ali a.s. or after him??"

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as): "No, Zainul Abideen was born after Imam Ali a.s. died, and what is mentioned in history is a distortion."
- 16/7/2016 Paltalk, See quote in pdf

What is the reason for Imam Ali a.s. calling his children names like Abu Bakr, and Umar, and Uthman?

"What is the reason for Imam Ali a.s. calling his children names like Abu Bakr, and Umar, and Uthman?"

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as): "'Yes, these names are true, they were called those names.
Your minds cannot handle the reason. If we told the reason, your minds will become tired.
And we do not want to pressure you in this stage.
Entrance in the religion strongly makes the person go out of the religion completely, just as the one who enters the sea strongly.
- 16/7/2016 Paltalk, See quote in pdf