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There are currently multiple movements who claim to support Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as)... and just as Imam Al-Baqir prohesied 3 banners have been raised in the name of the Qaim (as):

"Imam Al-Baqir (as) said:
„And he enters into Kufa and it has in it three banners that are in great distress and it becomes calm for him, and he enters until he reaches the platform and gives a speech.“

The Yamani Call has split up into the following groups…

  1. the supporters of the illegitimate office in Najaf, who still use the 'white banner'
  2. the supporters of 'The Black Banner of the East', who believe that Abdullah Hashem (as) is the responsible appointed by the Imam (as)
  3. the supporters of the 'Jeysh Al-Ghadab' (Army of Anger) who believe in the necesssity of military preparation for the rise of the Mahdi

And furthermore the so-called the so-called 'Furniture Group' has appeared, who's supporters claim it would be impossible to know with which group the Imam (as) truly is.

So how can the believer know whith which one Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is?
Besides inspecting the proofs for the promised 'Black Banners of the East' you might be interested to know how the 12 men met Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan after his absence & Imam Mahdi (as) after his great occultation in one night, and how the Black Banners call then reached the Ansar.

The change of banners - Two banners

The white banner saying "Allegiance to Allah" was was the first official banner of the dawah, introduced by Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) himself at the time before he went into absence. Just like in the Black Banner it is written in it "Allegiance is to Allah", because the banner of the Qaim is the banner of Ahlul Bayt (as).
But its time has passed. Now that the Black Banner(s) of the East have been raised in accordance with the ahadith, the white banner is not the leading banner any more, but has become one of two signs of the Qaim (as). And each period of time has its banner.

In the very beginning of his call Imam Ahmed's (as) flag was white with green writing, and by the command of Imam Mahdi (as) it was changed to black with yellow writing.

The proof for this is:

In the book of the Imam (pbuh) An Advice to the students of the Academic Hawzas and to every Truthseeker: In a tradition from the Messenger of Allah (sawas): "…He has a knowledge which, if the time of its emergence comes, this knowledge will spread from its own self, and Allah will make the knowledge pronounce so the knowledge will call him: Emerge O Wali of Allah Kill the enemies of Allah! And he has two banners and two signs…"Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, An Advice to the students of the Academic Hawzas and to every truth seeker, p.29, Arabic edition

  1. We find no where in the hadiths mentioned about the emergence, that there will be a white banner with the Qa'im! Every hadith, which pertains to the time of emergence only mention Black Banners from the east!
  2. The above Hadith mentions that he (pbuh) has two banners. If these two banners are together at the same time at the time of his emergence, then which banner are his Ansar supposed to follow? So of course it means that at one time he will have a banner and in another time he will have another banner. There must be only one banner for the Qa'im (pbuh) at the time of his emergence.
  3. So the only way to make sense of this "two banners" hadith is, that he (pbuh) has two banners, one that he raised before the absence, and one which he raises now after the absence, which makes perfect sense because the banner he is going to raise at the time of his emergence, according to every hadith about the time of emergence, is the Black Banners from the east.

The following hadith is another proof, that the Qaim (as) will have two banners, and written in both of them is: "Allegiance is to God":
The Messenger of Allah (pbuhf) said : O Ali, if in this worldly life only one day will remain, Allah will make that day longer until a man from your descendants governs. Allah Azwajal will guide by him the Arabs as you guided the unbelievers and polytheists from misguidance. And then he said (pbuhf): it is written on his two palms give him allegiance, indeed the allegiance is for Allah Azwajal."Al-Tabari, Dalael Al-Imama page 469

Ahadith and quotes about the Black Banners

As stated the white banner saying "Allegiance to Allah" has been replaced by the Black Banner saing "Allegiance is to Allah". And pledging allegiance to the Black Banners of the East is obligatory as the following ahadith clearly show:

Imam Black Banner.jpg
  • Thawban said, that The Messenger of Allah (sawas) said: "The Black Banners come from the east, as if their hearts are like pieces of iron, so whoever hears about them then go to them so give allegiance to them, even if crawling on ice!" - Bihar Al-Anwar Volume 51, page 84, Ghayat Al-Maram V7 P104
    In the book "Al-Yamani Al-Maw'oud Hujjat Allah" by "Ansari Sheikh" Haidar Al-Ziyadi, he says in a commentary about this hadith: "And here the saying of the Messenger of Allah (sawas) "so whoever hears about them then go to them and give allegiance to them" meaning that he (sawas) demands allegiance for them, and it is obligatory upon whoever hears of it, and the infallible wouldn't demand allegiance for other than an infallible who is appointed from Allah. So the Messenger of Allah did not appoint the Yamani and demand allegiance for him from his own self {this is the assumptions of those who disbelieved, so woe to those who disbelieved, from hell fire} {and he does not speak as a result of his own desire}. Rather, no prophet or Imam or Vicegerent from the first ones or the last ones had ever asked for allegiance to a person who is not infallible, rather their slogan has always been "allegiance is to Allah and Rulership is to Allah and appointment is to Allah". As for the appointment of the people and their choice, then this is from the demands of the Shaytan. Also he (sawas) emphasized strongly on this allegiance, and there is no excuse to any person from the allegiance whether this person was old or young or a male or a female! For he (sawas) said to give allegiance even if crawling on ice because he (sawas) knows that there are people who abandon and use silly excuses, so he (sawas) left them no excuse at all! And I hope from the reading brother to ask himself is he from those who abandon or not! There is no excuse… even if crawing on ice! Take revenge for Allah, do not revenge for yourself so you become with the Shaytan in hell fire!!"Haidar Al-Ziyadi, Al-Yamani Al-Maw'oud Hujjat Allah p.86
  • Abdelaal Al-Mansouri says in his book "Hiwar Qassasi Mubbassat" page 84: "The narrations commanded us to follow that companion of the banners of the east and to pledge allegiance to him, the narrations said: "The Black Banners come from the east, as if their hearts are like pieces of iron, so whoever hears about them then go to them so give allegiance to them, even if crawling on ice!". Here I have a comment… And that it is, that the narrations made it obligatory to rise and pledge allegiance to the banners of the east, and this is only because the Hujjah is among them, as the previous narrations mentioned, and the Caliph and the Hujjah is the Yamani, otherwise the narration wouldn't have commanded them to pledge allegiance to them and to take the first step to go to them, even if it was by the suffering of crawling on ice."
Basra Euphrates desert.jpg
  • The commander of the believers (pbuh) said on the platform of Kufa: "There must be a mill grinding, so if it rose on its pole, and stayed firm on its leg, Allah will send upon it an aggressive servant, his origin (lineage) is hidden, victory will be with him, his companions are those who have a long hair (they have a bundle/ long curl of hair), their clothes are black, they are owners of the Black Banners. Woe to whoever goes against them, they will kill them in turmoil, By Allah, as if i am looking at them and at their acts and at what the transgressors will receive from them, and the harsh Arabs of the desert. Allah will empower them (set up them as absolute master) over them without mercy, so they will kill them in turmoil in their city on the shore of the Euphrates, the land (steppe) and sea region, as a compensation of what they did, and indeed your Lord is not unjust to the servants.” – Ghaybat Al No'amani p.265

Note: There is no city in world that is on the shore of Euphrates the sea region and the steppe/ desert region except Basra.

  • And Imam Ali (pbuh) talked in a similar hadith about the banner of the Ahlul Bayt: "There has to be a mill that crushes misguidance, and if it crushes it, it will stand on its axle. With us is the banner of truth and guidance, whoever turns away from it has transgressed, and whoever abandoned it, is in loss. And whoever held on to it, is on the right path. If you follow it you will become guided with our sight, and if you turn away from us, Allah will punish you by our hands or with what He wills." – Book of Sulaim Ibn Qais p.257-259
  • Narrated from Ahlul Bayt (pbut) "So Allah will send upon them (meaning upon the Sufyani) a youth from the east, calling them towards the Ahlul Bayt of the Prophet, they are the companions of the Black Banners, the ones who are oppressed, Allah shall give them glory and send down victory upon them, they will defeat everyone they fight." - Al-Malahim wal Fitan, Al-Mumahidoon by Al-Korani p.103
  • In the book "Jame'i Al-Adella" by "Ansari sheikh" Abdul Razzaq Al-Dirawi, p 94: "So it is evident and clear that the Black Banners are strongly praised, for the ones who are killed from them are martyrs, and they are the ones who push it to the imam (pbuh), meaning that they are his companions and the move by directions from him (pbuh), and they do not call to any other than him… So giving victory to them is in reality giving victory to Imam Mahdi (as)… Rather the command to give victory to the Black Banners has been narrated in a hadith by the Commander of the believers (as)… "O Amer, if you hear the Black Banners coming, then break this lock and this box, until you are killed underneath them, so if you couldn't, then roll until you get killed underneath them."
AhlulBayt Banner Allegiance to God.jpg
  • "Ansari sheikh" Abdel Rizzaq Al-Dirawi says: "And if the Commander of the believers (pbuh) urges this strongly to support the Black Banners, and he directs [the believers] to be killed under them, so could a sane person imagine that Imam Al-Baqir would command otherwise? Therefore, it is certain that what Imam Al-Baqir meant by "the companion of this matter" is the companion of the Black Banners, and it is known that the infallible wouldn't want to save his honorable self to someone other an infallible, rather not to someone other than a Hujjah from the Hujjahs of Allah upon His creation. (…)
    And Whoever goes ahead of this banner is destroyed and whoever goes after it is perished! For Ubayed ibn Karb said: I heard the Commander of the Believers (pbuh) say: "Verily we, Ahlul Bayt" have a banner, whoever goes before it have stolen, and whoever goes after it have perished, and whoever follows it has followed [us]" – 250 Signs page 15 [… until he says] So the companion of the Black Banners is a proof from the Proofs of Allah swt, for the banner which Ali (pbuh) raised in the battle of the camel has reached him."
    Abdel Rizzaq Al-Dirawi, Jame'i Al-Adella 105, 110
  • Abd-Allah b. `Abd-Allah al-Taihartī narrated to us, from `Abd al-Raḥmān b. Ziyād b. An`um, from Muslim b. Yasār, from Sa`īd b. al-Musayyib, from the Messenger of Allah, Allah's blessings be on him [and his family], who said: Black flags [in support] of the Abbasids will emerge from the East. They will halt until Allah wishes. Then, smaller black flags will emerge from the east who will fight a person from the progeny of Abū Sufyān and his followers. They will call out [to the people] to obey the Mahdī.– Na'im Ibn Hammad, Al-Fitan, vol. 5, chap. “al-Rayāt al-sūd lil-Mahdī ba`d rāyāt Banī l-`Abbās,” p. 168
  • From Thawban (he said: The Messenger of Allah (sawas) said: "Three will be killed at your treasures all of them are the son of a Khaleefa (Caliph/Successor) and then it will not be to anyone of them. And then Black Banners from the East will emerge and will fight them with a fighting not a folk will fight like it, and then he mentioned a youth and said: If you see him pledge allegiance to him, for he is the sucessor of the Mahdi." - Assayed Mustafa Haydar Alkhadhemi, Bisharat Al-Islam page 30

They will ask for the truth but not be given it

  • The Messenger of Allah (sawas) said: "...Until Black Banners are raised from the East. They will ask for the truth/right but they will not be given it, then they will ask for the truth/right but they will not be given it, then they will ask for the truth/right but they will not be given it. So they will fight, so they will be given victory. So whoever realized him from you, or from your descendants, then let him go to the Imam of my Ahlul Bayt, even if crawling on ice, for they are banners of guidance, they will push it to a man from my Ahlul Bayt, his name matches mine, and the name of his father matches the name of my father, so he will rule the earth, so he will fill it with justice and equity as it was filled with oppression and injustice." - Shiekh Al-Korani, Mo'jam Ahadith Al-Imam Al-Mahdi Volume 1 Page 382
  • Imam Al-Baqir (pbuh) says: As if [I see] a people who came out from the East, they will ask for the truth/right but they will not be given it, then they will ask for the truth/right but they will not be given it, so when they see that they will put their sword on their back so they will be given what they asked but they won't accept it until they rise, and they will not push it except to your Companion, their killed ones are martyrs. Verily If i realized the companions of that I would save myself for the companion of this matter. - Ghaybat Al-No'mani p281
Following the BBS is obligatory.jpg
  • In the book Al-Wasiyya on page 128-129, Nathim Al-Uqeily quotes this hadith: Ibn Mas'oud said: "While we are with the Messenger of Allah (sawas), youths from Bani Hashem came forth, so when the Prophet (sawas) saw them his eyes became tearful, and his color changed, so I said: O Messenger of Allah, we still see something which we hate in your face. So he (sawas) said: "We Ahlul Bayt Allah chose for us the hereafter over this world, and verily my Ahlul Bayt (my family) will receive after me afflictions and they will be homeless and expelled, until a people from the east come, with them are Black Banners, so they will ask for the truth but they will not be given it, twice or three times, so they will fight and they will be given victory, so they will be given what they asked for but they will not accept it, until they push it to a man from my Ahlul Bayt, who will will fill it with justice and equity as it was filled with injustice, so whoever realizes this from you then go to them even if crawling on ice, for verily he is the Mahdi". - Ibn Tawous, Al-Malahim awl Fitan: Door 92; Sunan Ibn Majah hadith 4082
  • And Abdelaal Al-Mansouri says in his book "Hiwar Qassasi Mubbassat" page 84: "So it is clear that the owner of these banners is the Qa'im the Yamani, because the narrations commanded to follow the banners of the east (then go to them so give allegiance to them, even if crawling on ice), and it described them as that they ask for the truth: (they ask for the truth so they will be not given it - until he repeated it three times - so they will fight and they will be given victory, and they will remain as such until they push it to a man from my Ahlul Bayt), and it described them as that they do not call towards themselves but that they call towards the Family of Muhammad (sawas), rather to a man from the family of the Prophet sawas who shall fill it with justice and equity, and that they will push it to Imam Mahdi (pbuh)."

From Khurasan

  • The Messenger of Allah (sawas) said: "If you saw the Black Banners came out from Khurasan then go to them even if crawling on ice, for they have the Successor of Allah The Mahdi (and in other narration "the successor of the Mahdi")." – Sayyed Ibn Tawous Al-Hasani, Al-Malahim wal Fitan, page 52
  • Nathim Al-Uqayli says in his book "Al-Wassiya wa-Alwassiy" on page 128: "And the Commander of the Believers (pbuh) emphasized strongly on giving victory to the eastern banners which belong to the Vicegerent of Imam Mahdi (pbuh) (the first of the Mahdis), which leaves no choice, to the one who is tested, to abandon joining them and giving them victory! Abi Tufayl said that Ali pbuh said to him.."O Amer, if you hear the Black Banners coming from Khurasan, and you were locked in a box, then break this lock and this box, until you are killed underneath them - meaning under the Black Banners -, so if you couldn't, then roll until you get killed underneath them". And a lot of traditions have been narrated mentioning the banners which come from the east which are led by the vicegerent of the Imam and that on the forefront of the Mahdi's army will be Shu'aib ibn Saleh and that they will hand the banner to Imam Mahdi and pledge allegiance to him."
  • Jabir said that Abu Ja'far (pbuh) said: "The Black Banners which come from Khurasan will descend in Kufa, so if the Mahdi appears in Makkah allegiance will be sent to the Mahdi."Kitab Al-Fitan by Na'eem ibn Hammad AlMirouzi p198
  • In the book "Al-Wasiyyah" by "Ansari Sheikh" Nathim Al-Uqeili, page 164: “So the one who administers the fighting with the Sufyani in Iraq and defeating him is the eastern Khurasani iraqi Black Banners, and this is before the rise of the Mahdi (pbuh) in Makkah, because the Black Banners reach Iraq before the rise of the Mahdi in Makkah, so if the rise of Imam Mahdi (as) took place then allegiance will be sent to him as the following narrations clarify: Abu Ja’far (pbuh) said: The Black Banners which come from Khurasan will descend in Kufa, so if the Mahdi appears in Makkah allegiance will be sent to the Mahdi. And the messenger of Allah (sawas) said: "There will come out from Khurasan Black Banners, nothing will return them until they are established in Eliyaa” meaning Baytul Maqdis. So in the light of these narrations, the Black Banners will be the ones who fight the Sufyani in Iraq and defeat him until they reach Baytul Maqdis." – Sheikh Najmeddine Jaafer ibn Muhammed al Askari, Al-Mahdi Amaw'ud Almountadhar, pt 24, p72

Description of the banner

Written in it is Allegiance is to Allah.png
  • In the book of monotheism Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) says: "So Muhammad (sawas) carried the Black Stone, and this is an indication that The Qa'im (The Riser of The Family of Muhammad pbut), and the Carrier of the Sin, and the Carrier of the Black Banner which indicates to it, shall come out from Muhammad (sawas), and also that Muhammad (sawas) is the one who carries him in his loins, because he had been placed in Fatima the daughter of Muhammad (sawas), and thus, the true carrier of Sin is The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (sawas). As for the Black color, with which Allah willed to cover this Stone, it indicates towards the sins of the servants, and it reminds them of their sins, for perhaps they may repent and seek forgiveness, while they are in The House of Allah, and it is the same as the color of the Banners of the Riser (Qa'im) of the Truth, the black [banners] of the Qa'im of the Family of Muhammad. So the Black Banners indicate to The Stone, and The Stone indicate to the banners, and both of them indicate, with their black color, to the sin of violating the Testament and The Covenant, which were from the creation in the Atom World, and they also indicate to the suffering/ effort which the carrier of this sin bears - and the carrier of the Black Banner which indicates to the sin – the servant who was assigned with the book of The Testament and The Covenant, and he is the Black Stone, and he is the Qa'im (Riser) of The Family of Muhammad."
    It is worth to remember, that Imam Ahmad (pbuh) has clarified several times, that the covenant is also him (pbuh). – Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, Book of Monotheism, Page 144, Arabic edition
  • Abdel Rizzaq Al-Dirawi, the "Ansari" sheikh proves, that the banner of the Qa'im (pbuh) is black and written in it is Allegiance is to God by quoting from Essayed Mustafa Haydar Alkadhemi, Bicharat Al-Islam p.202: "Verily we, Ahlul Bayt have a banner, whoever goes ahead of it has renegaded, and whoever is late to it it has perished, and whoever follows it has followed [us], it is written in it: "Allegiance is to God." – quoted by Abdel Rizzaq Al-Dirawi, Jamea Aladella, p.110
  • In Sharh Ihqaq Alh-Haq by Sayyed Al-Mar'ashi - Volume 29 p.339 in the signs of how to know him and which signify his emergence: "As for the signs, it is that there will be with him the shirt of the Messenger of Allah (sawas) and his sword and his banner which is from Mart and Mukhamalla (velvet?) and black and with a sign, in it is a stone it hasn't been spread since the messenger (sawas) died, and it will not be spread until the Mahdi emerges, written in it "Allegiance is to God."
  • Imam Musa Al-Kathim (pbuh) said: "His banner is Mart Mukhamalla (velvet?) black and squared, in it is جمم, it hasn't been spread since the messenger sawas died, and it will not be spread until the Mahdi emerges, Allah will support him by 3000 angels who strike the faces and backs of his enemies." hadith in Arabic
The banner of the Qaim of Ahlul Bayt (as)
  • Prince of the believers (as) "Banners will approach from the East of the Earth with no sign on it, not from cotton, linen or silk. It is sealed on the head of the spear by a Great Sayed (Prophet Muhammad (saw), a man from the family of Muhammad (saw) will raise it, it will appear from the East and its scent will be present in the West, like musk pouring out. Horror will be infront for a month until they reach Al-Kufa, demanding the blood of their fathers. And while they were this way,the horse of the Yamani and Khurasani will race each other like two horses on a bet. Dusty, sandy, sad faces, condemnable people… if you see them they would say: "There is no good for us sitting here after today, O Allah we are the repenters and they are the Ibdaal (replaced ones) that Allah described in his book "Allah loves the repenters and those who purify themselves" and their counterparts are the family of Muhammad."Sheikh Ali Al-Yazdi Al-Haeri p.103
  • Abu Baseer said: Abu Abdullah (pbuh) said: "The Qaim will not emerge until the circle is complete” So I said: And how many [are needed] to complete the circle? He said: "Ten thousand. Gabriel on his right and Michael on his left. Then he will shake the banner and walks by it, so there will remain no one in the east or the west except that they will curse it, and it is the banner of the Messenger of Allah (sawas), Gabriel came down with it on the day of Badr” Then he said: “O Abu Muhammad, by Allah it is not cotton nor silk nor linen” So I said: So what is it from? So he said: “From the paper of paradise, the messenger of Allah (sawas) spread it on the day of Badr, then he wrapped it and pushed it to Ali (as). So it remained with Ali (as) until the day of Basra came, so the commander of the believers (pbuh) wrapped it so Allah opened upon him. Then he wrapped it, and it is with us there. Noone will spread it until the Qaim rises, so if he rises he will spread it, and no one in the east or the west will remain except that they will curse it. Fear will walk in front of it for a month, and behind it for a month, and on its right for a month, and on its left for a month.” Then he said: “O Abu Muhammad, he will come out Mawtoor (mawtoor is someone whose family member was killed and he wasn't there to take revenge for his blood, so he is Mawtoor by his father Al-Hussein (pbuh)", as explained by "Ansari Sheikh" Abdelaal Al-Mansouri in his book "Hiwar Qassasi Mubasat p.8), angry and grieved because of Allah’s anger on this creation. The shirt of the messenger of Allah (sawas) will be upon him, the shirt which was on him on the day of Uhud, and his turban is the clouds, and his shield is the shield of the messenger of Allah (sawas) […] and his sword (the sword of the Messenger of Allah (sawas Zulfiqar) he will carry the sword on his shoulders for 8 months, he will kill […], he will start by Bani Sheeba, so he will cut their hands and hang them on the Ka’ba and say: These are the thieves of Allah, then he will take (care of/ go to / adress) Quraysh, he will not take from them except the sword, and he will not give them except the sword."Ghaybat Al-No'mani Page 19, Bihar Al-Anwar Volume 52 Page 360
  • It is narrated from the same chains from Abdullah bin Hammad from Abdullah bin Sinan from Abi [Abdullah] Ja'far [bin Muhammad] that he said:
    "The Almighty Allah has fixed the time of the reappearance of Imam Zamana (as) against the time fixed by the time-fixers. The flag of the Qaim is the same flag as that of the Prophet, which Jibraeel brought from the heavens in the Battle of Badr and he waved it during the battle.
    Jibraeel said: "O Muhammad, by Allah, this flag is not of cotton, flax or silk." I said: "Then what is it of?" He said: "It is of the leaves of Paradise. The Prophet (sawas) spread it on the day of Badr and then he has folded it and gave it to Imam Ali (as). It was still with Imam Ali (as) until he spread it on the day of the battle of Jamal against the people of Basra and gained victory.
    Then he folded and kept it safe. It is with us and no one is to spread it until the Qaim (as) appears. When he appears, he will spread it and then everyone in the east and the west will curse it. Terror will move a month before it, a month behind it, a month on its right side and a month on its left side."
    Then he said: "O Abu Muhammad, he (the Qaim) will appear depressed and angry because of the anger of Allah with the human beings. He will appear wearing the Prophet's shirt, which the Prophet put on in the battle of Badr, turban, armor and holding the Prophet's sword Zulfiqar. He will unsheathe the sword for eight months. He will kill excessively."
    – Ghaibat Nomani

Other banners

Imam Al-Baqir (as) said: "Every banner raised before the rise of the Qaim, its companion is a tyrant (taghut).”Ghaibat-Nu’mani, p.115

The white banner

The initial white banner

The white banner was the first banner introduced by Ahmed Al-Hassan (as). Just like in the Black Banner it is written in it "Allegiance is to Allah", because the banner of the Qaim is the banner of Ahlul Bayt (as). But now that the Black Banner has been raised in accordance with the ahadiths, the white banner is not the leading banner any more. It has become one of the two prophesied banners of the Qaim (as).

Saraya Qaim raised by the Office

Saraya Qaim banner introduced by the Office
Office trying to fullfill the "two signs"-hadith with fake "Saraya Qaim" banner

The Imposter Imam raised a banner with the words "Saraya Al-Qa'im" "the brigade/battalion of the Qa'im" to recruite Ansar for the illegally proclaimed jihad in cooperation with the Iraqi Army against Isis on his fake fb-profile on the 4th of July 2015.

But Ali ibn Abi Talib (pbuh) said in describing the Mahdi (pbuh:) "…He emerges with the banner of the prophet, it is from mart, it is mukhamalla (velvet?), squared, and black, it has a stone, it hasn't been spread since the messenger (sawas) died, and it will not be spread until the Mahdi emerges…" Sources: Ilzam Al-Nasib fi Ilzam Al-Hujjah Al-Ghaeb p450; Al-Malahim wal Fitan by Sayyed ibn Tawous p154; Kanz Al-Umal by Al-Muttaqqa AlHindi V14 P590

An in Sharh Ihqaq Alhaq by Sayyed Almar'ashi - Volume 29 P339 "In the signs of how to know him and which signify his emergence: As for the signs, it is that there will be with him the shirt of the Messenger of Allah (sawas) and his sword and his banner which is from mart and mukhamalla (velvet?) and black and with a sign, in it is a stone it hasn't been spread since the messenger sawas died, and it will not be spread until the Mahdi emerges, written in it 'Allegiance is to God'."

Dear brothers and sisters, do you see according any narration that "Saraya el Qaim will be written in it the Black Banner?" By Allah "Riser Brigades" has nothing do with Seyyid Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh), it's a trick and founded by the Office!

Imam Ahmed (as) said the following about the “first of his army" the army of the Mahdi (as): "His rising (pbuh) is in Mecca, his companions will gather for him there, and their number is three hundred and thirteen men, like the number of the people of Badr, and the companions of Saul who crossed the river with him, then the devoted believers will flock to Mecca from all the countries of the Muslims until they become tenthousand, and they are the first of his army (pbuh). And he does not leave Mecca to fight the tyrants until when Allah causes for the earth to consume the army of Al-Sufyani between Mecca and Medina, which is an army sent to eliminate the movement of al-Mahdi pbuh, and after this event he will start his movement in purifying the Islamic lands from the tyrants and their servants gathered around them."Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, The Wilderness or The Path to Allah, Page 67, English Version

So we want to ask to the Office and its supporters, if 10.313 men are the first of Mahdi's (as) army, then to whom does your army “Saraya Qaim” belong to?

Occult symbols in "Saraya Qaim" banner?

Compared to the first banner, which had the clear liberating shahada "Allegiance is to Allah" on it, the banner "Saraya Qaim" is hardly readable Therefore one could wonder if there are occult hidden symbols in it, and this questions was directed to Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) in a question on the Black Banners Forum:


Salam alaikum,
Does the flag of the Riser Brigades actually contain alchemical symbols for the use of black magic?


In the Name of Allah, The Abundantly Merciful, The Intensely Merciful
All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds
O Allah send Your prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis

The Answer: No, it does not have black magic, it is just a banner which has no meaning nor a goal, its color as you know has been taken from the blessed Black Banners of the East which are victorious by the permission of Allah The Exalted, in an attempt to win the Ansar, because they know that the Black Banners of the East are true and had an influence over the hearts of the people whether they were from the Ansar or from other than the Ansar, rather even from the opposers. And all praises belong to Allah.

This means, that while the flag does not contain sigils, but its color was chosen for manipulative reasons.

Why did the Office raise a Black Banner, while claiming not to believe in the silent absence?

A question to the Ansar: Does the Black Banner get raised before the silent absence of the Yamani (as)? The Office claims that he (as) has never gone into silent absence! Yet they raised the Black Banner (the fake one of the "riser brigades"). Because it is known, that the Black Banner is the banner of the rise and of the Faraj (relief), and the Black Banner cannot be raised before the silent absence of the fifth from the seventh of the Prophet's (sawas) sons or Imam Ali's (as) sons, as the narrations testify. So how come they raised the Black Banner now, while denying that he (as) entered into a silent absence?!

From where did the Office bring this banner, which has “The Riser Brigades” on it?

The Commander of the Believers (as) described the banner of the Qa’im that it is stamped with the stamp of the Greater Master (sawas). And you find in the Dua of Al-Nuba that the Greater Master is the Messenger of Allah (sawas), and the stamp of the Messenger of Allah sawas on his banner was (Allegiance is to Allah/ Ownership or Kingship is to Allah/ Supremacy or Rulership is to Allah).

Meaning, the banner of the Qa’im (as) is stamped with one of these stamps: Allegiance is to Allah/ Ownership or Kingship is to Allah/ Supremacy or Rulership is to Allah. Because his banner originally is the banner of his grandfather the Messenger of Allah (sawas).

So from where did you bring this banner which has on it “The Riser Brigades”? Except if you mean another Riser (Qa’im) different than the Qa’im of the Family of Muhammad (as)?

Furthermore the Office never explicetely introduced their Black Banner as the promised Black Banner of the endtimes mentioned in the ahadiths - rather they only introduced it as the banner of jihad. But the real Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) raised his Black Banner as the promised Black Banner, saying that the relief of Ali Muhammed (pbut) and for the Ansar is near.

Brigade means a subdivision of another army

Ali from his father from al-Nawfali from al-Sakuni from abu ‘Abdallah (as) who has said the following. "The holy Prophet has said, Al-Fuqaha, the scholars of the Fiqh, Islamic laws are the trustees of the prophets until they are not involved in the worldly matters." People asked, "What is their entering in the worldly matters, O the holy Prophet of Allah?" "Their following the kings is entering in the worldly matters. When they follow the kings then you must be very careful in involving them in your religion." Replied the holy Prophet (sawas). – Al Kafi, H 118, Ch. 14, h 5

So what are the representatives of the office doing other than following the Kings (Iraqi government aka Bani Abbas) by seeking cooperation with them, begging for weapons, training & a seat within the administration of their governate? Taking roll call and census, providing the oppressors with the private information of the Ansars, raising a banner as the "riser brigade" when the definition of a brigade is a subdivision of an army, typically consisting of a small number of infantry battalions and/or other units and often forming part of a division. So they've placed the banner which supposedly represents the Supremacy of Allah while simultaneously symbolising the destruction of the Supremacy of people, under the Banner of the Iraqi government as a subdivision of their Army, when the Iraqi government is the embodiment of Democracy and the "Supremacy of people"!

The Army of Anger – Jeysh Al-Ghadhab

Jeysh Al-Ghadhab fb group-profile

The Jeysh Al-Ghadhab (جيش الغضب, Army of Anger, Army of Anger facebook profile) is a faction of the Ansar based in Iraq, which is gathered around a person called "Razzaq", who calls the Ansar to build a military for the sake of jihad. They see it as one of the major tasks of the dawah to form gather a military for the revolution of the Imam (as) to establish the state of Devine Justice under the command of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan and Imam Mahdi (pbut). This group refused to believe in the fake Ahmed Al-Hassan profile created by the Office even before the Black Banners Call, because they recognized, that the voice on it is not the voice they knew from the Imam (as). They probably named themselves according to the excerpt of the following "The Statement of the 10th of Muharram" by the Faked Imam, in which he talked about the army of devine anger:

"I direct my advice to all of those, who were militarized by the clerics of misguidance alkhawana the agents of ihtilal and taghut, who chose the freedom like Alhurr Alriyahi chose it, and he shall move to the army of truth the army of devine anger (جيش الغضب الالهي), the army of Hussein. The opportunities pass like the passing of the clouds and this is an opportunity for the one, who wants to support Muhammed wa Ali Muhammed (pbut), the prophets and messengers (pbut), and an opportunity for who wants to support Allah swt." See the Arabic original text. (Warning: rough translation)

The Black Banner supporters do not share their beliefs and so does the Army of Anger not believe in the change to the Black Banner by the order of the Imam (as). But it is remarkable, that there are other Ansar, who rejected the office as imposters and deem their actions are inacceptable and contradictory.

And in June 2015 they issued a statement declaring their dissociation from the office.

Ahmed Ahmed-banner

Their banner and slogan is "Ahmed Ahmed" according to the following hadith:
Imam Al-Baqir (as) said, “Allah Almighty has a treasure in Talkan, neither gold nor silver, twelve thousand in Khurasan. Their slogan (sha3er) is “Ahmed Ahmed” lead by a young man from Hashim’s sons (ridden) by a blond mule, a red headband on him, as if I am looking at him across the Euphrates. So if you hear about that, rush to him, even if crawling on snow.” – Montakhab Al-Anwar Almodi’a, page 343

The word sha3er شعار has many meanings such as slogan, word or phrase which is easy to remember and has several further meanings:
شِعَار ( اسم) : عَلَامَة

  • badge; thing worn, usually a design on cloth or something made of metal, to show rank, occupation, condition, quality, etc
  • slogan; catchword or catchy phrase easy to remember, motto
  • flag or banner
  • sign; symbol; emblem; logo; mark

Shiarahum (شعارهم) is plural and therefore means, that their slogan will be "Ahmed Ahmed". But there might be other ahadith saying that, it will be also written on flags. However, usually whenever it was talked about the black banner in the narrations, then different terms are used, mostly "al-rayat sawda" (the black banner), but here none of these terms are used.

Imam Ahmed's stance towards the "Army of Anger"

Read Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan's answer from July 2015 regarding the Jeysh Al-Ghadhab:
Q1: The statement which the group of Razzaq argues with and uses as a proof, which says to form fighting forces, is this statement produced from the Imam (as)?
Q2: Do we the believers declare ourselves innocent from all the group of Razzaq or some of them?
Q3: Is the sermon of Muharram by the voice of the Imam?

A1. Yes may Allah grant you success, it is a correct statement. But now it is in the hands of Razzaq, he asks by it for the truth for the sake of falsehood (a word of truth by which falsehood is intended)
A2. The door of repentance is open for everyone, and Razzaq is one of those who went ahead of the Family of Muhammad sawas, and it is not permissible to declare yourself innocent from his followers until you have put upon them the conclusive argument/proof.
A3. The sermon of Muharram is incorrect. – View answer on the Black Banners Forum.

The Imam's statement which the group of Razzaq argues with
Statement which the group of Razzaq argues with, published 3rd January 2004
  • He (as) asked from America and forces cooperating/ in allegiance with it to take out their troops from the islamic land (Iraq, Kuweit, Afghanistan, Qatar, Najd, Hijaz… before the 10th of Muharram 1425 (2nd March, 2004) and to never build any base on it otherwise it wil be permissible for their people to do jihad against them after this date.
  • The obligation of the rulers of the Islamic country of prohibiting the existence of American military troops in their country otherwise they will be considered the enemy of Allah (swt) and His Prophet and Imam Al-Mahdi (as) and it will be after this date permissible to do jihad against them…
  • The demand directed to all the Muslims and especially the weak and opressed Muslims to cooperate with each other and to prepare and form fighting forces…
  • Translation of a further point: "And I announce my allegiance and support an the allegiance and support of my master and leader Imam Muhammed ibn Al-Hassan Al-Mahdi (as) to all who form a fighting force to give victory to the truth which I call towards, on the condition that it does not transgress against the commands which are given by Imam Muhammed ibn Al-Hassan Al-Mahdi, may Allah enable him in the earth through His Vicegerent and Messenger and that this fighting force announces its absolute allegiance and submission to the commands issued by the Vicegerent and Messenger of Imam Mahdi (as) and Allah is the Guardian of success {And you did not kill them, but it was Allah who killed them. And you threw, when you threw, but it was Allah who threw that He might test the believers with a good test. Indeed Allah is Hearing and Knowing} Holy Quran 8:17
    Vicegerent and Messenger of Imam Al-Mahdi (as) to all the people
    Ahmed Al-Hassan
    1424 A.H."

The Furniture Group

This group claims, that it is not possible to figure out with which group Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) really is and therefore they argue that the most virtuous act is to wait until Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) comes out in person and makes himself clear to everyone. They base their belief on some ahadith which say that if there is a fitnah, one should not do anything but wait – or stay in the home like furniture.
Some of the ahadith are…

Furniture group.png
  • "Narrated Abu Bakrah: The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) said: There will be a period of fitna in which the one who lies down will be better than the one who sits, and the one who sits is better than the one who stands, and the one who stands is better than the one who walks, and the one who walks is better than the one who runs (to it). He asked: What do you command me to do, Apostle of Allah? He replied: He who has camels should remain with his camels, he who has sheep should remain with his sheep, and he who has land should remain with his land. He asked: If anyone has more of these, (what should he do)? He replied: He should take his sword, strike its edge on a stone, and then escape if he can.
    He (the Prophet) said: All their slain will go to Hell. I (Wabisah) asked: When will this happen Ibn Mas'ud? He replied: This is the period of turmoil (harj) when a man will not be safe from his associates. I asked: What do you command me (to do) if I happen to live during that period? He replied: You should restrain your tongue and hand and stay at home. When Uthman was slain, I recollected this tradition. I then rode (on a camel) and came to Damascus. There I met Khuraym ibn Fatik and mentioned this tradition to him. He swore by Allah, there was no god but He, he had heard it from the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him), as Ibn Mas'ud transmitted it to me.
    Upon hearing all of these, the companions, may Allahu ta'ala be well pleased with them, asked Rasulullah, peace be upon him, as to how the Muslims of that time should behave. In response he said, "Be like furniture in your house!" In another narration he said, "At such times of instigation, do not depart from your homes!"
    – similar versions in Abu Dawud and Thirmidi
  • "Narrated Abu Musa al-Ash'ari: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: Before you there will be commotions like pieces of a dark night in which a man will be a believer in the morning and an infidel in the evening. He who sits during them will be better than he who gets up, and he who gets up during them is better than he who walks, and he who walks during them is better than he who runs.
    They (the people) said: What do you order us to do? He replied: Keep to your houses."
    And in another version: So break your bows, cut your bowstrings and strike your swords on stones. If people then come in to one of you, let him be like the better of Adam's two sons."
    – Abu Dawu
  • Imam al-Baqir (as) said, "Be calm so long as the heavens and the earth are calm/in place, i.e., do not rise against anyone. Verily your matter (i.e. the rising of al-Imam) shall not take place secretly as it shall be a sign from Allah, not from people. Be hold! It shall be brighter than sunshine so much so that it shall not remain hidden from the righteous and the evildoer (likewise). Do you know morning/dawn? It shall be like the dawn and there shall be no hidden thing in it."Mustadrak Al-Wasael 11/37


The following ahadith is also used by the furniture group but if one takes a closer look it actually informs us, that we can and will not loose the Imam (as) if we stay with the banner of the AhlulBayt (as), and its criteria are only met by the banner of the Black Banner group.…

"Jabir Al-Ja'fi said that Abu Ja'far (as) said: … if you become confused regarding that, then you won't be confused regarding the covenant of the prophet of Allah (sawas) and his banner and his weapon. He said, beware from deviating [away] from the family of Muhammad, for verily the family of Muhammad and Ali have a banner, and the others have banners, so hold tight to the ground (do not move) and do not ever follow from them any man until you see a man from the offspring of Al-Hussein (as), with him is the covenant of the prophet of Allah and his banner and his weapon, for the covenant of the prophet of Allah became with Ali son of Al-Hussein (as), then became with Muhammad son of Ali (as) and Allah does what He wills. So stay with those forever, and beware of what I mentioned to you.“ – Ilzam Al-Nasib B2 P96/97, Bihar Al-Anwar V52 P224

Also look at the following hadith:
"Narrated Al-Miqdad ibn al-Aswad: I swear by Allah, I heard the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) say: The happy man is he who avoids fitna: happy is the man who avoids fitna; happy is the man who avoids fitna: but how fine is the man who is afflicted and shows endurance." – Abu Dawud

"Whoever knocks persistently, ends by entering." – Imam Ali

Furthermore there are sufficient and strong arguments that Ahmed Al-Hassan is the leader of Black Banners to at least realize the obligation to ask Allah with a purified niyya for His final judgement. And the proofs are many and complex unlike the arguments of the Illegitimate Office which transgressed hugely against Hakimiyat ul-Lah in the name of the Imam (as), or Jeysh Al-Ghadab who has nothing more than a handful of narrations and an old statement from the Imam (as).

Furthemore one should be aware that it is out obligation to make ourselves available for the commands of Allah (swt) and the commands of Ahmed Al-Hassan and Imam Mahdi (as).

Surely it is the right thing to not rush in matters of which determine one's dunya and akhira and it is right to research if one is not sure. But one also has to realize when are these ressources exhausted and then purify and turn to His Lord! And if one says that there will always be new pieces of information which are worthy of waiting for them, one has to weigh the use of waiting against the danger of missing the Imam like Musa (as) missed the Righteous Servant and the danger of not being available for Allah's (swt) command, and then look at the use of recieving clear guidance from Allah (swt) directly at any moment through seeking truth with an open-minded attitude free of prejudice.
Is it not the case that the price of waiting is possibly to high in the eyes of Allah (swt) and that He (swt) has a bigger right on his slave who should try everything make himself available to execute His commands at any given time.

Let us also remember that Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (as) said:
"The 'signs' are the Imams (as), and the 'expected sign' is al-Qa'im (as). On that day, noone would benefit from believing in (that sign) if he did not believe in him before his rising by sword even if such person believed in (the Imamat of) his ancestors, peace be upon them."Bihar Al-Anwar V51 p.52

A second ghayba?

Maybe the hesitant one came to know about the following hadith which speaks about a second ghayba of the Qaim and therefore believes that Imam Ahmed (as) went into a second absence:

  • "Imam Zayn al Abideen Imam (pbuh) the 4th Imam Successor of the Messenger (peace be upon him and his family) said: "Our Qa'im knows two occultations, one longer than the other. The first will be six days, six months and six years. The second will be a very long time to the point where many believers in this matter will abandon. No one farm remain in this situation except that the unshakable conviction, the knowledge will be perfect without any resentment in his heart about our judgment and will be fully subject to us, the Ahlul Bayt." – Ikmal al Din in Bihar Al-Anwar volume 51 page 203 bilingual edition
  • "In a narration from Imam Ali Ibn Al-Hussayn (as), a narration of Hithlam Ibn Bachir with Imam Zain Al-Abideen (as) about Al-Mahdi (as), said: … and the cursed Sufyani appears from Al-Wadi Al-Yabis, and he is from the sons of Utba Ibn Abi Sufyan. As soon as the Sufyani appears the Mahdi (as) disappears, then he appears again after that." – Ghaybat Al-Tusi p.294, Bihar Al-Anwar part 52, p.291

These ahadith show us a possibility of a second ghayba of the Imam (as), there is always the option of asking Allah (swt)

Unfortunately the characteristic trait of the "furniture" group is that they make themselves home in the atmosphere of constant doubt and exaggerated precaution - while overcaution (al-hirs) is a soldier of ignorance which opposes the soldier of the mind called trust in God/ relying on God (al-tawwakal)).

"In fact there is no neutrality; either you support God and ratify His supremacy or you fight with the devil and for his supremacy (May God curse him), while the silent are a mute devil. As who are with God are with God, and who are with the devil are with the devil, and who are on the hill, as they call themselves are mute devils." – Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (as)

Confusing banners

As mentioned above the ahadith prophesied that there will be a confusion in regards to the Qaim due to similar banners, some say 3 and others speak about 12.

Matter clearer than sun.jpg

It is narrated by Mufadhdhal Ibn Umar, who said: I heard Imam al-Sadiq (as) saying, "Be hold! By Allah, your Imam shall disappear for a number of years in your lifetime and you will be afflicted with hardship until some people say he (as) has died or has been killed, which valley is he in? Verily the eyes of the believers shall remain full of tears for him, and you will be overturned like the ships are overturned in the waves of the sea. None would survive but those from whom Allah has taken oath, whom He has written faith in their heart, and has helped them by a spirit from Him. And there shall appear 12 confusing banners that will not be recognized from each other." I cried and said, "What could we do at that time?" He (as) looked towards the beam of sunshine that was in the room and said, "O the servant of Allah! Do you see this sunlight?" I said, "Yes." He (as) continued, "By Allah! Our matter is more evident than this sun."Al-Majlisi, Bihar Alanwar p.282, 283

This hadith fits the current situation where the Office and the Black Banner Ansar have similar black flags, due to which some Ansar claim to be unable to recognize the true one.
But the fact of the matter is that the prommise of Allah is always true, and He (swt) is The Responsive, who never misguides his sincere servants, and made Imam Hussain (as) say: "Our matter shines brighter than the sun."