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As the first of the 12 Mahdis Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) is the one who gathers the supporters for his father Imam Mahdi (pbuh) calling them to support him.
Therefore texts also describe him as a recruiter for the 313 sincere supporters, who are the elite of the believers and have been mentioned in countless prophecies.

When we look at the ahadiths of Ahlul Bayt (as) we notice that the description of the 313 elite supporters of Imam Mahdi (as) is the same as that of their "true Shia" .

That is because their true Shia have in their previous reincarnations been close adherents of the Ahlul Bayt (as) too, and many of them have been prophets.

In this special round in the End Times these pure ones have returned to be the 313 Companions of the Qaim (as) - just as explained in the following lecture from the Minbar of Egypt.

And the door is open for every believer to acquire the beautiful attributes of the 313, who reflect the attributes of the Ahlul Bayt (as), who themselves reflect the attributes of Allah (swt)...

Let us furthermore contemplate about the following conversation between Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) - the Leader of the blessed Black Banners of the East, and Al-Hussain (as) in his return - and a gust on Paltalk, in which the Imam defines one of the traits of the true Shia...

A guest in the room said: "I’m Shia."

The Imam (as) replied: "You are Mutashayia (those who claim falsely) not Shia."

The Guest said: "I'm Shia son of a Shia."

The Imam (as) said: "No my son, you are a mutashayia the son of a mutashayia. The Shia is a high rank that only those who have great luck achieve."

Then the Guest accused us of lying without proof.

So the Imam (as) said: "See my son, how you prove to yourself that you are not a Shia? The Shia do not accuse anyone of lying without proof. So what's your proof that we are lying?"
- 31th January 2017 Paltalk

So what are the qualities of the "true Shia" of Ahlul Bayt (as)? Find the answer in the following 3 lectures from the Minbar of Egypt...

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Characteristics-of-the-Shia by AliReza, 2016:

How Ahlul Bayt described "their Shia"

Now let us look deeper into some of the most important virtues which the Shia of the Household of Prophet Muhammed (sawas) have...

Two beautiful narrations

In one tradition Imam al-Sadiq (as) has enumerated the beautiful traits of the companions of Imam Mahdi (as):

Their hearts are stronger than iron.
They will be having complete faith in Allah.
There is no place for doubts in their hearts.
They shall be tougher than stones.
They will uproot the mountain only by turning towards it.
They will conquer every city they enter with their standard.
They are like swift eagles, mounted on fast horses.
They will touch the saddle of Imam’s (aj) mount to seek blessings.
They will be encircling Imam (aj) to safeguard him from all calamities and misfortune.
They will fulfill every desire of Imam (aj) with their heart and soul.
They will not sleep in the nights.
They will buzz like honeybees in their prayers.
They will pass the night in worship and in the morning they will be seen mounted on horses, ready for helping Imam.
They will be devout worshippers by the night and like the lions in the day.
They will be more submissive and obedient to Imam than a maidservant.
They are like burning lamps and their hearts are like glowing beacons.
They are fearful of Allah and testify to His Unity.
They are hopeful of martyrdom in the Way of Allah.
Their slogan will be “O Avenger of Hussain!”
When they march, their awe will precede them by a distance of one month’s journey.
These are the ones who seek Allah’s Pleasure.
Allah will help Imam (aj) through them.
(Biharul Anwar, vol. 52, pg. 307-08, tradition 82)

In the Sahifa of Hazrat Idris (a.s.) it has been recorded regarding the characteristics of the Companions of Imam Mahdi (as):

When Satan sought divine amnesty till the Day of Judgment, Allah extended him a reprieve till the Appointed Hour (Waqt-e-Ma'loom).
Allah declared, It is My Decree that on that day, I shall purify the earth from ignorance, polytheism and sins. Till that time I have appointed such servants who have been tested with faith and their hearts have been purified of the sins and their hearts are now filled with humility, faith, piety, truthfulness, patience, abstinence and with renunciation and precautious piety. I have appointed them to invite the sun and the moon and made them as My Caliphs on the earth and bestowed them with My favorite religion. They will worship Me and will never associate anyone with Me. They will pray on time, pay the poor rate on time and will always enjoin good and forbid evil.
Allah will create love and affection between them and they will never oppress each other. They will be kind to the young and the old and will respect them. They will remain steadfast on the religion and will always give their judgment based on it. These are My vicegerents, for them I have raised Prophet Mohammad Mustafa (s.a.w.a.) as a Messenger and Hazrat Ali (a.s) as a trustee and made them helpers (of Prophet (s.a.w.a.) and Imam (a.s.))
These are those people who I have chosen for My Prophet Mohammad Mustafa (s.a.w.a.) and for My trustee - Imam Ali (a.s.). I have concealed them in My Hidden Knowledge and all this is bound to happen. On that day I shall destroy your warriors and armies. Go, I have given you respite till the Appointed Hour.' -
Saadus Saood by Syed b. Tawoos (r.a.), pg 34, Behaarul Anwaar, vol. 52, pg. 284, 585 tradition 194

They love Muhammed and Ale Muhammed

  • Ahmad, from his father, from Abu Nahshal, from Muhammad Bin Ismail, from Abu Hamza Al Sumaly who said, ‘I heard Abu Abdullah (asws) saying: ‘Allah (azwj) Blessed and High Created us (asws) from the High Illiyeen, and Created the hearts of our (asws) Shiah from what He (azwj) Created us (asws) from, and Created their bodies from besides that. Their hearts incline towards us (asws), because these have been Created from what we (asws) have been Created from’. Then he (asws) recited these Verses [83:18] But! Most surely the record of the righteous shall be in the Iliyeen [83:19] And what will make you know what the highest Iliyeen is? [83:20] It is a written book, [83:21] Those of Proximity witness it’. [Al Mahaasin – Volume 1 Book 4 – Hadith 5]
  • From him, from Al Hassan Bin Ali Bin Fazaal, from Ali Bin Uqba, from Yahya Bin Zakariyya brother of Daraam who said, ‘Abu Abdullah (asws) said: ‘My (asws) father (asws) was saying: ‘Our (asws) Shiah would be attaching themselves to us (asws) and we (asws) would be attaching ourselves (asws) to the our (asws) Prophet (saww), and our (asws) Prophet (saww) would be attaching himself (saww) to Allah (azwj)’. [Al Mahaasin – Volume 1 Book 2 – Hadith 179]
  • As God examined the creatures, He selected us and selected our adherents –Shia- who support us, become happy when we are happy, unhappy when we are unhappy, and offer their fortunes and souls for our cause. They are from us and are attached to us.
  • The Prophet said, "The most steadfast of you on the path is the one who is stronger in his love for my Ahlul Bayt." - Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 8, p. 69, chapter 22, hadith number 16.
  • The Prophet also said, "If a person who loves us makes a mistake, in his next step he will be guided until the Day of Judgement when God will rescue him." - Durar al-Ahadith, 51

They are truly obedient

  • Imam al-Hassan (as) said in answer to a man who said to him, ‘Verily I am one of your Shi`aa’, ‘O `Aabdallah, if you are truly obedient to us in our commands and prohibitions, then you are telling the truth. But if not, then do not add to your sins by falsely claiming such a dignified position that you are not worthy of. Do not say, ‘I am one of your Shi`aa’, but say rather, ‘I am one of your adherents and one of your lovers and an enemy to your enemies.’ You are [doing] good and aiming towards good.’[Tanbih al-Khawatir, v. 2, p. 106]

And on the contrary those who do disobey are not considered true Shia...

  • Imam al-Sadiq (as) said, ‘One who claims to follow us with his tongue, but does the opposite to our actions and deeds is not from among our Shi`a.’[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 68, p. 164, no. 13]
  • Imam al-Sadiq (as) said, ‘There is a group of people who claim that I am their Imam, but by Allah, I am no Imam of theirs – may Allah curse them – every time I conceal a secret, they disclose it. Every time I explain a matter, they retort, saying, ‘Actually that means such and such.’ I am only the Imam of those who obey me.’[Ibid. v. 2, p. 80, no. 76]
  • From Jabir from abu Ja’far, recipient of divine supreme covenant, who has said the following:
    “O Jabir, do people think just claiming to be our Shi’a and saying they love us ( Ahl al-Bayt) is enough for their salvation? I swear by Allah, of our Shi’a are only those who are pious before Allah and obey Him. No one, O Jabir, would know them except by their humbleness, submissiveness, trustworthiness, their speaking frequently of Allah, fasting, prayer, virtuous deeds toward parents, good relations with neighbors, the needy, the destitute, the heavily indebted, the orphans, by their truthfulness, recitation of the Holy Quran, and restraining of their tongues except for the good of the people and their being trusted among the people of their tribe in all things. I (Jabir) then said, ‘O descendent of the Messenger of Allah, today we do not find anyone with such qualities.’ The Imam said, ‘O Jabir, do not allow (false) religions confuse you. One should not think, since he loves Ali, recipient of divine supreme covenant, and supports him, thereafter he does not have to be active in anything. If one says he loves the Messenger of Allah who is better than Ali, recipient of divine supreme covenant, but does not follow his way of life or practice his tradition, his love as such is of no benefit for him. You must be pious before Allah and work to achieve things that exist with Allah. There is no family relation between one and Allah. The most beloved one to Allah, the Most Majestic, the Most Holy, is the most noble before Him, the most pious ones before Him and the most obedient ones to Him. O Jabir, I swear by Allah, nothing helps one to become nearer to Allah, the Most Blessed, the Most High, except obedience to Him. There is no immunity from hell and no one possesses any authority over Allah. Only those who obey Allah, they are our supporters. Whoever is disobedient to Allah, is our enemy. Our guardianship applies only to those who do good deeds and maintain restraint over their desires for worldly things.’” - Kitab Al-Kafi
  • Imam Ali (a.s.) predicts:
    'Allah will make their hearts proximate to each other, they shall not get saddened by anyone's departure nor will they become happy with anyone's advent. Their number would be that of the companions of Badr (i.e. 313). They will be without any parallel in the past or the present. People of the past were unable to attain this stature and likewise the people of the future will never accomplish their excellence. These companions would be like that of King Taloot (of Bani Israel) (i.e. 313 in number) who had successfully crossed the river. Allah had examined the companions of Taloot by ordering them not to drink water from the river, which would come their way. However, owing to excessive thirst most of them drank from the river except for some (i.e. 313) who followed the orders of their leader and these companions were successful in the examination.'

They love each other for the sake of Allah

The true Shia love each other for the sake of Allah...

  • Imam Al-Baqir (peace be upon him) said: The Shias - adherents - of Ali (peace be upon him) are surely those who meet the needs of each other for the sake of (their loyalty to) our leadership, love each other for the sake of our cherishment, and exchange visits for the sake of proclaiming our affairs. They do not oppress when they are enraged and do not exaggerate when they are pleased. They are blessing for their neighbors and peace for their associates.

And they pay attention to each others condition, so that the strong does not miss uplifting the weak when needed...

  • Imam al-Sadiq (AS) once asked a man about his tribe and brothers whom he had left back home, which the latter replied by praising them, attesting to their integrity and extolling them. Then Imam (AS) asked, ‘Do the rich among them visit the poor when they are ill?’ He replied, ‘Not much.’ ‘Do the rich frequent the poor at all?’ asked Imam. The man replied, ‘Not much.’ ‘Then, do the rich maintain relations with the leaders from amongst the poor?’ The man replied, ‘Verily you are listing virtues that people amongst us rarely possess.’ Imam said, ‘Then how can these people claim to be Shi`aa?!’ [al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 173, no. 10]

They get afflicted and purified

  • "Any Shiite who commits a sin against which we had warned will not die before he is inflicted by a misfortune in his fortune, sons, or himself, so that he will meet God guiltless. If such misfortune does not meet all his sins, death will be very violent for him until all the sins are erased. The dead Shiite is veracious and martyr, because he believed in our affairs, loved, and hated for our sake, seeking God’s favors purely and believing in God and His Apostle." [Tuhaf Al-Uqoul, Short Maxims of Imam Al-Baqir]
  • From him, from Idrees Bin Al Hassan, from Yusuf Bin Abdul Rahman, from Ibn Muskaan, from Abu Baseer, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (asws) having said: "Whichever man from our (asws) Shias comes to his brother and helps him in a need of his, and he (in return) does not help him although being able to, then Allah (azwj) would Test him whether he fulfills a need of an enemy from our (asws) enemies, so Allah (azwj) would punish him on the Day of Judgement’. [Al Mahaasin – Volume 1 Book 3 – Hadith 68]
  • From Saeed Bin Tareyf who said, 'I was in the presence of Abu Ja’far (asws), and Jameel Al-Arzaq came over to him (asws). So he mentioned the affliction of the Shias and what was hitting them. So Abu Ja’far (asws) said: ‘Some people came over to Ali (asws) Bin Al-Husayn (asws) and Abdullah Bin Abbas, and they mentioned to them approximately to what you are mentioning. So they both went to Al-Husayn (asws) Bin Ali (asws) and mentioned that to him (asws). So Al-Husayn (asws) said: ‘By Allah (azwj)! The affliction, and the poverty, and the murder is quicker to the one who loves us (asws) than racing horses, and the flow (of the stream) to its ‘Samrat’’. I said, ‘And what is the ‘Samrat’?’ He (asws) said: ‘To its end point. And if you do not happen to be like that, we (asws) would view that you are not from us (asws)’’. - [Kitab Al Momin – Chapter 1 Hadith 4]
  • From Al Fuzayl Bin Yasaar who said, ‘I heard from Abu Al-Hassan (asws) having said: ‘There is none from our (asws) Shias whom Allah (azwj) Mighty and Majestic Afflicts with an affliction, and he observes patience upon it, except that there would be for him a Recompense of a thousand martyrs’.[Kitab Al Momin – Chapter 1 Hadith 8]
  • From him, from Ali Bin Asbaaat, from one of his companions, (It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (asws) having said: ‘Allah (azwj) Blessed and High does not Test our (asws) Shias with four – That they would ask the people for what is in their hands; and they would let people come to themselves (for immoralities); and that they would be Tested with the evil Wilayah; and that there would be born unto them, blue, green.

Just as it was mentioned in the ancient Indian epic "The Mahābhārata" pain purifies...

They die as martyrs

  • From him, from his father, from Hamza Bin Abdullah Al Ja’fary, from Jameel Bin Daraaj, from Amro Bin Marwaan, from Al Haris Bin Hasyera, from Zayd Bin Arqam, (It has been narrated) from Al-Husayn (asws) Bin Ali (asws) having said: ‘There is none from our (asws) Shiah except (he is) a true martyr’. I said, ‘May I be sacrificed for you (asws)! And how can that be and most of them are dying upon their beds?’ So he (asws) said: ‘Have you not recited the Book of Allah (azwj) in (the Chapter 57) Al-Hadeed [57:19] And (as for) those who believe in Allah and His Rasools, these it is that are the truthful and the martyrs in the Presence of their Lord?’ So I said, ‘It was as if I had never recited this Verse from the Book of Allah (azwj) Mighty and Majestic, at all!’ He (asws) said: ‘If the Martyrs were not except as you are saying it, the Martyrs would have been (very) few’. [Al Mahaasin – Volume 1 Book 2 – Hadith 115]
  • From him, from Ibrahim Bin Is’haq, from Abdullah Bin Hamaad, from Abaan Bin Taghlib who said, ‘Abu Abdullah (asws), when there was a mention of those who were killed in Al-Saghour, The Imam (asws) was saying: ‘Woe be unto them! What have you to do with this? They have hastened the killing in the world and the killing in the Hereafter. By Allah (azwj)! There are not Martyrs except for our (asws) Shiah, even if they were to die upon their beds’. [Al Mahaasin – Volume 1 Book 2 – Hadith 118]
  • From him, from Ibn Mahboub, from Amro Bin Sabit al Al maqdam, from Maalik Al Jahny who said, Abu Abdullah (asws) said: ‘A man from our (asws) Shiah is not harmed (does not matter to him) which death he dies – the lion eats him, or he is incinerated by the fire, or drowns, or is murdered. By Allah (azwj)! He is a Martyr’. [Al Mahaasin – Volume 1 Book 2 – Hadith 119]

They struggle against worldly desires & work hard

  • "I was accompanying Abu-Abdullah (as) when he asked me: "O Mufaddal, how many are your companions?"
    "They are few, answered I. When I arrived in Kufa, the Shi'ites received me with showers of insults, backbiting, and revilement at my honor. Moreover, some of them jumped in my face, others waylaid me for beating me, and others accused me falsely of every ill matter. This event was reported to Abu-Abdillah (as).
    Next year, the first thing about which Imam Sadiq (as) asked me was this event. "I do not care for them, I answered.
    "Yes," said the Imam (as), "They are only harming themselves. How do they become angry? Woe to them. You said that your companions are few. No, by Allah. They are not our adherents (Shi'ites). They would not have been angry at your answer if they had been true Shias. Allah has mentioned other characters for our Shias. The adherents (Shias) of Ja'far are only those who stop uttering ill wording, work for the sake of their Creator, hope for their Master, and fear Allah so properly. Woe to them! Has anyone of them become like a bending bow because of the very much offering of prayers? Has anyone of them become like a lost man because of intense fear (of Allah)? Has anyone of them become like a blind man because of excessive apprehension of Allah? Has anyone of them become like an excessively languished man because of the very much fasting? Has anyone of them become like a mute man because of long silence? Has anyone of them deprived himself of the worldly pleasures out of fear of Allah and desire for us; the Prophet's family? How can they be our Shias? They are disputing our enemies about us so excessively that they cause them antagonize us more and more. They are barking like dogs and greedy like crows. I would have ordered you to keep yourself indoors and close your door in their faces unless I had had the apprehensions that they might hurt you. Anyhow, accept their apologies if they come to you. Allah has made them the claim against themselves and made them claim against others."
  • Imam Ali (as) asked Nawf al-Bakali, ‘Do you know who my Shi`aa are, Nawf?’ to which he replied, ‘By Allah, no.’ Imam replied, ‘My Shi`aa have parched lips and empty stomachs. They are those whose faces disclose asceticism, for they are ascetics by night, lions by day.’[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 78, p. 28, no. 95]
  • Imam al-Sadiq (as) said, ‘Verily the Shi`aa of Ali were those who restrained their stomachs and their sexual desires, who struggled and fought intensely, who worked hard for their Creator, who hoped for His reward and feared His punishment. If you have seen such people, then they are the very Shi`aa of Ja`afar.’[Al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 233, no. 9]
  • A number of our people have narrated from Sahl ibn Ziyad from ibn Mahbub from Ali ibn Ri’ab ibn abu Ya’fur from abu ‘Abd Allah, recipient of divine supreme covenant, who has said the following:
    “The Shi’a (followers) of Ali, recipient of divine supreme covenant, were of slim and lean bellies, and withered lips. They were people of compassion, knowledge, and forbearance. They were known as of monkish practice. You should assist each other in your cause with restraint from worldly attractions (sins) and be very hard working.” - Kitab Al-Kafi H 2278, CH 95, h 10
  • Muhammad ibn Yahya has narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Isa from Muhammad ibn ‘Isma’il from Mansur Bazarj from Mufaddal who has said the following:
    “Abu ‘Abd Allah, recipient of divine supreme covenant, has said, ‘Beware of the thoughtless people. Shi’a (followers) of Ali, recipient of divine supreme covenant, are only those whose stomach and private parts are chaste, and are intensely involved in Jihad. They work for the sake of their Creator in the hope for His rewards and for fear of His punishment. If you see such people they are the Shi’a (followers) of Ja’far ibn Muhammad, recipient of divine supreme covenant.’” - Kitab Al-KafiH 2277, CH 95, h 9
  • 'Imam as-Sadiq (a) also said: "A believers power lies in his heart; therefore, he stays up at nights (for worship) and observes fasting during days while his body is weak and thin."

They are pious (observe taqwa) & practise the best behaviour & praise Allah privately

  • A number of our people have narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Khalid from Isma'il ibn Mehran from Muhammad ibn Hafs from abu al-Rabi’ al-Shami who has said the following:
    “Once I went in the presence of abu ‘Abd Allah, recipient of divine supreme covenant, nd the house was full of people. There were people from Khurasan, from al-Sham and from various horizons and I could not find a place to sit. Abu ‘Abd Allah, recipient of divine supreme covenant, sat in his place and he was leaning against a pillow. He said, ‘O Shi’a (followers) of the family of Muhammad, recipient of divine supreme covenant, bear in mind that one who is not able to control his soul when angry is not from us, and so also is one who does not better his association with his associates, show proper behavior with those who exercise proper behavior, befriend those who befriend him, provide protection to those who protect him, observe proper table manners with those who share with him the table. O Shi’a (followers) of the family of Muhammad, recipient of divine supreme covenant, be pious before Allah to the best of your abilities. There are no means and no power without Allah.’” - Kitab Al-Kafi
  • It is narrated from him (narrator of the Hadith above) from al-Hassan ibn Mahbub from ‘Abd Allah ibn Sinan from abu Hamza who has said the following:
    “I heard abu Ja’far, recipient of divine supreme covenant, saying, ‘Our Shi’a (followers) are just (like) mute people (do not speak uselessly).”’ - Kitab Al-Kafi H 1810, CH 52, h 2
  • Humayd ibn Ziyad has narrated from ibn Sama'a from Wahab ibn Hafs from abu Basir from abu ‘Abd Allah, recipient of divine supreme covenant, who has said the following:
    “Abu ‘Abd Allah, recipient of divine supreme covenant, has said, ‘Our Shi’a (followers) are those who when alone speak of Allah very often.’” - Al Kafi Volume 2, H 3182, CH 22, h 2
  • Ali ibn Ibrahim has narrated from his father from al-Nawfali from al-Sakuni from abu ‘Abd Allah, recipient of divine supreme covenant, who has said the following:
    “The Messenger of Allah has said, ‘The fact for which most people from my followers (Shi'a) will go to paradise are piety before Allah and excellence in moral behavior.’” - Al Kafi Volume 2, H 1739, CH 45, h 6

You can find out more about the concept of taqwa (piety) here.

They see with their heart

  • Imam al-Sadiq (as) said, ‘Verily our Shi`aa are those who possess four eyes: two in their head, as well as two in their heart. Actually, all people are such, except that Allah has opened their [the Shi`aa’s] eyes, and blinded others’ [as a result of their rejection of His guidance].’[Al-Kafi, v. 8, p. 215, no. 260]

From this hadith one can imagine that the Shia are not only looking at others with their heart, but rather use their heart to look at their own self, wich makes them feel good or bad about their own thoughts and deeds, so their heart is preaching to them.

But on the contrary who takes time to look at his own condition but does not increase in taqwa is not from the Shia.

  • Imam al-Kazim (as) said, ‘One who goes into retreat [in order to achieve spiritual upliftment and who does not attain piety in his heart as a result is not from among our Shi`aa.’[Basa’ir al-Darajat, p. 247, no. 10]

Through their good example they guard the religion making it accessible/ likable

  • Imam al-Baqir (AS) said, ‘O community of Shi`aa – the Shi`aa of the household of Muhammad – be like the middle saddle-cushion, on which the extremist who has slid forward falls back, and with which the follower who is yet to come catches up.’ Upon hearing this, a man called Sa`ad from among the ansar asked him, ‘May I be your ransom, who is an extremist?’ He replied, ‘They are a group of people who say such things about us that we do not say about ourselves. Neither are these people from among us, nor do we associate ourselves with them.’ Then the man asked, ‘Who is the follower that is yet to come?’ He replied, ‘The one who is searching for good and wants it, and who will eventually attain it and be rewarded for it.’[al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 75, no. 6]
  • Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, ‘O `Aabd al-A`ala, … give my greetings of peace and the mercy of Allah to my Shi`aa, and tell them: ‘Allah has mercy on the servant who incites love in the people towards himself and towards us [when attracting them towards Islam], by displaying to them that which they already like, and keeping from them that which they would reject.’[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 2, p. 77, no. 62]
  • Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, ‘O Shi`aa community, be an adornment for us [amongst people] and not a disgrace to us. Say good words to people, guard your tongues and restrain yourselves from mindless chatter and offensive speech.’[Amali al-Saduq, p. 327, no. 17]
  • Imam Al-Baqir (peace be upon him) said: Our adherents –Shia- are only those who fear and obey God. Their signs are modesty, piety, fulfillment of the trusts, very much reference to God, fasting, offering prayers, piety to (their) parents, aiding the neighbors especially the poor, the destitute, the indebted, and the orphans, truth, reciting the Quran, and avoiding mentioning people except for praising. In addition, they are the most trustful of the people of their tribes.
  • Imam as-Sadiq (peace be upon him) said: Among our adherents –Shia- are those whose voices do not exceed their hearing and whose detestation does not exceed their bodies. They do not praise those who abhor us, regard those who hate us, or associate with those who revile at us. Mihzam asked: “What about those who claim being Shia?”
    The Imam (peace be upon him) answered: They will be distinguished, discriminated, and inflicted by misfortunes. In few years, they will be perishing, suffering plague, which will kill them, and encountering disagreements that will scatter them. Our true adherents do not bark like dogs, covet like craws, or beg even if they starve.
    Someone asked: “Where can I find such adherents?”
    The Imam (peace be upon him) answered: You will find them living in the outskirts. Their living is hardly sufficient. Their dwellings are roving. When they are present, they are not recognized. When they are absent, they are not missed. When they are ailed, nobody visit them. When they betroth, nobody agree to them. When they noticed an evil, they show displeasure. When the ignorant dispute with them, they say, ‘salaam’ (or use nice wording with them). When the needy seek their support, they treat mercifully. When death comes near to them, they do not show grief. Although they live in different countries, their hearts will not be different.
  • Imam Al-Askari (peace be upon him) said to his adherents (Shias): I command you to fear God, show piety to your religion, work hard for God’s sake, tell truths only, return the deposits to their owners whether the are pious or sinful, prostrate yourselves before God for a long time, and treat your neighbors courteously. These are the matters that Mohammed (peace be upon him and his family) brought. Offer prayers in the middle of your folks, attend their funeral ceremonies, visit their ill ones, and fulfill their rights. I am pleased if people point to you and say ‘this is Shiite’, when you behave piously, tell truths only, return the deposits to their owners, and conduct courteously with people. Fear God, be good (examples) and do not be evil. Attract people’s fondness of us and save us from every awful character, for we are surely the people of every good thing that is said about us, but we are definitely not the owners of any evil thing that is imputed to us. We enjoy a (distinctive) right in the Book of God, a relation (of kinship) to the Messenger of God, and a purification whose source is God. Only can the liars claim of enjoying our distinctive features. Refer to God very much, refer to death, recite the Quran, and bless the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family). A single blessing of the Prophet is ten advantages. Retain the matter of which I have commanded you. God keep you under His supervision. Peace be upon you. [Tuhaf Al-Uqoul, Short Maxims of Imam Al Askari]

They keep secrets

  • Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, ‘Test our Shi`aa with regard to three things: the prayer times to see how well they observe them, their secrets to see how well they guard them from our enemies, and their wealth to see how they help out their fellow brothers with it.’[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 83, p. 22, no. 40]
  • Imam al-Baqir (AS) said, ‘Our Shi`aa are of three types: one type dupe people in our name, one type are like glass which discloses everything that is inside it [that they, like glass, cannot keep hidden that which is placed in their trust, like secrets (ed.)], and one type are like red gold, which the more it is brandished in the fire, the purer it becomes.’[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 78, p. 186, no. 24]

Allah took a covenant upon them

  • From him, from Al Hassan Bin Mahboub, from Ali Bin Ra’ib, from Bakeyr Bin Ayn who said, ‘Abu Ja’far (asws) was saying: ‘Allah (azwj) Blessed and High Took a Covenant from our (asws) Shiah with the Wilayah for us (asws), and they were particles, on the day He (azwj) Took the Covenant upon the particles with the acceptance for Him (azwj) with the Lordship, and for Muhammad (saww) with the Prophethood, and presented to Muhammad (saww), his (asws) community in the clay, and they were shadows. And created them from the clay from which Allah (azwj) created Adam (as), and created the spirits of our (asws) Shiah two thousand years before their bodies, and presented to them and introduced them to Rasool-Allah (sawas) and Ali Bin Abu Talib (as). And we recognise them (Shiah) from the tone of their speech. [Al Mahaasin – Volume 1 Book 4 – Hadith 33]

Consequence: The dignified position of the Shia of Ale Muhammed

  • Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘I complained to the Prophet (SAWA) about people’s jealousy towards me, so he replied, ‘O Ali, the first four people to enter Paradise will be myself, you, Hasan and Husayn. The rest of our progeny will be behind us, those who love us will be behind them, and our Shia will be on either side of us.’ - Al-Irshad, v. 1, p. 43

Their true rank, the status of the Shia of Ale Muhammed is that they will be on the sides of Muhammed and Ale Muhammed. This such a dignified position!

  • The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘On the Day of Resurrection, pulpits will be set up around the Throne for my Shi`aa and the Shi`aa of my household, who are sincere in their adherence to our guardianship. Then Allah, Mighty and Exalted, will say, ‘Hurry to Me My servants that I may spread My Magnanimity over you, for you have been hurt in the world.’[`Uyoun Akhbar al-Ridha (AS), v. 2, p. 60, no. 232]

An amazing conversation between Allah (swt) and Muhammed about the "Special Ones"

There is a very long hadith recorded in Bihar ul-Anwar, which paints an incredibly detailed picture of the characteristics of the 313.
It is worth reading it over and over again...

Q&A with Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan about the Companions of the Qaim/ the Believers

If​ ​ten​ ​thousand​ ​years​ ​ago​ ​there​ ​were​ ​only​ ​one​ ​hundred​ ​persons​ ​like​ ​you

"If​ ​ten​ ​thousand​ ​years​ ​ago​ ​there​ ​were​ ​only​ ​one​ ​hundred​ ​persons​ ​like​ ​you,

Adam​ ​a.s.​ ​would​ ​have​ ​been​ ​enabled/empowered​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Earth​ ​
and​ ​he would​ ​have​ ​filled​ ​it​ ​with​ ​justice​ ​and​ ​equity,​ ​
and​ ​Iblis​ ​would​ ​not​ ​have​ ​had any​ ​dominion​ ​in​ ​it.
Indeed,​ ​the​ ​empowerment​ ​will​ ​be​ ​upon​ ​your​ ​hands​ ​and​ ​your​ ​believing pure​ ​hearts,​
and​ your​ ​dedication/sincerity​ ​which​ ​does​ ​not​ ​end inshaAllah." - Ahmed​ ​Al-Hassan​ ​a.s.​ , July​ ​5,​ ​2016

Can happen that one of the 313 be replaced?

Aba Al Sadiq a.s. on a question on Paltalk: "Are you asking if it can happen that one of the 313 be replaced?
Yes in the past with the Prophets and Messengers there were those who got erased from the prophets and messengers, and as such with the 313 they can be replaced or a few of them can be if they fail the tests with the Imam as. But we ask Allah swt that this doesn't happen."
- Q&A from 16.05.2016 with Aba Sadiq on Paltalk

Are the 313 hujjas upon us all?

313 black banners.jpg

"Are the 313 hujjas upon us all? Or are all the 313 hujjahs upon us? "
"I am a Hujjah upon them, and they are Hujjah upon you. But only those whom I appoint from them are the ones who would be a Hujjah upon you. Meaning the one whom I appoint in those countries would be a Hujjah upon the people of those countries. They would be a Hujjah upon the people who are living in a country in which one of the leaders from the 313 is." - See answer on the Black Banners Forum

Are the returned from the 10,000?

"Are the ones who have been informed of whom they are, and that they are among the returned from the 10,000?"
Aba sadiq as.: "Not necessarily, they might be from the 10,000 or the 12,000."
- Q&A from 16.05.2016 with Aba Sadiq on Paltalk

Ansar will come from all parts of the world

Question: "Is Al-Mukhtar from the Ansar of Iraq?"
Aba Al Sadiq a.s.: "Al-Mukhtar a.s. is from the Ansar of Pakistan."
Aba Sadiq a.s.: "But today some people have returned from the people of Iraq and among them is Jaafar AlTayar, Ammar ibn Yasr, Uthman son of Ali bin Abi Taleb, Hamza a.s. and Prophet Shuaib a.s.. There are Ansar who will come from all parts of the world."

- Q&A from 16.05.2016 with Aba Sadiq on Paltalk

All the believing sisters will marry believing brothers

"Are there any specific duas for sisters who seek to marry?"

In the Name of Allah, The Abundantly Merciful, The Intensely Merciful All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds O Allah send Your prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis All the believing sisters will marry believing brothers."See Answer on Black Banners Forum