Reversing Age, Telekinesis & other Superpowers

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A vast number of so-called superhuman abilities are actually very achievable for everyone - but people are not aware of that.

Some are traditionally sought by certain groups like Shaolin Monks just as overcoming the experience of pain. Others are being used by the military and secret services like telepathy, remote viewing, and many more...

Top 10 Abilities You Did not Know You Have

The Secret of Reversing Age

The quest for immortality has long been an obsession for man.
Haunted by the relentless approach of old age and death, he has scoured the Earth in search of the Fountain of Youth.
Man created Alchemy and Science, in an attempt to discover the secrets of life and to escape the Angel of Death.
Few have ventured out into the unknown, and even fewer have returned to tell the tale...
Join us in this episode of Humans to discover the secret of eternal youth.

This episode states:

  • Imam Ahmad al-Hassan (pbuh) has clarified the long disputed identity of this mysterious figure the green man (Al-Khidr) and he is none other than the Prophet Jeremiah (pbuh) and that there is no mention of the death of Jeremiah in the Holy Bible.
  • Imam Ahmad al-Hassan (pbuh) explained that the great Pyramids of Giza hide within its depth a special opening. An opening that if you place anything in it, it returns to its primal form. If you place a live chicken in it, it will return to being an egg. If a human enters with a missing limb, its returned to how it was before his handicap. The sick becomes cured and the old becomes young again.
  • Through the revelations of Imam Ahmad al-Hassan (peace be upon him), humans will be able to utilize the full capacity of the pyramids. He will teach humanity to efficiently employ the energy surrounding our planet. With the help of his knowledge the pyramids will be used to reverse the aging process and accelerate growth. Understanding the power of energy channeling is a key factor to being able to reverse age or enhance growth.
  • The 12th Imam Muhammad Abdul Hassan Al-Askari (pbuh) was driven to occultation over 1200 years ago when his life was threatened by the regime at the time. For all that time, he has continued to live and breathe due to his ability to control the aging process of his body.
    Imam Ahmad al-Hassan (peace be upon him) has revealed that there is a part of our brain that can reverse aging. Every human ages naturally, but if he can tap into a certain part of his brain it would cause him to grow younger again. This is the secret of how Imam Muhammad Al-Hassan Al-Askari (pbuh) has lived for so long.

Telekinesis: Discover Your Secret Powers

In August 2004 the US Air Force Research Laboratory published an official report titled simply “Teleportation Physics Study”.
It contains accounts of dozens of scientifically credible experiments and studies researching teleportation and other telekinetic abilities… It concluded that Telekinesis and Teleportation are real.
Now how can we reach these abilities that we used to think are superhuman?
Follow us in this episode of "Human" and discover a hidden strength inside yourself that you did not know existed...

Imam Ahmed al-Hassan (pbuh) said:

  • "The key to doing telekinesis is absolute certitude. Meaning to believe that we have the ability to do it. Telekinesis does not have to do with faith to God, whereas giving life to the dead has.”
  • "The energy from telekinesis comes from two parts: the eyes and the fingertips.”

Q&A regarding Supernatural Abilities

Folding the earth

Someone says: "How did Solomon a.s. bring the throne of Balqees a.s.?"
Aba alSadiq a.s. said: "Folding the earth."

and in the same session someone added...
Someone asked, "the folding of the earth means folding of time and space?"
Aba alSadiq a.s. said: "Yes something like that, and it is a very advanced stage which the believer can reach."
- Q&A from 01.12.2016 with Aba Sadiq (as) on Paltalk as pdf