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The Prophet said: O Ali, know that the people of the greatest certitude are a nation who will be (exist) in the entimes, who do not not reach/ meet me, and the hujjah is is veiled for them, so they believe in black on white." – Ikmal id-Deen, p125

This page is a non-offical effort by Ansar to support the Call to the Black Banner of the Qaim of the Family of Muhammad!

The Ahmed Al-Hassan Wiki aims at collecting the words which Imam Mahdi (as), Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) and the Mahdis (as) speak to us,
as well as the works from all brothers and sisters calling to these legitimate representatives of God in our time...

The strongest proofs … the most clear arguments … the deepest words.

Who are we?

  1. Who is our Lord?
    The absolute God, the One above comparison, description, and comprehension.
  1. Whom do we follow?
    We believe in the "proofs" of Allah starting from Adam a.s. until this very day. And we follow in this age the Hujja/proof of Allah in our time Imam Mahdi Muhammed ibn Al-Hassan a.s. through his vicegerent Ahmed Al-Hassan a.s. and his door Abdullah Hashem (as) with the Black Banner on which is written "Allegiance is to Allah".
  2. Who are we (what are we called)?
    We are the Family of the Mahdi, Ansar of Allah, Followers of the Black Banners of the East.
  3. What is the purpose of our Dawa?
    Preparing the earth for the Rise of Imam Mahdi Mohamed ibn Al-Hassan a.s. for the sake of spreading justice and equality and demolishing oppression and tyranny.
  4. How far are we spread?
    Across the whole world. All walks of life regardless of color, creed or status.

Read, research, scrutinize and learn, and know the truth by your own selves

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) said:

"We do not call anyone to believe with ignorance, without awareness or knowing.
Research and scrutinize in our matter and in our Call.
I do not want anyone to enter into this Call without knowledge or awareness or research."

- translated and posted by Lady Norhan a.s.

Let us not belie the proofs and follow our desires for a world which is nothing but an illusion.

Let us wipe the mud from your eyes and seek the truth no matter how bitter it is.

The Alul Bayt (as) ask us to contemplate! Contemplating for 1 hour is better than worshipping for a 1000 years.

Oh our Lord, do not let our hearts go astray after You have guided us, and grant us from Your excessive mercy. There is no other than you, you are truly The Bestower of all bounties!

Allahuma sali ala Muhammad wa alee Muhammad Al-Aimma wa Al-Mahdyeen wa salim tasleeman katheera

Quotes from Imam (as)

Who has spoken what is said.png
  • "Oh people! You have been deceived by those non-working scholars." Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh)
  • "Then you repeat the same mistake again time after another, and follow the mislead non-working scholars, and the same snake stings you from the same burrow in all the times. […] Awaken O sleeping ones, awaken O dead ones." Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh)
  • "O people, do not be fooled by the scholars of misguidance and their supporters. Read, research, scrutinize, learn and know the truth by your own selves. Do not depend on someone to decide your hereafter for you thus you regret it tomorrow when no regret shall benefit you {And they said, O our Lord, we have obeyed our masters and leaders so they have led us astray}."
  • "Take wisdom from whoever brings it to you, and look at what is being said. Do not look at who is saying it." Imam Ali
  • In the book The Allegories in question 49, Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) says: "{Allah guides to His light whoever He wills} [Holy Qur'an 24:35]: The light of Allah is the Qa'im (pbuh), so whoever wants to be guided, Allah wills to guide him and guide him to giving victory to him."
  • "And whoever wants to disbelieve then disbelieve and become more dark and more impure and go ahead and follow your non-working scholars!" Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh)

Every individual is either or brother in faith or in humanity

Brother in humanity.jpg

Imam Ahmad al-Hassan al-Yamani (pbuh) said, "Just as we hope that Allah replaces our wrong deeds with good deeds, we must treat those who offend us well, and relate to those who reject us, and have mercy towards those who oppress us. Otherwise, what favor is there for us upon the oppressor if he oppressed us, and upon the offender if he offended us? Work by all your effort so that until the end of the path, your page remains pure. Be charitable to those who offend."

Imam Ahmad al-Hassan al-Yamani (pbuh) said, "Introduce the truth to people by mercy. Treat them the way you wish to be treated. Kill the Satan which is within them with the kind word. Argue with them by that which is more favored and by the overwhelming proof. Do not treat them with cruelty or harshness so you would be giving support to Satan and support to their ignorance against them."

Return to the Wilayah of Allah and will not obey the commands of the tyrant

“The Labyrinth or the path to Allah” pg 54:
"Indeed, whoever has within himself even an ember of truth will remember and return to the Wilayah of Allah and will not obey the commands of the tyrant, and will join the ranks of the believers . As for the wretched one who thinks that his surrendering to the tyrant will save him and keep him alive, do not feel remorse for him, for he thinks that life is in the hand of the tyrant, not in the hand of Allah! And his soul collapsed onto the fear and cowardliness from the tyrant until it became a secondary nature.
As for the supporters of the tyrant, the hearts of the most of them have blackened and their insights have blinded, and they have come to see the evil to be good and the good to be evil, but this does not mean that we abandon them all to be wood for hellfire, for there might be amongst them one who we can reform and get him back to the Rule of Allah… And let there be for us as believers an example in Al-Hussain (as), as he advised the army of Yazzid bin Mu’waiyya (may Allah curse them), and propagated virtue to them and sought to prevent the vice, so the result was the return of one of the leaders of the Ummayads army… …and the believers should not give up reforming the Islamic community, for they are the party of Allah and His soldiers…”

… Allah (swt) does not misguide his sincere servants …

Our own ignorance is our enemy

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