Paradise, Hell and other concepts

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What does the description of paradise symbolize?

Someone asked: "Q.18: What does the description given to us in the Quran about heaven/paradise and the Hurul Ain symbolize?"
Aba Sadiq (as): "What I can say right now ist that paradise is a place of endless pleasure.
And it is a place that is very real.
And it is a place that is very close to the believer.

Q&A from 02.05.2016 with Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan & Aba Sadiq on Paltalk, Link to answer on the mic.


The atheist whom dies upon his atheism

Someone asked: "Q.19: "I debate the atheists, what do you think about this oh Abal Sadiq?
Aba Sadiq (as): "And what is the problem with showing the truth to an atheist? And many atheists will embrace islam and enter the dawa. And the atheist whom dies upon his atheism is in the lowest part of hellfire.
Q&A from 02.05.2016 with Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan & Aba Sadiq on Paltalk

Will Allah swt make fire everlasting for its inhabitants?

Someone asked Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as):
"Will Allah (swt) make fire everlasting for its inhabitants?"

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as): "Hell is for its people, and paradise for its people. And they remain in it forever."
- 16/7/2016 Paltalk, See quote in pdf

The Fall of Man

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) has informed us about the true story which took place in paradise, and the "Fall of Man".

Here excerpts from the "Returned Episode 6"

Start 32:38

"Jesus peace be upon him is one of the few souls born of a mother.
And interestingly his spiritual daughter is the mother of all mothers Eve (peace be upon her).
The soul of Eve is an unusual soul. Indeed most souls are drawn back to this world many times. But Eve will only walk this earth twice. Today she is alive and this is her second and final incarnation.
Eve has been a part of our story from the very beginning of creation when God raised the first of His vicegerents right out of dust.
Adam and Eve (peace be upon them) are the only two people to ever live in paradise on earth.
In the beginning nothing in the Garden of Eden was forbidden from them except for the fruit from the tree of knowledge.
According to scriptures and traditions the devil tempted Eve to eat from the forbidden tree and she then persuaded Adam to do the same.
But this event did not take place as people think. It was Adam and not Eve who was the first to eat from the tree. An action which caused them both to fall from paradise.
Perhaps their souls had returned in this day and age to settle this ancient score with the forces of darkness. Paradise was the birthplace of Eve. According to Scripture she was created and designed as a companion for Adam. Their union in this world was merely a reflection of the soul world - for Adam and Eve are soul mates and their marriage forges even more connections on the holy family tree.
In the soul world Adam peace be upon him is the son of Imam Ali who is the soulmate of Fatima Az-Zahra."

Divine Inspiration

Inspiration regarding ahadith

Q.17: "There falls into our hearts some inspiration when reading the ahadith of the Ahlul Bayt a.s, is it okay to share it with others outside the dawa or is it better to keep it to ourselves?"
Aba Sadiq (as): "The inspiration is sometimes accurate and sometimes inaccurate for those who aren't infallibles."
Q&A from 02.05.2016 with Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan & Aba Sadiq on Paltalk

Sins, Repentance, Forgiveness

Whether or not Allah (swt) forgives the sins on a person

Aba Sadiq (as) stated the following on Paltalk:

And I also want to make a comment about a question which was posed earlier about the sins and whether or not Allah (swt) forgives the sins on a person. I mean, its a multi-layered issue really and the answer is that Allah (swt) has forgiven all of the sins and all of the sins of the Ansar before he enters into the Dawah for the first time, before he hears about Ahmed Al Hassan (as) the first time and pledges allegiance to him a.s. for the first time, everything else when he pledges allegiance, everything else is forgiven.

However, Allah (swt) forgives the sins that’s between Him (swt) and the individual. If the individual has sins against his creation, this is something else which he must seek the forgiveness of that individual for.

And the example of this which I’ll give you is the example of Joseph and his brothers when they did what they did to Yusuf and they threw him in the well and they sold him and they caused him much harm.

In the end, Joseph forgave them. He forgave his brothers. There is no debt between Joseph and his brothers. They don’t owe him anything. Joseph forgave them!! Yaqub (Jacob a.s.) forgave his sons, all of them!

Then there remained one thing and that thing was the forgiveness of Allah (swt) because Joseph and Jacob cannot decide for Allah (swt), whether He (swt) forgives these individuals or not.

So what happened then was that some of the brothers repented to Allah (swt) and Allah (swt) accepted their repentance because Joseph and Jacob had forgiven them and they sincerely repented to Allah (swt).

And others of the brothers didn’t repent to Allah (swt). And for those ones, their consequences or their punishment from Allah (swt) are between Him (swt) and them.

I hope that you got the whole answer and Alhamdulillah Rabbi Alameen.
- Q&A from unknown date with Aba Sadiq (as)

At what point do the doors of repentance close?

"At what point do the doors of repentance close?"
Aba Al Sadiq a.s.: "If Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan curses someone then his matter is closed."
- Q&A from 16.05.2016 with Aba Sadiq on Paltalk

When a person is cursed is there any chance of repentance?

"When a person is cursed is there any chance of repentance?"
Aba Al Sadiq (as): "[When] the Imam (as) says when a person is cursed, it is done and over [for that person]. And I want to warn about something else. The Imam (as) knows who is righteous or not and does not have to announce them all."

- Q&A from 16.05.2016 with Aba Sadiq on Paltalk

Who is the Shadow Light?

Someone asks: "In the book AlHaft alShareef it is mentioned that the first thing to have been created is the Shadow Light. I want to know my master who is the Shadow Light?"
Aba alSadiq a.s. says: "In fact the worlds are many, and there are other worlds than the world of the bodies, the world of the souls, and the world of the lights. But this is not the time for that."
- Q&A from 01.12.2016 with Aba Sadiq (as) on Paltalk as pdf