Mind Control

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Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) has confirmed that thousands and thousands of people are currently subjected to mind control without knowing, meaning their minds are being manipulated while they are not aware of it.

Those individuals vary from regular people just like you, to celebrities in the entertainment industry, to presidents and prime ministers.

Mind control is one of the most serious topics in this time...

Modern Media: a tool for control and oppression of mankind

The greatest weapon of mass deception that has been released on mankind is Mediacracy. The rule by media. Stay tuned to watch the mind blowing documentary that exposes how media has become a tool for control and oppression for mankind.

Mind Control

Mind control is the first topic Aba Sadiq Abdullah Hashem (as) is looking into in the 1st episode of the 4th semester of his famous series "TADS" (The Antichrist Dajjal Series) started in 2010. Aba Sadiq (as) says about it : "It is a very important topic for me and I hope that you all take it seriously and educate yourselves and raise awareness on this topic."

Episode 1 states:

  • Imam Ahmed Al Hassan as has confirmed that thousands and thousands of human beings are currently under mind control without even knowing it.
  • Mind control was a psychological warfare weapon to Adolf Hitler for taking over the world.
  • MK-ULTRA = program from the CIA to experiment with different types of mind control (drugs, electric shocks, insulin shocks) in the 1950’s.
  • The Nazis didn’t lose the war. They just had to move. Now they are better and more sophisticated and have more money.
  • The judiciary, law enforcement, high-level business people and politicians shape how you see the world.
  • Today the US government has thousands of mind-controlled slaves operating in government and entertainment.
  • In Hollywood each celebrity is assigned a handler (the actor’s manager) who holds the keys of their programming and is able to sell them off as sex slaves to the elite or use them as spies against foreign regimes.
  • Magazines and advertisements hold esoteric hidden messages that only the elite know and understand e..g. the birdcage trapping the individual or their mind is a symbol and signal that they are under MK-ULTRA programming.
  • Bill Clinton was nothing more than a puppet to the puppet masters which placed him in the White House.
  • Over 2 million Americans have undergone the horrors of MK-ULTRA.