Media Appearances of the Impostor Imam

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The Office's "strongest" argument, with which they deceive their followers are the media appearances of their faked Imam on Paltalk, and facebook via feigned voice-recordings most likely with the help of a voice imitator.

Paltalk Interview with Impostor Imam June 2015

Paltalk "Interview" on Youtube

Live Interview with Impostor Imam on Paltalk 26th of June 2015 at 8:30pm Kufa time - 5:30pm GMT in the Paltalk chatroom "ansar al imam almahdy". The interview was simultaneously translated in the Paltalk Chat and the whole Paltalk session can be viewed on Youtube.

Announcement for the "Interview"

The Office announced the following content:

  • How did the divine dawah begin?
  • What are the methods of communication used?
  • Truths surrounding the character of the Yamani (as) and his lineage
  • An overview of what is happening today in the region
  • The stance from constituting Saraya Al-Qaim
  • What is incumbent upon the nations and governments in this dangerous time from the history of the Islamic Umma

During the interview all visitors of the Paltalk room were blocked from asking questions except for two dialogue partners from the Office – namely Alaa Al-Salem (aka. Ameli Ameli) – while the Impostor Imam began his speech amongst other sentences with "It is my pleasure to be with you today and answer your questions." So did he mean all his Ansar, or only the two, who were able to ask questions? Anyways neither the questions nor the answers seemed to be spontaneous but rather prepared beforehand.

The Fake Facebook Imam said in the "interview": "If my personal circumstances would allow me, I would communicate with the political and military people and the leaders of the popular Mobilization Forces.“
It seems, that he did´t study well, before he got on his interview, because obviously he forgot, that the real Imam (as) is actually chased by those people he mentioned.

Scientific study from Impostor Imam

First of all the Black Banner Ansar called the Illegitimate Office to Mubahala, which they did not respond to.

Request towards Black Banner Imam for scientific study, 5th June, 2015

Then the Office announced, that the Impostor Imam would present a scientific study in its "Islamic Institute of Higher Education" in which he discusses belief systems of the Sunnis, Shias and Ansar of Imam Mahdi. The Office simultaneously challenged the Black Banners Ansar to bring a scientific study from Imam Ahmed (as) as well. But Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) did not meet their request until now.

Scientific study of Impostor Imam presented as voice recording in the Office's " Islamic Institute of Higher Education"

The scientific study was presented as a video of an audio recording by Alaa Al-Salem in "The Islamic Institute of Higher Education" to an audience of listeners and uploaded on 19th May, 2015 to "The Savior Channel". A non-official English translation is found on the "Ansar Ahmed Alhasan English" facebook page.


While meeting the request for mubahala, is a matter between Black Banner Ansar representatives and Office representatives – the request for a scientific study depends on the Imam's (as) decision. And of course the Imam (as) is the one having authority over his Ansar, not they over him. Therefore even if his Ansar would ask the Imam for a voice recording, it would be up to him to provide it. And since when do vicegerents of Allah provide proofs, upon the demand of people? Furthermore does Allah decide how to legitimate his vicegerent, or is it, that people demand a certain proof and Allah and his vicegerent provide and comply?

Dr. Ali Ghurayfi refuted the scientific study of the Impostor Imam in a video on the 4th July 2015 (see version with English subtitles). The following points can be understood from that:

  • The Study called "The Completion of Religion" is officially authored by "The Researcher Ahmed Al-Hassan". Thereby the Fake Imam admits, that he has the status of a researcher, who does not know the truth by Allah's (swt) permission, but has to accquire it through logical deduction.
  • And indeed, the Fake Imam did not present unknown information.
  • So while the Office does not want to accept a challenge that can only be met through divine asstistance like mubahala or predicting an event from the Unseen – they prefer to beat the debate down to a lower level, in which a human actually can take a trick in. And beating the debate down to this level means intentionally going against the words of AhlulBayt (as), who taught us, what kind of challenge to pose to anyone, who claims to be the Imam:
    Mufaddhal ibn Umar said: I heard Abu Abdullah (as) saying: The companion of this matter has two absences, he will return from one of them to his family, and the other it will be said about him "he got destroyed, which valley did he take! I said: What do we do when this happens? He (as) said: If someone claims to be him ask him about the things that none other than a true Imam can answer."
  • Dr. Ali clarifies how, the Office is trying to avoid that such an absolute, simple and clear proof is put upon them and everbody else and prefers to deceive the people with a study as a proof, which is insignificant (free of new findings) and on the one hand and not comprehensible for simple people on the other and therefore not even is any proof at all upon the people.
  • By beating down the level of the debate the Office achieves two things: By declining the request of mubahala or predicting a future event they avoid that people may instantly know the true from the fals Imam – and they avoid that they have to meet the same request, which the Fake Imam is incapable of, even though it would ne a proof upon the whole world.
  • The research as a format also implies, that one works, whith existant knowledge, and it would submit him to the judgement of the people - which is a shameful idea in itsself and inappropiate. Furthermore it is not the suitable format to show the abundance of an infallible's knowledge in a decisive and clear and simple way all kinds of people, who are in need of a proof for his legitimacy.
  • Dr. Ali also explains, how the real Ahmed Al-Hassan is not stingy with compelling miracles like predicting a future event as the himself Imam (as) confirmed in a sermon. But the belief after it is only accepted from those, who also belived before it – and that such miracle either occurs out of Allah's generositiy towards the requesting believer or as a punishment towards the requesting stubborn disbeliever. He further states that the also the AhlulBayt (as) have never been stingy with informing the believer as well as the disbeliever about unseen matters and rather would encourage people to ask them, just as Imam Ali (as) said: "Ask me before you loose me. Ask me about the paths of the heavens, for I am more knowledgable of them than the paths of the earth." – Ghaybat Nomani
  • He closes his argumentation by saying, that informing people about unseen matters was an essential part of the message of all prophets and vicegerents, to also present the third part of the Law of Knowing the Hujjah – the will the Call to Allah, the knowledge – and to put the proof upon the people to the fullest. And the one who does not do that is not a Divine Messenger!
    And he asks: Is the knowledge mentioned in the hadiths a specific knowledge – or is it absolute? Yes it is absolute. So the physical knowledge and the knowledge of the unseen are included.
Jesus sign believers.png

Lastly he quotes:
Jabir ibn Zayd said, that the Prophet (saws) said: "If innovation appears in my nation, then it is obligatory upon the knowledgeable one to reveal his knowledge, if he does’t, then the curse of Allah, the curse of the Angels, and the curse of all people is upon him, nothing will be accepted from him at all."

Furthermore see how Alaa Al-Salem unleashed a "Freudian slip" by saying that he wrote the scientific study and not the Imam!

We can only add here…

Part of Surah 2:111

Jesus (as) said: The appalling scholars are like a rock that fell on the mouth of a river, it doesn’t drink, and neither does it let the water set off to the plants. Faydh al Qadeer, chapter-4, p.206.

Jesus (as) said, "The Pharisees and the scribes (scholars) have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed to enter those, who wish to. You however be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves." – The Gospel of Thomas, verse 39

Paltalk Interview with Impostor Imam August 2015

Official announcement
2nd Paltalk Interview with Impostor on Youtube

The Impostor Imam was in another live Paltalk interview on the 13th August 2015.

Highlights of the Paltalk Imam interview:

  • Did not say complete Salawat (no salawat on Imams and Mahdis).
  • Did not recite anything from the Quran.
  • Got irritated when asked about future events eg. Sufyani and cut short the answer.
  • Talked really fast, kept on saying "meaning this, meaning that".
  • Kept on saying I don't have anything else to add on important issues.
  • All he talked about for 1 hour was politics of Iraq and it was all negative talk that everyone already knows.
  • Nothing about religion or the Yamani call.
  • Urged ansars to send their children to the fight in Iraq.
  • Kept repeating it was a fight for the Land.
  • Supported everyone fighting "ISIS" or "DAESH". Even though in the books it is written "Not everything that fights darkness is light."
  • No mention of Kingdom of Heaven.
  • No mention of Imam al-Mahdi (as), the one who send him, not even once!
  • Nothing to say about the divine state of Justice when asked.

Its as if he is making an extra effort for it to be plain and clear for everyone that he is not the Imam. He keeps putting it out in the open that he is not the Imam.

BBS sister explains how asking for a study is a trap

Translation of زينب محمد fb-post:

The Calf the office challenge us to provide a voice sermon or an academic research!!

And this is the most dangerous thing to call for! Their target is to destroy the people, and not to rescue them. If they wanted to rescue the people they would have called us to a clear matter which no two persons would differ about and from the Thaqalain (the two weighty things), and not to a matter which goes back to mind and distinguishing.

[Distinguishing] the voice needs mind, and the people would be between two voices, and this would make the people run away from the religion of Allah.

Additionally, it is difficult to distinguish between the written knowledge, for there are many people who have research papers, and this too needs mind!

But the Family of Muhammad (as) say:

Imam Ali son of Al-Hussein (as) said:
“Verily, the Religion of Allah is not reached by the incomplete minds, false opinions, nor corrupt standards. And it is not reached except by submission. So whoever submits to us will be safe. And whoever has been guided by us is guided. And whoever judges by Qiyas (analogy) and opinion will be destroyed. And whoever finds in himself that he hates something that we say or judge, then he has disbelieved in the One who has sent down the Seven Mathana and the great Qur’an, while he does not know” - Bihar Al-Anwar Volume 2 page 303

Look what valley they want to make the people fall into! And this is a trap from Shaytan to you!

But Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is with us and because of that we will never fall into that evil abyss nor will we make the people fall into that evil abyss.

{Say, "None in the heavens and earth knows the unseen except Allah , and they do not perceive when they will be resurrected."} [23:65]

And because the knowledge of the unseen is special to the Successors of Allah, we call you to the challenge of the unseen which no two differ about, that your Imam informs us of a future event which will happen, and our Imam (as) too will do the same, and at that time the entire world will know where the real Imam is!