Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan is Al-Hussain, and also Imam Musa Al-Kathim

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Explore the evidences and knowledge revolving around the promised return of Imam Hussain (as), the Lion of Judah, and the blessed companions of Imam Mahdi (pbuta)...

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Aba Sadiq (as) was asked the following question in a Q&A Paltalk session on the 02.05.2016:

"If the five pbut are the 12 Imams a.s., then does the return of one of them mean the return of all their characters from the rounds?
Aba Sadiq a.s.: "Yes it is the same soul. And the return of Ahmed Al-Hassan a.s. Is the return of Imam Hussain a.s and Imam Musa Al-Kathim a.s."

Burayd Al-Ijli narrated that Abu Abdullah (as) said in a long Hadith:
"Verily Allah promised Al-Husain (a.s) to return him to the world so that he may take revenge for himself from the people who did that to him."

Original video was published on 18.07.2016 but is no longer available

And Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), the leader of the blessed Black Banners of the East,
Aba Abdillah Al-Hussain a.s in his return said:
"I am Al-Hussain,
the carrier of the sword of my Grandfather Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Zhul Fiqar,
and the victorious with the sword,
and the avenger of the Ahlul Bayt (peace be upon them) and the Imams and the Prophets and Messengers,
the one who asks for the blood of Prophets, Vicegerents and Messengers.
I am Ahmed Ismael."

Imam Al-Hussain reincarnated as Ahmed Al-Hassan

In Black Banners Episode 10 Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan revealed that Al-Hussain (as) returns as the First Mahdi. But we know that Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan is the First Mahdi. Thus Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan is the reincarnation of Al-Hussain!

Al-Hussain (as) in fact reincarnated as the Yamani & Leader of the Black Banners Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), the First Mahdi who succeeds the 12th Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi (as). Labbayk ya Hussain!

Now the first to ever reveal that Imam Al-Hussein (as) himself returns as the First Mahdi was Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), because indeed only the Qaim (as) is the one who reveals such great matters, from which is the reality and truth about the Raja, as mentioned in the Hadiths of Ahlul Bayt (as).

Verily Allah has re-created Imam Al-Hussain (as), Verily Allah (swt) recreated Al-Hussain (as), Verily Imam Al Hussain (as) is the first of the Mahdis and the best of them, and verily he is Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as).

Arabic speakers might want to watch the video "Allah has re-created Al-Hussain - إن الله قد أعاد خلق الحسين عليه السلام" published on the 27.07.2016 by Ansar Din Alhak.

The one who buries Imam Mahdi must be the first of the 12 Mahdis after him - Al-Hussain who is Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan

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  • And in another source: Saleh ibn Sahl narrated that Abu Abdullah (as) said regarding the verse {Then We gave back to you the return against them.}, he (as) said:
    "The emergence of Al-Hussein (as) in the Return, with seventy men from his companions who were killed with him. On them will be the white golden helmets, each helmet has two faces, and which lead the people to the fact that Al-Hussein had emerged among his companions, so that the believers may not doubt him and so that they know that he is not a Dajjal nor a Shaytan, while the Hujjah the Qa’im will be among them. So if the knowing that he is Al-Hussein (as) became settled in the believers’ hearts, death will come to the Hujjah. So Al-Hussein son of Ali (as) will be the one who gives him Ghusl, shroud him, do Hunut to him, and place him in his grave. And no one succeeds a Vicegerent except a Vicegerent."
    - Bihar Al-Anwar V.51 P.56
  • And in another source: Muntakhab AlAnwar AlMudhee’a - by Sayyed Bahaa’uldin AlNajafi - Page 354: A number of our people have narrated from Sahl ibn Ziyad from Muhammed ibn al-Hassan ibn Shammun from Abd Allah ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Asamm from Abd Allah ibn al-Qasim al-Batal who has narrated the following:
    „About the word of Allah, most High,
    {…We have determined about Banu Israel the book that they will cause destruction in the land twice.} (17:4) [Abu Abd Allah, Alayhi al-Salam, has said that it is a reference to the murder of Ali, Alayhi al-Salam. It is also about shooting on al-Hassan, Alayhi al-Salam]
    {… that you will rise in a high great uprising.} [He (the Imam) said that it is a reference to the killing of al-Husayn, Alayhi al-Salam]
    {…When their first chance comes,} [is a reference to the support for finding compensation for the blood of al-Husayn, which was spilled]
    {We will send against you Our servants who posess intense power. They will search around in the towns.} [It is a reference to the coming of a people whom Allah will send before the rise and reappearance of al-Qaim with divine authority and power. He will not leave any case involved in the murder of Ale (family of) Muhammed without being brought to justice].
    {…It is a promise that must come true.} [It is a reference to the reappearance of al-Mahdi with divine authority and power]
    {…then We will turn your chance against them.} (17:4-6) [It is a reference to the coming of al-Husayn, Alayhi al-Salam. He will come with seventy people of his companions all in white golden protective helmets. They will come with two faces to show people that he is Al-Husayn ibn Ali, Alayhi al-Salam, who has come so that no believing one will doubt. That he is not Dajjal or Satan, when al-Qaim is with them. When recognition will become verified in the hearts of the believing people that he is al-Husayn, Alayhi al-Salam, death will approach al-Qaim. He will be the one to undertake his Ghusl (bath), shroud, Hunut and placing him in his grave; no Executor of the Will is suceeded except by another Executor of the Will.]“
    – Al-Kafi Volume 8 (page 206 Arabic Version) (page 172-173 English version), Book of al-Rawdah, H14698, h 240
  • And in another source: Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (a.s) in explaining the passage of the Qur'an which says: "Then, returned We unto you the turn [to prevail] against them and aided you..." (The Holy Quran 17:6) says that by "returned" is meant the return of Al-Husayn, who will be accompanied by his seventy-two companions who were killed with him on the battlefield of Karbala'. The companions will announce the return of Al-Husayn to the people. At the same time, the Imam says the Mu'min should not doubt him, since he is neither Dajjal nor Iblis. The Q'aim will be among the people. When the people have gained certainty about his being Al-Husayn (a.s), the Qa'im will die, and al-Husayn will perform his funeral rites and bury him." - Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 51 p. 102

Conclusion: The one who puts Imam Mahdi (as) in his grave must be the First Mahdi - and he is Al-Hussain (as).

The congruence of Ahmed (as) and Hussain (as)

Question: Someone asked the Imam (as) saying: What is the difference between Al-Hussain son of Ali and Ahmed Al-Hassan?
Answer: Imam (as) replied: "The difference between Al-Hussain son of Ali and Ahmed Al-Hassan is the difference of the body and the looks only." - Paltalk 23.01.2017

From this perspective the ahadith which prove that Imam Hussain (as) returns in the time of the Qaim (as) make even more sense. Because the reincarnation of Al-Hussain (as) is here to take revenge for his path (the straight path to Allah) and his martyrdom.

As we know Hussain (as) stood with but a few, he was also given a false identity by the then propagandist machines of Yazid (la). In fact such was their hatred towards him, that they spread lies and false statements about Hussain (as), some even questioned whether Hussain (as) prayed salah!
They assassinated the character of Hussain (as), just like the character of Ahmad Al-Hassan (as) is being assassinated today, to the point where many people are confused on who the Yamani (as) actually is. The so called Iraqi representatives (Illegitimate Office) are going on Arab television, begging the tyrannical government for a position alongside them and begging for weapons - deliberately misrepresenting the Imam (as), just like the ones in Kufa pretending to be lovers of Hussain (as), but really were lying to trap him and kill him.

By Allah (swt), these are the same devils and this is the same Karbala.

Over hundreds of years ago Hussain (as) made the ultimate stance in the history of Islam. He (as) stood and fought so heroically in the name of Islam. He (as) was accompanied by 72 of his close companions including his family and children. Those that said 'Labayk Ya Hussain’ and promised to pledge allegiance to Imam Hussain were the very ones that had betrayed Imam Hussain. In today’s time this day and age through Allah (swt) mercy we have been granted the ability to support Imam Hussain Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) and by Allah (swt) he is the truth and is with the truth, Our Imam (as) is calling all to follow his blessed call that calls people to the supremacy of Allah (swt) and not the supremacy of people. Here is our beloved Imam. Recognise him (as) work as he (as) commands by Allah our Imam is calling us let us together unite and answer the call of our beloved Imam (as).

Below you find a couple of videos which are pointing out this congruity...

Interestingly the video below from 2012 which contains the speech of an Iraqi Office Supporter titled "Ahmed is Hussain of this age". Which means that the Ansar were well aware – even before the split into Office Supporters and Black Banner Ansar – that the path of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan is exactely the same path like Al-Hussain's (as). Besides the Iraqi speaker advertising the Illegitimate Office it is a thrilling speech:

Hymn 'Ya Hussain' , 'انشودة يا حسين' by the Ansar of The Minbar of Misr (lyrics (arab./ engl.):

Is there anyone to support Al-Hussain in this age…?

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Surely the Prophets and Messengers and and each pure one begged Allah (swt) to be the support of Al-Hussain (as), as the following narration shows:

Burayd Al-Ijli narrated: I said to Abu Abdullah (as): "O son of the Messenger of Allah (sawas), inform me of Isma'il whom Allah mentioned in His book where He says: {And mention in the Book, Isma'il. Indeed, he was true to his promise, and he was a messenger and a prophet} [Holy Qur’an 19:54], was he Isma’il son of Ibrahim (as)? The people claim that he is Isma’il son of Ibrahim".

So he (as) said: “Isma’il died before Ibrahim, and indeed Ibrahim was a Hujjah of Allah and a Qa'im (a Riser) and a companion of a Jurisprudence, so to whom would Isma’il be sent then?!”

So I said: "Then who is Isma’il mentioned in the verse, may I be your ransom?"

So he (as) said:
"The one mentioned in the verse is Isma’il son of the Prophet Ezekiel (as), Allah sent him to his people, but they belied him, killed him, and they flayed the skin of his face. So Allah got angry at them for him. So Allah sent to Isma’il the angel Satata’eel who is the angel of Punishment, so the angel said to Isma’il: "O Isma’il, I am Satata’eel the angel of punishment. The Lord of Glory has sent me to you, in order to punish your people by the types of punishment as you will". So Isma’il said to him: "I do not have a need in this, O Satata’eel."
So Allah inspired to him: "So what is your need, O Isma’il?"

So Isma’il said:
"O Lord, You have taken the covenant of Lordship to Yourself, and of Prophethood to Muhammad, and of Wilayah to his Vicegerents, and You have informed your creation of what his nation will do to Al-Hussain son of Ali peace be upon them after their Prophet, and You have promised Al-Hussain that You will return him to this world so that he may take revenge by himself from those who did that to him. So my need from You O Lord is that you return me to this world so that I may take revenge from those who did that to me, as You will return Al-Hussain."
So Allah promised that to Isma’il son of Ezekiel, so he returns with Al-Hussain son of Ali peace be upon them." - Bihar Al-Anwar, Volume 53, Page 105

Is there anyone to remove the grief and dejection from the heart of Al-Hussain?
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Ahmed Al-Hassan is Al-Hussayn, Imam Musa Al-Kathim, and the Yamani

As we have already explained in the paragraph "Imam Hussain (as) returns in the time of the Qaim as the First of the 12 Mahdis", there are many narrations which talk about the Return (al Raj’a) of Al-Hussein (as).

Furthermore it was revealed by Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, that Imam Al-Hussein son of Ali (as), after he was martyred in Karbala, incarnated again as:

  1. Imam Musa Al-Kathim (as)
  2. Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as)

And there are so many proofs that Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is the promised Yamani (as) and he is Al-Hussain (as)...

Two corresponding narrations: The horse of the Yamani is the horse of Al-Hussain

The following two narrations are another interesting proof that the promised Yamani (as) is indeed Al-Hussein (as) because Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (pbuh) (the Qaim of Ale-Muhammad) is Imam Musa Alkadhim (pbuh):

Horse of Yamani is Horse of Al-Hussain.jpg
  • Al-Asbagh ibn Nabata narrated that The Commander of the Believers Ali (as) said in a long narration: (… and Banners from the Easts of the Earth will come forth, not labeled, it is not from cotton nor linen nor silk, it is sealed on the head of the spear by the seal of the Greater Master, a man from the Family of Muhammad (as) is leading it. It appears in the East while its wind exists in the west, as the strong Musk. Fear shall walk ahead of it for a month. Until they reach Kufa, asking for the blood of their fathers (asking to take revenge). So while they are as such, the horse of the Yamani, and the Khorasani will race as if they are two horses on a bet... [until the end of the narration]" - Bihar Al-Anwar V52 P274
  • Mus'ada narrated that Abi Abdillah (as) said that the Commander of the Believers (as) said in a sermon called 'Al-Makhzoun': "… and Banners from the Easts of the Earth will come forth, it is not from cotton nor linen nor silk, it is sealed on the heads of the spear by the seal of the Greater Master, a man from the Family of Muhammad (as) is leading it. When it waves in the East, its wind will be present in the West, as the strong Musk. Fear shall walk ahead of it for a month. And the children of Sa’ad AlSaqaa’ will become in Kufa asking revenge for their fathers, and they are the sons of the immoral ones, until the horse of Al-Hussain (as) attacks them, the two horses will be racing as horses on a bet. They will be crying and grievous and the man from them will strike his leg while he is weeping and crying, saying: "There is no goodness in us sitting here after this day of ours! O Allah! Verily we are the ones who repent to Allah, the god-fearing, the ones who bow, the ones who prostrate." And they are the Abdal whom Allah The Almighty described as {Verily Allah loves the ones who constantly repent, and He loves the ones who purify themselves} (Holy Qur’an 2:222). And the ones who purify themselves are their equivalent/similar from the Family of Muhammad (as)." - Bihar AlAnwar V53 P83, Mukhtasar Basa’er Aldarajat, P200

Conclusion: Those narrations have several points to discuss and ponder over, but the most important here now is that, there is the horse of the Yamani in one narration, and the horse of Al-Hussein (as) in another version of the narration. And that is because the Yamani Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is Imam Al-Hussein (as), and he is the first Mahdi the leader of the blessed Black Banners of the East.

Two corresponding narrations: Their motto is "Ahmed Ahmed" & "For taking revenge for Al-Hussain"

The first narration says that their slogan/ motto is "Ahmed Ahmed". And the second narration says that their slogan/ motto is "Yalatharat Al-Hussain (For taking revenge for Al-Hussain)"!."
And that is because "Ahmed" - Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) the first Mahdi - is himself Imam Al-Hussain (as)!

The first narration:
Jabir ibn Abdullah alAnsari said that Imam Al-Baqir (as) said that the Messenger of Allah sawas said:
"Verily, there is a treasure for Allah in Taliqan, it is not gold nor silver, [it is] twelve thousand in Khorasan, their motto/ slogan is "Ahmed Ahmed", they are led by a youth from Bani Hashem, on a gray mule, on him is a red band. As if I am looking at him while he is crossing the Euphrates. So if you hear of that, then hurry to him, even if crawling on ice." - Muntakhab alAnwar alMudhee’a page 343; Bisharat al-islam page 30

The second narration:

Revenge hussain banner.jpg

Al-Fudhayl ibn Yasar narrated that Imam Al-Sadiq (as) said:
"He has a treasure in Taliqan. It is not gold nor silver. And he has a banner which has not been spread since it was folded. They are men, whose hearts are like the iron pieces, no doubt in Allah comes to their hearts, [their hearts] are stronger than stones. If they gather against the mountains they would be able to move them لو حملوا على الجبال لأزالوها. They do not go to a town with their banners except that they destroy it. As if on their horses are العقبان (vultures/eagles?). They wipe themselves by the saddle of the Imam (as) seeking the blessing by that act. They surround him and strengthen him in wars by their own selves. And they fulfill for him what he wants from them. They are men who do not sleep at night. They have a sound in their prayers like that of bees. They spend the night rising [in worship] on their limbs, and they wake up on their horses. They are monks at nights, and lions in the mornings. They are more obedient to the Imam than the bondmaid to her master. They are like lamps, as if their hearts are cressets. They are fearful because of their fear from Allah. They supplicate for martyrdom and they wish that they will be killed for the sake of Allah. Their slogan/motto is "Yaltharat Al-Hussain (For taking revenge for Al-Hussain)"!
If they walk, fear will walk in front of them the walk of a month. They will walk to the Mawla يمشون إلى المولى إرسال . By them Allah will give victory to the Imam of the truth." - Bihar alAnwar, volume 52, page 307-308

The matter of the Qaim of the Family of Muhammad got delayed

In the knowledge of Allah, Imam Al-Hussain (as) was the Qa’im of the Family of Muhammad (as) who rises with the sword, but the nation betrayed him and killed him. And that’s why Allah delayed the matter to the seventh Imam, who is Imam Musa Al-Kazim (as).
And now let’s see some of these narrations which mention this matter:

  • Al-Hassan ibn Mahboub narrated that Abu Hamza Al-Thamali said: I said to Abu Ja’far (as): Verily, Ali (as) used to say "There will be calamities/ afflictions until the [year] seventy, and after the calamities/ afflictions there will be prosperity." But the seventy has passed yet we have not seen any prosperity?! So Abu Ja’far (as) said: "O Thabit, verily Allah had ordained this matter to take place in the [year] seventy, but when Al-Hussain (as) was killed, the wrath of Allah became very severe against the people of Earth, so Allah delayed it to 140, so we talked to you about it but you publicized our speech and you exposed the mask of veil, so Allah delayed it, and after that He did not make a time for it known to us {And Allah erases what He wills, and He confirms what He wills, and with Him is the Mother of the Books} (Holy Qur’an 13:39)" - Ghaybat al-Toosi page 428
  • Ishaq ibn Ammar Al-Sirafy said: I heard Abu Abdullah (as) saying: "This matter had a time, and it was in year 140. But you announced it and publicized it, so Allah the Almighty delayed it." - AlGhaybah by Al No’mani page 303
  • Ishaq ibn Ammar said: Abu Abdillah (as) said to me: "O Aba Ishaq, this matter was delayed twice." - Al-Ghaybah by Al-Noa’mani page 303
  • Abu Baseer said: I said to Abu Abdillah (as): "Isn't there a specified time for this matter so that our bodies may rest?!" So he (as) replied: "Yes there is. But you publicized it, so Allah delayed it." - Al-Ghaybah by al-No’mani page 298

Conclusion: So here it is clear that Allah had ordained a time for the matter of the Qaim of Ale-Muhammed, but because of the few numbers of supporters, and because of the betrayal and letting down the people did to the Imam Hussain and Imam Musa Al-Kathim (as), Allah delayed it to 'the Known Time' which He (swt) knows.

Musa Al-Kathim was the Qaim of Ale-Muhammed

12 Imams.jpg
  • Thorayh al-Moharbi said: I asked Abu Abdillah (as) about the Imams after the Prophet (sawas), so he (as) said: "Yes, verily, after the Messenger sawas there are seven Vicegerents from us, they are Imams to whom obedience is obligatory. Their seventh is the Qa'im inshaAllah. Verily Allah is Glorious and All-Wise, He makes sooner or delays whatever He wills. And He is the Glorious the All-Wise. Then after the Qa'im there will be 11 Mahdis from the sons of al-Hussayn." So I said: Who is the seventh, may Allah make me your ransom? Your command is over my head and eyes (meaning I will surely obey your command). He said: I said three times. So he (as) said: "Then after me is your Imam and your Qa'im inshaAllah (if Allah so wills)." - Al-Usul al-Sitat'Ashr, page 91.
  • Yunis ibn AbdulRahman said: I asked Aba Abdillah (as) about the saying of Allah: {And We have certainly given you seven of the often repeated [verses] and the great Qur'an.} (Holy Qur'an 15:87). So he (as) said: "Its apparent is [Surat] al-Hamd (al-Fatiha). And its inner is the son of the son. And the seventh from it is the Qa'im (as)" - Bihar Al-Anwar v24 p117
  • Al-Fudhayl ibn Yasar said: I heard Abu Abdillah al-Sadiq (as) (father of Imam Musa Al-Kathim) saying: "There isn't a father between me and the Qa'im." - Al-Ghayba by Al-Toosi page 43
  • Yazeed Al-Sa'gh said: When Abul Hassan Musa (as) was born to Abi Abdillah al-Sadiq (as), I made to him (as) an ornament from silver and I gave it to him as a gift. When I brought it to Aba Abdillah (as) he said: "O Yazeed, by Allah you have brought this gift to the Qa'im of the Family of Muhammad (as)." - Al-Ghaybah by al-Toosi page 44
  • Abu Sa'eed Al-Madas'ini narrated: I heard Abu Ja'far (as) saying: "Verily, Allah saved The Children of Israel from its pharaoh by Musa son of Imran. And verily, Allah will save this nation from its Pharaoh by a man who has the same name as Musa son of Imran." - Al-Ghaybah by al-Toosi page 45
  • Muhammad ibn Marwan said that a man once said to Abi Ja'far (as): May I be your ransom, they say that The Commander of Believers (as) said on the Minbar of Kufa: "Even if one day remains in this world, Allah will prolong this day so that He may send a man from me who will fill it with Justice and Equity as it was filled with injustice and tyranny." So Abu Ja'far (as) said: Yes. So the man said: Are you him? So the Imam (as) said: "No, that one is the one whose name is the same as the one who split the sea." Al-Ghaybah by alToosi page 46
  • Abu Khalid alKabli said: I heard Ali son of Al-Hussayn (as) saying: "Qaroun used to wear red clothes, and Pharaoh used to wear black clothes and loosens hair. Allah sent against them Musa son of Imran (as) And indeed the children of so and so have worn black and loosened hair, and indeed Allah will destroy them by the one whose name is like Musa son of Imran." - AlGhaybah by alToosi page 47
Abal Hassan Musa Qaim.jpg
  • Muhammad son of Al-Hassan narrated from his Father alHassan ibn Haroun that Abu Abdillah (as) said: "This son of mine - and he pointed to Abal Hassan Musa (as) - is the Qa'im, and he is from the inevitable, and he is the one who fills the Earth with Justice and equity as it is filled with injustice and oppression." - Al-Ghaybah by alToosi page 47-48
Ahmed Al-Hassan is Musa Al-Kathim.jpg
  • Abdullah ibn Sinan said: I heard Abu Abdullah (as) saying: "From the inevitable matters is that this son of mine is the Qa'im of this nation, and he is the companion of the sword" and he pointed with his hand to Abi Al-Hassan Musa (as)." - Al-Ghaybah by AlToosi page 48
  • Abi Al-Waleed Al-Tara'efi said: One night I was at Abu Abdillah's (as), so he called his servant saying: "Call to me the master of my sons." So the servant said: Who is he? So the Imam (as) said: "Abul Hassan (as)." So shortly after he came with a shirt without a robe... until he said... then he (as) put his hand on my shoulders and said: "O Aba al-Waleed, as if I see the Black Banner the companion of the green spot, waving above the head of this one who is sitting, and he will have with him his companions, they will demolish the mountains of iron very strongly. They will not cross by anything except that they will demolish it." So I said: May I be your ransom, this one there? So he (as) said: "Yes". Then he (as) said: "So follow him, obey him, believe him, and give him satisfaction from your self, for you shall realize him inshaAllah." - Al-Ghaybah by alToosi page 48
Imam Kathim Awaited One.jpg
  • Abdullah ibn Ghalib said: I recited this poem to Abu Abdillah (as): (You are the awaited one... للذي نرى فتلك التي من ذي العلى فيك نطلب) So he (as) said: "I am not the one to whom that description applies. But the one to whom that description applies is this one", and he pointed with his hand to Abi alHassan (as)." - AlGhaybah by alToosi page 49
  • Sarim ibn Ilwan l-Goukhi said: I, Mufaddal, Yunis ibn Thobyan, Al-Faydh ibn Al-Mukhtar, and Al-Qasim entered upon Abu Abdillah (as) and he had with him his son Isma'il [until he said] so Al-Faydh said: "We think that Isma'il is the companion of this matter after you." So Abu Abdillah (as) said: "No by Allah he is not". Then he (as) said: "This one is the one who deserves this matter", and he pointed to Abul Hassan Musa (as) while he was sleeping, so Imam Al-Sadiq (as) held him tight embracing him so he slept on his chest. So when he woke up, Abu Abdullah (as) took his hand and said: "This by Allah is my son truly, by Allah he will fill it with justice and equity as it is filled with injustice and oppression." So Al-Qasim said to him again: May I be your ransom, this one? So he (as) said: "Yes by Allah! This son of mine will not exit this world until he fills the Earth with justice and equity as it is filled with injustice and tyranny. I swear by that thrice!" - AlGhaybah by alToosi page 49-50
  • Isma'il ibn Mansour Al-Zubali said: I heard from a man from Azrat, whom 120 years have passed on him, saying: I heard Imam Ali (as) from the pulpit of Kufa saying: "As if I can see the son of Hamida [Hamida is the mother of Imam Musa (as)] that he has filled the earth with justice and equity, like it had been filled with injustice and oppression." So a man stood up and asked him: Is he from your descendants or from someone else?" Imam (as) said: "No, rather he is a man from me." - Ghaybat al-Toosi page 51
  • Al-Astakhri said: I heard Abu Abdillah (as) saying: "As if I see the son of Hamida [Hamida is the mother of Imam Musa Al-Kazim (as)], على أعوادها, and the Easts of the Earth and its wests have become close to him." - Al-Ghaybah by alToosi page 53
  • Abdullah ibn Sinan said: I heard Abu Abdillah (as) saying, when Bidaa' was mentioned: "What Allah has brought out to the Angels, and the Angels brought out to the Messengers, and the Messengers brought out to the sons of Adam, Bidaa' does not take place on it. And indeed it is inevitable that this son of mine is the Qa'im." - AlGhaybah by alToosi page 52-53

Imam Musa Al-Kathim returns as the Qaim

Abdullah Al-Rigani said: I was at Abu Abdillah's (as). So the righteous servant (Musa) (as) entered upon him, so Imam Al-Sadiq (as) said to him: "O Ahmed, do this and that." So I said to Imam Al-Sadiq (as): His name is not Ahmed. So the Imam (as) said: "Rather, his name is Ahmed and Muhammad." Then he (as) said to me: "O Abdullah, the companion of this matter will be taken away, so he will imprisoned, and his imprisonment will be long, so if they approach him he will make Dua' by the Greater Name of Allah, so Allah will save him from between their hands." - AlGhaybah by alToosi page 57 [And "the righteous servant" is one of the titles of Imam Musa Al-Kazim (as) because of his abundant acts of worship and night worship.]
  • Abi Abdillah Al-No'man said that Abu Ja'far (as) said: "The companion of the matter will be imprisoned at a time, and he will die a time, and he will escape at a time. - Al-Ghaybah by alToosi page 58
  • Ali son of Al-Hassan narrated that Safwan Al-Jammal said: I asked Abu Abdillah (as) about 'the Companion of this Matter' (as), so he (as) said: "Verily the Companion of this Matter is he who does not amuse nor play." Then Abul Hassan Musa (as) came forth, he was young and he had with him an animal, and he was saying to it: "Prostrate to your Lord." So Abu Abdillah (as) held him close to him embracing him and said to him: "May my father and mother be ransomed for you, O you who does not amuse nor play." - Al-Kafi by alKulayni v1 p311, and al-irshad 2/216
  • Imam Musa Al-Kazim (as) said in a long Hadith: "...Woe to you, O Ali son of Salih! Verily, Allah does not leave his His land empty of a Hujjah, not even for a blink of an eye! Either a batin (hidden/ inner) Hujjah or an apparent one. I am the apparent Hujjah of Allah, and I am His inner/ hidden Hujjah. I am the Hujjah of Allah on the day of the known time, and I am the pronouncing/ speaking fulfiller on the behalf of the Messenger. During this time now I am Musa son of Ja’far..." - Al-Majlisi, Bihar Al-Anwar, V48 P41; Ibn Shahr Ashob, Manaqib Ale-Talib, V3 P419

All the Shia believe from numerous narrations of Ahlul Bayt (as) that the Hujjah of Allah on the “Day of the Known Time” (which is mentioned in Holy Qur’an that it is the day until which Iblis the cursed is granted respite) is The Qa’im of the Family of Muhammad (as).
And the Ansar specifically believe that he is Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as).
So the above narration is another confirmation that Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is Imam Musa Al-Kazim (as). Also in the narration Imam Musa (as) says: “And I am the speaking fulfiller on the behalf of the Messenger”. And also today in this time and age Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is the speaking fulfiller on the behalf of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (Imam Mahdi) (sawas).

Translation of a Friday Khutba by Sheikh Kadhumi

Friday Khutba by brother Sheikh Abdel-Attar Al-Kathimi, the official Imam of Friday prayers in Baghdad…

Imam Musa Al-Kathim said, there is no moment without a Hujjatallah on the earth.
I am the visible and invisible Hujjatallah among the people. I am the Hujjatallah in the known time. l am speaking on behalf of the Messenger. l am in my time that Musa Al-Kathim.

Imam Musa Al-Kathim said, there is no moment without a Hujjatallah on the earth. And there are many Hadith from the Ahlulbait referring to this meaning.

lmam Zaynul Abedin (as) said: "There is no moment without a Hujjatallah on the earth since God created Adam (as) visible and famous or invisible and hidden, because the existence of an lmam on the earth is like an umbilical cord that gives life to the baby, if the cord is cut, the baby dies. And when the earth is without an imam the earth dies."

And he said: "I am the visible and invisible Hujjatallah among the people."

But we know that Musa Al-Kathim was an lmam that was visible and famous among people, he was not an invisible and hidden Imam.
So, why did lmam Musa Al-Kathim (as) say that? l am an lmam invisible and hidden.
We acknowledge that Imam Al-Mahdi is the only lmam invisible and hidden out of all the lmams of Ahlulbait.
This means there is a secret in this topic.
He wanted to alert us to a great thing.

And he said (as): "I am a Hujjatallah in the known time."

What does this mean, the known time?

Wahab asked lmam Alsadiq about (Iblis) in the words of God:
(رب فأنظرني إلى يوم يبعثون * قال فإنك من المنظرين * إلى يوم الوقت المعلوم)
{He said: In the name of God, God allow me to remain until the doomsday. God said to him: but allow you to remain until the known time}
Wahab ask lmam Alsadiq (as): Which day is the "known time"?
lmam Al-Sadiq (as) said to him: You think it is the Doomsday? No, it is the rise of lmam Al-Mahdi. If lmam Al-Mahdi comes out, he kills Iblis, that is the "Known time"."

We acknowledge in this Hadith that the "known time" is the rise of lmam Al-Mahdi.

Now, we come back to the words of lmam Musa Al-Kathim (as):
"I am a Hujjatallah in the known time."
This means, lmam Musa Al-Kathim (as) will come out in the rise of lmam Al-Mahdi (as). This means we have 2 Hujjatallah in the "Known time" and they are lmam Al-Mahdi and Musa Al-Kathim in one of his incarnations.

But we have another Hadith that says lmam Hussain will come out with lmam Al-Mahdi in the (known time).

lmam Baqir (as) said: "lmam Hussain said to his companions on the night of the tenth of Muharram: "By Allah we stay after we are martyred and Allah will send us back when the Mahdi appears."

lmam Al-Sadiq (as) said: "If lmam Al-Mahdi dies lmam Hussain will wash and shroud and will mount him and put him in the grave. And lmam Sadiq (as) said: No one comes after a successor but a successor.'

We understand from these words: lmam Hussain and lmam Al-Mahdi and lmam Musa Al-Kathim are 3 lmams who should be obeyed in the (known time). But this cannot be right, because Ahlulbait said: There are no two lmams talking in the same time.

Husham bin Salim asked lmam Sadiq (as): "Are there two lmams in this time? He said: No, just one of them, a silent one and the other one is speaking. There are never two lmams speaking in the same time."

So, We conclude from all this that it must be lmam Musa Al-Kathim who is lmam Hussain.

Now, we come back again to the words of lmam Musa Al-Kathim (as):
"l am in my time that Musa Al-Kathim."
This means he has another incarnation and has another name.

Mohammed's will on the night of his death, told his nation: There will be an lmam who comes out with lmam Al-Mahdi, his name (Ahmad).

So the result is that lmam Musa Al-Kathim (as) is himself lmam Hussain and Ahmad.


Karbala BBS.jpg

All those narrations confirm the truthfulness of the proofs of the blessed Black Banners of the East, that Imam Musa Al-Kazim (as) is the Qa'im of the Family of Muhammad (sawas), and he is Al-Hussain (as), and Al-Hussain is the promised Yamani (as), Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as).

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) said:
"And the whole world will see a new Karbala on this earth, a Karbala which has Al-Hussein and his companions who are a few calling to the Truth, to the Supremacy of Allah, and refusing the supremacy of people, the American democracy, and the Saqifa of the deviant clerics. A Karbala which has Shareeh Al-Qathi and Shimr bin Thul Jawshan and Shibth bin Rabiy, the deviant clerics who commanded the killing of Al-Hussein. A Karbala which has Yazeed, bin Ziyad, Sirjaun, and the Romans (who are America) behind them. And the world will see an epic battle of a new message of Jesus the Son of Mary upon the Holy land. And it will be a Holy Land which has Jesus and his disciples, who are a few, oppressed, afraid that the people would harm their faith. It will be a Holy Land which has the clerics of the Jews who demand the killing of Jesus, and the Romans (the Americans) who comply with their demands and try to kill Jesus. Jesus pbuh said,
O deviant clerics, the matter of Allah is not as you wish or choose, but for death you are building the dwelling, and for ruin you are building and constructing, and for the inheritor you are paving the way.
All the epic battles were and will be on this land. That is how the Lord willed it, so let the will of the Lord happen. He is the One to take victory for His supporters, prophets, and messengers,
{And verily Our word went forth of old unto Our servant messengers, that verily they would be victorious and that Our soldiers would verily be triumphant.}
The Lord of Muhammad will be victorious over the oppressors in this land. He will be victorious over the offspring of Al-Hussein’s killers because they were satisfied with the action of their fathers. Whoever from you wants to believe, believe and the pure be more pure and the sacred be more sacred, and whoever from you wants to disbelieve, disbelieve and oppress more and become more impure." - Excerpt from Sermon of Hajj

Q& A with Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan regarding the matter of him being Al-Hussain

"Did the Imam a.s. until before his absence in 2007 not know that he a.s. is Hussain?"
Aba Al Sadiq a.s.: "How and he a.s. clearly says it in his sermon and says if willed I would tell you about so and so?"

"Then how does he a.s. says my grandfather Hussain, how can we understand this in light of what you have clarified?"
Aba Al Sadiq a.s.: "The Imam a.s. used to speak to the people during that time as much as what Imam Mahdi a.s. allowed him, and during that time the 313 were not all ready."

"I absolutely believe in the Raja'a, but how can Imam Hussain a.s. be Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan a.s. himself?"
Aba Al Sadiq a.s.: "The same way as Allah swt creates the body of a child, and also the father and the mother create the body of this child, the father in the soul world is a father, and the creation of the soul is by the power of Allah."

- Q&A from 16.05.2016 with Aba Sadiq on Paltalk

We shall also be tested as the nations of the past

The Yamani (as), Ahmad Al-Hassan (as) has come forth with that which no man has come forth with before. Without a doubt he is our Imam Hussain (as) who in Karbala stood against the unjust tyrant rulers and made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of truth and his Lord. He is here today and he is the one who said: Is there anyone to help me?

Today many are here who say Labayk Ya Hussain! Now the test has been forth by The Almighty Allah (swt) as stated in the Book of Allah (swt) the Holy Quran in Surah Al-Ankabut verse 2:
{Do the people think that they will be left to say, "We believe" and they will not be tried? Do you think Imam Hussain (as) will be returned and you will accept him and support him when the past nations did not do so even though they knew of the coming Prophets (pbut). We shall also be tested as the nations of the past. You may read the narrations which speak of the sifting which shall take place...