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Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as)…
is the Vicegerent and Messenger of Imam Al-Mahdi (as) to the Muslims, and the Messenger of Jesus (pbuh) to the Christians, and the Messenger of Elijah (pbuh) to the Jews as mentioned in the Old and New Testament. He is a Messenger from all Prophets (as) to mankind, the promised Savior known in all beliefs who appears in the End Times to restore justice, to guide mankind back to the Supremacy of God, and to unite all Religions upon true monotheism.

1. He is mentioned in the Will of Prophet Muhammad (pbuhaf) which he dictated upon Imam Ali (pbuh) on the night of his death.

He came with the Will of the Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad (pbuhaf) which no one can ever claim except for its rightful claimant, as mentioned by Ahlul Bayt (pbut). And he is the first to ever claim that he is "Ahmed" mentioned in the will, in which the Prophet (sawas) designated the 12 Imams and 12 Mahdis as the infallible Hujjahs of Allah after him (sawas) mentioning the First Mahdi from the 12 Mahdis, who will succeed the 12th Imam Muhammad ibn Hassan (as) by his name "Ahmed" (as).

He also is the promised Yamani described in Shia books of ahadith, who is a sign for the coming of Imam Mahdi (as) who paves the way for the Imam (as) and gathers the people to him. He comes with the Banner of Guidance, and calls to the truth and the Straight Path. The Ahlul Bayt (as) clarified that the Yamani is an infallible authority (Hujjah) of Allah, and that following him is obligatory and turning away from him leads to hellfire.
His title "Yamani" indicates towards his descent from the Prophet (sawas) who called himself Yamani (since Mecca at that time was part of Touhama and Touhama was part of Yemen). The title "Yamani" furthermore symbolizes that he is the right hand of the 12th Imam Muhammad ibn Hassan (as) (yamin – Arabic for "right"), just as Ali (as) was the right hand of Prophet Muhammad (sawas) but it does not mean he is someone who comes forth from the country Yemen.

He is the first of the 313 closest companions of Imam Mahdi (as) and raised the the promised Black Banners from the East in 2015. As the Qaim (riser) of the Family of Muhammed in the End Times he paves the way for Imam Mahdi (as). Even though most Muslims think that the title "Qaim" in the ahadith always refers to Imam Mahdi (as), in fact many times this title refers to the Yamani who actually fights out all major conflicts under the command of Imam Mahdi, establishes the Divine Just State, and then hands it over to Imam Mahdi (as).

2. He came with the weapon of the Messenger of Allah (pbuhaf) which is the Divinely inspired knowledge.
He proves his right from the books of the Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims, Christian and Jews. He speaks to every people with their own books, including Atheists. Rather the proofs of the truthfulness of his call are present in Buddhism and Hinduism. And no one has the ability to disprove this knowledge he came with, for he is more knowledgable of the books of every people than their own knowledge of them.

3. He also came with the Banner of the Supremacy of Allah, the banner of the Messenger of Allah (pbuhaf).
And he is the only one in this age who calls towards the Rulership of Allah and towards acknowledging the Successor of Allah whom He (swt) appoints over his creation, and no one else in this age in the East of the earth or its West is calling towards this Supremacy of Allah and the Divine appointment except him (pbuh).

Taken all together he comes with every possible proof to prove his right and that he is truthful and that he is the Mahdi who is born in the End Times to fill the earth with justice and equality as it has been filled with oppression and injustice.

And these 3 things – The Will, The Knowledge, and The Call to the Supremacy of Allah – are The Law of Knowing the Proof of Allah (Hujjah) as it is present in the Holy Quran, and rather in all the Divine Religions, and it is what the previous Prophets and Vicegerents (pbut) argued with their people with.

Furthermore Allah supported him by thousands of visions (News from the Unseen) which people from all over the worlds saw about him, people who come from different nationalities, religions, and backgrounds, they saw Prophets and Vicegerents testifying to them that Ahmed Al-Hassan is truthful and that it is obligatory to follow him and believe in him. And Allah supported him by a lot of miracles as He (swt) supported his previous Successors. Furthermore Allah (swt) confirmed him (as) to those truth seekers who asked through istikharas.

All praises belong to Allah, Who has made us know the Imam of our time.

Are you ready?

Yamani black flags.jpg

Mankind must prepare themselves for the hidden knowledge and secrets that are and will be revealed through the First Mahdi Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), because however much people try to decipher the narrations of the Family of Muhammed (sawas) pertaining to the Companion of the Matter (as) and his rise – they will not succeed.

Rather the mysterious and hidden matters will be revealed by the Companion of the Matter (as) himself, and he guides to hidden matters and restores Islam in an unexpected way just as Imam Baqir (as) said: "And the Mahdi is called the Guide, because he guides to a secret matter." – Ghaiba Al-Numani, p.243

Furthermore the Ahlul Bayt (as) talked about one of the ultimate proofs that the Qaim brings forth…
And the following are undoubtedly the two most staggering details of the call of Ahmed Al-Hassan the Yamani…

Imam Al-Baqir (as) said: "When our Qaim rises, he will call the people to a new matter, as the Messenger of Allah (sawas) called. And verily, Islam started as something strange, and it will return as something strange, so glad tidings to the strangers." - Ghaybat Al-No’mani P336, Bihar Al-Anwar V52 P366

Malek Al-Jihni says to Abu Jaafer (as): "We describe the companion of the matter with a description that not one of the people has. So he said (as): "No By Allah! It shall not be that at all until he himself holds it as an alibi against you, and calls you to him." – Gaibat Al Numani p.377

And Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) clarified, that every soul has a father in the Soul World and that his direct father from the Soul World is Imam Mahdi (as) but not in the physical world.

And furthermore he revealed that the concept of reincarnation is indeed a truth and that he (as) is the reincarnation of Imam Hussayn (as). So Al-Hussayn (as) the Grandson of the last Prophet of God who had been martyred has come back in our time as the promised Yamani to bring Divine Justice. He took it upon himself to prove these details and to prove that all the Prophets and Messengers and Pure ones have also returned at this time, because it is a special time – the End Times, the time of the appearance of Imam Mahdi (as) – which will not repeat.

Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (a.s) in explaining the passage of the Qur'an which says: "Then, returned We unto you the turn [to prevail] against them and aided you..." (The Holy Quran 17:6) says that by "returned" is meant the return of Al-Husayn, who will be accompanied by his seventy-two companions who were killed with him on the battlefield of Karbala'. The companions will announce the return of Al-Husayn to the people. At the same time, the Imam says the Mu'min should not doubt him, since he is neither Dajjal nor Iblis. The Q'aim will be among the people. When the people have gained certainty about his being Al-Husayn (a.s), the Qa'im will die, and al-Husayn will perform his funeral rites and bury him." - Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 51 p. 102

Dear truthseekers,
let us compare the steps and progression of the divine call of Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) to the thousands of years old prophecies of the Imams of the Family of Mohammed (pbut) and the great Sayed, Prophet Mohammed (pbuhaf) himself.

No matter how bewildering these news might seem, remember…
{Who listen to speech and follow the best of it. Those are the ones Allah has guided, and those are people of understanding.} – Holy Quran 39:18

Ponder and investigate the proofs without haste but with a clear and open heart, and contemplate deeply on the profound nature of the happenings…

The picture that emerges is one of undeniable harmony between the prophecies and the facts, which has unfolded and is unfolding today, at the hands of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh). A harmony, which even by the most cunning of deceivers could never have fabricated.

Brief History of the Call (Dawah) & Biography of Ahmed Al-Hassan

Episode 7 of "The Arrived Series" spread the news of the Yamani to a broader audience

Ahmed Al-Hassan had started his mission as the Yamani in 1999 and called the people to Allah (swt) he went into a silent absence in 2008 due to the weak belief, lack of support, and misdeeds of his early companions.

After 6 years he returned and gathered his 40 closest Ansar. Only 1,5 years later on the day King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia died (23rd Jan 2015) he took 12 of them to meet Imam Mahdi (as) giving them the task to spread the news of the return of Imam Mahdi (as) among the people. He thereby fulfilled the promise of Prophet Muhammed (sawas) to give the glad tidings of the return of Imam Mahdi (as).
This way Imam Mahdi (as) and his right hand the Yamani (as) returned together (as) to the people, while the 12 closest Ansar were ordered to raise the Black Banner, and expose all corruption of the Dawah that had taken place in his absence.

During Ahmed Al-Hassan's silent absence his former companions had conspired against him (pbuh) and had opened an illegitimate office and a satellite channel in his name claiming to be in continuous contact and the way of communication with him (as). They had published books in his name mixing what they had learnt from him and what they had seized of his documents with their own lies and false information. They even went so far to create a fake "Ahmed Al-Hassan" identity using a fake fb-profile on which they posted audio-recordings of a voice imitator and made this voice imitator also give speeches on Paltalk.
Thereby the Shuyukh of the Illegitimate Office became his fiercest enemies who completely usurped the right of the Imam (as) just like Omar and Abu Bakr usurped the right of the Prophet (sawas), and they have disbelived in him like the evil Samiri scholars had disbelieved in Musa (as). This conspiracy is like the fitnah of the Calf in Musa’s (as) time – while the Calf is the Office and the non-working scholars in it, and the sound of the Calf is the fabricated sound of the Imam on the fake facebook-profile.

One could ask himself: How could the Shuyukh of the Illegitimate Office have the audacity to do so, and were they not afraid from the return of the real Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), and Imam Mahdi (as)?
The answer is that their inner never really accepted Ahmed Al-Hassan as the vicegerent of Allah (swt) and that they nowadays believe him to be dead. You can read more about this here.

From January the 23rd 2015 on upon the order of Imam Mahdi (as) the 12 closest Ansar therefore exposed this disastrous fitnah and raised the Black Banner calling the Ansar to give victory to Imam Mahdi (as) and Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) under it. At all times they asked the Ansar to turn to Allah (swt) to know, if the news they brought were truth or lies… But nevertheless the majority of Ansar belied them and continued to follow the Illegitimate Office fulfilling another prophecy of the Ahlul Bayt (as).

During the time of the silent absence of the Imam Illegitimate Office in Najaf spread the Yamani Dawah mixing the real proofs from ahadith and the life of Ahmed Al-Hassan with all kinds of wrong information. Nevertheless they managed to spread the Yamani Dawah in the Arabic countries further so that until today the Illegitimate Office has the biggest number of Ansari followers.
But due to Allah's mercy and kindness Abdullah Hashem believed in the news which the 12 brought and pledged allegiance to Ahmed Al-Hassan and Imam Mahdi under the Black Banner. He turned against the Office for whom he had previously produced videos, when he was believing them to be the representatives of the Yamani Ahmed Al-Hassan. Then Abdullah Hashem started to produce the Black Banner Series calling people to pledge allegiance to the one and only real Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), the leader of the Black Banners.
And finally in December 2017 the opening of The Black Banners of the East Satellite Station via Nilesat finally took place. The official satellite station of Imam Al-Mahdi (as) was on air.

Information about Ahmed Al-Hassan

Truth vs lie.png

As mentioned above the Illegitimate Office have published many materials during Ahmed Al-Hassan's silent absence, and reaching Arabic speakers as well as an international audience.

Unfortunately they constantly mixed the true teachings of Ahmed Al-Hassan, which naturally have a big power of attraction, with their own false teachings in order to collect a high number of followers for their own sake, desiring to have the authority of an infallible Imam over the believers.

The information about Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) are on the one hand narrations which show clearly that he is the promised Yamani, the first of the twelve Mahdis after the twelve Imams and the Qaim of the family of Muhammed (sawas) in the End Times, who gathers people under the Black Banner of the Ahlul Bayt for the Mahdi (as).

On the other hand there is information about the Ahmed Al-Hassan's life before and after his dispatch as the Yamani (as). Since the Top Criminals from the Illegitimate Office are the ones who took charge of recording and publishing this kind of information about the Imam (as) – the information was corrupted from the beginning on.

Therefore in the following it will always be annotated which part of the information that is available about Ahmed Al-Hassan on the internet is reliable and which parts were fabricated.

Sermons of Ahmed Al-Hassan

Warning: Only the following 4 sermons are authentic…
All other sermons which have been attributed to Ahmed Al-Hassan are either corrupted or scripted by the Illegitimate Office and some of them recorded by their voice-imitator, whom they use to fabricate audio-recordings or to play the Imam on Paltalk.
See the table "Original publications vs. faked publications" for more information.

"Sermon of the story of meeting Imam Mahdi (as)"

If you want to know how Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan's (as) mission started, then listen to the "Sermon of the story of meeting Imam Mahdi (as)", or read the transcript.

"The Sermon of Hajj"

If you want to know about Ahmed Al-Hassan's call to the Supremacy of Allah (swt) and his stance towards the corrupt scholars then listen to "The Sermon of Hajj" (transcript) as well as his "Sermon to their big one, so they might return to Him".

Note: You can find a clarification regarding Ahmed Al-Hassan's (as) stance on scholars like Sayyed Khomeini, Sayyed Muhammad Baqer Al-Sadr and Sayyed Muhammad Muhammad Sadiq Al-Sadr (whom he mentions in this sermon) here.

"Letter to their leader, lest they may return "

Transcript of the "A letter to their leader, lest they may return to Him"

"Sermon to the Students of the Howza"

Transcript of the "Sermon to the Students of the Howza"

Books of Ahmed Al-Hassan

There are only 2 books out of all the books published by the Illegitimate Office in the name of Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) which have only very few distortions and can be called authentic. All the other books were greatly distorted or completely fabricated by the illegitimate Office.
You find an overview of all publications here.

These 2 most reliable and least distorted books are…

"The Book of Monotheism"

The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Channel presents to you the "Book Of Monotheism" as a series. Here is part 1...

Translation of "The Book of Monotheism" as pdf and left hand its Arabic original cover

"The Book of Monotheism" talks about the concept of real monotheism in Islam, and helps the reader to realize his incapability of truly knowing Allah (swt)...

The Book Of Monotheism is one of two entirely authentic books (undistoreted by the Illegitimate Office). For further information see the table "Original publications vs. faked publications".

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) says in it:
"Monotheism is the Straight Path, and it is sharper than the sword, and thinner than a hair. And it has been clarified that deviating away from it or swerving from it leads the human being into Shirk (associating with Allah) and Kufr (disbelief). For that reason, [a person] must know it [with] a very accurate knowing in order that the human being passes by it to a noble Akhira (hereafter) and [to] a Paradise whose vastness is [equal to that of] the Heavens and The Earth, which has been made for the god-fearing working knowing ones. So it is upon the human being not to waste his chance and to search accurately and work night and day in order that he may reach the Truth and Monotheism.
And know that sleeping in garbage dumps and eating barley bread is too much for the safety/ righteousness of Religion. So praise be to Allah whom have bestowed upon us the blessing of guidance with well-being and Mercy from Him. And all praises be to Allah whom has preferred us/ [sent His] Favor upon us, and has treated us with Kindness. And all praises be to Allah for every blessing He has bestowed upon me and upon my parents and my son and the believing men and the believing women and upon each one of His creation until The Hour rises."

"The Calf"

The Arabic original version of "The Calf Vol 1" and "The Calf Vol 2"

In the book "The Calf Vol 1" & "The Calf Vol 2" Imam Ahmed (as) warns the reader from fitnahs through corrupt Samiri scholars like in the time of Musa (as).

It contains many prophecies which came true during the fitnah of the Illegitimate Office and its non-working scholars. And it once more demonstrates that the non-working scholars always were their fiercest enemies of the prophets and messengers, who either tried to kill their bodies or their reputation and always will be.

You can read about the non-working scholars of the End Times (the time of the Qaim) here.

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan furthermore announced the following books

Announced contents of "The Lord of the Easts and the Wests"

  • "[…] I will publish a book which is called: "The Lord of the Easts and the Wests" in which I explain the details of this matter and I provide the proofs for whoever wants the proof that Gog and Magog are a creation who are different than the creation of the children of Adam (as) […]"- Answer from 14th July 2015
  • "…all these questions and more in the book (The Lord of the Easts and the Wests) in which I will explain with the tangible physical proof, and in which I provide knowledge to whoever wants knowledge, and [in which I explain] how to communicate with the creatures of this great universe in an uncomplicated and flexible way, and shortening the distances and the light years and converting them to kilometer distances in an easy and flexible way and by an insignificant/small cost, instead of spending billions in money so that they go to near distances such as the moon and other planets in which they will find nothing except for information which is equal to nothing compared to this information which is present in this vast space. …" – Answer from 29th July 2015

Lineage of Ahmed Al-Hassan as Soul-Son of Imam Mahdi

The Ahlul Bayt (as) talked about one of the prophesied ultimate proofs that the Qaim brings forth…

Malek Al-Jihni says to Abu Jaafer (as): "We describe the companion of the matter with a description that not one of the people has. So he said (as): "No By Allah! It shall not be that at all until he himself holds it as an alibi against you, and calls you to him." – Gaibat Al Numani p.377

The matter which has been revealed by Ahmed Al-Hassan is the following…

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan is the direct son of Imam Mahdi in terms of the Soul World, therefore his true name which people cannot handle is Ahmed ibn Mohammed ibn Al-Hassan al-Askari (as).

In terms of physical descent Sayyed Ahmed Al-Hassan is the son of Ismaeel Salih, and not a physical son from Imam Mahdi (as) (in the fifth generation) like the Illegitimate Office claims.
Even though before Imam Ahmed's return from his silent absence in 2015 the Ansar used to believe in this claim and used to defend it with ahadiths. Because indeed there are ahadiths which speak about Imam Mahdi's (as) children, like the following…

But in Episode 9 we learn that Imam when Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) was asked about the narration which says that Al-Hussein (as) comes out with the Imam who does not have a lineage Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) replied: "The narration is true, and it is about Imam Mahdi Muhammad son of Al-Hassan (as), and he does not have a lineage from his seed."

And in he (as) explained that every human being has a father in this physical world, also every soul has a father, and that the father in the world of the souls is not necessarily the father in this physical world.

Therefore from what the real Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan revealed in Episode 9 it becomes clear that those ahadiths which mention the 'children' of Imam Mahdi refer to his 'spiritual children' and cannot be used to refute the concept of Imam Mahdi (as) as the childless Imam.

To understand the concept of Spiritual Kinship better you may watch episode 9 and read the short paragraph "Ahme Al-Hassan brought forth the Kinship in the Soulworld as an ultimate proof".

Pictures of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan

In June 19th, 2017 on Paltalk Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) was asked...

Mohammed Make: "Fine, remove the picture and let him speak to us directly. Let the owner of the picture appear to us.

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) answered...
foon_mik: "What country are you from, O Muhammed?"

Mohammed Make: From Iraq, Karbala.

foon_mik: "What will you benefit from seeing me?
Do you think that you will see a person with a shining face like in the movies and shows?
That is what they believe in, my son Baseer. (speaking to pure brother Baseer who was on the mic at that moment)
This is what they have portrayed to the people." - See Paltalk transcript as pdf

Imam Ahmed and brother Muhammed Ismaeel Salih.png

In this picture is the older brother of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) Syed Mohammed Ismaeel Salih (on the left), so is anyone going to deny that this is Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) in the adjacent photo? Surely not. Another proof that the illegitimate office in Najaf and its criminal representatives (who try to deny this fact) are liars.

And Ahmed Murad (one of the 12 chieftains a.s.) said on Dec 30, 2015 on Paltalk: "We challenge the entire world that this is the true picture of the Father a.s... A new picture of the Father a.s. in his current age will be posted when Allah swt permits. Then there will be the crushing strike which will turn the world upside down. You will be informed of it and prepared for it before this great event takes place."

To those who denied the picture of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) which Aba Sadiq Abdullah Hashem (as) had published long time ago.
The following picture is for you, lest you be guided.

These are old pictures of Imam Ahmed Al-Hasan (pbuh) as student in the Engineering School at the University of Basrah, as well his name listed in the graduation yearbook.

These pictures have been published by Abdullah Hashem (as) on the 06.10.2016 via facebook.
A huge proof for the Black Banners!

Furthermore Aba Sadiq answered the following question in a Paltalk Q&A session on the 02.05.2016:

"When the Imam a.s appears, will he appear with the image of the picture we see on facebook or with a different image?"
"Aba Sadiq a.s.: Yes inshaAllah, with the same image. And the Imam a.s today resembles Imam Al-Kathim a.s the most."

Who is still denying that the companions of the Black Banners of the East know more about Ahmed (as) than the hypocrites of the illegitimate office??
After today no one will deny the picture of the Father (as) except for a stubborn one or a hypocrite. And how wretched those ones are!
May Allah curse the office and the Calf and Samiri. Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammad wa Alee Muhammad alAemma wal Mahdiyeen wa sallem tasleema.

The appearance of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan & Imam Mahdi (pbut) with voice and image

In August 2016 Imam Ahmed al-Hassan promised a great promise...

that this satellite channel will air the very first speech, in audio and video, of Imam Mahdi (pbuhahf) and his Vicegerent the first Mahdi Imam Ahmed al-Hassan (pbuh)...

Read in depth about this great promise in depth, and when it will be fullfilled.

In this context you may read why this public appearance on the Black Banners of the East Satellite Station will be the Greater Sayha.

The Infallibility of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan

25.04.2016 Aba Sadiq's (as) Paltalk Speech on Infallibility (also available as pdf)

Aba Al-Sadiq (as) mentioned in his Paltalk Speech on Infallibility that the ones who have inherent infallibility (meaning from birth till death they never committed one mistake nor one sin) are only the 14 infallibles (as), meaning The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (sawas), Lady Fatima Al-Zahraa (as), Imam Ali (as), Imam Al-Hassan (as), Imam Al-Hussayn (as), and the Imams (as) until Imam Mahdi (sawas).
So what about the first Mahdi Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as)? Is his infallibility inherent (from birth to death), or earned (earned infallibility means he was not born infallible, rather he earned infallibility at some point in his life through his sincerity and dedication to Allah swt)?

As for Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), when he was in his round as Imam Al-Hussayn (as) and as Imam Musa Al-Kazim (as), his infallibility was inherent. But in this round, as Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), his infallibility is an earned infallibility, and not an inherent infallibility.
Aba Al-Sadiq (as) said that Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) said:
"Ahmed Al-Hassan who is present in this time (in this round), his infallibility is an earned infallibility. And the one who has given me and taught me to protect myself (be infallible) is my father (Muhammad ibn Al-Hassan sawas) who has disciplined me and taught me and my brother the son of Mary a.s.."

The concept of infallibility

And we find that Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) has indicated towards this matter in the Sermon of the Meeting, where he (as) mentioned that he used to think that the Academic Hawza in Najaf was the last castle which represents the truth in the world! That was before his father (Imam Mahdi (sawas)) informed him (as) of the great misguidance and deviations present in the Hawza.
Also in the same sermon Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) mentions that Imam Mahdi (sawas) for a while was disciplining him and giving him directions by which he would reach the levels of the divine best manners.

The following is an excerpt from the Sermon of the Meeting. Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) said:
“In the mausoleums of the two Imams, Al-Hadi and Al-‘Askari, was my first meeting with Imam Al-Mahdi in this Physical World. And in this meeting I came to know Imam Al-Mahdi and this meeting was many years ago. And after this meeting, I had many meetings with him, may peace be upon him, and he made known and clear to me many things.
But he did not command me to deliver any message to anyone at that time rather, he would give me directions so that I became disciplined/mannered and obedient and so that I reach the levels of the divine best manners.
And he blessed me with knowledge and informed me about serious deviations in the Hawza of Najaf at that time, whether it be knowledge deviations, practical deviations, social political or economical deviations. Or deviations of some of the symbols of this Hawza, and this process was a very painful to me.since this represented the collapse of the last castle which I thought represented the truth in this world. For me it represented the corruption of salt, for everything corrupted can be fixed by salt but what if the salt goes bad? It was a painful and sad and scary process all in the same time, the Imam made me see the Oppression and Tyranny and Corruption.
And he left me face to face with this not knowing what to do, should I return from where I came? A question that every time I would ask myself, the answer would be that I have now become a stranger in the midst of the Hawza of Najaf. With what I knew of truth, how could I not be even stranger to the people of this world?”

And furthermore read the following Q&A from 02.05.2016 with Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan & Aba Sadiq on Paltalk:

Q.6: "Is the infallibility of Imam Hussain a.s. in this round inherit or earned?"

And Aba Sadiq a.s.: "In the round of Al-Hussain a.s. it was inherit, and he a.s. is from the people of the cloak, but in this round it is earned and Imam Ahmed Al Hassan made small mistakes and not big ones.
But Allah swt has made the people forget his mistakes, and no one can point out a mistake of his today."

Our obligation to identify the truthful claimant

Ahmed does not need servants.jpg

"So many muslims are saying they do not want to investigate into Ahmed Al Hassan since it is well known that there are so many impostors and false claimants out there. That is true. And what does it mean if there are people that falsely claim to be a certain person chosen by Allah such as Imam Al Mahdi a.s. or the Yamani a.s.? Exactly it means that there has to be one person who is the legitimate claimant.

Now how in the world will you ever be able to identify the truthful claimant if you just sit back and say there are so many false claimants out there so i am not even going to research because Ahmed Al Hassan will surely be one of the false claimants. How do you know?

We have quoted to the verse from the Holy Quran so often, which states that it is your duty to research and look into a news that is brought to you even if it would be from a disobedient one. Sura 49 Vers 6:
{O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful.}

We hear all the time that muslims agree and say yes, there will be only a very small group with Imam Al Mahdi a.s. most of the people will reject and deny and not recognize him, now my question is, does that not worry you? Do you believe that you will naturally be among this small group of believers, what makes you believe that? And just to be clear, none of us is saying we are safe and chosen to be among the people who will rise with the Qaim of the Family of Muhammad a.s. since we all can still fall.

I just don't understand how most muslims take this matter so lightly.
How is it possible that we hear so often something along the lines "well as long as we are believe in Allah, everything will be fine"? Did not Iblis worship Allah swt for thousands of years? Iblis believes in Allah swt until this very day and never doubted in Allah, but is Iblis l.a. safe and going to heaven?

Iblis l.a. refused to bow down to the one person that was chosen by Allah swt and that Allah swt commanded him to submit to. Hence your test, our test is not to believe in Allah since even the devil himself believes in Allah. Our test is to believe and submit in the one that is chosen by Allah swt to be our guide, and in each time this is a certain person. So our test is to find this person and not sit back and except the person to find us. We all have so many different means to figure out if someone is a truthful infallible Hujjah, such as proofs from Ahadeeth and Quran, visions, Istikharas, proof of his knowledge of the Unseen, the calling to Allah swt and so on, so we should use them." - fb-post by a BBS-Sister

Note: You are welcome to read about the "Law of Knowing the Hujjah" mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Have you sincerely researched and scrutinized into the proofs of this Holy call?

Lady Norhan Ale Al-Mahdi wrote on facebook...

Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you
{The people's time of reckoning has approached, while they are in heedlessness turning away. There comes to them no reminder from their Lord except that they listen to it while playing} - Holy Qur'an, Surat alAnbiyaa
A question to all the Muslims Shia or Sunnis who believe in the appearance of the Awaited Mahdi (pbuh): You know that it is obligatory to give him allegiance and submit to him (pbuh), so how would you recognize him (pbuh) when he appears?
Prophet Muhammad (pbuhahf) and Ahlul Bayt (pbut) have informed the nation in accurate details on how to recognize him (pbuh) when he appears
And today we have held tight to the Thaqalyn (the two weighty things) so we recognized him (pbuh) through the ways which Prophet Muhammad (pbuhahf) and his Family (pbut) have commanded us to stick to in order to know him, so we have believed in him and pledged allegiance to him
O people, Imam al-Hussein (pbuh) has returned, just as Prophet Muhammad (pbuhahf) and his Ahlul Bayt (pbut) have promised, and he is the first Mahdi Imam Ahmed alHassan (pbuh)
Have you sincerely researched and scrutinized into the proofs of this Holy call?
Have you asked Allah (swt) about it before you asked your scholars whom The Prophet (sawas) and his Family (pbut) said about that they will be the greatest enemies to Imam Mahdi (pbuh)?
Sufficient is Allah as a witness.
Is there anyone to support him?

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