How Christianity was distorted

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Distorting Christianity as one of the major world religions is something the devil worked really hard on.
Until today truth and falsehood got mixed so much by people having hatred against God that nowadays the religion named after Prophet Jesus is shattered - and needs to be uncovered and put right by the savior who is being expected by all religions in this era.

Today Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is revealing many secrets about what really happened in Jesus' time, and rectifies the true teachings of Jesus that were distorted right after he had left, and brings to light those of Jesus teachings that had been hidden for a long time...
And most importantly he is showing how all true religions are one and the same - the religion of God, and how all prophets were connected, and clearly shows how certain truth that are shocking to the mainstream today had been taught by Jesus in the past, but got rejected, and buried by history...

The Link between Christianity and Islam

The Holy Father & Similarities Between Catholicism & Shiite Islam

This epsisode states, that…

  • The prophets and messengers throughout time, according to the scriptures, are a chain of men boundby holy blood. Fathers and sons. Successors, one after the other. But what about Jesus Christ? Is he a broken link in the chain? Is the pope truly his rightful successor?
  • The way the Catholic pope is elected is a corrupted process, stemming from the distortion of Christianity
  • Interestingly the Shia Muslims also believe there must be one true vicegerent of God just like the Catholic Christians
  • There must be one true church of God, and one true pope for all mankind

Prophet Mani - the missing link between Jesus and Muhammed

This epsisode states, that…

  • It had been preseved in the Gnostic Gospels - which were discovered in 1945, in Egypt, near the caves of Nag Hammadi in the Egyptian desert by a farmer - that Jesus was not practicing or preaching celibacy but rather was married to his closest apostle Mary Magdalene
  • Some epistels of todays mainstream Bible may have been written over 1000 years later than the "Lost Gospels". This means that the Gnostic Gospels are not less reliable then the biblical gospels, but got excluded from the bible only due to their content.
  • Jesus had a son with Mary Magdalene called Mani who was a prophet too and succeeded him as the next representative of God in the unbroken chain of prophets - all connected through the same bloodline.
  • Hence the Holy Grail is a symbol for Mary Magdalene who was the vessel for the blood of Christ through giving birth to Prophet Mani - continuing that holy bloodline which connects all prophets from the first prophet Adam, to Jesus, to the last prophet Muhammed.
  • One might read the famous Bible quote as follows "For God so loved the world that he (Jesus) gave his only begotten son (Mani), that whiever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. - Book of John 3:16
    This is because following the true representative of God is the key to eternal life (paradise).
  • There was a Christian sect called the Cathars, who knew that Jesus was succeded by his son Prophet Mani and guarded the secret of this holy bloodline. The Roman Catholic Church persecuted and exterminated this sect, because it was clearly showing that not the church but that line of succesors was entitled to God-given leadership.
  • In summary: Adhering to the true and unbroken line of succesorship of God's representatives - which the enemies of God contantly seek to smudge and erase all traces of - is adhering to the true unified religion of God.
  • And this true religion of God has surviced and continued through the true sucessor of Jesus' lineage - his heir Prophet Mani.

Reincarnation, Twelve Apostles & The Truth About The Crucifixion

This epsisode states, that…

  • The twelve apostles often failed to understand Jesus and could not handle his secret knowledge. But Mary Magdalene was the only disciple who stood by Jesus side and was worthy of his secrets. Simon Peter asks Mary to reveal the secrets, which Jesus entrusted her with, saying: “Sister, we know the saviour loved you more than any other woman. Tell us what the saviour told you, his words as you remember them. Only you know them, but we do not because we never heard them.”​ - Gospel of Mary​
  • The Gnostic Gospel recorded that 18 month after the crucifixion Jesus walks in on his disciples who are busy compiling his words. He asked them to come with him, but they arrogantly refused to follow their master and thought they had enough knowledge to preach
  • Jesus ​was meant to die on the cross​ - at the end of his ministry. But after just three years already the people abandoned him and Judas betrayed him. If Jesus had left the world then, his life and message would have been cut short too soon. So Jesus asked God for permission to bypass the crucifiction - not out of fear of death - but so he could continue his mission.
  • We find it in the Gnostic Gospels, and the Quran that Jesus did not die on the cross, but a look-alike. It says in the Quran: “That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah"; -but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not.” ​Quran 4:157​
  • The Jewish people during Jesus’ time, not only believed in reincarnation but in immediate transmigration of souls - meaning that a soul travels from one living body to another. And Jesus did exactely this - he willingly switched bodies to be able to continue his mission.
  • We read in the Gnostic Gospels "They struck me with the reed;​ it was ​​another, Simon, who bore the cross on his shoulder​.". And we read in the Bible "“As they were coming out, they found a man of Cyrene named Simon, whom they pressed into service to bear His cross.” ​Matthew 27:32" Jesus said it was another one, Simon, who took his place. After Jesus was tortured as he marched bearing the crosson his back his body collapsed and at that very moment Jesus’ soul departed his body and entered the body of Simon of Cyrene, and the sould of Simon of Cyrene entered Jesus’ and died in his place on the cross.
  • Simon of Cyrene was a spiritual disciple of Jesus. Jesus had ​not only physical disciples but spiritual ones, too. We read in the Bible that Jesus was accompanied by the souls of Elijah and Moses and other souls of prophets who wanted to learn from him. And the Quran speaks about a youth who volunteered to take Jesus place on the cross. This youth was one of his spiritual disciples and an angel.
  • According to the gospels, the crucifixion took place on a Friday, and three days later, on a Sunday, Jesus he first appeared to Mary Magdalene, and later to his disciples - but noone recognized him - because he appeared each time in a different body. All those sightings of Jesus after he had supposedly died where people did not recognize him make sense if we understand that some souls are granted the ability to willingly exit a body (to die in a a sense) and to enter another. Jesus laid down his own life and picked it up once again, because he wished to accomplish the mission God had assigned him with.
  • Jesus left Judea 40 days after the crucifiction and assumed the name a name encoded with a clue - “the twin" (Didymous) - "Didymous Judas Thomas" who history thinks of as an "apostle of Jesus" while it was acutally Jesus himself. This secret was also hidden in the Gospel of Thomas: “These are the secret sayings that the ​living Jesus​ spoke and Didymos Judas Thomas recorded.”" Hence the man who appeared to King Abgar and converted an entire kingdom to Christianity was Christ himself. His heavenly twin spirit, was none other than Jesus, in the flesh.
  • The Gnostic Gospel continues: ​“And he said, "Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death. Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all.” ​Gospel of Thomas 1 Of course coming to know the true life of Jesus and his the way he continued his mission for God changes everyhting the mainstream knew about him.
  • The pupil of Didymous Judas Thomas called "Saint Mari" was actually Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene, like Jesus, left Judea and assumed a new identity. Mary became Mari, the companion of Judas Thomas Addai. In public, a disciple of Jesus, but in private, she was the prophet’s wife. We find a hint to that again hidden in the Lost Gospels: "Jesus said, "See, I will ​draw​ her so as to make her male, so that she too may become a living male spirit, like you males.” ​Gospel of Thomas, 11
  • Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and had a son named "Mani" his sucessor prophet, from whom the line of prophets continued all the way to Prophet Muhammed
  • Prophet Muhammed said "Of my tradition is to marry. So then whoever turns away from my tradition is not from me.” And, indeed, all of the prophets and messengers throughout time, have upheld this tradition. Jesus was no exception. Jesus and Mary Magdalene married and had a family. In the Gospel of Thomas we find ​a clear prophecy of history’s mischaracterisation of his wife as a prostitute. And an indication that they became father and mother. Jesus said: “Whoever knows the father and the mother will be called the child of a whore.” - ​Gospel of Thomas, 105
  • The extra years allowed Jesus to preserve his true message. All along, Jesus was meant to deliver certain knowledge; In his later years, he was finally able to do so. His teachings were recorded. And Mani’s teachings were recorded. And these are the teachings, which provide the missing link between Christianity and Islam.
  • Jesus taught his son, one on one. When Mani was 12 years old, Jesus revealed to him the secrets of his past. For the next 12 years, he prepared his son to be the successor of his call. And at the age of24, Mani went forth to preach his ministry. For four decades, Mani spread his doctrine far and wide until he was met with a cruel and unusual end, with a death mirroring the crucifixion. He was flayed alive, his skin, stuffed and nailed to a cross. Mani paid the ultimate price for teaching the truth... but his life fulfilled part of Jesus’ mission.
  • The truth about the link between Jesus and Muhammed was hidden, until right at this point in history, when all of the signs of the end times have appeared in the world.
  • The revelation of the true life of Jesus - about his life and the sucession after him - found in the "Lost Gospels" is a fulfilment of a prophecy. In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus said: “Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you. For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. And there is nothing buried that will not be raised." ​Gospel of Thomas 5​.
    Similarly, a Manichaean prophecy, written in the time of Mani, states: ​“A thousand books will be preserved... they will come into the hand of the just and the faithful [the] ​Gospel​ and the Treasury of Life​, the ​Pragmateia​ (Prag-ma-tia) and the ​Book of Mysteries​, the ​Book of Giantsand the ​Epistles​, the ​Psalms​ and [the] ​Prayers​ of my lord, his Icon and his Revelations, his Parables and his Mysteries... How many will be lost? How many will be destroyed? A thousandl ost, another thousand recovered; for they will find them at the end. They will kiss them, and say: "O Wisdom of Greatness, O Armor of the Apostle of Light! When you were lost... where did they find you?" ... And you shall find them reading them aloud, uttering the name [of each book] among them: the name of its lord... and the name of those who gave all [for it to be written]... and the name of the scribe who wrote it... and of the one who punctuated it... (Homilies 23.13-25.19)​”
    These books survived so that, in the final hour, sincere truth seekers and true lovers of Jesus would be able to find and follow the legacy he left behind.
  • The Roman Catholic Church wanted to remove the Gnospic Gospels (the Gospel of Thomas) so badly in order to hide the link between Christianity and Islam. By disrupting the chain of prophets, disrupting the chain of the rightful vicegerents sent by God one after the other - the Roman Catholic Church committed the biggest coverup in the history of mankind
  • Roughly 600 years after Jesus, Prophet Muhammad appeared in Arabia claiming to be a successor in a long chain of men sent by God, including Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. Jesus made it clear that he was not the final proof of God who would come to earth — he often mentioned a character to come, called the comforter or the spirit of truth. “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, [that] shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.” ​John 16:13​. And he said: I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own, but will speak whatever he hears, and he will declare to you the things that are to come. He will glorify me, because he will take what is mine and declare it to you. All that the Father has is mine. For this reason I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you. (John 16:12-15, NRSV)
  • The religious laws Prophet Mani had put in place are extremely similar to Islamic religious laws e.g. prayer times, ablution, quibla, month of fasting, almsgiving preparing the people for the next stage of faith which would arrive with Muhammed (sawas).
  • Muhammed rectified monotheism and clarified, that Jesus was not God himself, but one of the prophets in an unbroken chain. And he talked about the fact that he did not die on the cross. The Quran revealed the truth about the secret second life of Jesus in this verse: “[And mention] when the angels said, "O Mary, indeed Allah gives you good tidings of a word from Him, whose name will be the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary - distinguished in this world and the Hereafter and among those brought near [to Allah]. He will speak to the people in the cradle and as an elder ​and will be of the righteous.” ​Quran3:45-46. ​How could Jesus speak to the people as an elder, if he would have left this world at the age of 33? He would't, meaning Jesus lived until older age.
  • The similarities between Manichaism and Islam plus the fact that Muhammed in the Quran talked about the illusion of the crucifiction, and about the later life of Jesus shows clearly that Muhammad was not the inventor of a new religion. Rather, he was the torchbearer of the one true religion of God and was informed by God about all secrets surrounding Jesus.
  • Since the time of Adam, a day has not passed on this earth without a proof of God, walking amongst us - a guardian, a father, a pope. And these men, the popes throughout time, have always descended from a single family tree - a chain, which carried on from Jesus to his son Mani to his descendant Muhammad and on until this very day.
    But how do we know who to follow today? That question is answered by the will of Prophet Muhammad. Hidden within this statement are the identities of the successors of Jesus in this day and age. Imam Mahdi, Ahmed Al-Hassan and Abdullah Hashem - All true popes, successors, one after the other.
  • They covered up the truth; tried to keep humanity divided; and told us that we were different from one another. They tried to convince us that the God of Islam was not the God of Judaism or Christianity. That the Jesus of the Quran, was somehow different than the Jesus of the Bible. But we are one. And the time has come for us to unite under one leader. One true pope. And now you are faced with a choice: To reject the blood of Christ or to believe in him. To be like the Jewish people in thetime of Jesus, who followed the high priests, and clung to their tired traditions and expectations. Or to be like the followers of Jesus. Now, you have two Popes. Who will you follow?

The Truth Behind The Roman Catholic Church

Check out the whole series...

The Roman Catholic Church boasts over two billion followers and is one of the richest organised religions in the world - in fact, the Roman Catholic Church is one of the richest corporations in the world.
Historically - the Church has committed crimes against humanity on huge levels, and they are rarely held accountable for them... but in this Documentary series, we will clear out their skeletons in the deepest and darkest catacombs.

In our known period, there is no history older, darker, and longer-lasting than that of the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican is guilty - and it is historically proven, of war crimes, espionage on a world scale, influencing and working with the Nazis, cases of child rape and ritual tortures that are too many to count, spiritual deviation, and flat out corruption... not just monetary, but on all levels. This new Documentary series from the Black Banners of the East Satellite Channel, ties all of these aspects together, in an easy-to-understand way --- and finally places accountability upon the Roman Catholic Church on all accounts - when they have evaded responsibility for these actions for so many years. This is a series you do not want to miss... this is a series you should share with everyone you know - because what the Roman Catholic Church has done in the past... what they are doing today... and what they hope to do in the future, affects each and every one of us.

In the first episode, we must first look back at the beginnings of the Church and the foundation it was built upon; understanding that - will help us going forward...

This episode states:

  • Most evil organisation in the last 2000 years, which has penetrated law, military and religion.
  • The Inquisitions, the Holocaust, the American Revolution, the Dark Ages, blasphemous kings & religious leaders, slavery & human trafficking, highest levels of immorality & corruption, Satanism, men & institutions who seek to rule over this world have one thing in common: The Roman Catholic Church.
  • In its history, the church has murdered, raped and tortured millions of innocent humans.
  • Rome never completely fell and it has become very strong today.
  • The Roman Catholic Church is not Christian. They are not followers of Jesus. But they are sun worshipers. They are an extension of Roman paganism. They are worshipers and servants of Satan.

Medieval Islamophobia

This episode reveals that:

  • The word “mosque” comes from the Spanish word mezquita, which means “mosquito” and means ‘little fly’. The expression originated from King Ferdinand of Spain who declared that during the Crusades, he would swat the Muslims like mosquitos. The only place were many Muslims would gather is the masjid. That became origin of the word, “mosque”- the place were the mosquitos prayed.
  • In an effort to defend Christianity and eradicate Islam, Queen Isabella of Castile and her husband, King Ferdinand of Aragon laid siege to Granada and defeated it in 1492. Leading to the end of Muslim rule in Spain, any reminders of the Muslims and Spain were also targeted Birdland is reported to have destroyed over 10,000 Arabic manuscripts in Granada alone.
  • Ferdinand and Isabella sponsored the first voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492 to celebrate their victory over the Muslims. Although the expansion of Muslims into Europe was seen as intolerable the Spanish expansion and colonization of America was celebrated as a successful foreign adventure.
  • Even the first Latin translation of the Quran carried out in 1143 by Robert of Khatyn was incomplete and marred by sarcasm and even obscenity. Its motive was not understanding, but refutation.
  • During the early Middle Ages Christianity largely viewed Islam as a blatant form of heresy and the Prophet Muhammad (sawas) as a false prophet and by the late Middle Ages, Islam was more typically associated with paganism and the Prophet was seen as being inspired by or associated with the devil including the Baphomet.

How pagan customs were introduced into Christianity

The Christmas Tree - Paganism To Tradition

In all forms of Paganism, which is polytheistic in nature, there is an unmistakable reverence to the natural world. Pagan and pre Christian cultures throughout Europe were often tree worshippers. Trees formed a crucial element of their belief systems. Join us in this documentary as we look in to the origins and routes of the Christmas tree.

This episode states:

  • The tradition of a Christmas tree evolves from an ancient pagan practice.
  • For ancient pagan holy days, trees were decorated with ribbons and offerings were left at the foot of the trees, like the tradition of a Christmas tree today.
  • Green trees are mentioned in the Bible in connection with idolatrous worship and child sacrifice.
  • During the 8th century, missionaries from the Roman Catholic Church made their way north (now Germany) and assimilated many pagan customs and traditions in order to convert the people to Christianity. As a result, much of Christianity has fallen victim to this pagan intrusion.

The Pope's Mitre

Known worldwide and to Catholics as The Pope, The Bishop of Rome is the supreme and visible head of the Catholic Church. The Pope is the Bishop of Rome and the head of the entire Catholic Church. But although the Pope is considered to be representing Jesus, there are marked differences in the teachings of Jesus and what the Pope represents. Many over the centuries have questioned the Church’s rituals and practices simply because they cannot be found in the Bible. The mitre hat that the popes wear, though decorated in different ways at different times, is an identical symbol to that on ancient pagan tablets. The presence of these pre-Christian features in the Church indicates that the roots of Christianity are linked to some of the most ancient pagan traditions and symbols.

This episode states:

  • Today the expensive and highly decorated garments that the Pope wears were not adopted from Christianity, but were patterned after those of the Roman emperors The historians have not let it go unnoticed that the vestments of the clergy were legacies from pagan Rome. The mitre hat that the Pope was though decorated in different ways at different times is an identical symbol to that on ancient pagan tablets
  • The most famous so-called Christian symbol is the fish. This symbol is also evident in the clothes worn by the papacy. The clothing worn by the Pope and bishops of the Catholic Church does not resemble traditional Ecclesiatic clothing mentioned in the Bible.
  • The mitre hats that Roman bishops were do not originate from the Bible. What the Pope and bishops wear is a replica of the costumes worn by the ancient pagan priests of Dagon in Babylonian times
  • The Dagon priests wore mitre hats representing the open mouth of the fish as if it were placed upon their heads. And the fish's body was seen extending from that head and mouth, down the priests back worn robe
  • These exact priestly garments adorn the rank of the Christian clergy today
  • According to Alexander Hislop, ”The excavations of Nineveh have put this beyond all possibility of doubt. The papal mitre is entirely different from the mitre of Aaron and the Jewish high priests. Their mitre was a turban. The two-horned mitre, which the Pope wears, when he sits on the high altar at Rome and receives their duration of the Cardinals, is the very mitre worn by Dagon, the fish god of the Philistines and Babylonians.” - The Two Babylons
  • According to Reuben Joseph's book titled, ‘Why Are The Young People Leaving The Church’, the mitre is derived directly from the mitres of the ancient pagan fish-god, Dagon and the goddess Cybele
  • The papal mitre represents a head of Dagon with an open mouth. Which is the reason for the pointed shape and split top. Similarly when the Catholic Pope and bishops observed sideways the open mouth fish head and cape looks remarkably like that of the head of Dagon
  • After Christianity was adopted in the Roman Empire pagan, beliefs had to be reconciled with the new faiths.
  • The transition from polytheism to Christianity was done in a miraculously short period of time, with apparently new survivors of polytheistic worship.
  • Some assumed these practices were transferred into inoffensive witchcraft and superstitions, however history shows that many elements of the pagan religions were incorporated into Christianity in order to ease the transition from paganism to the new faith. Thus the paganism that had spread from Babylon and developed in various nations were merged into the religious system of Rome through rituals and ceremonies.
  • Similarly clothing and other symbolism was also incorporated into the Christian faith in an attempt to convert the pagans of their time to a religion which they would easily identify
  • In Chaldean times, the head of the church was a representative of Dagon. He was considered to be infallible and was addressed as ‘Your Holiness’. Nation subdued by Babylon had to kiss the ring and slip of the Babylonian god-king. The same powers and the same titles are claimed to this day by the Dalai Lama of Buddhism and the Pope. Moreover the vestments of paganism, the fish mitre, and robes of the priests of Dagon are worned by the catholic bishops Cardinals and popes
  • In ancient Babylon, the temple statuary portraying Dagon was characterized by an upper human torso with a lower torso of a fish. Later just the top portion remained as a mitre were the drawers of the fish, slightly opened.
  • The pagan leaders believe that God himself uses fish head mitre. For this reason, religious pagan leaders started to use this mitre as they believed that there were representatives of God on the earth. The possession of a mitre emphasized their elevated position to people. The major quartic right in Dagon's worship who was human sacrifice
  • The fish symbol really had nothing to do with in the South Scripture, but in order to make the fish-god Dagon acceptable in Christian circles, the word fish had to be given a Christian meaning and thus was born the adoption of the pagan fish symbol and fish-god into the worship and symbolism of Christianity
  • The worship of Dagon also affected people's eating habits. The restrictions on Catholics from eating fish on all days except Fridays is not found in the scripture, whether people realize it or not, they are practicing the ancient pagan rite of worshiping Dagon

Easter Eggs

Easter is one of the most popular religious celebrations in the world. It is known for its rabbits, colored eggs, hot cross buns and the return of springtime.
But where did this feast begin and what are the origins of the traditions and customs celebrated on this important day around the world?
What is the source of Easter and the Easter egg celebrations?

This episode states:

  • The celebration of "Easter" comes from the pre-Christian worship of the goddess Eastra, the pagan goddess of Spring and was merged with a Judeo-Christian feast - which commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt mentioned in the chapter Exodus of the Old Testament - in order to encourage conversion. The pagan symbolism of bunnies, easter eggs then overpowered the original symbols of the Passover festival. The worship of Ashtoreth (Eastra) is outrightly condemned in the Bible as it is idolatry.


For most people Halloween is a fun time of dressing up, visiting haunted houses, going trick-or-treating, and of course eating candy. Originating in ancient Europe as a Celtic festival, Halloween is now celebrated worldwide.It has become a heavily commercialized holiday second only to Christmas in terms of the number of people who celebrate and participate in it. But what is this holiday really about? While today’s version may seem all fun and games, behind the masks and piles of candy lie pagan traditions paying homage to the forces of life and death.

This episode states:

  • Halloween originates from a Pagan tradition honoring the forces of life and death. It began around 2000 years ago in northern Europe as the Celtic New Year celebration "Samhain" on October the 31st, the final day of the Celtic calendar. The festival of "Samhain" celebrated the final harvest, death, and onset of winter.
  • The Ancient Celts believed that the veil between the world of the living and the dead became the thinnest on the Eve of Samhain, and that evil spirits would be set free looking for new bodies to inhabit. In order to appease those spirits and their Gods the Celts would burn crops, enemies, or even their own first born children.
  • By 43 A.D. the Romans had succeeded in conquering the majority of the Celtic land, and so two Roman holidays were merged with Samhain: the celebrations to Pomona, the goddess of fruits and trees, and Ferelia, where Romans remembered their lost ones.
  • With the spread of Christianity throughout Europe the Catholic Church brought Paganism and Christianity together to provide a Christian alternative. They moved the festival of "All Saints Day" also known as "All Hallows Day" in May to "Samhain" on the 1st of November, hence October the 31st became "All Hallows Eve" - and finally "Halloween".

There is a lot more to discover about Jesus teachings

Here just 10 Biblical Facts that have not been paid much attention to...

  1. Reincarnation
  2. The law of karma
  3. Life on other planets
  4. Stars can speak to us
  5. The earth being round
  6. The existence of air currents
  7. Pork is outlawed to consume
  8. Every type of animal boarded Noah's ark
  9. Prophesizing through dreams and visions
  10. The coming of the Savior from Basra, Iraq