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Without a shadow of a doubt all religions have been distorted over the centuries. People have strayed from "True Monotheism" and instead get lost in the Bonfire of the Vanities, idolize self appointed leaders instead of the true Vicegerent of God, and follow empty beliefs and practices... which lead humanity to a state of ignorance.

Imam Ahmed al-Hassan a.s. said: This religion which you know now is not the religion of Muhammad sawas, it has become as far from the true religion as the sun is from the earth. It is corrupted/distorted by 99 percent - Ahmed Al Hassan (as) Q&A Paltalk Session on 05.11.2017

Atheism & Modern Day Idol Worship

Atheism & Modern Day Idol Worship

The so-called religious ones closed their minds

A guest by the name kmalshreef said: I have a question that is confusing me... Why are most of the religious people unproductive and not inventors and they are just sitting, while the disbelievers and the atheists are the ones who invent. Does technology conflict with religion?

So Imam Ahmed al-Hassan a.s. said: Technology does not conflict with religion, rather it is the religious ones as you call them who closed their minds
- Ahmed Al Hassan (as) Q&A Paltalk Session on 05.11.2017

Islam distorted

Sufi Traditions

Since as far back as we can remember religious practices and ritual rights have played an important role in our daily lives. Often we grow up not even questioning why we perform these acts in the first place.
What do the so called Shia Muslims gain in beating their chests and heads and striking themselves with sharp metal objects. For those that practice Sufism how does spinning in circles elevate the self? In attaining higher levels of enlightenment? Or how about dancing in congregation to a rhythm of a beat?
In Hindu traditions what do you benefit from walking on hot coal or piercing your body with hooks?
Or what made hundreds of thousands of people suddenly join one of the most brutal organisations of the twenty first century?

Latm and Tatbir

Join us as we discover the truth that the practice of Tatbir (self-flagellation) and Latm (the practice of hitting oneself repeatedly over the head and body) are some of the most disgraceful practices that we see in Islam today and is an innovation that has been falsely attributed to the Ahlul Bayt a.s. by the religious scholars.

Imam Ahmed Al Hassan a.s. has said:
Peace and Blessings and Mercy of Allah be upon you
Tomorrow is the first day in the month of Holy Muharram
And it is the beginning of the new Hijri year
May Allah make it a year of blessings and mercy
Tatbir is a matter which invaded Islam 
And it is from the filthiest of things which invaded Islam 
And it is a criminal condition which corrupts the image of religion greatly and it is Haram.
- Facebook Post by Abdullah Hashem a.s. on 15/10/2015'

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan on Al-Qaeda

Excerpt of a Q&A from 23.08.2016 with Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan & Aba Sadiq (as) on Paltalk

The guest said "my greetings to AlQaeda."

The Imam a.s said: "The curse of Allah is upon the Qaeda (the base) of disbelief and whoever follows them the guest (groonzy) said that he follows Yazeed and Khaled Ibn AlWaleed.
The imam a.s says: The men are known in the field, the men are not just talk.
The Imam a.s says: We have a promise from Allah that we will not leave a remnant of you on the face of the Earth. What do you have and we are with Allah, and Allah is with us. Muhammad and his Family are with us, but you who are with you? You have the Shaytan with you, and indeed the pillars of the shaytan may Allah curse him are weak.
Imam a.s. said: Is that sick person still here in the room. Expel him harshly. Those are impure. They envy Muhammad and his Family (sawas).
All praises due to Allah The Exalted."


Since 2013 this group has terrorized the greater part of Syria, large sways of Iraq, and influenced extremism in all parts of the world. They are known extremists hated by the world and rightfully so. They are a group of: criminals, bombing grave sites, manipulators, rapists, and usurpers of property, children's innocence, and religion and just plain stupid. Join us as we look into where this terrorist organization come from, how they were able to continue to exist for so long, and what attracted individuals to join their ranks and shed light into this evil organization.

Corruption of Ramadan & Corruption of the Islamic Calendar

You can find out more about both topics here.

The Sacred House Of Allah - The Original Place Of The Kaaba

There are many types of pilgrimages made in the world today both secular and religious, Be it the Vatican, Petra in Jordan or the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. They are all outer paths towards an inner destination.
Let us focus on one particular religious pilgrimage that millions undertake every year known as The Hajj, in the Islamic World. When the word Hajj is mentioned images of the Holy Land and humble pilgrims with hands raised towards the sky with tears streaming from the eyes comes to mind, with their whole being in peace and submission to God.
But what if the reality was frighteningly different? Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (a.s) said that 99 percent of religion was distorted.

This episode states:

  • Imam Ahmed Al Hassan pbuh (successor & vicegerent of Imam Mahdi pbuh) said: "Not only they lie of the current station of the Kaaba in Hejaz but also the actual place of the original Kaaba."
  • The Imam also said: "Instead of going to Hajj, go and give the Hajj money to the needy and the poor who are starving."
  • Petra is the actual Mecca known as the mother of cities.
  • During the second Islamic civil war (75 years after Hijrah), Abdullah ibn Zubayr changed the station of the Kaaba. He destroyed the original Kaaba and rebuilt it in Hejaz.
  • The lunar calendar is a fabricated concept which did not originate from Mohammad or his progeny.
  • The well of Zamzam is located in the area where the Kaaba once stood.
  • Narrations mention the Mahdi destroying the Kaaba and restoring Islam anew.

Secrets of the Muslim Brotherhood

For almost a hundred years the Muslim Brotherhood has deceived millions of Muslim into believing that it is striving to spread the values of the Holy Prophet, when in reality it has sworn allegiance to his fiercest enemies.
The organization hides behind parliamentary fractions and charity foundations, making its low ranking members believe it is striving for a good cause.
They have served as a tool for foreign interest to divide and weaken the Muslim nation and have distorted the image of Islam making it seem like a barbaric religion.
Through them Islam has become nothing but a name. And Muslims have become the furthest people from Islam.
Join us in this documentary to discover their secret alliances and see the true face of the Muslim Brotherhood

Croissant and Crescent Flags

This episode reveals that:

  • The story of the croissant is originally linked to 1683 Vienna, Austria where croissants were created to celebrate the defeat of the Ottoman army in 1683 at the second siege of Vienna. After the defeat of the Ottomans, the Austrian bakers celebrated their victory by baking a crescent-shaped bread in the same shape of the crescent moon of the Turkish flag.
  • For Austrians, the eating of the croissant was a way to gloat of their victory of the Turks. When the Austrians bit into the croissant they would be symbolically devouring the Turks and the Islamic flag reminding them of their great victory.
  • In the 10th century the Turks accepted Islam and the Ottomans ruled much of the Islamic world. People started to take the present moon symbol as a representative of Islam and began putting it on mosques, minarets, and decorations. When the Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453 CA, they decided to use a city's existing flag and symbol as their own.
  • So the symbol of the crescent and star were the symbols of the Ottoman dynasty but have come to be thought of as symbols for Islam even by Muslims as the crescent became a symbol for Islam as a whole
  • For hundreds of years, the Ottoman Empire ruled over the Muslim world. Whenever a Turkish army faced the European Christian, Christians seeing the crescent moon displayed as a buffer standard assumed that the crescent was a symbol of Islam..
  • The Mecca mosque shows the crescent and the sun on its minarets almost every minaret from whether daily prayers accord has a star in the crescent a bow or pagan worship. Today Muslims from the entire world pray facing the towering Horn of Satan.

Narrations from the Prophet of Islam mentioned that the Horn of Satan which resembles a present shape will emerge from today's Saudi Arabia.

Narrated Ibn 'Umar that the Messenger of Allah (sawas) said: "O Allah bless us in our Sham! O Allah bless us in our Yemen." They said: "And in our Najd" He said: "O Allah bless us in our Sham! O Allah bless us in our Yemen." They said: "And in our Najd" He said: "Earthquakes are there, and tribulations are there." Or he said: "The horn of Shaitan comes from there." - Sahih Bukhari. Volume 2, Chapter 17, Invoking Allah for Rain (Istisqaa)

This distortion in Islam is very crucial to understand because many non-Christians, especially Christians say that the God that Muslims worship is a "moon-god". This is due to the fact that in ancient Mesopotamia, the moon was worshiped as a goddess by the name of Nannar/Sin. Also in 339 BC the city of Byzantium later known as Constantinople and Istanbul won a battle under crazy wind which they attributed to their patron goddess Artemis. Her symbol was a crescent moon. The goddess Artemis was believed to save the city from attack by the help of a bright light in the sky in honor of Artemis. The citizens adopted the crescent moon as their symbol. They baked moon-shaped cakes for Artemis. The cakes were decorated with lit candles to make the cakes shine like the moon. Thus it is said that the first glimpse of the croissant was in 500 BC. with crescent-shaped breads baked in ancient Greece to honor the moon goddess Artemis. And when the Turks accepted Islam and the Ottomans ruled, they brought their pagan worship along with them.

Nation Of Islam: A Cult Of False Messiahs

This documentary exposes the true reality of The Nation Of Islam and its representatives. We look at how the masses have been led astray by false leaders.

The Distortion of the Holy Quran

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan had mentioned several times that even the Holy Quran, which the Muslims were taught to believe to be 100% accurate due to special divine protection, has been tampered with, too.

The cursed Illegitimate Office has went so far to publish allegedly "corrected" versions of e.g. Ayat ul-Kursi or Surat Qadr - which the true Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, leader of the Black Banners of The East denounced as falsehood.

Anyhow, this is a very heavy matter and hence it is not being rushed by the Imam (as).

Correctness of Ayat ul-Kursi

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan was asked:

"Is the verse of the throne how we learned in the dawa or is it as it is written in the Qur'an?"

No by Allah it is as it is written in the Qur'an."See answer on Black Banners Forum

The Distortion of the Holy Quran will be talked about at ​its appropriate ​time

On Paltalk a ​guest ​by ​the ​name ​jasim443 ​asked the Imam (as): ​
"Brother, ​I ​directed ​two ​questions ​to ​the Imam: ​The ​first ​is: ​Can ​the ​Imam ​inform ​us ​of ​the ​places ​of distortion/corruption ​in ​the ​holy ​Qur’an? (...)"

Imam ​Ahmed ​Al-Hassan ​(as) answered:
"I ​believe ​that ​the ​answer ​to ​that ​question ​about ​Qur’an will ​not ​benefit ​you. ​By ​Allah ​the ​answer ​will ​surely ​not ​benefit ​you ​and ​you will ​be ​confused ​about ​matters."

So ​the ​guest ​replied: ​
"Do ​not ​fear ​for ​me ​my ​brother, ​I ​want ​to ​understand ​the true ​religion ​and ​it ​is ​the ​core ​of ​the ​Dawa ​whether ​the ​people ​like ​it ​or ​no."

So ​Imam ​Ahmed ​Al-Hassan ​(as) ​said:
"Brother, ​did ​you ​read ​the ​Quran ​as ​a book? ​Meaning ​have ​you ​read ​it ​as ​a ​book ​while ​lifting ​the ​holy ​halo ​off ​of ​it, and ​read ​it ​as ​a ​researcher? ​Do ​that ​if ​you ​haven’t, ​do ​it ​then ​return ​to ​me after ​you ​read ​it ​more ​than ​once.
​At ​this ​time ​you ​will ​find ​at ​least ​more ​than one ​place ​of ​distortion/corruption ​in ​it.

So ​the ​guest ​replied: ​
"If ​the ​normal ​researcher ​can ​find ​the ​places ​of distortions/corruptions, ​then ​what ​is ​the ​reason ​for ​the ​presence ​of ​the ​Hujjah Imam?"

So ​Imam ​Ahmed ​Al-Hassan ​a.s ​replied:
"And ​did ​the ​Hujjah ​come ​for ​this ​only? I ​said ​to ​you, ​if ​you ​understood ​my ​words, ​that ​you ​will ​find ​more ​than ​one place ​of ​distortion, ​but ​you ​will ​not ​find ​all ​the ​places ​of ​distortions."

Someone ​said: "​My ​master, ​allow ​me ​to ​ask: ​Do ​we ​now ​stop ​reading ​the Qur’an ​after ​your ​answer ​now? ​And ​I ​know ​that ​you ​are ​the ​Qur’an."

So ​Imam ​Ahmed Al-Hassan ​(as) ​said:
"Please ​do ​not ​ask ​these ​questions ​during this ​time about ​the ​Qur’an ​said: ​If ​the ​nation, ​after ​a thousand ​years ​of ​misguidance, ​does ​not ​find ​an ​answer ​from ​the ​Hujjah Imam, ​then ​when ​will ​that ​be?! ​And ​has ​Allah ​appointed ​him ​for ​anything other ​than ​for ​this ​matter ​which ​is ​to ​guide ​to ​the ​true ​religion?"

So ​Imam ​Ahmed ​al-Hassan (as) ​said: "Brother ​Jasim, ​every ​matter ​has ​its appropriate ​time. ​Do ​not ​rush. ​If ​you ​think ​that ​you ​can ​handle ​it, ​then ​other than ​you ​can ​not ​handle ​it." - See Paltalk transcript as pdf

Stained: Exposing The Barbaric Practice of Cutting Off Hands

  • In this documentary, Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan reveals the truth about the corruption of the infamous verse of cutting the hand of thieves in Verse 38 from Surah Al Maida (Chapter 5) in the Quran.
  • وَالسّارِقُ وَالسّارِقَةُ فَاقطَعوا أَيدِيَهُما جَزاءً بِما كَسَبا نَكالًا مِنَ اللَّهِ ۗ وَاللَّهُ عَزيزٌ حَكيمٌ (Waalssariqu waalssariqatu faiqtaAAoo aydiyahuma jazaan bima kasaba nakalan mina Allahi waAllahu AAazeezun hakeemun) is usually translated as "As for the thief, man or woman, cut off their hands as a requital for what they have earned. [That is] an exemplary punishment from Allah, and Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise."
  • But the true verse is actually, Waalssariqu waalssariqatu faibqaAAoo aydiyahuma jazaan bima kasaba nakalan mina Allahi waAllahu AAazeezun hakeemun which is translated as, "As for the thief, man or woman, stain their hands as a requital for what they have earned. [That is] an exemplary punishment from Allah, and Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise."
  • So the truth is that the punishment of thief is that their hand(s) must be stained and not the barbaric act of having it cut off
  • Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan also said that there was a special plant with dark color that was hard to remove. They would dye the hand of the thief so that he can be an example to others.

The Christian Church

The Truth Behind The Roman Catholic Church

Check out the whole series...

The Roman Catholic Church boasts over two billion followers and is one of the richest organised religions in the world - in fact, the Roman Catholic Church is one of the richest corporations in the world.
Historically - the Church has committed crimes against humanity on huge levels, and they are rarely held accountable for them... but in this Documentary series, we will clear out their skeletons in the deepest and darkest catacombs.

In our known period, there is no history older, darker, and longer-lasting than that of the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican is guilty - and it is historically proven, of war crimes, espionage on a world scale, influencing and working with the Nazis, cases of child rape and ritual tortures that are too many to count, spiritual deviation, and flat out corruption... not just monetary, but on all levels. This new Documentary series from the Black Banners of the East Satellite Channel, ties all of these aspects together, in an easy-to-understand way --- and finally places accountability upon the Roman Catholic Church on all accounts - when they have evaded responsibility for these actions for so many years. This is a series you do not want to miss... this is a series you should share with everyone you know - because what the Roman Catholic Church has done in the past... what they are doing today... and what they hope to do in the future, affects each and every one of us.

In the first episode, we must first look back at the beginnings of the Church and the foundation it was built upon; understanding that - will help us going forward...

This episode states:

  • Most evil organisation in the last 2000 years, which has penetrated law, military and religion.
  • The Inquisitions, the Holocaust, the American Revolution, the Dark Ages, blasphemous kings & religious leaders, slavery & human trafficking, highest levels of immorality & corruption, Satanism, men & institutions who seek to rule over this world have one thing in common: The Roman Catholic Church.
  • In its history, the church has murdered, raped and tortured millions of innocent humans.
  • Rome never completely fell and it has become very strong today.
  • The Roman Catholic Church is not Christian. They are not followers of Jesus. But they are sun worshipers. They are an extension of Roman paganism. They are worshipers and servants of Satan.

Medieval Islamophobia

This episode reveals that:

  • The word “mosque” comes from the Spanish word mezquita, which means “mosquito” and means ‘little fly’. The expression originated from King Ferdinand of Spain who declared that during the Crusades, he would swat the Muslims like mosquitos. The only place were many Muslims would gather is the masjid. That became origin of the word, “mosque”- the place were the mosquitos prayed.
  • In an effort to defend Christianity and eradicate Islam, Queen Isabella of Castile and her husband, King Ferdinand of Aragon laid siege to Granada and defeated it in 1492. Leading to the end of Muslim rule in Spain, any reminders of the Muslims and Spain were also targeted Birdland is reported to have destroyed over 10,000 Arabic manuscripts in Granada alone.
  • Ferdinand and Isabella sponsored the first voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492 to celebrate their victory over the Muslims. Although the expansion of Muslims into Europe was seen as intolerable the Spanish expansion and colonization of America was celebrated as a successful foreign adventure.
  • Even the first Latin translation of the Quran carried out in 1143 by Robert of Khatyn was incomplete and marred by sarcasm and even obscenity. Its motive was not understanding, but refutation.
  • During the early Middle Ages Christianity largely viewed Islam as a blatant form of heresy and the Prophet Muhammad (sawas) as a false prophet and by the late Middle Ages, Islam was more typically associated with paganism and the Prophet was seen as being inspired by or associated with the devil including the Baphomet.

The real Jesus

Top 10 Biblical Facts

The Christmas Tree - Paganism To Tradition

In all forms of Paganism, which is polytheistic in nature, there is an unmistakable reverence to the natural world. Pagan and pre Christian cultures throughout Europe were often tree worshippers. Trees formed a crucial element of their belief systems. Join us in this documentary as we look in to the origins and routes of the Christmas tree.

This episode states:

  • The tradition of a Christmas tree evolves from an ancient pagan practice.
  • For ancient pagan holy days, trees were decorated with ribbons and offerings were left at the foot of the trees, like the tradition of a Christmas tree today.
  • Green trees are mentioned in the Bible in connection with idolatrous worship and child sacrifice.
  • During the 8th century, missionaries from the Roman Catholic Church made their way north (now Germany) and assimilated many pagan customs and traditions in order to convert the people to Christianity. As a result, much of Christianity has fallen victim to this pagan intrusion.

The Pope's Mitre

Known worldwide and to Catholics as The Pope, The Bishop of Rome is the supreme and visible head of the Catholic Church. The Pope is the Bishop of Rome and the head of the entire Catholic Church. But although the Pope is considered to be representing Jesus, there are marked differences in the teachings of Jesus and what the Pope represents. Many over the centuries have questioned the Church’s rituals and practices simply because they cannot be found in the Bible. The mitre hat that the popes wear, though decorated in different ways at different times, is an identical symbol to that on ancient pagan tablets. The presence of these pre-Christian features in the Church indicates that the roots of Christianity are linked to some of the most ancient pagan traditions and symbols.

Easter Eggs

Easter is one of the most popular religious celebrations in the world. It is known for its rabbits, colored eggs, hot cross buns and the return of springtime.
But where did this feast begin and what are the origins of the traditions and customs celebrated on this important day around the world?
What is the source of Easter and the Easter egg celebrations?

This episode states:

  • The celebration of "Easter" comes from the pre-Christian worship of the goddess Eastra, the pagan goddess of Spring and was merged with a Judeo-Christian feast - which commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt mentioned in the chapter Exodus of the Old Testament - in order to encourage conversion. The pagan symbolism of bunnies, easter eggs then overpowered the original symbols of the Passover festival. The worship of Ashtoreth (Eastra) is outrightly condemned in the Bible as it is idolatry.


For most people Halloween is a fun time of dressing up, visiting haunted houses, going trick-or-treating, and of course eating candy. Originating in ancient Europe as a Celtic festival, Halloween is now celebrated worldwide.It has become a heavily commercialized holiday second only to Christmas in terms of the number of people who celebrate and participate in it. But what is this holiday really about? While today’s version may seem all fun and games, behind the masks and piles of candy lie pagan traditions paying homage to the forces of life and death.

This episode states:

  • Halloween originates from a Pagan tradition honoring the forces of life and death. It began around 2000 years ago in northern Europe as the Celtic New Year celebration "Samhain" on October the 31st, the final day of the Celtic calendar. The festival of "Samhain" celebrated the final harvest, death, and onset of winter.
  • The Ancient Celts believed that the veil between the world of the living and the dead became the thinnest on the Eve of Samhain, and that evil spirits would be set free looking for new bodies to inhabit. In order to appease those spirits and their Gods the Celts would burn crops, enemies, or even their own first born children.
  • By 43 A.D. the Romans had succeeded in conquering the majority of the Celtic land, and so two Roman holidays were merged with Samhain: the celebrations to Pomona, the goddess of fruits and trees, and Ferelia, where Romans remembered their lost ones.
  • With the spread of Christianity throughout Europe the Catholic Church brought Paganism and Christianity together to provide a Christian alternative. They moved the festival of "All Saints Day" also known as "All Hallows Day" in May to "Samhain" on the 1st of November, hence October the 31st became "All Hallows Eve" - and finally "Halloween".

Judaism distorted

The Star of David

We are accustomed to believe that the star of David is a sacred Jewish symbol from the times of David and Solomon and that it is the central feature of Judaism and the state of Israel. However, the truth is that the Star of David symbol is in no way historically associated with the Jews and there is no reference to this star or shield of David in the Bible or Jewish literature until the Middle Ages. Rather, there are many Jews that reject the star of David [often referred to as the Shield of David], claiming that it enter Judaism from occult practices and that it is the Menorah which is the main symbol of Judaism. And although the Talmud does mention the shield of David, it is not mentioned as an actual symbol. Rather the ‘shield’ of David mentioned in the Bible actually refers to God’s protection of David, not a physical shield.

It is actually the Menorah, the seven-branched candle stick which is the main symbol of Judaism.

The truth is that the earliest texts that mention the star of David are actually Islamic texts and not Jewish texts. It is only these texts that first connected the ring to the hexagram, Therefore, the claim of the Star of David belonging solely to Judaism is contrary to the facts.

This episode reveals that:

  • the Star of David belongs to the prophets and messengers going all the way back to Adam a.s. And one of the remnants of Prophet Adam a.s. was that he had a belt that had on it the star of David.
  • Imam Ahmed Al Hassan pbuh (successor & vicegerent of Imam Mahdi pbuh) said: "The star of David a.s. is a picture of the composition of the universe. The shape by which you see the star is the same as the picture of the universe. Whoever wants to know the shape of the universe should look at this star"
  • The Star of David is a very ancient symbol dating back thousands of years ago before the birth of King David and Solomon and it was used by many religions, cultures, and civilizations all over the world.
  • Historical texts show that the star of used by the Kabbalists to conjure spirit. Which is why it is connected with the seal of Solomon because it is known that Prophet Solomon a.s. controlled the jinns with his ring, known as the ‘Seal of Solomon’.
  • The star of David is also connected to the star Sirius and is important in astrology, astonomy, geometry, and occultism.

Jewish Traditions


You might want to read about "Zionism" here.

Religious Clothing

Burial Methods

Jainism Traditions & Others

Jainism is considered to be the most peaceful and non-violent religion while its adherents practice aestheticism whom strive to attain enlightenment. And although from the apparent Jainism appears to be spiritual belief in which its followers want to know the truth, just like any faith, it is not free of corruption and misguidance.

Healers - religious practices