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The way people are governed today - by a financial elite - has proven to be an utter disaster for humanity. Opression, war, and torture have stretched across the globe as if they were the most normal thing...
Countries don't manage to support each other, but buy into the elite's game of divide and conquer.
Most people refuse to look at the whole picture, and prefer to be brainwashed, presenting themselves as willing pawns in the hands of ungodly systems - systems which are void of the vital presence of a divinely appointed Vicegerent of God - and therefore lack moral, justice and humanity.


Governments are modern day slave owners

Taking the example of the birth certificate this documentaary shows that there is a global enslavement in which the governments' money system is built from the labour of the people.

The exclusive interview with Joel Skousen on a wide range of topics

Joel Skousen is the Renowned author of Strategic Relocation - he's a political scientist and commentator and expert in geopolitics.
This two hour interview in which we cover a wide range of topics, from the US created "War on Terror", the build-up to WW3, false-flag school shootings, ISIS, martial law, underground military bases, space wars, Russia, China, North Korea and much more...
You do not want to miss this exclusive interview with Joel Skousen, only here on the official YouTube page of the Black Banners of the East Satellite channel.

False Promises

Every politician knows that the key to winning elections is to make great promises.
Campaigners promise to cure the ills of society from taxes to war to government corruption. If elected they promise to bring about vast improvements in education, employment infrastructure and the economy.
The size of the elected office seems almost correlated with the size of the promise. Time and time again the public believes there confident words. BUT how often are these promises actually fulfilled?


Palestine is considered a Holy Land in all three monotheistic world religions. It is home to Solomon's temple, the homeland of the people of Moses and the birthplace of Jesus.
But since the founding of Zionism, the land of Palestine has seen nothing but grief, conflict and war. The story of Palestine is the story of theft, oppression and injustice. It is the story of a people that have lost their country to a merciless occupier.
The story of Palestine is the story of an unequal battle. Israel with its large military machine and influential supporters all over the world opposing the Palestinians, who have no money, no military and no power. They have exhausted every thinkable measure to try to resist but no matter how hard they try the Zionists are always one step ahead of them.
Follow us in this documentary to find out:
What is the role of Palestine in the end of times? And will the Palestinians be able to turn their fate by supporting the only one who can restore their rights to them?

Exclusive Interview with David Icke 2018 on Saudis, Zionists & more

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The Zionist : Planning the Third Temple

The House Of Saud Series

You might want to watch the entire series "The House Of Saud" consisting of multiple part. Here is part ...
House Of Saud is an explosive documentary set to expose the reality of the kingdom of Saud. It looks at the clear cut facade that has been deceiving the masses. Join us exclusively with the Black Banners Of The East Satellite Channel to unravel the truth about one of the most sinister kingdoms in the world.


"Top 10 - films that predicted the events of September 11":

Exposing 9/11 Series

You may watch the entire series "Exposing 9/11" consisting of multiple parts about 9/11. Here is part 1...
It has been over seventeen years since the False-flag attacks of 9-11; and since then, there have been countless investigations and information released by Free-media. So why are there still doubts and confusions? Why are there varying stories to the same truth? Who was really behind the attacks on September 11, 2001?
In this new series produced by the Black Banners of the East - the most condemning proofs ever to be released have been gathered, and they all lead to the answers to those questions.
Before the proofs, the people have to know and understand that False-flag attacks are historically real… there are many we know about, and some we do not know about… but to know who were behind False-flag attacks in the past and why they carried them out, gives us an enormous insight of why they took place on 9-11.

Imam Ahmad al-Hassan (pbuh) said that,

  • "The Israeli and American intelligence were behind the attacks on 9/11."

False Flag Attack

On October 31, 2015 - Metro jet Flight 9268, operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia, departing from Sharm El Sheikh International Airport in Egypt, en route to Pulkovo Airport in Russia, exploded mid-air; descending rapidly and crashing… killing all 224 passengers and crew members on board.
ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, but the Russian and Egyptian authorities have remained mysteriously silent; neither confirming or denying the claims. Many theories have circulated regarding the true perpetrators and reasons for the attack, but now… only on the Black Banners of the East Satellite Channel, Imam Ahmad Al Hassan (pbuh) reveals those who conspired and carried out the attack.

This episode states:

  • Imam Ahmed al-Hassan (pbuh) confirmed that the Turkish and American intelligence agencies were behind the terrorist act on Russian Flight 9268.
  • Abdullah Hashem Aba Sadiq (pbh) said that President Erdogan wishes to build an empire the likes of the Ottoman Empire before him.

Genocide of the Rohingya Muslims in Burma

The Rohingya Muslims have faced the most barbaric torture and ethnic cleansing than anyone in our time, it truly is a tragedy... but why is happening and who are some of those responsible for these crimes against humanity?
In this new Documentary from the Black Banners of the East Satellite Channel, we will explore those questions and provide evidences condemning those behind these heinous war crimes. Be a part of the Media Revolution.

White Helmets Exposed: US proxy War in Syria

The Controversial Role of Djibouti in the Arab World: Tiny country housing numerous military bases

Djibouti - the plight of this tiny country, located between Somalia and Yemen, remains almost completely ignored. But as the primary seaport to 85 million landlocked Ethiopians, the center of anti-piracy efforts in the Horn of Africa, and a Western ally in the so called war on terror, Djibouti is a strategically vital country in an unstable neighborhood.
In fact Djibouti is one of the most strategic countries in the world essentially run by one man, with huge revenues from foreign armies and the port, and that while its people lack running water.
Little is known about this small African country but in this documentary we will uncover how Djibuty is a hub to realize the Western covert Agenda in East Africa and the Middle East.

The Arab Nations


The Inner & Outer Savage War On Iraq

The Inner & Outer Savage War on Iraq is a Documentary series that takes an in-depth look into Western Imperialism... It exposes the New Middle East Project, written up and carried out by the Neo-con elite in the region; depicting horrendous human rights violations and crimes against humanity. Iraq will never be the same... it will always be tainted by the actions of the West. In this documentary, the Outer crimes against Iraq will be shown - and the inner reason of why the United States have been pursuing Iraq for so long will be known. The real reason for America invading Iraq has been cause for debate, until now...

The American invasion of Iraq supported by traitor politicians and scholars alike have unleashed unprecedented suffering on the people of Iraq, that will extend to the end of time. Weapons of mass biological destruction rained down on the nation resulting in massive birth defects unknown in medical history.
Find out more in the second episode of this chilling documentary guaranteed to awaken you from the lies that you have been fed.

The History of Iraq: The Land of Blood and Oil

Iraq is an ancient and holy land, home to the cities of Najaf and Karbala, destinations that thousand of Shia pilgrims travel to every year. It was the homeland of prophets like Abraham, Daniel and Yunus.
It was the birthplace of one of the first major human civilisations, the Sumerians.
A center of culture, of civilization and trade.
But in recent years Iraq has lost much of its glory and those who call Iraq their home today have suffered unimaginably. It seems that for more than a hundred years the people of Iraq have not been granted any respite from the tyrants.
Tormented by both Arab and Western oppressors the Iraqis have suffered from poverty, war and oppression. Their countries wealth has been looted, first by puppet monarchs, then by the sadist Saddam hussein, the American invaders and their henchmen and eventually ISIS.
It took them several years but eventually they broke the country asunder. They have tortured, they have stolen and defied. And in the end it was the innocent who paid the price. The children, the elderly, the sick.
Many Iraqis began their lives with war more than 40 years ago. And are still at war today.
The story of Iraq is a history of pain, of injustice and oppression. A country that has suffered every calamity imaginable and more.
When will it finally be time for its relive? And who will save the nation of Iraq from their dreadful fate?

Egypt: Yearning for The Mahdi

The people of Egypt are known for their friendliness, their kind hearts and their sense of humor.
They live in a land of ancient history, one of the world's first civilizations, which build monuments that leave people from all over the world in awe.
But for the past decades the people of Egypt have been governed by a corrupt circle, that has plundered this Holy Land and left its people in dire need.
Today more than 30 percent of the people of Egypt live in extreme poverty. They house on graveyards or have to sell their organs for a loaf of bread.
Egyptians have fought with their hearts and spirits against their rulers, have shown their courage in several wars and during a revolution that touched the hearts of all those who despise the system of tyranny. Hundreds have left their life, thousands have been arrested… they were given hope - only to lose it shortly afterwards and find themselves in the grip of yet another Western puppet.

But the relief of the Egyptian people is near, because they have been promised to be saved by a man from among them, the companion of Egypt that has been mentioned in the Jifr of Imam Ali thousands of years ago.
Imam Ali (pbuh) said: "The companion of Egypt is the sign of signs if he leaves then know The Mahdi shall be knocking at your door, so before he can knock fly to him in the clouds or come to him even if it were crawling on ice."

Yes oh people of Egypt it is only him who will lead Egypt back into its golden age and save the Egyptians from their dreadful fate.

Bahrain: History of Uprisings, Al Khalifa Corruption and MI6 Involvement

Since 2011 images of brutal protest crackdowns in Bahrain have shocked spectators all around the world. The citizens of the tiny Gulf nation rose up against the ruling family that has plundered the nation and its residents for centuries. Dozens of protesters have been brutally murdered by the government but the anger of Bahrain's oppressed people is so intense that unrests have continued for more than 7 years.
Bahrain's monarchs kill, torture and abuse. But the people of Bahrain go back to the streets.
Bahrainis are still fighting the same battles like their forefathers. The Persian against the British empire, Sunni against Shia, left against right. But when will they finally unite to fight their true enemy and shatter the system of falsehood into pieces?

Kuwait: British Colonialism, Iraq War History and Covert CIA Operations

Kuwait is a country that some describe as "too rich for its own good".
From a nomadic community centered in the desert it made its way to become one of the most decadent states on earth. One that is very eager to keep its wealth but is not so eager to share it. The tiny Gulf state is one of the richest in the world .
But to keep its status and wealth Kuwaitis have to pay a high price- their integrity and their values.
Kuwait is a country ruled by a royal elite that is so desperate to keep its own wealth and position that it sells out all its values day after day after day. Since the beginning of the 19th century Al Al Sabah, has covertly collaborated with the CIA to weaken its neighboring Muslim countries and has not hesitated a second to provide the Western Tyrants with everything they asked for. Even if it meant their own peoples death.
Learn more in the episode "Kuwait: British Colonialism, Iraq War History and Covert CIA Operations" from The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station, 05.08.2018.

History of Lebanon: Civil War, Capitalism and Corruption

Nowadays Lebanon is known for its beautiful people, a lively nightlife scene and its open mindedness.
Learn more in the episode "History of Lebanon: Civil War, Capitalism and Corruption" from The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station, 21.07.2018.

The Destruction of Syria: How the Assad clan and US henchmen tore down an entire nation

It is common to see a picture of a Syrian army soldier flashing a victory sign after some recent success in battle, while in the background most buildings in the town lie in ruins, and the former residents of the area are living elsewhere in refugee camps. More than 400,000 Syrians have been killed in the four-year war, at least one million have been wounded, and an estimated twelve million Syrians which is half of Syrias population are refugees. An entire generation of Syrian children are growing up without an education in a landscape laid to waste. In this sense Syria has become hell on Earth. How did this happen? Be it the Ottomans, the British, the French or exclusive Syrian clans every single one of them has eventually brought nothing but misery to Syria.
Learn more in the episode "The Destruction of Syria: How the Assad clan and US henchmen tore down an entire nation" from The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station, 21.07.2018.

Qatar - A State of Decadence

The Qatari royal family is one of the largest shareholders of real estate in London. In fact Qataris own more of London than the Queen herself.
During every major war fought in the Arab World, Qatar lend the West its unrestricted support.
But at the same time Qatar is one of the main funders of terrorism in the middle east.
From Egypt, Tunisia and Libya all the way to Somalia and Mali - Wherever Sunni radical Islam is operating we find the footprint of Qatar either through money or through facilitating a safe haven for radical individuals.
The state of Qatar is the perfect exemplification of how contradictory and hypocritical modern politics has become. It is unjust to its own citizens, it befriends both Terrorists and those who pretend to fight them.
Qatar is a state of decadence, of betrayal and greed.
And it is a play ball in the hands of the Western elite.
But what lies behind these strategic friend and foe games?
What is the real role of Ale Thani in the End of Times?
Learn more in the episode "Qatar - A State of Decadence" from The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station, 29.06.2018.

Understanding Yemen: North South Divide, Covert British Operations & the Dirty Saudi War

Yemen is one of the oldest centres of civilisation in the Arab World. It was ruled by a corrupted monarchy as well as by a brutal British colonial power that held a tight grip on the country. After they were overthrown, years of coups, violence and corruption followed. Yemen became one of the poorest countries in the world, with low life expectancy and high illiteracy while the ruling elites of the country accumulated billions. In 2015 Saudi Arabia started an illicit war against the already shattered nation and destroyed what was left of it, leaving millions hungry, sick and doomed today.
Yemen is engulfed in fires just like the Prophet (pbuhahp) prophesied thousands of years ago. But the question is: will the Yemeni people decide to support the only men that can save them from their dreadful fate or will they let him down?
Learn more in the episode "Understanding Yemen: North South Divide, Covert British Operations & the Dirty Saudi War" from The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station, 10.06.2018.

Heartbreaking History of Algeria - French Occupation, Extremism and State Terrorism

The Algerian people have been oppressed, tortured and massacred for the past two hundred years.
Algerians have lost millions of their landsman to different tyrants, leaving Algerians of every age with at least a fade memory of blood spill and the loss of loved ones.
Oh people of Algeria, just like most people on the earth you have never found peace, because you are living in the end of times. An age of darkness, in which the Earth is filled with injustice and oppression. An age that is full of tyrannical rulers that torment the Arab nations.
Only the Mahdi can heal you wounds and save you from them and your own selves.
Only he can guide you into a new era, an era of justice and equality in which racism, poverty and injustice will have no place. Wake up oh Muslims. What you have waited for, has come.
Learn more in the episode "Heartbreaking History of Algeria - French Occupation, Extremism and State Terrorism" from The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station, 21.07.2018.

Understanding Sudan: History of Civil Wars, North-South Division and Covert Israeli Operations

Over and over Sudan is struck by war, extremism, massacres and famine. So many innocents have died at the hand of different tyrants and rebels. So many mothers have lost their children. So many children grew up without their parents. So many have lost their homes, have rebuild them only to loose them again. Thousands have searched refuge in different parts of the country or even in neighboring African states only to be bombed or murdered in the place they hoped to find safety.
Why is it that some people always loose while others always win?
Why is it that the poorest countries like Yemen, Sudan or Iraq are looted the most? How can corrupt elites dry the country of all its scarce resources while thousands are dying every day?
Why do people fight each other for centuries when there is nothing left to fight for and the fights bring nothing but misery. Killings and rapes, refugees and despair...
Learn more in the episode "Understanding Sudan: History of Civil Wars, North-South Division and Covert Israeli Operations" from The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station, 23.08.2018.

Morocco - The Mirage Of Freedom

To the outside world Morocco is known as a holiday resort, popular for sunshine holidays, boutique retreats and camel trekking in the Sahara.
But behind the shiny fassade lies a brutal and shameful reality.
The people of Morocco have bore centuries of oppression, not only from the French and Spanish occupiers but also from those who call themselves the royal family of Morocco.
Secret dungeon prisons, brutal police crackdowns and secret cooperation with the Mossad. The royal family of Morocco has not fallen short in catching up with the corruption of the colonial occupiers.
This corruption has been prophesied by the Prophet and his holy family thousands of years ago and will only come to an end through the hands of the Muslim savior, Imam Al Mahdi (pbuh).
Follow us in this documentary, when we uncover little-known scandals of the royal family of Morocco and their peoples only salvation...
Learn more in the episode "Morocco - The Mirage Of Freedom" from The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station, 08.09.2018.

The Covert History of Somalia: Drone-Strikes, Famines and Al-Shabaab

Mogadishu, Somalia's capital was once known as the White pearl of the Indian Ocean. Today these flourishing hours of Somalia's history are nothing but a far away memory of the countries better past.
Somalia has been plagued by a brutal civil war for over 20 years. Since the 1990s Somalia is basically without any government. And that while Somalia had every reason to succeed: an advantageous geographical situation, oil and only one religion and one language for the whole territory; a rare phenomenon in Africa. Somalia could have been a great power in the region. But the reality is completely different: famine, wars, lootings, piracy, bomb attacks. How did this country sink?
Learn more in the episode "The Covert History of Somalia: Drone-Strikes, Famines and Al-Shabaab" from The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station, 11.09.2018.

Rise up Tunisia: Your Revolution Has Failed You

Ever since the end of colonialism, two men -Bourguiba and Ben Ali seized the rule over the country of Tunisia, making themselves the ultimate masters over the Tunisian people.
Backed up by the US and Europe, they crowded a rich elite around themselves, usurping the countries resources.
More than 20 years later Tunisians overthrew Ben Ali in a popular uprising. They inspired the so called Arab Spring all around the Middle East, making Muslims all over the world believe they could finally change their conditions.
But their dreams soon crumbled one by on and Tunisians ended up electing the very people that had enforced Ben Alis regime, reliving the nightmares of his rule once more.
The history of Tunisia carries a lesson for all those who dare to open their eyes.
Is there any hope for the Tunisians to achieve the change that they have been longing for for centuries? And how will they be able to break free from the tyrants that hold them down?
Learn more in the episode "Rise up Tunisia: Your Revolution Has Failed You" from The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station, 17.09.2018.

Operation Oman: The Secrets of Sultan Qaboos

Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (pbuh) said about the Arabs in the end times "I wonder and how would I not wonder of despicable Arabs whom differ upon the proofs even in their religion. They do not follow the footsteps of the Holy Prophet, nor do they take an example of the deeds of a vicegerent and they do not believe in the unseen. Each one of them is their selves own Imam. Fitnas like the pieces of dark night shall come to them packed and shipped."
During the past century Oman has been closely aligned with the British empire, with the British Airforce brutally cracking down uprisings of the Omani population.
Follow us in this documentary to learn more about the covert history of Oman and the secrets of one of the longest ruling dest pots in the Arab world. Learn more in the episode "Operation Oman: The Secrets of Sultan Qaboos" from The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station, 19.09.2018.

Libya's Secrets - Exposing Gaddhafi, his Western allies and the so called "Libyan Revolution"

Libya - a country of incredible wealth… and enormous pain.
Ruled by a number of ruthless oppressors, its people have fought for their liberation countless of times. But until this day they have never gained it.
The story of Libya is a story of corruption, of perversion, of greed. A story of hunger, of tragedy and death.
A story in which the innocent loose and the guilty ones win.
Its people were tormented by the Italian occupiers for decades to then supposedly be liberated by the Americans that handed the country to one of the most gruesome tyrants in Arab history… Gaddafi who held a tight grip on the country for over 40 years.
He killed, he tortured, he defiled… He enriched himself on account of the Libyan people, using them to amuse himself and satisfy his sick desires.
But when the Lybians wanted to rid themselves of him in 2011 those who came to "liberate" Libya were even worse than Gaddafi himself.
Like every Arab nation, Libya and its people have suffered more than enough under the rule of the different tyrants that have seized control over the country to enrich themselves. Mussolini, the British asset King Idris, the perverted Gaddafi and the uncivilized militia / All of them added to the tragedy that today is called the state of Libya.
Learn more in the episode "Libya's Secrets - Exposing Gaddhafi, his Western allies and the so called 'Libyan Revolution'" from The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station, 22.09.2018.

The Forgotten History of Mauritania: Racism, Poverty and Genocides

Mauritania is amongst one of the world's least developed countries. Life is hard in this isolated society, where old traditions are rigidly maintained. It is a nation that has suffered neglect and exploitation for centuries. Neither the French occupiers nor the different military dictators have ever cared to serve the people and develop their land but rather every single one of them has searched for ways to exploit its scarce resources.
It is time for the people of Mauritania to realize that the end of time has come and that they and their fellow Arabs are now asked to rise up and support the only man that can change their history once and for all.
Learn more in the episode "The Forgotten History of Mauritania: Racism, Poverty and Genocides" from The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station, 07.11.2018.

The Dream To Control The Weather

He who controls the weather controls the world.

Exposing NASA

Checkout the whole series (playlist) "Exposing NASA".

NASA Exposed: The 1969 Moon Hoax

Part 1: Why 1969? Well, this was their big moment in human history, where a small team of Astronauts were the first human beings to step foot on the moon… beating the Russians in a space race that mimicked the tensions of the Cold War.
But did it really happen? There has a been a great debate and a lot of proofs presented from both sides of the argument… but in this documentary you will know exactly what happened in space in 1969.

Imam Ahmed al-Hassan (pbuh) stated that...

  • The Apollo 11 moon landing is not true but was faked.

The 1996 Tether UFO Incident

Part 2: One of the most highly investigated areas in the phenomena is the Live NASA feeds released to the Public… several of which show what seem to be UFO’s. The most popular event took place in 1996, during the so-called “Tether Incident”, where a swarm of what seems-to-be UFO’s were flying alongside the broken NASA equipment.
The UFO community says it's their proof that NASA is hiding something from the people of this Planet… NASA denies that anything was up there during that broadcast… What really happened up in space in 1996?
This episode states:

  • Imam Ahmed al-Hassan (pbuh) has not only confirmed that the light orbs captured by NASA's live broadcast are not UFOs and nothing more than space dust but he has confirmed in this time that the large, translucent, cigar-shaped object in question is in fact an extraterrestrial spacecraft from a civilization not from the sons of Adam (peace be upon him).
  • Is the Knight satellite really space technology from a more advanced extraterrestrial civilization?
    Imam Ahmad al-Hassan peace be upon him said, "No it is faked by NASA”
  • Imam Ahmed al-Hassan (pbuh) said that '“For every one hundred news stories that NASA publishes perhaps one is true.”

Project Paperclip & the Nazi Space Program

Part 3: This is the third and final part of the NASA Documentary series, exposing the deceptions and evils of NASA. We now take a look back at its history and those involved in building the American Space program... you will quickly come to know that it is not American at all, and the further you look back into NASA, its reality becomes deeper and darker than many of us could have ever imagined. Thank you for joining us in this Documentary series, produced by the Black Banners of the East Satellite Channel. Support the channel by liking, subscribing, and sharing the many documentaries and programs available.
This episode states:

  • Imam Ahmed al-Hassan (pbuh) has said, "NASA is a demonic organization, and it is headed up bydemonic minds in order to accomplish demonic goals."

C.I.A Psychic Spy Program and The Facebook Take Over