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Every sane person will agree that in the past centuries immorality has spiraled out of control, and that we are living in a very dark age. The world religions know this age as "The End Times".
Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) came to demolish all falsehood in order to save humanity and to build it anew.
Via "The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station" he (as) exposes the moral corruption of today found in all areas of modern life...

Artificial Intelligence

Singularity, Hanson Robotics, Elon Musk & the latest VR Technology

The Rise of Sex-bots & Terminators

The world is quickly changing... what we knew as Science Fiction just ten years ago, is now a reality and fact. There is a group of men seeking to become the all-knowing, all-seeing gods of the Earth, and to bring about a post-human era. It has only begun... Join us on the Black Banners of the East as we expose those behind the Rise of Artificial Intelligence.

Corruption in Cultures

There are 7 Billion people on this planet. All of us feel different from one another but science and religion agree that all of us trace back to only one common ancestor. We are one species, one family, with one purpose here on earth… Still many times we feel separate and strange from one another, we put labels on each other and classify people by their skin color or dress code. This documentary will examine cultural differences between Arabs and Europeans in particular and chases the question whether culture traps us in an invisible cage? And if culture does not only stand between us and our fellow humans, but also between us and God?

Maid Slavery in the Arab world

Millions of women from Asia and Africa, are being enslaved in Arab homes as house maids under circumstances that no human being can imagine.
Many of them have given up on hope of regaining their freedom so to what extent are these women going to claim back their freedom? And truly has mankind lost all sense of humanity?
Join us in this exclusive documentary that goes deep within the Maid Trade in the Middle East.

Manmade ideals of beauty

Since we remember we are told that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one perceives as the epitome of attractiveness the other is put off by.
Join us in this documentary as we enter a world which hilights cases of extreme body modifications all in the name of beauty.
Could we have missed something more deep and meaningful because we only looked at the apparent?

  • Aba Sadiq (as) son of Ahmed said: "Beauty in the eyes of Allah is by faith, the more one's faith increases the more one becomes beautiful in the eyes of people."

Nanny abuse

Evil Of Abortions

In this modern day and age, more and more women are seeking independence, freedom of choice to make their own decisions.
The topic of abortion is one of the most controversial topics of this generation.
With more and more women being told INCORRECT information regarding the process of abortion.
This two part documentary exclusively by The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station shows the shocking truth of what really happens in abortion clinics and some of the most disturbing truths that will cross your path.

Part 2

Dehabilitation: Nursing home abuse

Although old age is far away for some.... for many it is just around the corner. However, can we trust our vulnerable elders in the hands of others? Join us as we expose the truth behind elderly homes today and discover the real care that the elder generation is receiving.

Mistreating parents

There is a phenomenon we see today which unfortunately is rampant...
Some parents and mothers who spent their lives upbringing and taking care of their children do not seen in their last days except cruelty, abandonment, denial and harassment.
Among the elderly are parents who are thrown onto the street bby their children, who become vulnerable to insults and even beatings in their last days.
Ungratefulness and disobedience towards parents is a black stain on humanity today.

Imam Ali (as) said: "Goodness towards one's parents is the greatest duty."

Pedophilia, Child-Trafficing, Satanic Child Sacrifice

A series produced by The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Channel...

There have been a lot of scandals throughout our lifetime, but none more shocking... disturbing... and horrifying, as the PizzaGate scandal. In this documentary series by the Black Banners of the East Satellite channel, you are going to be introduced to a very dark and frightening underworld; one which you will find some of the most powerful people in the world doing the most unspeakable things to countless little children.
Some big-name officials are going to be exposed here - some very difficult realities we have to face... and we warn you before starting this series; the content is very difficult to handle, and viewer discretion is advised.

PizzaGate Part 2: Podesta Emails, Comet Pizza & Joe Biden Exposed:
Now that you have been introduced to the evil underground world of Paedophilia and child-sex trafficking, and you have a better understanding of what PizzaGate truly is, we now begin investigating those involved to see just how high up the ladder this ring truly goes...
What you will find is a horrible truth and reality that has been hidden from us for many years, often times in plain sight. Going forward in this series is difficult, it's hard to bear the realities of what is taking place beneath us, above us, and all around us... the content is unbearable at times and those that will be exposed in this part of the series and the parts to come, are more than shocking. Viewer Discretion is strongly advised.

PizzaGate Part 3: CPS, MS13, & The Clinton Foundation Exposed:
In this third part of the PizzaGate Documentary series, we move away from the initial focuses of the PizzaGate Scandal and realize how it is truly an international child trafficking ring, ran by some of the highest members of modern day government, royal, religious, and military institutions. We also see how this is not new - and has been taking place right in front of our very eyes, and is also perpetrated by Hollywood... and more frightening, the Child Protective Services and other Federal and International NGO's and governmental organizations. It begs the horrifying question, "What happens when those who report and investigate the crimes, become the criminals?"
You don't want to miss this episode, there are some big-name people about to be exposed... and tune in for the fourth and final episode coming soon --- which will lead us on one of the most real and darkest journeys in uncovering this evil international trafficking ring; whose behind it... and what they are doing to these little children and why. This is some of the most important information in our time... in over the last hundreds of years, and this needs to become more known in the public today.

PizzaGate Episode 4: The Jesuit Ninth Circle Society & Satanic Child Sacrifice:
In this final episode of the documentary series on PizzaGate, produced by the Black Banners of the East — we will expose the world of satanic child sacrifice; who are some of the big ones involved, where they are committing these acts, how they are trafficking these children, what they are doing to them… and most importantly - why they are carrying out these horrific acts on children.
We reached out to Kevin Annett for an exclusive one hour interview. Annett is a field secretary for the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, and an expert in the field of satanic child sacrifice, the international trafficking ring, the Vatican, and the Jesuit created “Ninth Circle Society”.
You will see a strong link between the previous episodes. Kevin not only confirms much of what we have talked about so far in the series, but he elaborates and gives us the why.
We are on the search for the who… so pay close attention to former CIA agent Kevin Shipp, and Former FBI director Ted Gunderson in the opening Chapter, and extra close attention in the last chapter - with research into the dark web by expert in the field of AI/Block-chain - Quinn Michaels. Putting these pieces of the puzzle together, after all that we have covered in the first three episodes - we start seeing the origin of this evil/ global satanic cult; why they are doing this to the children, and who is helping operate this system today. Share this interview and be a part of spreading awareness about one of the most terrible crimes against humanity in our known history.

Pure Evil

A series produced by The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Channel...

For no apparent reason and in any given time the mass suicide of whales has confused scientists for centuries. More than two thousand years ago Aristotle had written about whale suicide.
Just like the whales hundreds of teenage boys and girls from around the world who have thought to have committed suicide for no apparent reason. Until their suicide was all linked back to The Blue Whale Challenge.
The Blue Whale Challenge is a new social networking phenomena that now exists all over the world.

The Animalistic Human

The Black Banners of the East proudly present The Animalistic Human series.

A series which asks the question: How humane is the human being truly? Rather, how animalistic can the human being be? In this series we hope to explore and unravel these questions and to understand, as best we can for now, that all too familiar mystery that is the animalistic human.

The Humane Animal Series

A series produced by The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Channel...

The Black Banners of the East proudly present The Humane Animal series. A series which asks the question are animals more humane than humans? In this remarkable documentary series we explore real life cases of magnificent acts of kindness, bravery and humility from the animal world.


Video Games

==Blood Sports

Exotic Foods

Sexuality Freedom


Pornography has become the most viewed form of entertainment and viewing it has had a toxic tradition and habit for people of all ages. It has infiltrated every aspect of our world. Men and women of all ages enjoy it regardless of culture or religion. And yet faced with the issues of pornography, most people would laugh it off and ignore the problems it imposes.

We can now begin to see how society has gone down the drain. The morals and manners of the people have become depleted.

Join us as we see discover how these adult websites have become a virus to the point that women have been become slaves and objects to men’s desires, families are suffering from its exposure, and the young children are the victims.


With a following of approximately 4 billion people, football is undoubtedly the king of all sports. Yet in the book “Signs of the End Times”, Imam Ali (pbuh), referred to it as a game played with an ostrich egg; ​a ball of leather for which banners are raised and music is played and danced to like the dancing of the Abyssinians” In a time when nations are starving, suffering, and lacking basic living needs, millions of dollars are invested and spent on this major sport; from advertisements to endorsing tournaments and building new infrastructure to accommodate these events, there never is a lack of funds to entertain the people. But there is an obvious lack in helping every needy man, woman, and child. And tragically enough, the people have lost their sense of humanity. Instead, they have become engrossed in an illusion which has no benefit at all. Fans will go wild and crazy over their favorite team, at times causing division and chaos, fighting and killing one another, matters which have made this world all the more haunting than it already is. And over what? Over a game of sport which its players must kick a ball into the opposing teams net. This is what football is about.
As we delve into the world of football, we will reveal what has been hidden from the public eye, and like with all truths, has been swept under the rug.
Join us as we discover the truth behind some of the most questionable practices of our time.

Rich & Poor

“Wealth and greed are the roots of all evils.” - Imam Ali

“Riches without faith are the greatest poverty.” - Imam Ali

Filthy Rich

When man embarks on a spiritual journey... he is seeking a connection with his true self, his higher self.
the infinite self that is beyond any external form or expression.
And when man ultimately develops a relationship with this part of his being... in essence, instead of himself, he begins to glorify God, The Creator, Allah
the ultimate and only life force or whatever name one wishes to give this higher power.
By this, man becomes united with... The All Powerful, All Giving, The All Loving... and Most Merciful God...
whom expresses His Greatness through man... he becomes the channel through whom is transmitted omnipotence... omniscience... and omnipresence
And all His Divine Attributes shine through his soul... Gods Greatness and Majesty manifests through His creation.
Man indeed is created in the image of God... should not that image be beautiful... bountiful... and generous?
But in this time and age, humans have become entangled in materialism and abandoned the path of spirituality for spirituality takes the help of material progress but does not become a slave to materialistic desires.
Materialism can not see how spirituality helps spirituality lives in the present moment while...
Materialism lives in tomorrows world of endless desires and yesterdays world of inevitable dissatisfaction.
Spirituality enables a peace of heart and mind.
Materialism, even with all the wealth in the world can never buy peace and surly becomes frustrated with its own limitations...
and slowly, reluctantly and even unwillingly materialism eventually turns to spirituality to feed its insatiable appetite for real happiness.
Ladies and gentlemen in this documentary we wish that you ask yourselves two questions? ...But please do not answer... just yet question 1​... Is it morally right to hold on to vast amounts of wealth? Question 2​... And also then would it not be morally righteous to distribute that wealth?

Wasting Money I Highest Paid Actors I Paid Patriotism I Taxes

Considered to make the world go round, money plays an essential role in the world we live in. Besides the fact that living without it in today's society would be nearly impossible, money, if used selfishly, is one of the most abused materialistic items in between our hands. And if used and distributed justly worldwide, only a small portion would be needed to end hunger and provide for every needy man, woman, and child.

Yet there is a clear distinction between the lower class and the upper class. Have you ever seen what the wealthy spend their money on? And do you think it fair that the hardworking lower class members of society receive crumbs in comparison to the posh higher class, due to the nature of their work?

Let us take a look into the professions of some of the highest paid individuals in society and the ridiculous purchases made by them, and how the lower class poor people have supported these purchases unknowingly and have placed every single celebrity on their high altar stations, essentially making idols and heroes out of them.

But rich and famous celebrities are not the only ones making a fortune off of your hard earned money. Entertainment venues, owners, and organizations, along with rich royal families and ruling elite and their governments, steal from the people on a daily basis.

Taxpayer money is used for some of the most unimaginable pretexts of helping the economy and protecting the country. Trillions of dollars are spent yearly on corruption, and yet only a small fraction of this money could be used to wipe out hunger and sustain basic human needs. The amount of wasteful spending is truly unbelievable.

You will be astonished!

Join us as we discover the truth behind some of the most questionable practices of our time.