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The Minbar of Egypt

The Minbar of Egypt is the media platform of the Mahdi (as) prophesied by Imam Ali (as), through which the "the chosen ones of Egypt" prepare the rise of the Mahdi (as).

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan mentioned the following ahadith regarding the Qaim, Egypt, and the Minbar of Egypt

in the book "The Journey of Moses (pbuh) to the Junctions of the Two Seas"...

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  • Abaya Al-Asady said, I heard the Prince of Believers pbuh saying, “Verily I shall build a platform in Egypt.” I said, “O Prince of Believers, it is as if you are saying that you will rise after your death.” He (pbuh) said, “How farfetched, O Abayah! You went into a different sect, a man from me does that.” – Bihar Al-Anwar Vol. 53 page 59
  • And also narrated by him (pbuh), in a narration mentioning Al-Mahdi and his companions, “and the Grand Truthful walks with the banner of guidance… he then walks to Egypt and steps up on his platform and preaches to the people… and throws knowledge in the hearts of believers, so no believer needs what his brother possesses from knowledge, at that time the interpretation of the verse occurs {Allah will enrich each from His abundance} Surat An-Nisa (The Women) 4: Ayah 130.“ – Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 53, page 85, Bisharat Al-Islam page 74

And the above narration clarifies that the platform of Al-Mahdi has been prepared beforehand by the chosen ones of Egypt.”

  • Imam Ali (as) who spoke about The Mahdi (as) and his companions, he said: "Then they will head to Egypt, and he will climb the platform and talk infront of people, and the land will be filled with justice, the skies will rain, trees will bear fruits, and it (the earth) will adorn itself for the inhabitants, and beasts will be secure such that they pass over the ground like cattle. The believer will be struck by knowledge like an arrow into the heart, and the believer will not seek anything from another except what they possess of knowledge. During that time, it goes in line with the verse of the Quran: {Allah shall enrich all by His Mercy}." – Gospels of Islam, p. 71"

As for the precious ones of Egypt, it is because they were sifted from amongst a nation which is in opposition to the fathers of Al-Mahdi (the progeny of Muhammad pbut) and they have an essential and major role in the blessed global revolution of Al-Mahdi. And the Media role by the precious ones of Egypt, which has been mentioned by the Prince of Believers Ali pbuh, is not hidden...

"And Egypt and North Africa, which embraced the children of Israel and the call of Abraham, must have a similar stance towards Al-Mahdi, his call, and his global revolution. And Al-Sham as well; the same thing which had happened in the beginning of time shall be repeated by and with Al-Sham. That is why they pbut emphasized that the elite Ansar are the Finest of Iraq, the Precious ones of Egypt, and the Replacements of Al-Sham.

  • Jabir Al-Jofi said that Abu Jafar (pbuh) said: Al-Qaim is given allegiance between the Corner and the Station by three hundred and some, the same number as the soldiers of Badr, within them are the Precious Ones of Egypt, the Replacements of Al-Sham and the Finest of Iraq, so he stays for as long as Allah wishes for him to stay. - Al-Ghaybaby Al-Tusi page 476

Note: As we know the Illegitimate Office had stolen the documents of the Imam after he had left them, and they published books in his name after that. Therefore the following excerpt might be from the Imam's knowledge, but could also be distorted.

Further hadith about the Minbar of Egypt

  • "Umm Al-Mo’meneen Mariam narrated that she has been given the glad tidings of the Islam of Egypt, and that Islam won’t go out of Egypt until the Day of Religion… [until it says…] And she has known that the Minbar of The Greater Mahdi in the End Times is in Egypt, and the one who paves the way for him is a man whose courage is iron and his heart is strong, Allah opens for him the openings of the knowledgeable ones, and He inspires to him the inspirations of the Muhaditheen (angels speak to him)…" – Sayyed Ali Ashour, What Imam Ali (as) said about the End Times, page 328 (supposedly from the hidden document "Al-Jafr")

Aba Sadiq Abdullah Hashem built the 'Minbar of Egypt' phrophesied by Imam Ali

Minbar of Masr Logo used in 2012 on the "Hawza of Imam Mahdi" Youtube Channel

After his migration to Egypt in 2011 Abdullah Hashem (as) worked on gathering Ansar for Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) and strove to build the media platform for the Imam to fulfill the hadith about the Minbar of Egypt. This small group of believers spent the next years producing and spreading videos and media about the call of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) to all four corners of the world, a task which they continue to do until this day.

"Imam Ali (as) says: “Indeed I will build a Minbar (platform) in Egypt."

Abdullah Hashem stated in an fb-post "…the official youtube channel of the dawa, which now belongs to the Black Banners!", 19th June 2015

So now the media platform in Egypt for the dawah is under the Black Banners. Since there is no other media platform calling to Imam Mahdi (as) isn’t this a proof that the Imam (as) is with the Black Banners?

On top of that the Impostor Imam always adressed Abdullah Hashem & Crew as 'The Minbar of Egypt, which is another proof that the Impostor knows nothing about the future as part of the Unseen, or the realities of things mentioned in the narrations, and therefore misguides people in religious matters.

The Companion of Egypt is a sign for the Mahdi

  • "The companion of Egypt is the sign of signs and his sign is wonderous it has signs, his heart is "Hassan" his head is "Mohammed" and he changes the name of his grandfather, if he leaves then know The Mahdi shall be knocking at your door, so before he can knock fly to him in the clouds or come to him even if it were crawling on ice." – Sayyed Ali Ashour, What Imam Ali (as) said about the End Times, page 328

The following hadith about the companions of the Mahdi (as) uses the same wording and is obviously related to the above hadith:

  • "While we are with the Messenger of Allah (sawas), youths from Bani Hashem came forth, so when the Prophet (sawas) saw them his eyes became tearful, and his color changed, so I said: O Messenger of Allah, we still see something which we hate in your face. So he (sawas) said: We Ahlul Bayt Allah chose for us the hereafter over this world, and verily my Ahlul Bayt (my family) will receive after me afflictions and they will be homeless and expelled, until a people from the east come, with them are black banners, so they will ask for the truth but they will not be given it, twice or three times, so they will fight and they will be given victory, so they will be given what they asked for but they will not accept it, until they push it to a man from my Ahlul Bayt who will will fill it with justice and equity as it was filled with injustice, so whoever realizes this from you then go to them even if crawling on ice, for verily he is the Mahdi." – Al-Malahim awl Fitan: Door 92
  • Imam Ali (as) said: “Egypt is the support of the Mahdi. – Sayyed Ali Ashour, What Imam Ali (as) said about the End Times, page 328 (supposedly from the hidden document "Al-Jafr")

Aba Sadiq Abdullah Hashem is the Companion of Egypt

Companion of Egypt Merkaba.jpg

Aba Sadiq Abdullah Hashem (as) is the one who built the Minbar of Egypt prophesied by Imam Ali (as), and he is the Companion of Egypt.

Ahadith about the Companion of Egypt

  • Imam Al Sadiq (as) said: "Before the Sufyani is an Egyptian and a Yamani." – Bihar Al Anwar v.52 p.210
  • The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (sawas) said: "… so Sahib Masr (the Companion of Egypt) will come out from a hiding and a long silence, and he will open the cave of secrets, and he will shout "by revenge, revenge!" And he will pave the way for the Mahdi. And verily the people are with the rulers and the world. And the religion is with the strangers, so glad tidings to them, until the Mahdi of Ahlul Bayt comes out for them, after Allah shakes the stolen land of the red people, and the people hope for justice…" - Sayyed Ali Ashour," What Imam Ali (as) said about the End Times"
  • Imam Ali (as) said: The Minbar of The Greater Mahdi in the End Times is in Egypt, and the one who paves the way for him is a man whose courage is iron and his heart is strong, Allah opens for him the openings of the knowledgeable ones, and He inspires to him the inspirations of the Muhaditheen (angels speak to him)..." - Sayyed Ali Ashour, What Imam Ali (as) said about the End Times, page 328
  • "The companion of Egypt is the sign of signs and his sign is wondrous it has signs, his heart is "Hassan" his head is "Mohammed" and he changes the name of his grandfather, if he leaves then know The Mahdi shall be knocking at your door, so before he can knock fly to him in the clouds or come to him even if it were crawling on ice." – Sayyed Ali Ashour, What Imam Ali (as) said about the End Times, page 328
  • He is known to the people but he is hidden. – Sayyed Ali Ashour, What Imam Ali (as) said about the End Times, page 328 (supposedly from the hidden document "Al-Jafr")
  • "Imam Ali (as) said about the 'Sahabi Masr' (The companion of Egypt):
    Imam Ali (as) said: "No one recognizes him while he is with them, يلبس للحكمة جنتها ؛ وهى عند نفسه ضالته التى يطلبها , he is patient like the Awliyaa' (the Preferred Ones of Allah swt), and he raises The Black Banner; By Allah he is the one who prepares for the Mahdi." - Sayyed Ali Ashour, What Imam Ali (as) said about the End Times, page 328 (supposedly from the hidden document "Al-Jafr")

Aba Sadiq The Companion of Egypt in the Egyptian Revolution

What Imam Ahmed (as) revealed about Egypt

Tribulations that can be expected for Egypt?

"What are the tribulations that can be expected for Egypt? There are narrations that the sufyani la is going to come to Egypt and that there will be a drought is this true?"

In the Name of Allah, The Abundantly Merciful, The Intensely Merciful
All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds
O Allah send Your prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis
No answer. Abdullah Hashem will answer this in the near future inshaAllah." – See Answer on Black Banners Forum

Multiple new informations and predictions

  • The blessed land of Egypt is the fourth-purest place on earth after Mecca, Najaf and Kerbala
  • the Pyramids were build before the Sphinx
  • the Sphinx depicts prophet Amid (as) and was built by his Ansar (helpers)
  • the Companion of Egypt (as) is a genius, sent by Allah (swt), who was ordered by God in the past to build the pyramids for an important reason in that time and to safeguard a matter in the time of the Qaim, and he is the one who will open them and reveal their secrets
  • the energy which is gathered by the pyramids prevents earthquakes and has many benefits
  • inside the pyramids are the graves of 6 prophets from the 124,000 prophets (as)
  • it has an opening in which if your place something in it it returns to its primal form e.g. chicken becomes an egg, human with missing/ cut limb returnes like before handicap, sick becomes cured, old returns young
  • there is a large and great treasure in Egypt, which will make it overflow goodness on its neighbours
  • one of the arab rulers will become very sick and the people will think he will die, but he won't
  • several world leaders will die within a short time of one another
  • and in the next few days there shall appear in the media and in the news a strange and unfamiliar news story

The Qaim will heal physical handicaps

The following hadith confirms, that the Qaim (as) will take care also of physical handicaps of the believers. So it is not odd, that Ahmed Al-Hassan also informs us of the pyramid's "healing properties", as they might be one of the many tools and miracles which Allah (swt) permits him to present.

"It is narrated from Ibn Uqdah from Ahmad bin Yusuf from Ismail bin Mahran from Ibne Bataini from Mufaddal bin Muhammad from Hariz from Abi Abdullah from his father from Ali bin Husain (as) that he said: "When the Qaim appears, Allah will cure every sick believer and restore to him his power." - Ghaibat Nomani, 138

The mystery of the Sphinx

Rising out of the desert sand is a gigantic statue of a human head.
A gigantic structure whose origin is lost in the mists of time.
Standing as a silent witness to the events that shaped ancient world history.
Endlessly gazing towards the east, pointing our attention to a place and time in the future.
It is secrets have remained hidden for many thousands of years.
For it might very well hold a truth to a hidden part of human history unknown to all in this time.
The great Sphinx in Giza is without doubt... the largest and most studied sculpture on Earth, and even today it still remains humanities greatest mystery.
And still the question remains... Who or what created the Sphinx?

This episode states:

  • The Sphinx was built after the Great Flood
  • Aba Sadiq (peace be upon him), the Second Mahdi says that the pyramids were indeed submerged underwater, but not the Sphinx.
  • Ahmed Al Hassan (peace be upon him) says that Prophet Amid (peace be upon him) was held captive by the tyrants of the time and was put through the worst forms of torture imaginable
  • Prophet Amid (peace be upon him) has returned as the Second Mahdi, Aba Sadiq (peace be upon him)

Proof that the Sphinx truly was a man from God

A pharoh saw a vision, in wich the Sphinx gave him the glad tiding that he will rule. As soon as the pharoh took the reign he erected what is known as "The Dream Stele of Thutmose IV" as proof of the divine legitimization for his ruling.

It was the Egyptian pharoh Thutmose IV who had dreamt while he was sleeping beneath the statue of the Sphinx, that the Sphinx told him that he will be king in Egypt.

"…it happened that prince Thutmose came travelling at the time of midday. He rested in the shadow of this great god (Great Sphinx). [Sleep and] dream [took possession of him] at the moment the sun was at zenith. Then he found the majesty of this noble god speaking from his own mouth like a father speaks to his son, and saying: "Look at me, observe me, my son Thutmose. I am your father Horemakhet-Khepri-Ra-Atum. I shall give to you the kingship [upon the land before the living]…"

Thutmose IV used that dream to legitimate himself as the next pharoh and the people acccepted the testimony of the Sphinx. This shows that the Sphinx was respected by those people as a positive authority and as a man from God - a prophet.

Enoch Resurrected - The Truth Behind The Pyramids

The Black Banners Of The East Satellite Station presents an exclusive interview with Erich Von Daniken the bestselling author of the book "Chariots of the Gods", and the host of the history channels "Ancient Aliens".

Join us as we uncover our true history. A revolution that will shake the foundations of everything we thought about our ancient origins.

This episode states:

  • Imam Ahmed Al Hassan a.s. revealed that the one who built the pyramids was the Prophet of God Idrees (Enoch) (peace be upon him).
  • He a.s. has also revealed that Idris was also the Egyptian ruler who is well known in the Ancient Egyptian ruler who is well known in the Ancient Egyptian civilization, Osiris.
  • Imam Ahmed Al Hassan a.s. has also revealed that Idris a.s. had built a room and a tomb for himself inside the great pyramid in Egypt, inside what is known as the “King Chamber” but it did not end up being used as a tomb for him, because Allah ordained otherwise, in order to protect his noble body.
  • Imam Ahmed Al Hassan a.s. said that the tyrant in the time of Osiris and his enemy was called Set (may Allah curse him), as mentioned in ancient Egyptian myths. And indeed Idris had a sister whose name is Isis and a son whose named was Horus.
  • Imam Ahmed Al Hassan a.s. said that Horus had a mark on his right shoulder that resembled the eye and it was a source of great power.
  • Imam Ahmed Al Hassan a.s. revealed that Idris a.s. returned in this age, he incarnated as Aba Sadiq a.s. (Abdullah Hashem a.s.) and he is the second Mahdi and the companion of Egypt mentioned in the narrations of Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) and he is the son and vicegerent and vizier of the Riser of Ale Muhammad, Imam Ahmed Al Hassan a.s.
  • Aba Michael a.s., one of the 12, narrated from Imam Ahmed Al Hassan a.s.: “The Sphinx is a prophet from the 124,000 Prophets. He was a man with great knowledge and he had many miracles. His name is Prophet Amid (peace be upon him). nThe Ansar of Prophet Amid (as) built the Sphinx. This is Egypt the Great. The blessed land of Egypt is the purest place on Earth after Mecca, Najaf, and Karbala.”
  • And the Pyramids are older than the Sphinx and he is from Allah (swt). A man who was sent from Allah (swt) for this mission. He built it for a very important reason at that time. And to safeguard an important matter in the future in the time of the Qaim (as).
  • The Energy which is gathered by the Pyramids prevents Earthquakes in Egypt. And it has many benefits. And the one who will reveal the secrets of the pyramids is one of the Mahdi’s men. And he is a secret from the secrets of Allah (swt).
  • The Companion of Egypt is the one who will open the Pyramids. It was built by its companion and will be opened by its companion.
  • Aba Michael a.s. narrated from Imam Ahmed Al Hassan a.s.: “The one who built the Pyramids is not from this world, he is a man from the men of God and a secret from his secrets.
  • He descended to this world to accomplish certain missions and from them is building the pyramids, to safeguard a matter in the future related to the Riser a.s.
  • He left this world as he came. Idris a.s. was raised and left this world on the 27th of July, and he promised to return. And he did return in this age on the 27th of July.
  • Inside the Pyramids are graves from 6 Prophets of the 124,000 Prophets. It has an opening in which if you place anything in it, it returns to its primal form.
  • If you place a live chicken in it, it will return to being an egg. If a human enters with a missing limb or cut limb, he will return to how he was before this handicap. The sick becomes cured and the old becomes young again.
  • And there is a large and great treasure in Egypt which will make it overflow goodness on its neighbors.
  • Imam Ahmed Al Hassan a.s. revealed the reality about Idris a.s. and he said: “Indeed Idris was from another planet.
  • He was from the planet Kuthul, and he came to this planet. He was known in his planet, and he had supporters there, even until this day. And his name in that world, and in the language of that world is Sagh, And Sagh means Abdullah.”
  • Abu Saeed Ahmed ibn Mohammed Alakhmasy in Kufa said that Al Hussain ibn Hamid bin Rabiie said that Marwan bin Jaafar Al Simiri said that Hamid bin Moaz Alshokry said that Mudrik bin AbdelRahman Al Anzy said that Alhussain bin Thakwan said that Al Hassan Al Basri said that Samra bin Jundub said,
  • "The Prophet of Allah Idris was a tall white man with a large belly. He has a wide chest, and little body hair, and a lot of hair on his head. One of his eyes was larger than the other. And he had 3 white spots on his chest that were not by leprosy.”

Note: Aba Sadiq Abdullah Hashem (as) posted on March 9th, 2018 on fb the following:
"Allah the almighty said : "O Enoch, tell the people, do you think that Allah did not create except for you or that he has no world except for yours, there has passed before you many centuries, and tribes and creatures were exterminated and went extinct and that did not decrease Allah's authority in anything."

Ahadith about Egypt, the Pyramids, and the Qaim

Egypt Black Banner.jpg
  • Hadith on the Qaim in the land of Egypt from the book "Kamaaluddin wa Tamaamun Ni’ma" by Sheikh Al-Sadooq Volume 2 on page 208 to 211:
    "Narrated to us Abu Saeed Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab bin Nasr Sajzi from Abul Hasan bin Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Hamza bin Zaid She'rani who was from the progeny of Ammar bin Yasir that Abul Qasim Muhammad bin Qasim Misri narrated that
    "The treasures of Egypt opened for Abu al-Jaish Hamaduyah bin Ahmad bin Tuloon so much that they had not opened for anyone else. When he intended to raze the pyramids of Egypt, his trustworthy advisers advised him not to do so, but he did not listen and appointed one hundred laborers for this work who continued to dig the area around it for one year but could not find a way and when they intended to return without any hope, they saw a hole. Hence, they estimated that it was the same door and opened it through its mechanism. (Muhammad bin Muzaffar says that they saw a foundation behind that, which was very strong. They removed and cleansed it.) It contained an inscription in Greek. All the wise and people from all the religions of Egypt were called to read that inscription but no one was successful in reading it.
    There was a person called Abu Abdullah Madini who was one of the great scholars of the world. He told Abu al-Jaish Hamaduyah bin Ahmad, "I know an Ethiopian Bishop whose age is three hundred and sixty years now and he knows this writing. He had tried to teach this writing to me also but I loved Arabic more and hence, I could not learn it.
    That person is alive even today." Eventually, Abu al-Jaish Hamaduyah wrote a letter to the Shah of Ethiopia to send that Bishop to him. The Shah of Ethiopia wrote a letter in reply: The Bishop has grown very old and has become used to the environment of this place. If he leaves this environment and goes to another place then there is a risk that the environment will not be suitable for him there and he would die.Also, he can no longer bear long journeys. His presence is a cause of honor, joy and tranquility for us. Therefore, if you want him to read something or explain or to answer your questions then write and send them here."
    Egypt the Great.png
    Hence, that marble slab was kept in a tray and sent to the city of Aswan. Then it was sent to Ethiopia from Aswan, which was near it. When that piece reached Ethiopia, the Bishop read it and translated it into Ethiopian language. It was then translated into Arabic from Ethiopian. It was written as follows in it:
    "I am Rayyan bin Dumagh." Abdullah Madini asked the Bishop who that person was. He replied, "He was the father of king Aziz of Egypt during the time of Prophet Yusuf (as) whose name was Waleed bin Rayyan bin Dumagh. The Aziz of Egypt lived for seven hundred years. His father Rayyan lived for one thousand and a hundred years and Dumagh lived for three hundred years. In short, it was inscribed as follows:
    "I am Rayyan bin Dumagh who had set out to know where river Nile originated from because I was not aware of its origin. I was accompanied by four thousand people and I continued to travel for eighty months and I reached darkness and the ocean. I saw that river Nile cut that encircling ocean and crossed it. There was no way for me to cross the river and only one person was left with me out of four thousand. I feared that my rule would come to an end and hence, I returned to Egypt. Then I constructed many pyramids and cellars. I also constructed two such pyramids, in which I kept all my treasures safely
    and I have composed the following verses about it:
    My knowledge consists of that which exists and I don't have knowledge of the unseen and Allah knows better. And provided firmness in creation of a thing, which required it. I strengthened and Allah is the Most Powerful and Wisest. Thus I tried to find out the origin of River Nile. I became wary and man is wary I spent eighty months in journey, even though I was surrounded by the people Bani Hajar and a very huge army till the point we had left behind all men and Jinn and I came face to face with a dark river. Thus I accepted that there is no stage after this for any person who dares before or after me. Then I returned to my country and stayed there sometimes in calamities and sometimes with bounties. I am the owner of all pyramids of Egypt and of all the earthen utensils and I am one who initiated. I have left in it signs of my craftsmanship and wisdom, and handed over to the time which would neither get torn or destroyed. And it has many treasures and strange things. And this act is a cause of bitterness and disappointment for the time. My locks will be opened and my strange things will come out in the hands of a friend of Lord, which would shine like a star during the last age. His actions will be seen around the House of Allah And he will reach the peak and then it would be a time of peace and harmony. Eight and nine and two and four, and other ninety or nine will be killed or taken captives. Then there would be clashes for ninety-nine years, and all signs of mine would come into their hands and will be destroyed. All my treasures will come out. However I see that blood would be shed because of this I have written my words on rocks. They would remain and would then be destroyed and will then become extinct."
    After looking at this inscription, Abu Jaish Hamaduya bin Ahmad said, "This is a thing, which would be used by Qaim of progeny of Muhammad (sawas). Then that marble slab was kept back in its place.
    A year later, Abu Jaish was killed in the state of intoxication on his bed by his slaves. It was known after this incident when the pyramids were constructed and by whom and it is one of the most authentic narrations about Nile and pyramids.

A Qaim of Ahli Muhammed was the builder of the Pyramids as Osiris, who is Enoch (Idris), and Hermes - AbaSadiq Abdullah Hashem in his return as the 2nd Mahdi

Egypt the great is the greatest and one of the oldest civilisation in human history.
Over the course of seven thousand years the ancient Egyptian civilisation impressed the world with its scientific and cultural unprecedented progress so much so that there are many mysteries that are yet to be revealed.

This episode states:

  • Osiris - The description of this great man who came to the inhabitants of the earth with this revolutionary science that would never cross anyone's mind that that early time was not just a legend. Learn why...
  • Osiris caused a major leap in modernity in the Egyptian history as he was the first to invent agricultural and irrigation tools, and he was the first to teach people medicine, he's the first to write with a pen
  1. According to the Papyri of Turin Osiris was the first who taught people agriculture, and the various arts of life, most famously was the wearing of stitched clothing and writing.
  2. And the "Egyptian books of creation" state that Osiris was receiving divine inspiration and was learning from the heavens the art of building with stone and writing with pen and agriculture and wisdom and planning cities, and he was the first who took Egyptians out of living in caves where they were hiding from the beasts, so he made them live in houses and he was the first to construct cities and temples, and in his time medicine and agriculture flourished. In his time people learned to wear clothing out of linen, he ruled with justice until his brother Seth killed him, then he returned to life once more until he was raised to the skies as the god of Resurrection and the judge of the dead.
  • Osiris was the only King whom Egyptians recognized as a savior God who sacrifices himself in order to deliver people from their evil and sins, and so that they may acquire life and for this he faces oppression and torture.
  • And while most of the people have doubts about the fact that Osiris was an actual person and not just a myth, they will be surprised to find out that the majority of people have read about him and know him and believe in him but under a different name...
  1. Al-Qurtubi said in his interpretation of this verse:
    {And mention in the book, Idris. Indeed, he was a man of truth an a prophet. And we raised him to a high station.}
    Idris (peace be upon him) is the first to write with the pen, and the first who stitched clothing, and wear stitched clothes, he is the first who looked into the Stars and mathematics and its movement, and his name Idris comes from how much he studied the book of Allah (swt). And Allah revealed to him 30 books.
  2. Ibn Habban from a hadith of Abu Dharr (pbuh) says that the Prophet of Allah (pbuhahf) said:
    "O Abu Dharr four are Syrians: Adam, Seth, Enoch - and he is Idris - and he is the first who wrote with the pen, and Noah."
  3. And in "The History" of Al-Yacubi Idris the prophet is the first who writes by pen. And he taught the knowledge of the stars.
  4. Also the historians all agreed that Idris (peace be upon him) was the first who spoke about geometry medicine, astronomy, the science of the Stars, and mathematics, chemistry, physics, and he was the first to use scales and measurements and so forth.
    The ancient Egyptians learned it from him, and this explains that they are the first who spoke about these sciences in history, and it explains their excellence in this area.
  • So Idris (peace be upon him) was known in archaeology as "the companion of the firsts in history" and they were the same firsts that Osiris was known by and taught the Egyptians!
    Doesn't this resemblance strongly indicate that Osiris and Idris peace be upon him are the same person?
    It is historically proven that Idris or Enoch in the Christian and Jewish tradition lived in a very ancient time before the flood. He's the father of the grandfather of Noah (peace be upon him).
    The Greeks have known him by the name Hermes or "the Wisest of the Wise".

Osiris and Idris peace be upon him are not just similar in their lives and works but also in their death and resurrection:

  1. Both Idris and Osiris were men inspired by God they both ascended to the sky and left the world twice and received a divine promise to rise as witnesses over the people on the Day of Resurrection.
  2. Both of them lived in the land of Egypt, and ruled in it in the same historical era.
  3. Both of them were the Companions of "the firsts" in history the first who taught the knowledge of stars and astronomy, and agriculture and planning, and writing, and medicine, and wisdom and, wearing stitched clothing to the ancient Egyptians was Osiris.
  4. On the other hand the first who taught the knowledge of stars, and astronomy, and agriculture, and planning, and writing, and medicine, and wisdom, and wearing stitched clothing was Idris. And the breakthrough in these sciences, especially in relation to the knowledge of astronomy stars and planets when connecting it to this great character Osiris and to this reat land Egypt one thing comes to mind - the pyramids. Osiris name was connected strongly to the building of the pyramids. And it is known that was the miracle of astronomy and stars. While Egyptologists think that the pyramids are part of a creed related to the worship of the sun, in fact the ancient Egyptians were making pathways to Isis and Osiris their gods of afterlife and resurrection and gods from their beginning, through steep small shafts in the pyramids which pointed at their star signs. And anyone can easily verify that on google maps.
  • This episode clearly shows that the builder of the pyramids is Osiris, who is Idris (Enoch), and also known as Hermes, and has returned today as Aba Sadiq Abdullah Hashem (peace be upon him):

Today the Black Banners of The East reveal the mystery that has baffled the world over thousands of years. And it is the relation of the pyramids with the Riser in the End Times (peace be upon him).
In the book "250 Signs" by El-Tabatai, sign number 50 it says:
"My locks will be opened and my wonders will be brought forth by an ally of my Lord, who will rule in the End Times with the house of Allah. His matter shall be revealed and he must rise high and transcend."
And the Black Banners of The East have revealed that this Wali of Allah, who rose in the End Times and opens the secrets of the pyramids is the same who has built it. A man from the men of Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him) the 2nd Mahdi Aba Sadiq (peace be upon him), Osiris and Idris in his return...

Imam Al-Mahdi (a.s) present in Egypt

Someone asked the Imam (a.s): "Where is the Imam Al-Mahdi (a.s)?"

The Imam (a.s) answered: "He's present in Egypt."
- 31th January 2017 Paltalk