Comparison of Main Proofs

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Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you dear truth seekers,

The following is a comparison between the main proofs of the Black Banner and those brought forth by the cursed Illegitimate Office and its supporters.

See for yourself the truthfulness of the blessed Black Banners of the East lead by our Leader and our Master Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), may we be ransomed for him (as), and his door and his vicegerent and his son in the soul world, our beloved pure Master, Abdullah Hashem Aba Sadiq (as).

May the attitude of impartiality described in the following verse of The Holy Quran be our measure:
{Those who listen to the speech and follow the best of it. Those are the ones Allah has guided, and those are people of understanding.} - Hol Quran 39:18

If you say that you would be from the ones who immediately submit to him (sawas), then what made you submit?
Isn't the reason why you submit that it is confirmed and proven with you that he (sawas) is the Messenger of Allah and that he is a Hujjah upon you from Allah (swt)?
As such is the matter of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) and his door and vicegerent Aba al-Sadiq Abdullah Hashem (as).
If it is proven with you that Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is truly an Imam and that he is a Hujjah to whom obedience is obligatory and that he is the leader of the blessed Black Banners of the East, then whatever he (as) says would be proven to you too without asking for a proof.

Rather, the proofs are given to prove the Imamate and the authority of the Imam or the Messenger, and it is actually your right to ask for proofs for his Imamate, and that's what Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) the leader of the Black Banners of the East has proven, through the law of knowing the Hujjah which is stated in the Holy Qur'an, the glad tidings of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (sawas) which none except him can give it, Istikharas and visions, Hadiths of Ahlul Bayt (as) about The Black Banners of the East and its companion, the Hadith of Imam Al-Sadiq (as) that we know the Qa'im (as) through that he is the one who will reveal to us that family goes back to the soul world, the Ahlul Bayt's (as) hadiths that the banner of the Qa'im (as) has on it "Al-Baya lilah" (Allegiance is to Allah), Mubahala, challenge of the unseen, the oath of innocence, the guarantee of Imam Al-Sadiq (as) about the appearance of the Hujjah (as) shortly after King Abdullah's death, the testimony of the pure twelve men and the hadith about them, and and and and and and!

So many proofs BBS.jpg

We have held tight to the Thaqalyn (the two weighty things; The Book of Allah and Ahlul Bayt (as) in proving that Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is the leader of the Black Banners of the East, and that he is an infallible Imam, and that he is the Qa’im of the Family of Muhammad (as). We are calling you to give victory to a man who says: "Ask Allah about me"! And sufficient is Allah as a Witness.
We pray from the depths of our heart, so may Allah (swt) guide us all with his Light to his Truth and to the straight Path.
{Allah guides to his light whom he will. Allah strikes parables for people. Allah has knowledge of all things.} - Holy Quran 24:35
All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds O Allah send Your prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis.

Illegitimate Office

The Ilegitimate Office, who claims to be in contact with the Imam, brought forth the following points as proofs:

  1. Fb-posts attributed to the Imam
  2. Voice-recordings attributed to the Imam including a Paltalk "interview" and a scientific study
  3. Documents with his alleged signature
  4. Testimonies of several men like Al-Ziyadi, Al-Dirawi and the brother of Ahmed Al-Hassan etc.

Black Banners

The Black Banners have come with:

  1. Narrations...
    > which prophesied the Glad Tidings about Imam Mahdi's (as) return to be given in the night of King Abdullah's death;
    > which prove, that 12 men will claim to have seen Imam Mahdi, but people will belie them;
    > about how it is obligatory to follow the Black Banners and that the companions of the Black Banners will pave the way for the Qa'im and call towards him and they will hand the banner over to him, and most importantly that supporting them is incumbent upon every believer;
    > proving that the Ansar will be the first to fight the Mahdi (pbuh), etc.
  2. Call for Mubahala against the Office & Call for Predicting a single future event
  3. The opportunity for each serious one to send a question to the Imam (as) or the twelve via the Black Banners Forum, which was opened upon the order of the Imam (as) and the attitude of open doors for discussing privately as well as publicly on all social media platforms
  4. Istikharas, visions, and other Signs/ News from the Unseen proving the truthfulness of this Call
  5. The Minbar of Egypt prophesied by Imam Ali (as)
  6. The exposure and refutation of the Illegitimate Office and its Top Criminals, to which there is no response from them to even a single point until now.
  7. The new knowledge spread by Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) after his return
    > Imam Ahmed (as) pointed out Spiritual Kinship as an ultimate proof and thereby fulfilled yet another prophecy
    > he is the only one who was able to clarify the linkage of the following 4 matters: The Raja, The 12 Mahdis, The Imams, and the Rise of the Qaim - which are part of the secret Divine Plan for the establishment of the State of the Divine Justice and thereby clarified the topic of Reincarnation in Islam

Note how the Office tries to avoid the matter of the Unseen!

From the above comparison of proofs and their details in the following it becomes obvious how the Office tries to cut any way to the Unseen for their supporters, because they cannot prove the Imamat of their Fake Imam through Allah (swt). Therefore they avoid Istikhara, mubahala, and predicting from the unseen by any means. Instead of allowing people to turn to Allah for guidance, they try to prove their Imam through bringing people and their opinions or slandering supporters of the Black Banner.

Istikhara in the narrations and quotes

Several ahadith from the Ahlul Bayt (pbut) prove that istikhara is valid in every single matter, the only restriction about istikhara is not to make it about something that is clear in the Muhkam (explicit) of Qur'an to be haram (for example asking "can i drink alcohol?)". Those ahadith were also quoted by Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan and the "Ansari" shuyukh in their books.

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan on istikhara

Shortest way of knowing the Unseen.jpg

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) says: "The shortest way for knowing the unseen is the unseen, ask Allah after fasting for three days and begging by the right of Fatima (pbuh) daughter of Muhammad (pbuhap) that you get to know the truth from Allah through visions or kashf [vision while awake] or by any of His (swt) unseen signs of the kingdom.". – Aljawab-Almounir part 1 page 7 Q-1
So you can either fast for three days and beg Allah (swt) by the right of Fatima (pbuh) to show you a sign, whether vision or any of His (swt) unseen signs like Imam Ahmed (pbuh) advised before. Or you can just make istikhara also like Imam Ahmed (pbuh) advised before and like the "Ansari" shuyukh urged people to do, when matters are confusing.

Imam Ahmed al-Hassan (pbuh) said, "Ask Allah (swt) about me by the Quran and by the visions. It was narrated that the Messenger of Allah (sawas) said, “Whoever sees me in his sleep has verily seen me, as Satan does not take my form neither during sleep nor while awake, and does not take the form of any of my successors until the Day of Judgment."

From the following quote from the book „The Allegories“ of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) we do understand that there will be people who believe in Imam Mahdi (as), but Imam Mahdi (as) does something which put doubts in their heart against him (as). So Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is telling them that they can turn to Allah (swt) to show them the truth through visions or any other way between them and Allah, from which of course is istikhara as Imam Ahmed (as) has clarified several times in his books and answers.

Question 105: The Sunnah of Imam Mahdi (as) is the Sunnah of the Prophets and Messengers, so do the Imam (as) or his messenger do or command some of his companions or some of the people to do something which is Haram (forbidden) in the apparent - as in The Chapter of the Cave (Surat Al-Kahf in the Holy Qur'an) - and how do we know if it is a permissible command or if it is a command with a hidden meaning?
The Answer: Yes, Imam Mahdi (as) does many things which some of the people, from whom are some of his companions, will think that it is opposing to the jurisprudence, as mentioned in some of the narrations of Ahlul Bayt (as) that he will rule by the ruling of some of the previous prophets (as), so some of his Ansar will object against him.
And the way to know that it is a permissible and valid command is: [It is so] because the one who is practicing it is Imam Al-Mahdi (as), and if the command (or the matter) is confusing to the people, then they can turn to the Guide of the confused one, and He is the Almighty of the Heavens and the Earths Allah (swt), in order that He (swt) shows them through a vision or through any other way between them and Allah swt. – The Allegories, Volume 3, Page 175, Question 105

The Facebook Imam tells you that if you doubt in his page you are out of the mercy of Allah (swt) and you are a hypocrite disbeliever! And of course if you make istikhara about his Facebook page then you are a hypocrite and disbeliever because you doubted it!
But the real Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) tells you in the above quote, that if you doubt matters which Imam Mahdi (as) himself commanded, you can still turn to Allah (swt) and ask Him (swt) to show you the truth through one of the unseen signs!

Nathim Al-Uqaily on istikhara

"Ansari" Sheikh Nathim Al-Uqaily says: "O believers, pay attention to the danger of those who cut off the path from the people and make people doubt the ways of guidance, which Allah swt has put for the people, and some of the clearest of those ways are the Istikhara and the truthful vision, and a lot other than that, as many as the breaths of creation.!'"' – Nathim Al-Uqayli, Al-Balagh Al-Mubeen, p.13

And Nathim Al-Uqaily says in his book "Al-Balagh Al-Mubeen: "A lot of narrations have been narrated from Ahlul Bayt pbut urging people to turn to Istikhara at the time of confusion and when they do not know guidance and when matters are confusing."Nathim Al-Uqayli, Al-Balagh Al-Mubeen, p.14 In the will of Imam Ali (pbuh) to his son Al-Hassan (pbuh): "...and be sincere in asking your Lord, for giving and depriving are in His hands, and make a lot of Istikhara..."Nahjul Balagha p393

The Messenger of Allah (sawas) said: "If you wanted to seek a good omen (Tafa'ol) by the book of Allah The Almighty, then recite Surat Al-Ikhlas 3 times, then send prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad 3 times, then say "O Allah I have sought good omen by Your Book, and I have depended on You, so show me from Your book, that which is hidden from Your saved goodness in Your unseen" then open the book without counting the papers or lines."Mafatih Al-Jinan, Al-Baqiyat Al-Salihat

"This is something from the evidence that istikhara is a proof. As for the ones who say that istikhara is not a proof, they do not have an evidence! How could they deny an evidence with no evidence! What is wrong with you, how are you judging!" - Nathim Al-Uqaily, Al-Balagh Al-Mubeen, P.14 – End of Nathim Al-Uqaily's words

We say to Nathim Al-Uqaily: Then what is wrong with you and how are you judging! The believers who are raising the Black Banners keep saying "Ask God about us." "Ask God if the truth is with us" "ask God if we are calling towards Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh)" "ask God if you should believe us in what we claim" etc, etc! And we have asked God through Istikhara and Alhamdulilah He swt informed us of the truth! But you and the Office people never mentioned in your posts that we should ask God about your truthfulness! Why don't you leave people ask God about who is truthful, us or you!?

Alaa Al-Salem on istikhara

"Ansari Sheikh" Alaa Al-Salem says in his book "The objectors to the Caliphs of Allah" page 47:

"Istikhara and the Companion of the Matter:
Another Divine Sign, which has a connection to identifying the companion of this matter, but it was belittled by the people, and especially the great ones of the people, and it is the istikhara, the Imams of guidance pbuh have narrated a lot of ahadith urging [people] to make Istikhara, from those narrations are:

The Commander of the believers pbuh said: "The Messenger of Allah (sawas) sent me to Yemen, so he said to me while giving me advice: O Ali, the one who makes Istikhara does not get confused, and the one who seeks consult (istishara) does not regret.." - Amali Al-Toosi V1 P135

It was said to Imam Sadiq (as): “Who are the most honorable/ noble creations with Allah?” He (pbuh) said: “[Those whom] are engaged most frequently in the remembrance of Allah, and are most obedient to Him.” It was said: “Who are the most hateful creations with Allah?” He (pbuh) said: “Those whom accuse Allah.” It was asked: “And does anyone accuse Allah?!?!” He (pbuh) said: “Yes, those whom do Istikhara and the response comes back with what he hates, so he becomes angry/ discontent because of that, verily, that is the one who accuses Allah.”Wasa’il Al Shia part 8 p.79.80, Door of karaha of doing a work without istikhara

From Abi Abdullah (pbuh): “Whoever enters a matter without making istikhara, then he gets afflicted, he doesn't get rewarded.” - Wasa’il Al Shia part 8 p.79, Door of karaha of doing a work without istikhara

And from Imam Al-Sadiq (pbuh): “Allah, the Glorified and Exalted, said: ‘From the misfortune of my servant is, that he does the works and does not make Istikhara to Me.” - Wasa’il Al Shia part 8 p.79, Door of karaha of doing a work without istikhara

Alaa Al-Salem continues and says:
"Despite of all that, and many other than that from the traditions of the purified ones pbut, the people belittled the Istikhara in terms of it being capable of guiding them and participating in knowing the caller towards the truth today, even though they see the saying of the Commander of the Believer pbuh and how he pbuh determined that one of the way to know his son the Qa'im pbuh is through Istikhara.

Abdullah ibn Muslima said: Suliman bin Bilal narrated to us saying: Jafar bin Muhammad (pbuh) narrated to us from his father, from his grandfather, from Al Hussein bin Ali (pbut), saying: “A man came to the Prince of the Believers (pbuh) and said to him: ‘O Prince of the Believers! Tell us regarding this Mahdi of yours!’ So he (pbuh) said: ‘If the cyclists cycle, and the believers became fewer, and the foreign/ imported [ones] go away, then there’ So he said: ‘O Prince of the Believers! From who is this man?’ So he (pbuh) said: ‘From Bani Hashem… until he said: Then he returned to the description of The Mahdi (pbuh) and said: His cave is the most vast, and he is the most knowledgeable of you, and the most merciful of you. O Allah, make his allegiance an exit from adversity, and unite by him the nation, so if Allah chooses for you [through] istikhara then determine [to go to him], and do not turn away from him if you were granted success in [knowing] him, and do not go past him if you were guided to him, ah, and he pointed with his hand to his chest longing for seeing him.” - Ghaybat Al-No'mani page 212

Then Alaa Al-Salem continues and says:
"And it is known that the Commander of the Believers pbuh is speaking about the Mahdi, who shall be given allegiance "make his allegiance an exit from adversity", and in fact he is the same whom the Messenger of Allah (sawas) spoke about when he mentioned the Mahdi and described his allegiance and determined his name

By what have you determined the Imam Istikhara.jpg

Huzaifa said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (sawas) - and he mentioned the Mahdi, so he said: "Verily he will be given allegiance between the Rukn and Maqam, his name is Ahmed, and Abdullah, and Al-Mahdi, these are his three names" – Ghaiba Al-Tusi p.305
and these three names are the names of the first Mahdi the vicegerent of Imam Mahdi pbuh and the first believer in him and his son, as mentioned in the holy will."

Then Alaa Al-Salem quotes the following hadith to prove that istikhara is used in matters of belief and that it is absolutely valid to use istikhara to know the Imam. The hadith is about Safwan Al Jamal, and he is from the companions of the two Imams Al-Kathim and Al-Ridha (pbut), and he became certain, through Istikhara, about the Imamate of Imam Al-Ridha during the Fitna of The Waqifite (The Stoppers). Here is the narration which Alaa Al-Salem quoted:

And it has been narrated that Safwan ibn Yahya Al-Jammal proved the imamate of Ali son of Musa Al-Ridha pbuh through Istikhara, and he is from the best companions of Imam Musa Al-Kathim pbuh and from the closest ones to him. Sheikh Al-Toosi narrated in his book Al-Ghayba p54:

From Ali ibn Mo’ath, he said: “I said to Safwan bin Yahya: ‘By what thing have you determined that Ali – meaning [Ali] Al Rida (pbuh) – [is the Imam]?’ He said: ‘I prayed, and supplicated to Allah, and I made Istikhara and became certain that he was him (the Imam)’” – Ghayba Al-Toosi: p. 54" - End of Alaa Al-Salem words

Consequently Safwan Al-Jamal determined the Imamate of Ali Al Rida (pbuh) through Istikhara!

More ahadiths on istikhara

The following are narrations from the Ahlul Bayt regarding istikahra...

In the will of Imam Ali pbuh to his son AlHassan pbuh: "...and be sincere in asking your Lord, for giving and depriving are in His hands, and make a lot of Istikhara..." - Nahjul Balagha p393

Narrated from Abi Abdullah (Imam Ja’far As-Sadiq) (pbuh): “Pray two Rakats and make Istikhara from Allah, for by Allah, there has not been a Muslim who asks Allah what is best (by Istikhara), except that He chooses what is best for him.”Al-Hurr al-Amili, Wasa’il Al Shia/ Door of Prayer and Istikhara, page 8:68 first door; first narration

And from him (pbuh): Whomever does Istikhara while being content/ satisfied with whatever He chooses, then Allah certainly chooses what is best for him.Al-Hurr al-Amili, Wasa’il Al Shia/ Door of Prayer and Istikhara

And from him (pbuh): “We used to learn how to make Istikhara as we used to learn the chapters from the Qur’an.” Then he said: “If I do Istikhara I do not care on which side I fall.” Al-Hurr al-Amili, Wasa’il Al Shia/ Door of Prayer and Istikhara

Be Sincere and you will be Successful.

Post by Lady Norhan Aal Al-Mahdi, wife of Abdullah Hashem (as) from the 6th of August 2015

Lady Norhan Al Al-Mahdi's fb-post showing Istikhara book according to Imam Jafer As-Sadiq (as)

"This is my Istikhara which I made when I first heard about the call of the Blessed Black Banners of the East. My question to Allah swt was:
"O Allah, by the truth of Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad, do I follow the Black Banners and believe in all what they claim and this will lead me to being a supporter of the true Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan a.s.?"

The answer was:
"Do it, for verily you shall reach your goal". And the Qur'anic verse was: {Jesus, the son of Mary, said: "O Allah, our Lord, send down to us a table from the heaven to be for us a festival for the first of us and the last of us and a sign from You. And provide for us, and You are the best of providers} [Surat 5:114].

Tears ran down my cheeks as I was overwhelmed with emotions. Alhamdulilah rabb alAlameen for saving us from the Calf and the Samiri may Allah curse them, and for guiding us to Imam al-Hussayn the Qa'im of the Family of Muhammad a.s.

May Allah swt keep us firm inshaAllah. Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa Alee Muhammad alAemma wl Mahdiyeen wa sallem tasleeman katheera


Since the very beginning, the Black Banners' companions keep telling everyone "Ask Allah about us".
Whenever we told the Office followers to ask Allah (swt) about the Black Banners and to ask Allah (swt) whether Imam Mahdi (as) and Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) are with the Black Banners or not, they would tell us:
"We cannot ask Allah (swt) when we have Ahmed Al-Hassan already with us on Facebook, we can ask him, and we asked him and he told us that you guys are deviated."
We tell them "but the one on Facebook is not Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) he is an impostor".
They tell us: "We already asked Allah (swt) once about Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), we are not going to make istikhara again about him".
So we tell them: "We are not telling you to make istikhara about Ahmed Al-Hassan (as). We all believe in Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as).
What we are saying is to ask Allah (swt) if you must follow the Black Banners since the real Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is with them.

But the Office and its people keep telling you to not investigate and to block us all and to not make istikhara!
How could the Fake Imam command you to not ask Allah (swt) about the Black Banners, when the real Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) has told the believers that it is okay to turn to Allah (swt) and ask Him about matters which Imam Mahdi (as) himself commanded them with?!
This matter we are talking about is important, so it is worth asking Allah about it and beg him for an answer. Wake up O people!
Should't the information which was presented so far at least make one investigate and ask Allah (swt)?
How hard is it to pick up the holy Quran and ask Allah (swt) instead of listening to lies and slander?

Dreams & Visions as a proof

Not only do the stories mentioned in the Holy Quran teach us the importance of dreams but also ahadith like the following point to the importance of dreams especially in the time of the emergence of the Qaim (as):

"We mentioned the emergence of the Qa'im (as) when Abu Abdullah (as) was there, so I said to him: How would we know that? So he (as) said: "You will wake up with a scroll under your head, written in it "known obedience". And it has been narrated that the banner of the Mahdi will have in it "Allegiance is to Allah"." – Kamalul Din waTamamul N'ema page 654, Muntakhab Al-Anwar AlMudhee'a Page 3

And Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) has already clarified in his books that "a scroll under their head" refers to the visions, because no one will wake up with a scroll under their head, it was a symbol which means the visions which are supporting the truth that the people have had and will have.

Imam Ahmed (as) said about dreams


Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) said:
Look in the Kingdoms of Heavens,
and hear from the Kingdoms of Heavens,
and believe in the Kingdoms of Heavens,
for it is the truth which the Prophets and Vicegerents have believed in,
and it is what the non-working scholars in every age,
who fought the Prophets and Vicegerents disbelieved in.“
– Letter of Guidance

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) also said:
"Wash the mud off your eyes and ears so that you see Allah and hear Allah while He talks to you even through a rock … Do not take refuge in the ignorant ones who call themselves knowledgeable, so that they fill your ears and eyes with mud, and pull you into this materialist transitional world, and into its ornaments. Do not listen to what they say, because they cannot see their own hands, and this transitional world is as far as they can go in regards to knowledge. Do not take refuge in them while they disbelieve in the visions, and the visions are the path to the Kingdom of Heaven."

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) also said:
"You say “we accept the testimony of two just witness.” So here Allah testifies to me, and Muhammad testifies to me, and Ali the Commander of the Believers (pbuh) testifies to me, and Fatima Al-Zahraa’ (pbuh) testifies to me, and al-Hassan (pbuh) testifies to me, and al-Hussein (pbuh) testifies to me, and Ali son of al-Hussein testifies to me, and Muhammad and Ja’far and Ali and Muhammad and Ali and al-Hassan and Muhammad (pbut) all testify to me through the hundreds of visions which the believers have seen. Then do you not accept their testimonies and their words and their advice to you? Did they not inform you that they would gather upon the companion of the truth if he came and they (pbut) said, “So if you see that we have gathered upon [one] man then go to him with weapons.” – Ahmed Al-Hassan, Sermon to the students of the Hawza

And he (as) said:
"As for the dreams/visions, every so often there comes to me a delegation from various countries, some far from Najaf, and many of them had seen in their sleep what leads them to support this true Message. Even if there were one or two visions, as an example, that bore enmity to the family of Muhammad, peace be upon them, but what shall those do to respond to the hundreds, no rather thousands of visions that most of them have one of the infallibles in it.
While the AhlulBayt, peace be upon them, say, "Whoever sees us [in a dream] has seen us. For the devil does not take our image."
So the oppressors have not but to say that dreams are not a proof. Although a true dream is part of Prophethood and the Prophet and AhlulBayt took interest in dreams and took interest in listening to dreams. And they took very much interest in interpreting them and even though the Prophethood of some Prophets was mainly through dreams/visions, and their interpretation such as the Prophet Daniel, peace be upon him.
And even though Narjis, the mother of Imam al-Mahdi, came to Iraq to marry Imam al-Askari due to a true dream that she had. And she put herself at risk with war and prison while she was the grand daughter of Caesar the Roman.
And even though Wahab, the Christian supported Al-Hussein, peace be upon him, because of a dream that he had of Jesus, peace be upon him.
And even though the nobleman of Bani Ummaya, Khalid the son of Sa'id al-Aas the Ummayad, became a Muslim because of a dream he had of the Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny.
Despite all this, the ignorant ones and the tyrants falsify and reject dreams without even contemplating or thinking. And by truth I tell you, 'what is happening to the people right now is a great revelation through dreams, but most of the people are disbelievers in the grace of Allah and most of them do not thank Allah.
This is the preference of Allah upon us, and yet most of the people do not give thanks to Allah. And all thanks and praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds!"
- "Sermon of the meeting of Imam Mahdi (pbuh)"

Imam Ahmed (as) said about interpreting one's dreams

Question: Is it permissible for us to interpret our dreams or visions? If the answer is no, then how could I tell the people that I have seen a vision that the Black Banners are truthful? Because someone could tell me "you cannot interpret your vision!"

Answer: In the Name of Allah, The Abundantly Merciful, The Intensely Merciful
All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds
O Allah send Your prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis

It is not permissible to interpret, but the human being can say "my understating for this vision is such and such". If the human being has asked Allah about a certain matter, and then Allah answers him with a vision or with Kashf or with Naqr, then this is the Answer of Allah which Allah is giving to the questioner according to his understating of it, and Allah wouldn't misguide him. Indeed Allah is the most Merciful of Allah and He does not misguide His servants.

See the original post from Jun 25, 2015 on the Black Banners Forum.

To those who make up visions to stab the call of the Black Banners

Tons of people have seen visions supporting The Call of The Black Banners and confirming that Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is with The Black Banners, which has Allegiance is to Allah written in it, some even before they believed. So to those, who make up visions to stab the call of the Black Banners, the following is to you:

In the book With The Righteous Servant Volume 2. p.68:
"The one who lies upon Allah in the vision is resurrected on the Day of Resurrection with Musaylama and Sajah, because he is like them, he lies upon Allah… So it is very natural that you find that he swears by Allah while he is a liar, because he lies upon Allah in the first place!… Be careful, those ones are worse than Ibn Al-As, so expect from them more than him."

"They want to stab the credibility of visions, they say that they saw a vision (while they didn’t and it is just a lie) which contradicts the visions of the believers (which are true visions), so that the proof of the believers’ visions falls. Meaning they try or they want to stab the credibility of the kingdoms of heavens by making up lies upon the kingdom of heavens. Meaning, in a very wicked and satanic way they want to say: “The news which came from the kingdoms of heavens are contradictory and therefore they fall”, and this means that they believe that the visions are false and that visions are invaluable and that visions are not a proof at all, for whoever believes that the visions are from the kingdoms of heavens and that visions are the words of Allah he will know for sure and with certainty that all of them are directed towards one direction and point towards one reality/truth; because they are the words of Allah, and therefore there is no contradiction among them in reality.”

“This issue does not end with them. The easiest thing with them is to lie. And even more easier to them, is to swear. They very easily swear while they are lying.

Those who invent lies about Allah.png

There wouldn't be such a vision

Someone asked Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) on Paltalk:
"My friend says he saw a dream that one of the infallibles said you are writing on the facebook page.
What can I say to him?"

Imam a.s. said: "No By Allah, there wouldn't be such a vision."

Guest: "So is the person lying or did he misunderstand the dream?"

The Imam a.s. said: "Alhamdullilah."
- 16/7/2016 Paltalk, See quote in pdf

Believers in Ahlul Bayt cannot understand their dreams without interpretation?

Office announcing new statement of Faked Imam about visions

Translation of what the fake Office released on their Facebook Page on June 15th 2015:

"A new answer from Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (pbuh) regarding the interpretation of the jurisprudential text:
Peace be upon you and the Mercy of Allah and His Blessings, All Praise is due to Allah.
O beloved believers in Kuwait and other than it, may Allah preserve you, and reinforce your steps. I turn address you on this generous day of Friday, the twenty fourth of Shaaban, the good, to clarify that referring to the Successor of Allah and asking questions regarding matters of religion in all which is small and great, is the religion of Allah, and the path of Allah, and the path of the Ahlul al-Bayt. The religion of Allah is there is an infallible for the believers to imitate and refer back to in order to know the knowledge/characteristics of their religion, and there is no such thing as a person charged with following the Successor of Allah, interprets and concludes the jurisprudential rulings or beliefs from visions or from the narrations or from my words, or from religious text in general. For this is misguidance in misguidance, so the text, in general, is either precise or allegorical, so if it is precise take from it and work by it, and if it is allegorical refer it back to us Ahlul al-Bayt in order that we may clarify it and determine it. And all praise be to Allah today [for there is an] infallible present between your hands, and you may ask him questions, and refer to him in all that which is small and great. So whoever turns away from referring to the infallible whom is present, and from imitating him in regards to his religion in all which is small and great, verily he has deviated from the straight path and from us Ahlul al-Bayt.
And whoever claims that he is capable of interpreting and knowing the rulings or beliefs from the religious text, or from visions, or the likes of such without referring to us and asking us, then calls the people to take his words or his path which he invented, verily he calls to himself just like an Imam who is followed or to a path or religion which he has invented from himself like an Imam who is followed. And this is deviation from the religion of Allah and from the Successor of Allah, thus it is upon him that he returns from this (it is upon him that he stops this), and that he corrects his path if he was a believer and a follower of us Ahlul al-Bayt.
And the place of visions in the religion, is a confirmation on the text (or the mentioning) of the Imam and the Successor who has been mentioned (just as in the will of the Prophet of Allah Muhammad (pbuhahf) on the night of his death), and the doctrine/belief and the jurisprudential rulings are taken from the Successor of Allah and you cannot take a new doctrine/belief from a vision, and you cannot take a new jurisprudential ruling from a vision. Therefore, whoever comes to you with a vision and wishes from you this then throw it in his face with neither love nor dignity, regardless of the truthfulness/sincerity of the discussion or his lies, or the fact that the vision is from Allah, or from Shaytan, or from him himself.
And for the believers is contemplation over the Qur’an, which is different then interpretation and attempting to clarify the allegorical and determining the side (or meaning) intended by the allegorical text in a way which is precise and certain.
Ahmad Al-Hassan
Shaban 1436"


That is exactly what the Twelver Shia Marja's were telling us when Ansar used used to go and tell them "We saw a vision confirming that the truth is with Ahmed Al-Hassan (as)" they would say "you should come back to us and we interpret the vision for you, because a believer does not take doctrines/beliefs from visions". But this is a false accusation, because we as Ansar do not take doctrines from visions, but see the vision as news from the unseen - meaning a divine sign. Hence we (the Ansar) would argue with them about how Narjis (as) believed from visions without returning to anyone, Abraham (as), Yusuf (as) Ismail (as) Muhammad (sawas), and more! How clearer must it get for the people to realize that this man is a clown who is trying to demolish all the pillars and teachings which Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) has come with – first the Supremacy of Allah, then the Law of Knowing the Hujjah, then the Istikhara, and now the Visions! By Allah (swt) he is not the real Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as).

How Imam Ahmed (pbuh) verified himself

Once somebody was writing to Ahmed Al-Hassan:
"I did not find in your claims except for worthless words",
meaning, that he doesn't have solid proofs.

So he (as) answered:
"[…] The proofs of the Call are many, I came with what the Prophets and Messengers pbut, Muhammad and the Imams pbut have come with. [...] Some of the proofs of the Call are:

1. The narrations reported from the Prophet Muhammad pbuhap and the Imams that mentions the name, country and features.

2. Knowing the explicit (Muhkam) and allegories (Mutashabah) and the ways of the skies, those are one of the peculiarities and secrets of the Imams pbuh.

3. Mubahala/ oath of disavow/ the call to the truth, etc.

4. The revelations during awakeness and the true visions during sleep seen by a very large number of people in the Prophet Muhammed, Ali, Al-Zahra and the Imams as they stress upon the truth of this call, for seeing them is proven, and that it is true by the Quran and narrations (reported) from them […]"
- Jawab Al-Muneer part 1 question number 35

The Black Banners brought forth many narrations, the unanswered call for mubahala, visions and finally testimonies, while the Office came with few narrations, visions, the request to bring a voice message like their Impostor Imam, and many testimonies of shuyukh and the brother of the Imam (as).

On the surface the proofs might resemble each other, but there are at least two big differences:

  1. The Office does not accept the invitation to the mubahala, which was the first challenge posed between the two banners and should therefore be answered first before other things are asked for.
  2. The Office also does not advise people to let Allah (swt) be the judge through istikhara, because they claim that their position is legitimate, while the Black Banners also claim that their position is legitimate, but ask people to call upon Allah (swt) for guidance.

The quarrel about the Qaim described in Quran and ahadiths

The Quaem is Al-Ghayb (the Unseen) according to AhlulBayt ahadith, and consequently it is necessary to have a strong belief in the Unseen:

  • „From Yahya son of Abi Al-Qasem, said: I asked the Sadiq (pbuh) about the word of Allah (azwjl): {Alif-Lam-Mim, This is the book, whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Muttaqun, Who believe in the ghayb (unseen).} Al-Baqarah, verse 1-3. So he said the Muttaqun are the Shia of Ali (as), and the ghayb is Al-Hujja Al-Ghaeb (the absent Proof), and the demonstration of that (the word ghayb in the verse means the awaited Qaim) is the saying of Allah (azwjl): {And they say: "How is it that not a sign is sent down on him from his lord? - Say : "The unseen belongs to Allah Alone, so wait you, verily I am with you among those who wait} (Yunus: 20)" – Sheikh Al-Saduk/ Kamal Ad-Din p.341 door 33 narration 20
  • "… Imam Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said about the saying of Allah (azwjl) {Who believes in the ghayb} Al-Baqarah verse 3: Who acknowledges that the rising of the Qaim is truth.“ – Sheikh Al-Saduk/ Kamal Ad-Din p.340 door 33 narration 19

The disagreement about the Qaim was also described in the Holy Quran in Surat Adh-Dhariyat and Surat An-Naba – regarding which Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) gave the following interpretation:

  • {Indeed, you are in differing speech} – Quran 51:8
    Which means you are differing regarding Al-Qaim (pbuh), as some say it is him and others say it is not.
  • And this verse in the Sura of An-Naba:
    {About what are you asking one another? About the great news – that over which they are in disagreement.} – Quran 78:1-3
  • {He is turned away from it who would be turned away.} – Quran 51:9
    Turning away means turning upside down, and the meaning of this verse is that he turns away from Al-Qaim and turns against Al-Qaim, and he who is turned upside down, meaning of a relapsed nature, does not follow Al-Qaim.
  • {Destroyed are the falsifiers} – Quran 51:10
    Which means perished are the deniers who deny without fully knowing the matter. And they are the ones who deny Al-Qaim (pbuh) without fully knowing his matter or what is issued for him, because the rise of Al-Qaim originally contradicts their desires, wordly orientations and their ambition for the false religious leadership.


O people, ask Allah about this, and do not lose your share, for indeed it is a great matter.

Of course listening to the proofs brought forth by both sides and evaluating them is up to the individual. But note: It is important to not depend on our narrow fallible understanding, but to depend on Allah (swt) with all your heart and submit to the Qa’im of the Family of Muhammad (as).

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) says:
“Truly I say to you: In the Torah it is written: (Depend on me with all your heart, and do not depend on your own understanding; In every way know me, and I will make your paths straight. Do not consider yourself wise. Honor me, and discipline yourself with my speech).
And in the Qur’an: {And those who strive in Us (for Us) - We will surely guide them to Our ways. And indeed, Allah is with the doers of good} [29:69].”
The Sermon to the students of the academic Hawzas in Najaf, Qumm, and all of the world

Even the Impostor Imam stated (or copied from the real Imam): "O people, do not be fooled by the scholars of misguidance and their supporters. Read, research, scrutinize, learn and know the truth by your own selves. Do not depend on someone to decide your hereafter for you thus you regret it tomorrow when no regret shall benefit you {And they said, O our Lord, we have obeyed our masters and leaders so they have led us astray}."Sermon of Muharram

And Allah (swt) says in the Quran:

Verse calls to reliance upon Al-Hakam – The Judge

{Say, "What thing is greatest in testimony?" Say, "Allah is witness between me and you.} – Holy Quran 6:19

{Say, "Sufficient is Allah as Witness between me and you. Indeed he is ever, concerning His servants, Acquainted and Seeing."} – Holy Quran 17: 96

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan said on Paltalk: "Indeed the truth is with us and in us. No one other than us says that, except for a slanderous liar."

It is time to reflect as Allah [swt] says in Surah An Naml:
{Praise be to Allah. He will show you His signs, and you will recognize them. Your Lord is not unaware of what you do.} - Surat an-Naml: 93

Allah knows everything, and we have no knowledge other than that about which He informs us. The best of guides indeed is your Lord therefore if you seek your Lord only you shall see his signs around you, in your dreams and most of all your heart will lead you to the truth, if you are sincere.