Collaboration with the Tyrant & Rule of the People

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On the authority of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), he said:
"The jurists are the messengers’ trustees as long as they do not interfere in the matters of this life. Then he was asked: What do you mean by interfering in the matters of this life? He (pbuh) answered: Following those who are in power. Thus, if they do so guard your religion against them." – Usul Al Kafi, vol. 1, p. 46; Bihar Al-Anwar, vol. 2, p. 110

Sheikh Al-Saduq narrates in his book from Ali Al-Khazaz: „I heard Imam Al-Ridha (pbuh) say: There will be people, who will pretend to love us Ahlul Bayt, but they are a bigger Fitna for our Shias than the dajjal! I asked: Why oh Imam? He said: Because of their allegiance to our enemies and their opposition to our followers, when that happens that means the truth has been mixed with falsehood, then you will not be able to distinguish a believer from a hypocrite.“ – Sifaar Al-Shia from Sheikh Al-Saduq p50 hadith 14

Now look at the current stance of the members of the Office and the so called "scholars of the Dawa."
They are collaborating with the Iraqi government, asking them for weapons, triyng to sent people to the council of Basra and, and, and…? So safeguard your religion against them, oh people!

The Holy Quran, Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan & Ahlul Bayt on cooperation with the enemies of Allah

Office representatives posing with non-Ansari soldiers
  • {O you who have believed, do not make allies of a people, whom Allah has become angry. They have despaired of [reward in] the Hereafter just as the disbelievers have despaired of [meeting] the inhabitants of the graves.} (60:13). We ask, has Allah (swt) not become angry with Bani Abbas (la) who chase the Imam (as) and torture the Ansar?
  • {Give tidings to the hypocrites that there is for them a painful punishment. Those who take disbelievers as allies instead of the believers. Do they seek with them honor [through power]? But indeed, honor belongs to Allah entirely} Holy Quran 4:138-139
  • A Muslim does not go to jihad with, who does not believe in Allah’s rulings!
    „Imam Ali (as) said: A Muslim does not go to jihad with the people, who do not believe in Allah’s rulings and who do not implement Allah’s divine commands about the booty.“
    Wasa’il Al-Shia, v.11 p.34
    So we should ask the followers of the Office, who go to jihad with Bani Abbas (la): Are the people, who go to jihad with the Iraqi Government, which does not believe in Allah’s ruling Muslims?
  • Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan answered to Question 90:
    " It has been narrated from Ahlul Bayt (as): Verily, the best of works are Wilayah ([accepting the authority of and following Ahlul Bayt a.s.]) and Innocence ([declaring oneself innocent from the enemies of Ahlul Bayt a.s]). Meaning, taking the Supporters/Devotees of Allah as an authority over him, and they are the Prophets and Vicegerents, and being enemies with the enemies of Allah, and they are the enemies of the Prophets and Vicegerents and the enemies of their Shia (followers). So which work is put forth before the other, Wilayah or declaring oneself innocent [from the enemies of Allah]?
    The Answer:
    Declaring oneself innocent [from the enemies of Allah] is put forth before Wilayah, rather, Wilayah can not be achieved except by declaring oneself innocent [from the enemies of Allah]. He, The Exalted, said: {Certainly, right has become clearly distinct from wrong. Whoever disbelieves in the Taghut (Tyrant) and believes in Allah has firmly taken hold of a strong handle that never breaks} [Surat Al-Baqarah 2:256]. So He (swt) has put forth disbelieving in the Tyrant before believing in Allah, The Glorious. And disbelieving in the Tyrant is:
    Office officials holding Iraqi flags?
    Declaring oneself innocent from the enemies of Allah. And believing in Allah is: Taking the Supporters/Devotees of Allah (swt) as an authority over him.
    Thus, believing in Allah (swt) and truly taking the Supporters/Devotees of Allah as an authority is never achieved except after one declares himself innocent from the enemies of Allah and [from] the enemies of the Supporters/Devotees of Allah. And in the end of Surat Al-Mujadilah ([Surah 58]) He (swt) emphasizes this meaning, for He, The Exalted, says that which means: you would never find the ones who believe in Allah and in the Hereafter loving the ones who are stubborn against Allah and enemies with Allah and His Messenger and the Imams, even if this stubborn person is the closest to them in kinship. He, The Exalted, said: {You will not find a people who believe in Allah and the Last Day loving those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even if they were their fathers or their sons or their brothers or their kindred. Those - He has decreed within their hearts faith and supported them with spirit from Him. And We will admit them to gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally. Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him - those are the party of Allah. Unquestionably, the party of Allah - they are the successful} [Surat Al-Mujadilah 58:22]
    And this is the path of the Supporters/Devotees of Allah themselves, for they firstly declare themselves innocent from the Tyrant, in order that they may show that declaring oneself innocent from the Tyrant is put forth before and precedes faith and submission to Him (swt). Otherwise, how would a person be a Muslim (submitting to Allah) if he compliments and love the Tyrants? Or compliments and love one who is stubborn against Allah and His Messenger? Even if this stubborn person was from his family or tribe.
    This is Yusuf (Joseph) (as) emphasizing this meaning and [emphasizing] that declaring oneself innocent [of the enemies of Allah] is put forth before Wilayah {Indeed, I have left the religion of a people who do not believe in Allah , and they, in the Hereafter, are disbelievers. And I have followed the religion of my fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And it was not for us to associate anything with Allah. That is from the favor of Allah upon us and upon the people, but most of the people are not grateful} [Surat Yusuf 12:37-38]"
    – Ahmed Al-Hassan, The Allegories, Question 90
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  • Imam Ahmad al-Hassan Al-Yamani (pbuhap) said,
    “I call you to acknowledge the Supremacy of Allah and reject the Supremacy of People. I call you to obedience of Allah and to reject the obedience of Satan and the obedience of his counterparts from the deviant Clerics. I call you to the fear of Allah, acknowledgement of His Supremacy, and the rejection of what is other than it without consideration of the political reality that America imposes.”
  • "There are some members of the police and guards, who returned to their senses and believed in this true call, and some of them are Officers with high ranks. I have asked all of them, to not support the unjust ones even with a split of a dried date, and to do justice to the oppressed ones, even if it was on their account, and to be ready at all times to face the infidels of the Americans and their dissolute followers." Ahmed Al-Hassan, Jawab Al-Muneer part 1
  • "It is not permissible to help the oppressor in any way at all, rather, it is obligatory to demolish the state of the tyrant by every possible way and to destroy its pillars, and it is a part from the kingdom of Satan. And it is not permissible to plead/defend infront of judges, who judge by something different than what Allah sent down, and the Hujjah of Allah did not give them the authority to judge between the people… As for if you are working by what is possible in order to push away the oppression of some of the people from each other, then also you must take into consideration what has been presented, so you do not be a helper to the oppressor and the tyrant by strengthening his kingdom and rulership, and work on helping the oppressed and rescuing the believer." Ahmed Al-Hassan, Jawab Al-Muneer, part 3, p.74
  • In the book of the calf Imam Ahmad Al Hasan pbuh clearly rejects the permissibility of joining the armed forces of the tyrant state: "Perhaps one of their reasons to distort is their fear from the ruling tyrant, so they issue fatwas in order to please him and to avoid clashing with him, for example they issue Fatwa that it is permissible to join his armed forces, whose main mission is to strike the Islamic populations and to weaken the religion of Allah in His land and to destroy it if possible.
  • "O beloved ones, bear the hardship and accept little from that, which is halal, and refrain from seeking for this world, and do not make peace with the tyrants and their supporters, as the relief of the family of Muhammed and of you is close, Allah willing." Ahmed Al-Hassan, The Wilderness
  • The Imam (as) said in the book The Calf "Whoever puts his hands in the hands of Bani Abbas, is from them!"
  • "These tyrants have placed [the people] between two [alternatives], fighting or humiliation, as was said by our master Al-Hussain (as)." – Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, The way to Allah p.56, English Edition
Nathim Al-Uquaily's son dressed in Iraqi army uniform?
  • "Believing in the tyrant, seeking his judgment/referring to him, helping him, relying on him, submitting to him, and surrendering to him, are all acts of association with Allah and going astray away from the straight path of Allah. And what a great misguidance that is! Do you see that if a disbeliever in Allah or someone who associates others with Allah, fasts and prays, that his prayers and fasting are accepted? Verily the acts of worship have been made in order for the servant to prove through them the obedience to Allah, so if he was obedient to the tyrant, who is an enemy to Allah, so what meaning is left for his acts of worship??! Verily the moment in which the human being complies with the commands of the tyrant and his laws, is a moment of disbelieving in Allah and going out of His Wilayah (authority) to the Wilayah (authority) of the tyrant, and from the light to the darkness." – Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, The way to Allah, page 17, English Edition
  • „… and he is Imam Muhammed ibn Al-Hassan Al-Mahdi (as) and he is alive sustained until this day and he will rise with the sword like his grandfather rose and it is obligatory upon the Muslim to follow him and call towards him and put him before his soul and money and children, and the Muslim must work to uphold/ raise his word and show his matter and show the oppression he (as) has been going through, and he must prepare for his (as) state and he must be enemies with his (as) enemies the oppressive tyrants who dominate over this nation and their helpers and their disbelieving soldiers who are out of the wilayah of Allah and in the wilayah of Iblis the cursed, and the believer must not fear their number or their equipment.
    Allah (swt) says: {And they have plotted, and We have plotted. while they do not feel. So see what is the end of their plot, verily We have destroyed them and their people, all of them. So those are destroyed houses by what they have done of oppression. Verily in that is a sign for people who know} Holy Quran Surat An-Naml 50-52.“
    – Ahmed Al-Hassan, The Calf
  • "And perhaps some of them use the excuse, that they fear the tyrants and fear being killed, but it is an ugly and unacceptable excuse, for if the weapon must be carried, let us carry it in the face of the tyrants, not carry it to support them!" – Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, The way to Allah, page 14, English edition
  • "Thus, the purpose of Jihad is to uphold the word of Allah, and not for personal interests or spoils of war or national interest or nationalism/patriotism. For verily, the divine religion is above all these considerations, and worshipping Allah and being obedient to Him is that which gather the believers regardless of their tribal or patriotic or national affiliations, which all go back to one reality, and that is the Ego (the "I"), and love of the self…Therefore, the Jihad, whether offensive or defensive, should be for the sake of upholding the word of Allah, not for the sake of defending the country or land, in order that the believer may not have any personal interest in the Jihad, except for upholding the word of Allah, so that the divine civilization, divine culture, and divine freedom, may be built, which are all completely contradictory to civilization and culture and freedom, by which is the slogan raised in The Physical World today. Whereas, what is being raised today is but the banner of Satan, which the soldiers of Satan, from among Mankind and Jinn, pursue with all of their abilities on this Earth, and in order to convince the people of the earth with power and greed that the two Mountains of the Dajjal (the Mountain of fire and the Mountain of food), is what suits them." – Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, Jihad is the door to Paradise, page 33, English edition
  • Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) said: "...For there is no jihad, except under the banner of the guardian of Allah and His sucessor on His earth… Abu Abdullah (pbuh) whenever he mentioned those, who fight/ kill in Al-Thaghour [a place in Qalqilya] he said: “Woe to them! what are they doing [by doing this]?! They are rushing to kill this world and kill the hereafter, for by Allah, there is no Martyr except our Shia (followers), even if they die on their bed."
Why is Wathiq Al-Hussayni making a show – isn't he part of the Office?
  • "As for he, who fights for the land or the tongue (nationalism/for the sake of the country), let him search for other than Allah (swt) to reward him, for Allah gives the reward [only] to whom fights for His sake."
  • Thus, it is either that he fights for the land, for the atheist fights for his land as an animal fights for his den, or that he fights for a belief that he does not understand, imitating the non working scholars. Then after he dies, and after he has been drug to the fire, it becomes clear to him that the non-working scholars drove him to fight against Moses (pbuh), or [against] Jesus (pbuh), or [against] Muhammad (pbuh & his family), or against Imam Al-Mahdi (as).
  • As the Imam (as) has said, "he will be as the beast, nay rather, worse astray [in path]!"
  • Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan said: „As for the oppressive rulers, Al-Hussain (pbuh) killed them and clarified the invalidity of the supremacy of the people in all its forms, wether it was by shura among them (the elections) or by appointment by the people. And Al-Hussain (pbuh) clarified, that supremacy is for Allah (swt), because He (swt) can appoint and the people must accept his appointment.“ – The Sermon of the Students of the Hawza
  • Blessed be you O Believers! O you who ratify the Supremacy of Allah, His reign and His appointment, the All Mighty.
    And there is another greeting for those, who contradict the religion of Allah and denythe Supremacy of Allah the Almighty and oppose the Divine Appointment because of the misguiding scholars and those who follow them. And I tell them:
    “Do what you please! Truly you are paving the way to the Successor who is the Successor whether it pleases you or not and you will lose this world and the Hereafter, and that is the clear loss.” Here you are realizing your loss in this world day after day. And the falseness of your accounting and your suppositions have been made clear to you. You have accounted for everything except Allah. And those who followed the misguiding scholars began to realize that they have been led into a desolate and darkened valley where there is no greenery, water or light. It is the assured death in the darkness. And those self-appointed scholars set out to disclaim it in their sayings and actions to their followers.
    I say: “Abandon them and follow the bitter heavy Truth, as in it is your salvation. Don’t you see that they have left you as pillage for the wolves?” Are there any sound ones who will save themselves from the certain death in this world and the Hereafter? Be afraid of Allah. Be afraid of the One Who is able to perish the soul and the body together in hell.
    O you people! Those misguiding scholars have fascinated you and they have made the untruth resemble the Truth."
    – Imam Ahmed Al Hassan
  • It is also very telling what the real Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan says about working in governmental jobs - here the Iraqi Government – compared to what the Imposter Imam said previously: Answer: As for the employees in the Land of Iraq who work with the government of Bani Al-Abbas, whether civilian or military, whether men or women, they are helping the oppressor against the oppressed. Do not help this government, not even with one stroke of a pen, for they are the reason for your calamities and sufferings and humiliation, and they are the ones who have stolen and plundered the good things of this country, and they are the ones whom have killed and imprisoned the Ansar of Allah and made them homeless. I hope that you do not forget this, may Allah grant you success, like the immoral traitors whom have forgotten, or have pretended to have forgotten, who cooperated with this criminal immoral government whose teeth and hands are still covered with the blood of the believers.

How the non-working scholars made a cooperation with Caesar

Office representatives in partnership with Bani Abbas
  • Imam Ahmed (as) pointed out in the book Calf to us, that how non-working jewish scholars similarly made a cooperation with Caesar (government) to kill Jesus (as):
    "And the scholars of Bani Israel started to conspire to kill Jesus (as) under the pretext, that he claims kingship. And his followers multiplied and this leads to, that the Romans would attack the Jewish people and destroy them, therefore, the leader of scholars of Jews decided, that the killing of Jesus (as) and his destruction is better than the destruction of the whole people, so under the pretext of protecting the people, Jesus (as) should be killed!!
    And these are the scales of justice!! And this is the truth in the eyes of these upside-down people, oppressive and killers of the Prophets, who see the evil as a virtue, so in order, that the Romans do not disturb their lives and that their interests and lives do not be at risk, Jesus (as) must be killed, the truth must be suffocated and the light must be extinguished, so that the tyrant, oppression and darkness dominate, because the important is, that the non-working scholars of Bani Israel stay alive: {You will see they are covetous of life more than other men, even more than those who practise idolatry. Each one of them desires to live a thousand years, although longevity will never save them from punishment, for God sees all they do.}. And they tried by each and every mean to seduce him to Caesar the ruler of Romans and his agent Pilate and his cursed followers to kill him!! And because they are cowards, they were not to realize the courage of this great Prophet, in the Gospel of Matthew: (22:15 Then went the Pharisees, and took counsel how they might entangle him in his talk. 22:16 And they sent out unto him their disciples with the Herodians, saying, Master, we know that thou art true, and teachest the way of God in truth, neither carest thou for any man: for thou regardest not the person of men. 22:17 Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not? 22:18 But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites? 22:19 Show me the tribute money. And they brought unto him a penny. 22:20 And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription? 22:21 They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.).
    Thus, they wanted from him to say in a clear way and in front of public, that he forbids paying taxes to the government of the cursed Caesar, to make him repent to this tyrant and his cursed dirty ones, this, and they paid taxes to Caesar and they gave Fatwa to people about the permissibility of paying it to Caesar, even though it strengthens the tyrant’s government, so they were slaves to the tyrant, and their souls hid cowardice because of their love for life and their care about it.
    It was mentioned in the Gospel: '(1Then the whole company of them arose, and brought him before Pilate. 2 And they began to accuse him, saying, "We found this man perverting our nation, and forbidding us to give tribute to Caesar, and saying that he himself is Christ a king." And Pilate asked him, "Are you the King of the Jews?" And he answered him, "You have said so." 4 And Pilate said to the chief priests and the multitudes, "I find no crime in this man." 5 But they were urgent, saying, "He stirs up the people, teaching throughout all Judea, from Galilee even to this place.").
    And when Pilate, the tyrant ruler, wanted to release him on the Easter, the scholars of Jews and the people, who underestimated him refused that, and they asked that one of the killers be released instead of him, and they insisted on killing and crucifying Jesus, and the strange thing is, when they brought Jesus (as) to the palace of Pilate to hand him over, they didn’t enter the palace, because they were believing in the disbelieving of Pilate. Therefore, whomever from them enters his palace he becomes impure, however, they put their hands with the hand of Pilate to destroy Jesus (as). Look how the people of falsehood, despite of their differences and their fights, gathered to eliminate the ,truth!! And contemplate and do not be from the negligent ones, the people of falsehood, no matter how their ways are different and how their beliefs and their views are contradictory, the obedience to Shaytan (la) gathers them, and love for Dunya unites them."

Ahlul Bayt (as) never flatter the tyrant even for a minute or with one word

"I have never complimented or flattered at the expense of the Call of Imam Mahdi a.s., and I will never do that. This Call does not have a middle solution. Its either black or white!" - Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as)
  • "Before we adress the works of the Qai'm (pbuh) after his appearance, we must look at some of the hadiths which expose a bitter reality which we touch today, whether in some of the non working scholars or in some of those, who call themselves Shia of Ahlul Bayt (pbut) or supporters of Ahlul Bayt (pbut), and at the same time they do not command good nor forbid evil, and they flatter/compliment the tyrants and submit to them and seek their judgements. Rather, unfortunately, they help the tyrants a lot whether out of fear or out of greed, without paying attention to [the fact that] this act is haram and is disgusting. Rather, they began to see the matter as permissible, after they became reversed and deformed, and they started seeing the standards upside down, and they started seeing the evil act as a good act! And they have become used to worshipping the calfs and the idols and the statues, because of misguidance and fear and greed!" – The Calf, volume 2 page 174, Imam Ahmed (pbuh)
  • In the book "Jihad is the door to Paradise" Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) says:
    "And there exists no place in the arena of the Prophets and the Vicegerents (pbut) for flattering or complimenting, because their objective is not materialistic victory, as many of people imagine, rather their objective is giving victory/supporting Allah, the Glorified, the Exalted.
    ’’{But when Jesus felt [persistence in] disbelief from them, he said, "Who are my supporters for [the cause of] Allah?" The disciples said," We are supporters for Allah. We have believed in Allah and testify that we are Muslims [submitting to Him]} [Surat Ale Imran 3:52}
    Thus we never find that they (pbut) flattered the oppressors or the hypocrites, nor complimented some of the disbelievers, in order to achieve materialistic victory, but rather the total opposite of this."
  • "Who is the one who is harming the true doctrine? The one who fights the disbelieving Americans the conquerors and makes it obligatory to strive against them and fight against them, and the one who acknowledges the Rulership/Supremacy of Allah, and does not accept except the infallible and the Qur'an, and the one who takes the Qur'an and the Messenger and the Imams (pbut) as a motto and garment and does not go beyond them by a saying or an act, and the one who asks for giving victory and pledging allegiance to Imam Mahdi pbuh and prepares his Ansar for him, and the one who calls towards asceticism in this lowly world and towards turning to the hereafter and striving towards it, and and and!!! Or the one who flatters/complimets the disbelieving Americans and acknowledges democracy and the supremacy of people and elections, and the one who acknowledges the constitution/law which the people have placed, and and and!!!!"– Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, Demonstration of the truth and rightness from the numbers. p.39
  • "And indeed when I have contemplated for a long time over the condition of the Prophets and the Vicegerents and the sincere servants of Allah in the Quran and in their lives, I have found them to be people of jealousy and they have a sharp nose which refuses to choose to obey the tyrant or submit ot him. Rather I have found them being killed, cut, and crucified, with dignity and honor, without one second of submitting to or flattering/complimenting or inclining towards (relying on) the oppressor." – Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, The Calf
  • "Thus they do not flatter anyone at the expense of this truth and even though they had been accused due to carrying it, for in the past they said regarding Jesus, Upon him Peace, that he was greedy for the dominion of Bani Israel which the non-working scholars lost due to their flattering to the Romans." – Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, Jihad is the Door to Paradise, page 46, English version
  • "But Ali (pbuh) did not flatter/compliment Mu'awiya, not even for one hour, and he decides his removal [from his authority] immediately, because Allah does not accept keeping an oppressor on his oppression, not even for an hour, and Ali (pbuh) might have lost Al-Sham because of this decisive decision, but verily, he won Allah, the Glorified, the Exalted, and His satisfaction [with him].
    And likewise with Al-Hussein (pbuh), had he postponed his greater divine revolution three years, meaning till the death of Yazid son of Mu'awiya (may Allah curse him), the matters would have [ended up for the interest] of Hussein (pbuh), and the materialistic victory would have been achieved for him, but he chose Allah, the Glorified, the Exalted, and did not flatter/soften with the oppressors and the transgressors.
    {Then do not obey the deniers. They wish that you would soften [in your position], so they would soften [toward you]} [Surat Al-Qalam 68:8-9]
    And the equation today is the same equation; you flatter/soften towards them so they would soften [toward you], you are satisfied with America so America is satisfied with you, you praise America's project so America praises you. And likewise, you are satisfied with Allah so Allah is satisfied with you, and you praise Allah's project so Allah praises you. Thus praise whoever you want, praise the American assembly and the United Nations of America, and perhaps they will reward you with a Nobel Peace Prize, or praise the Higher Assembly with Allah, the Glorified, the Exalted."
    – Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan, Jihad is the door to Paradise
"I hope you understand something, I am like my grandfather Al-Hussein (pbuh), and my nose is like a stone. I swear by Allah I would rather be slain a thousand times than lower my head for an oppressor."
  • And in the book The Allegories Imam Ahmed (pbuh) says:
    And this is the path of the Supporters/Devotees of Allah themselves, for they firstly declare themselves innocent from the Tyrant, in order that they may show that declaring oneself innocent from the Tyrant is put forth before and precedes faith and submission to Him (swt). Otherwise, how would a person be a Muslim (submitting to Allah) if he compliments and love the Tyrants? Or compliments and love one who is stubborn against Allah and His Messenger? Even if this stubborn person was from his family or tribe."
  • "So is there any excuse remaining for whoever compliments and flatters America?"
  • And in other words by Imam Ahmed (pbuh) he said "I will never flatter or compliment, I will never bargain."

Furthermore one of the admins of the official Arabic forum of almahdyoon website, said the following: "If Sayyed Ahmed (pbuh) is looking for a rank or position then he would have complimented/flattered the politicians and the known men of religion and would get closer to them in order to assume the highest of political and religious positions. But the first thing Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) did was that he exposed those politicians and those men of religion."

So they themselves admit that Imam Ahmed (pbuh) would never do what they are doing! He would never compliment or flatter governments or politicians or anything related to them.

Imam Ahmed Al Hassan(pbuh) cooperate with the government and the army which killed his Ansar, tortured them, oppressed them, and had Imam Ahmed himself (pbuh) homeless and expelled and prevented him from attending his purified mother's funeral? Would Imam Hussain ibn Ali (as) have made a peace treaty with Muawiyah ibn Abu Sufyan?

Nathim Al-Uqeili said on his Facebook page: "The conspiracy is to separate and alienate the Ansar away from Sayyed Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) for they know very well that the Sayyed the Yamani (as) is incapable now to appear publicly because the oppressors are chasing him."

So who are the oppressors who are chasing the Imam (as)? Do you mean the state and the government authorities? Didn't the owner of the Facebook page requested assistance from their prime minister and their defense minister and their interior minister and he requested to coordinate and form fighting military forces joined between the Ansar and between the military and the police? Isn't the Office now asking the Ansar to enroll their names for Jihad hand in hand with the government!!!!! How could the Imam (as) request from them to cooperate with his Ansar when those people are the ones who are chasing him like you said, and who have imprisoned, tortured and killed his Ansar in the past and who made him (as) homeless and banished that he (as) couldn't even attend the funeral of his purified mother may Allah have mercy upon her!?

Later in June 26th 2015 on Paltalk the Fake Facebook Imam said on Paltalk: „If my personal circumstances would allow me, I would communicate with the political and military people and the leaders of the popular Mobilization Forces.“
It seems, that he did´t study well, before he got on his interview, because obviously he forgot, that the real Imam (as) is actually chased by those people he mentioned.

What the Fake Impostor Imam said about the Iraqi Government

Post from the 20.01.2014

English Translation (from Ansar Ahmed Alhasan English on fb):
"May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah upon you.
May Allah increase your rewards with the martyrdom of your two brothers, may Allah elevate their ranks.
Dear and pure Sheikh Muhammad al-Hreshawi, may Allah increase your rewards and the rewards of your kind father, and the rewards of the honorable family. I ask Allah to grant you patience.
The fact that I am not with you during this time increases my grief, my beloved, my friend, and my dear brother sheikh Muhammad al-Hreshawi, may Allah protect you from all harm.
By Allah, those murderers have been worse to us than Saddam, and what they have made us taste is more bitter than what Saddam made us taste. He and they are like the Umayyads and the Abbasids. I ask Allah to make our pains a reason to hasten the end of their days and save Iraq from their evil. By Allah, they are gangs of criminals and thieves who cannot be disciplined by any law, not even if they made it themselves.
Every day we hear and read about a new scandal, where a group of theirs steals the people's money or starts gang for assassins. They have no job other than spreading the culture of murder, theft, revenge, hatred, and sectarianism throughout Iraq day and night. They are good at nothing but murder, theft, and revenge, just like their predecessor Saddam."

This is just one example of many things, that the Fake Imam stated about the tyrannical Iraqi Government. And look how the Fake Imam changed course now, as if these facts, which even he was narrated do not pose an insuperable barrier between the Believer and this tyrant.

What the real Imam said about the Iraqi Government

A Message from the the voice of the truth Imam Ahmed Alhassan a.s to the Filthy goverment of Bani Abbas!!

Imam Ahmed to Iraqi Govrnment.jpg

How the Illegitimate Office cooperates with the tyrant

The following points are just a few examples of the many ways in which the Illegitimate Office cooperates with the tyrant, and calls to the "Supremacy of the People" instead of the "Supremacy of God (swt)"...

Reporting to the Iraqi Police

Statement of Iraqi Government official

The Iraqi government is stating, that there are two groups of Ansar – one of which they are informed about each and every indivdual, and subsequently there must be one that is not cooperative.

Quote of an Iraqi Government official on the "Al-Hurra" Channel: "In truth the Yamani group has two divisions – one division supports the government and they have permission from us, and they have a Hussainya and a newspaper called "Sirat Al-Mustaqeem". And we know each and every one of their members, individual by individual."

So cooperation with the government is proven, and the video shows that to be allowed to have an Office in Iraq you have to cooperate with them and let go of basic principles of your faith otherwise you will be snatched.

How come these open gatherings are safe and tolerated?

So that means, that the Shuyukh are in place and left alone (even though they claim to be the closest of a badly wanted man in Iraq and most possibly worldwide) because they do actually collaborate with the police and intelligence services and report to them.

If the Offices' representatives would really be the great "Ansari shuyukh" close to the Imam (as), then they would surely have been hiding too, been jailed or else and not lead a comfortable easy life.

Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) writes in his book "The Wilderness" "Many believers practise taqqiya excessively, and few believers neglect it, an it is narrated from the Imams (pbut) to neither practise taqqiya excessively nor neglect it, Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said that which means, 'Taqqiya is my religion and the religion of my fathers.' And he (pbuh) said, 'Whoever has no taqqiya has no religion.' And it is narrated from him (pbuh): 'If you were called to support us, taqqiya would be more beloved to you than your fathers would be.'" So while he (pbuh) emphazises taqqiya and practising it in its rightful place, he mentions, that some people fail to support the family of Muhammed (pbut) and use taqqiya as their excuse, especially in the era of appearance of Imam Mahdi (pbuh).

Meaning that in the era of the Mahdi many will neglect giving victory to the qaim because of taqiyya. They will not support the family of Mohammed, because they will say "I have to protect my life so i wont stand up for the truth".

The Fake Facebook Imam praising the Iraqi police and military

Fake Imam praising police and military

In the first picture, you see that the Fake Facebook Imam (may Allah curse him) praising the Iraqi police and military, pretending he has forgotten that this very same police and military are the reason why blood of Ansar was spilled and the reason why our Imam a.s. is homeless and expelled.

Words of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) concerning police and military

In the second picture you see the words of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) which condemn the Iraqi police and the army.

How could these absolutely contrary statements be from the same Imam...?
Do you still believe that this cursed Impostor is the real Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as)?! Can't you see the clear contradiction?! Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) the Leader of the Black Banners of the East has been saying: "Ask Allah about me" and sufficient is Allah as a witness.

Calling upon the army of Iraq

Office calling upon Iraqi army

The Translation of the statement issued from the Office in Najaf:

In the name of Allah, the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

May the peace and prayers of Allah be upon Muhammad and his progeny, the Imams and the Mahdis.

The situation of the deviant criminals and what they did in Syria and other Arab countries of killing, torture and horrifying the innocent ones is clear to the observer. And now, they have outstretched their dirty hands to Iraq to stir up sedition, murder, terrorism and disuniting the Iraqi people and exploiting them for their own satanic and malicious purposes that are well known to the wise ones."

So we call upon the Iraqi people and all the other nations not to be fooled by these murderers, who have no religion or humanity and care for nothing except satisfying their desires and achieving their low goals and the goals of those who deceived them and are planning for them. These people are pure evil and no good is expected from them. They did not come to Iraq after building up Syria; they came to Iraq after they destroyed it and killed its people without discriminating between a child, woman, or an old man. Hence, the rational is that one should learn a lesson from what happened to others. As they say, “The fortunate one is he, who learned a lesson from what happened to others." Let our stance and statement be one; that these terrorists or so-called Daaish are malicious groups and not a sane person should lean on or trust them or support them, neither by word nor deed.

And we call upon the people and army of Iraq to face the terrorists with all their strength for the sake of their religion, land and family and not to give any chance to the murderers and criminals to take control of any area of our holy land, that has the monuments of the pure Prophets and Imams and their righteous followers (peace be upon them all).

We, Ansar of Imam Al-Mahdi (pbuh), being a part of the Iraqi society are ready to defend the land of Iraq and its people and the holy places with all our strength, and to fight against these murderers and criminals who infiltrated through people under the name of religion and Islam, and the religion of Islam is innocent of them.

Our position on this didn’t occur today, but has been our position in the past and is our current position, as Sayyid Ahmed Al-Hassan has warned since the bombing of the shrine of the two Askari Imams (pbut) in 2006 and he confirmed in more than one instance the necessity to fight them, and be cautious of their sedition, and that they know nothing except slaughtering and criminality, and that they have no religion nor conscience nor humanity, and he foretold that their next step after Syria would be Iraq.

And we call upon all the Muslims and people around the world to know the truth and guidance by the proofs and evidences and to support the Yamanite call and its owner. The horizons witness, that these are the days of Imam Mahdi Mohammed bin Hasan al-Askari's (pbuh) holy appearance, and that these criminals or the so-called Daaish are the vanguards of the cursed Sufyani’s army, and Ahlul Bayt (pbut) has warned us of their sedition and criminality, and they urged us to follow the promised Yamani to escape from the evil of the Sufyani and his sedition.

We ask Allah to provide safety and security to the Iraqi people and all the nations, and to not empower these criminals against our family and our people.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.
The Office of Sayyid Ahmed Al-Hassan/ Al Najaf Al Ashraf
16th of Shaaban 1435 H

Getting armed by the Iraqi government

22nd May fb-post compared to words of Imam

On the 22nd of May 2015, the owner of the fake facebookpage of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan published the below statement:

"....The situation is very dangerous after many terrorist organizations took over Iraq and are destroying Syria and moving towards Baghdad, and that the time is not on the side of Baghdad or Karbala or Najaf or others; that is why we are ready to form fighting forces to protect the land of Iraq and its holy sites, so if the the Iraqian government is ready to cooperate with Ansars of Imam Mahdi to defend the land of Iraq and its holy sites, then let the prime minister of Iraq or someone representing him officially, or the ministry of defense or someone representing him officially, or the interior minister or someone representing him officially contact the official Office in Najaf to coordinate forming fighting forces and arming them and preparing them for defending the land of Iraq and its holy sites..."

You may read the full statement here.

Isn't it obvious, that they will send the "Ansars" to fight with Iraqi government against ISIS?

And lots of people will applause them but they will not know that they are the real Sufyani whom they are applausing!

Please take a look at this hadith: Imam Al Sadiq pbuh said: "So while they are in this way, the Samarqandi (man from Samarqand) will emerge from Khorasan with Black Banners! And the Sufyani from the dry valley from the valleys of Sham (Levant). And he is from the children of Utba son of Abi Sufyan and this cursed one will appear with piety before his emergence and become abstinent and satisfies himself with barley bread and crushed salt. And he spends the money and attracts by this the hearts of the ignorants and villains. And then he claims Khilafa (caliphate) so they will pledge allegiance to him and the scholars will follow him, who conceal the truth and reveal falsehood. And they will say: He is the best of the people of the earth." Majalat Turatha v.15 p.215

Who is this Sufyani, who will appear with piety before his emergence? Then he claims the khilafa?

Calling to jihad together with Iraqi army against Isis

The Office is calling the Ansars who reached the age 18 to register to the Office for jihad with the tyrants...
The Office's fb-post with both Arabic and English statement

The Office calls to jihad together with the Iraqi Army

Brief evaluation

We have witnessed at this time ISIS (la), was torturing, beheading, raping, demolishing the shrines... So we ask to the Office and its supporters now, what has been changed? Did Imam Ahmed (as) call the Ansar to go to jihad and fight against Isis shoulder to shoulder with the Syrian Army at that time? No, he (as) did not. Because he (as) will only raise the "Supremacy of Allah" banner, not the Supremacy of People banner.

Why would the Imam (as) call the Ansar to jihad now? It is clear, that in this jihad, there is just one banner which is the Iraqi banner which equals to supremacy of people!

See Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan's words about cooperation with the tyrant above.

Point-by-point evaluation

Let’s review the words of the statement of the office of Najaf:

1) “After Iraq has reached a point at which the filthy Nasibis (Daesh/ISIS) have invaded the land of the holy places and engrossed in violating blood and honor.” - The office

I say: Engrossing in the violation of blood and honor have been there in Iraq for more than a year and a half when Daesh (ISIS) the Sufyani may Allah curse them entered for the first time to Al-Anbar, and killed thousands of Iraqis from various sects, and honors were violated, and the Jihad of Nikah was being practiced openly and infront of everyone! And women and girls got pregnant with illegitimate children, and children and women were killed, and the heads of hundreds men were decapitated, and ruin and destruction were everywhere that the impure ISIS (Daesh) entered to! So have you just known about all of those incidents today?!

2) “It has become inevitably obligatory for all the believers to show initiative to defend their land and honor and holy places and to push the imminent danger from their houses and families.” - The office

I say: Those words were said by Abd Al-Mahdi Al-Karbala’ee, the deputy of Sistani, two days [before you office made this statement] in the sermon of Friday on the platform of Al-Rawda Al-Husseiniyya. So did you hear those words from him or something new happened?!!

3. “That’s why the office of Sayyed Ahmed Al-Hassan in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf announces that it has opened the door of volunteering to defend the land of Iraq and its holy places and to register the names of the ones who are capable to fight what is called Daesh (ISIS).” - The office

I say: If you consider that this volunteering is to establish the army of Imam Al-Mahdi (as), then you are delusional, because the followers of the Marja’s have already preceded you in forming those units, and they have formed tens of fighting units which desperately defended the cities and families, and hundreds of them were killed. So this counts for the Marja’s and not for you, why have nothing come in the narrations regarding that the army of Imam Mahdi (as) would be established in this exposed way!!

Note: Have you seen that the statement says “The Office of Sayyed Ahmed Al-Hassan” only, and when Hassan Al-Hamami read the statement he did not say “peace be upon him” after the name of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) comes!! And this was repeated three times! Verily, this is only because of jealousy and hatred against him, and so that the political parties and the Marja’s be pleased with the office, because the office now are seeking their help again. And the ones who have oppressed the right of the Family of Muhammad will know which evil abode they shall have, and the good end is for the God-fearing ones. – Find this evalution also in Arabic on fb

Hadith warning only to go to jihad with the Qaim when Allah wills

  • From Imam Al-Sadeq (pbuh) he said: "O Sudair remain in your house and be a Hales (dweller who doesn't leave his house) from among the Ahlas (plural of Hales, dwellers who don't leave their houses). And dwell in it, during night and day. And if someone declared that the Sufyani emerged, go to us even if it was on foot." p.303 vol.52 Bihar Al-Anwar
  • Jabir Al-Ja'fi said that Abu Ja'far (as) said: "… if you become confused regarding that, then you won't be confused regarding the covenant of the prophet of Allah (sawas) and his banner and his weapon. He said, beware from deviating [away] from the family of Muhammad, for verily the family of Muhammad and Ali have a banner, and the others have banners, so hold tight to the ground (do not move) and do not ever follow from them any man until you see a man from the offspring of Al-Hussein (as), with him is the covenant of the prophet of Allah and his banner and his weapon, for the covenant of the prophet of Allah became with Ali son of Al-Hussein (as), then became with Muhammad son of Ali (as) and Allah does what He wills. So stay with those forever, and beware of what I mentioned to you.“ - Ilzam Al-Nasib B2 P96/97, Bihar Al-Anwar V52 P224
  • Imam Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said: "So while they are in this way, the Samarqandi (man from Samarqand) will emerge from Khorasan with Black Banners! And the Sufyani from the dry valley from the valleys of Sham (Levant). And he is from the children of Utba son of Abi Sufyan and this cursed one will appear with piety before his emergence and become abstinent and satisfies himself with barley bread and crushed salt. And he spends the money and attracts by this the hearts of the ignorants and villains. And then he claims khilafa (caliphate) so they will pledge allegiance to him and the scholars will follow him, who conceal the truth and reveal falsehood. And they will say: He is the best of the people of the earth." – Majalat Turatha v.15 p.215
  • Imam al-Baqir (as) said, "Be calm so long as the heavens and the earth are calm/in place, i.e., do not rise against anyone. Verily your matter (i.e. the rising of al-Imam) shall not take place secretly as it shall be a sign from Allah, not from people. Be hold! It shall be brighter than sunshine so much so that it shall not remain hidden from the righteous and the evildoer (likewise). Do you know morning/dawn? It shall be like the dawn and there shall be no hidden thing in it."Mustadrak Al-Wasael 11/37
  • In another tradition, Imam Al-Ridha (as) explained the sentence, "Be calm so long as the heaven and the earth are calm' as 'Be calm so long as the heaven is calm from the call (of Gabriel) and the earth is calm from sinking the army (of Al-Sufyani)."Al-Bihar v52 p 139,189
  • Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (as) said: "The 'Signs' are the Imams (as), and the 'expected sign' is al-Qa'im (as). On that day, no one would benefit from believing in (that sign) if he did not believe in him before his rising by sword even if such person believed in (the Imamat of) his ancestors, peace be upon them."Bihar Al-Anwar V51 p.52

Preventing the Minbar of Masr from demolishing structure of falsehood in productions for Office's satellite channel

Statement from Lady Norhan Al Al-Mahdi the wife of Aba Sadiq Abdullah Hashem (as) regarding the productions from the Minbar of Egypt for the Fake Office's Satellite Channel before the Black Banners:

Have you noticed that on the Office's satellite channel they never attack any marja’s?
Do you know how many time the channel refused shows, the Ansar in Egypt made, just because they mentioned a marja or critzised him or compare his words to the Imam's (as) words?
Why did they refuse, that the Ansar in Egypt talk about America as the Dajjal?
Why they refuse, that the Ansar in Egypt from the Minbar of Masr talk about the government of Bani Abbas?
Why the Office refuse, that they talk about the Sufyani?
Why the Office refuse that they talk about the family of Saud?
Isn’t demolishing the structure of falsehood the base of our belief, which Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) has come with?"

"O Ansar of Allah, O Ansar of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), Al-Hussein of this age (…) look at what Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) says:

Quote from Ahmed Al-Hassan in the Sermon of-Hajj

Then look at the next picture. This is an email which was sent to us by the false of office of Najaf before we announced our belief in the call of the blessed Black Banners of the East. This email came to us commenting on an Arabic show called “From the treasures of the first Mahdi” which Hadil and I were hosting for the Satellite channel of the false office when we were still misguided before we believed in the call of the blessed Black Banners of the East.

Mail from the Illegitimate Office

If you are Ansar of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) and watched this show, I am certain that you won’t understand what is the mistake we did which the office people wanted to edit out as mentioned in their letter. You won’t understand because everything we said about the clerics in this show is what Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) said in his sermons and teachings! Rather whoever watched the show would know that we did not mention any particular cleric or scholar, we did not mention any names or any symbols, rather the most that we said was clarifying to the people to not ask their scholars about Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) rather to investigate and research by their ownselves and to not let anyone determine their hereafter for them and to ask Allah (swt), because the Scholars of the End Times are whom the Messenger of Allah (sawas) said about that they are the most evil creation of Allah, and that the religious scholars or clerics are the ones who always fight the Call of truth as mentioned several times in the Holy Qur’an and they are the ones who have always fought the Prophets (pbut) and Vicegerents (pbut), so it is crucial for everyone to carefully investigate the path which leads them to safety, and to ask Allah (swt), and to not fall in the same trap in which people fall every time.

That is the most that we said. We did not curse. We did not insult. We did not mention a figure or a person in particular. We only said what we learned from our Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) Rather he (as) is the one who said:
"These deviant Clerics will say, rather some of them have already said, “Kill Ahmad Al-Hassan as he speaks about the Clerics.” Yes he speaks about the Clerics, because he wants to restore the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah anew. And what Clerics are they? They fight those who call to some of the Truth, so how [will it be] while I call them today to the whole Truth, the path of the Prophets and Messengers, the path of the Imams and Vicegerents, the path of Muhammad and Ali, the path of Al-Hussein, the path of Imam Al-Mahdi."

SubhanAllah! Look at the curriculum of those Calf and Samiri the companions of the cursed office, how they were silencing us and not wanting us to speak about the clerics. And look at the curriculum of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) who says: "rather some of them have already said, "Kill Ahmad Al-Hassan as he speaks about the Clerics." Yes he speaks about the Clerics, because he wants to restore the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah anew."

But of course we understood their evil intentions after they have been exposed by the real Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) the leader of the Black Banners of the East. They want to be idols worshipped without Allah, they want the people to become misguided and blind so they can be led into flattering the tyrants and fighting Imam Mahdi (as), even though they beat on their chests and cry over Al-Hussein (as), but they cry over Al-Hussein (as) who is in their imagination, and not the real Al-Hussein (as).

So if their followers continue to follow them, then inevitably they will fail like those who failed before them; those we were waiting for Jesus (as) and for Muhammad (sawas) but failed them when they actually arrived to them.

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) said in his Sermon to the students of the academic Hawzas in al-Najaf al-Ashraf and in Qumm and in every spot on this Earth:
"Do not partake in the assassination of Al-Hussein (pbuh), do not beat your chests and tear your clothes and cry out of hypocrisy and fraud and lies. Do not mourn Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) just to kill Al-Hussein (pbuh) anew, do not say that which you do not do, {O you who have believed, why do you say what you do not do? It is greatly hated in the sight of Allah that you say what you do not do.} (The Holy Qur’an Surat As-Saf: 2 & 3)"

And he (as) said in the same sermon:
"And what will you say? [Will you say] we wept and have struck our chests over Al-Hussein (pbuh)? The answer of Al-Hussein (pbuh) shall reach you, 'You are from among those who were involved in [spilling] my blood, verily you have fought my son al-Mahdi.' What’s next? Will you say 'we will remain neutral'? Then the answer to you is, 'May Allah curse a nation which heard about that and accepted it!'"

So let every sane one revise his stance, for verily opportunities pass like the clouds. If you are requesting/ desiring the truth, then give victory to Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) in this age and do not be fearful. {So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers.} (The Holy Qur’an Surah 3:139) Do not fear the one who kills the body, but fear the One who is able to destroy the body and the soul together in Hell.

And if your decision is to betray/fail Al-Hussein in this age, and if you chose to do a great injustice to yourselves, then verily I warn you and I warn you, of the punishment/torment of Allah, the Almighty, in this world and the hereafter. And there is no excuse for you and there is not anyone who will excuse you." – End of Lady Norhan Aal Al-Mahdi's words.

The Illegitimate Office even demands the "Supremacy of People" in form of a technocratic government

On the 8th of July 2016 the Shuyukh of the Illegitimate Office in Najaf and the followers of the fake office rallied on Tahrir Sqaure in Baghdad demanding a technocratic government.
They called for a form of governance where decision-makers are selected on basis of technological knowledge - meaning they asked to be ruled by members of the technical elite. Hereby they favoured the "supremacy of technical experts" over the Supremacy of Allah and his vicegerent - revealing their complete disbelief in Imam Mahdi (as) and his son Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) - and their disbelief in divine appointment of a leader through God (swt).

The Najaf office demands the Supremacy of People, 15.07.2016, on the Youtube channel "Ahmed Al Hassan", and on the 13.07.2016 on the Youtube channel Ansar Din Alhak

Adam Al-‘Asemi demanding a technocratic government
"This cursed person, Adam al-‘Asemi, is demanding a technocratic government. And he forgot, or he pretended to have forgotten, that Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) has come to demand the Supremacy of Allah and to raise the Banner of Allegiance is to Allah.
And in his speech he says that there is an absent Imam and that he is Imam Mahdi (as), and he did not mention Sayyed Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) by his name.
And the disaster is that he is a Sheikh in the office of the Samiri but he did not wear his turban." - Translation of fb-post by احمد احمد

"By Allah this is such a shame! How small are you while you are taking your turban off!
How bold are you against Allah while you are demanding a Technocratic government!
Isn’t there any man in you with a remnant from Ahmed alHassan a.s.?!
Why aren’t you demanding the return of your homeless and expelled Imam?!!
Why aren’t you demanding the Supremacy of Allah?!!
Who is the solution? Imam Mahdi a.s. or a technocratic government?!!
Glory be to Allah!! A day after day you are going very low and falling down in the pit of the valley and the darkness, by your obedience to the cursed Samiri and his hollow calf." - Translation of fb-post by احمد احمد

"Alaa Alsalem may Allah curse him demanding a Technocratic government, mentioned only Imam Mahdi (as) without mentioning at all at all Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), and then him and his office people repeat "Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa Alee Muhammad, and hasten their relief and curse their enemies"!!!!
Where is the Imams and the Mahdis from the Salawat?!
Where is the banner of Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) instead of the Iraqi flag you are raising?!
Where is demanding the Supremacy of Allah (swt)?!!
Where is demanding the return of your Imam who was expelled out of Iraq unjustly!!!!" - Translation of fb-post by Ahmed Ahmed from 09.07.2011

Throughout the parade, the speakers raised the Iraqi flag instead of the Banner of Ahmed Al-Hassan, which is the "Banner of the Supremacy of Allah" (swt)!
And they called out the "Sadr-Salawat: Allahumma salli ala Muhammed wa Alee Muhammed, and Allah hasten their relief and curse their enemies" instead of the Salawat Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) taught us.

Aren't you seeing the contradiction of their path versus the true clear path of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as)?

What happened to you O you who claim to be Ansar of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as)? Until when this devil Alaa Salem and his evil group will keep dragging you to the bottom pits of hell fire! Since when does Imam Ahmed alHassan (as) support the supremacy of people! Far away is he from that!!!

What happened to demanding the Supremacy of Allah!?!!
What happened to the goverment of the Divine Just State of Imam Mahdi (as)!?!!
Have you forgotten about it already?!! Really? Technocratic government?! Really?!!

Do you really still believe that Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is with this cursed office?!!!

{And Aaron had already told them before, "O my people, you are being seduced/deceived by the Calf, and indeed, your Lord is the Most Merciful, so follow me and obey my order." They said, "We will never cease being devoted to the Calf until Moses returns to us."} - Holy Qur'an 20:90 and 91

{Hast thou not seen those who pretend that they believe in that which is revealed unto thee and that which was revealed before thee, how they would go for judgment (in their disputes) to false deities when they have been ordered to abjure them? Satan would mislead them far astray.} - Surat Al-Nisaa: 60

Nathim Al-Uqayli said:
"The thesis of Sayyid Ahmad Al-Hassan and his proof on people is that he is a messenger from Imam Al-Mahdi (pbuh) to reunite the nation from the conflicts, loss and dispersion, and to unite them under the banner of Imam Al-Mahdi, and to discard and fight against the appointment by people (the Western Democratic View) and establishing the supremacy of Allah the Most High; he clarified that in his book (the Supremacy of Allah, not the supremacy of people), so please refer to it and ponder over it." – Jawab al Muneer v.1

He thereby states himself, that Imam Ahmed (as) came here to :

1. Unite the nation from the conflicts, loss and dispersion 2. Unite the nation under the banner of Imam Mahdi 3. Discard and fight against the appointment by people 4. Establish the Supremacy of Allah (swt)

So why are you O shuyukh from the Office adding other options to the purpose of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan?

The scale of Al-Hussain removes the veil of fake sainthood from the non-working scholars' faces

The following statement from Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) exposes the Facebook Imam and his office people. Imam Ahmed (as) said with his honorable voice in „A Sermon to the Students of the Hawza“:

Quote from "Sermon to the Students of the Hawza"

"As for the non-working scholars, verily al-Hussein (pbuh) exposed them and removed the veil of fake holiness from their dark rotten faces.
So the stance of Al-Hussein (pbuh) in Karbala has remained to be the scale of truth and justice and monotheism, whoever wishes to use it shall use it in every age, in order to see through it the deformed faces of the non-working scholars of misguidance from behind the veils of fake holiness.“

This scale of Al-Hussein (as) seems crucial in exposing those who claim to be holy while in reality they are the furthest from the truth. And the Imam (as) is telling us that whoever wishes to know the truth of those non-working scholars then let him use the scale of Al-Hussein (as) to know.

What is this scale then?

In the paragraph right before that one the Imam (as) talks about the stance of Al-Hussein's (as) regarding the Supremacy of Allah. He (as) said:

"As for the oppressive rulers verily Al-Hussein (pbuh) has killed them, and he clarified/ made apparent the falsehood of the supremacy of the people with all its forms whether it was by the shurah among them (voting) or by the appointing from people. And Al-Hussein (pbuh) clarified that the Supremacy is for Allah, the Almighty, for He Owner of Rulership, so for Him (swt) is that he appoints, and upon the people is to accept his appointment… [until the end of the paragraph].“

Al Hussayn Supremacy of Allah.jpg

So the scale of Al-Hussein (as) is the firm unshakable stance regarding the Supremacy of Allah.

At the time the Imam (as) was recording this sermon, he surely knew that some point in the future there would occur a fitna where two parties claim that he (as) is with them; one party is the office of Najaf, and the other party is the Black Banners of the East.

So he (as) gave us a scale and told us use this scale in order to expose the non working scholars and their veils of fake holiness which they cover their deformed faces with.

Apply this scale to the office people and the fake Facebook Imam; Have they stood firm on the stance of Al-Hussein (as)? Of course not! Haven't you heard and seen Alaa Al-Salem saying on the national TV "let join hands with the Iraqi government"! Haven't you seen the Facebook Imam calling for cooperation with the Iraqi government and its military and flattering the government and the politicians with nice words? Haven't you seen the official request of the Office to have a place in the Iraqi parliament which establishes the supremacy of the people and uses man-made laws against Allah's (swt) laws? Haven't you and haven't you and haven't you? By Allah, would Al-Hussein (as) do all of this?

The rise of the true Imam is opposite to that of the Impostor

According to Ahlul Bayt (as) these End Times we are living are all about confronting the enemies of God, and not about cooperating with them.

The rise of the true Imam is totally opposite to the actions of the Impostor Imam faked by the Illegitemate Office.
Read about the "When" and the "How" of the prophesied rise on the page "The Rise of the Mahdi - The Qiyam of the Qaim"...