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Not only did Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) bring forth the matter of spiritual kinship to prove himself as the Qaim of the family of Muhammed (saws), but also is he spreading a lot of knowledge about this important matter from the unseen...

The word "soul" or "spirit" is a translation of the Arabic word roo'h (روح), which is mentioned in about 20 verses in the Holy Quran.

{They ask you about the Spirit. Say: "The Spirit is an issue of my Lord, and the knowledge you have been given is only a little"} – Holy Quran Al-Issra, 17:85

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan pointed out Spiritual Kinship as an ultimate proof

In November 2015 Aba Sadiq Abdullah Hashem (as) & his companions released a Black Banners Episode 9 upon the command of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), and revealed a prophesied proof that the Qaim (as) comes forth with according to the narrations.

The Black Banners Episode 9

Exerpt from the Episode:

One of the Ansar asked Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as): "So what do we do then concerning the narration which says that Al-Hussein (as) comes out with the Imam who does not have a lineage?"

So Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) replied: "The narration is true, and it is about Imam Mahdi Muhammad son of Al-Hassan (as), and he does not have a lineage from his seed."

As we have known from Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), reincarnation is true, and the return of the souls to this world more than once is true. And as we have known from Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as), every soul has a father, but not every soul has a mother, for women were created from men.

… And just as every person has a father in this physical world, every soul has a father.

Souls have the ability to clone itsself (thus becoming father to it's clones).

And the father in the Soul World is not neccesarily the father in the physical world.

Every soul has one true father and we came this world multiple times, and in each incarnation the father and the mother and the siblings are different.

Brother from soul world ultimate proof.jpg

And this is the sign which we will know the Qaim (as) by. And this is the ultimate proof.

And Imam As-Sadiq (as) said: „Verily, Allah chose between the souls in the Shadows, then made it enter the bodies. So when our Qaim emerges, he inherits the brother whom Allah chose in the shadows. And he does not inherit the brother from the physical birth. Know him from that, and whoever does, there remains no further proof.“ – Al Haft Al-Shareef, discourse between Mufaddal ibn Umar and Imam Ja’far Al-Sadiq

The Qaim Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) is now using this as a proof upon you.

And he is the direct son of Imam Mahdi (as) in the Soul World. And his true name which people cannot handle is Ahmed ibn Mohammed ibn Al-Hassan al-Askari (as).

And he is the one who knows your true fathers and siblings from the Soul World.

And Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) has two sons and a daughter from the world of the souls. And his daughter is Zainab (as) who is shining now like the bright full moon


The Ahlul Bayt (as) talked about one of the ultimate proofs that the Qaim brings forth…

Malek Al-Jihni says to Abu Jaafer (as): "We describe the companion of the matter with a description that not one of the people has. So he said (as): "No By Allah! It shall not be that at all until he himself holds it as an alibi against you, and calls you to him." – Gaibat Al Numani p.377

Let us see what the different aspects of this proof are…

1. Imam Ahmed (as) fulfilled the following ahadiths:

  • Abu Abdullah and Abul Hassan peace be upon them both said: "When the Qaim (as) comes forth, indeed he will rule by three things which no one before him ruled by" until he said "and the brother inherits his brother in the shadows." – Mustadrak Al-Wasa'il by Al-Mirza AlNouri Volume 17 page 187
Also Imam Ali (as) had talked about soul-relations. The reality of the soulworld was now clarified by Ahmed Al-Hasan (as), and no one else was able to properly explain it.
  • "The door of what pertains to the doors of the inheritance of brothers and grandfathers" Al-Sudooq narrated in Al-Hidaya: Imam Al-Sadiq (as) said: "Verily, 2000 years before Allah swt created the bodies, He made brothers between the souls in the Shadows. So when our - Ahlul Bayt- Qa'im rises, the brother inherits his brother in the Shadows, and he does not inherit his brother from the physical birth." – Mustadrak AlWasa'il by Al-Mirza AlNouri Volume 17 Page 186

2. Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan gave us the news that Imam Al Mahdi (as) is the direct soul-father of Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) in the Shadows (the world of the Souls/ the atom world) (as). He thereby fulfilled and explained the following true hadith, which says that Al-Hussein (as) comes out with the Imam who does not have a lineage:

I entered to Ali ibn Abi Hamza who was with Abi al-Hasan al-Ridha (as), he told him (as): "Are you an Imam?" He (as) said: "Yes." So he said: "I heard you grandfather Ja'far bin Muhammad (as) say: There will not be an Imam unless he has descendants." So he (as) said: "Did you forget, O Sheikh (old person), or did you try to forget? This is not what Ja'far (as) said, rather Ja'far (as) said: There will not be an Imam unless he has descendants, except the Imam that Al-Hussayn ibn Ali (as) emerges to, he has no decendants." So he said to him (as): "You have told the truth, may I be your ransom, this is what I heard your grandfather saying." – Mirza Al-Noori in Najm Al-Thaaqib v.2 p.73; Ghaiba Al-Tusi, p.224, hadith.188

Images of the Soul

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan said:
"Each soul has a certain number of different images. It can incarnate into these images or images close to it in appearance.
That's why you have Adam in this day and age look exactly like he did in his incarnation as Adam (as). And that's why the 2nd Mahdi Abdullah Hashem looks exactely like he did in his incarntion as Abdullah the infant. And so is the case with these images of people from the past and the present."

"Secrets Of Imam Mahdi: Images Of The Soul أسرار الامام المهدي" from the The Black Banners of the East Satellite Station, 08.03.2018

The difference between the soul and the self

Difference between Soul and Self.jpg

"What is the difference between the soul and the self?

"The soul exists only in the human being, but the self exists in humans and animals and other creatures." - Q&A with Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan & Aba Sadiq on Paltalk 02.05.2016


"Who are our soulmates?"
"I saw that this moves the feelings of some people. They understand it in a way which makes some of them fall into a mistake. At least that mistake is a mistake in the eyes of the people, so it brings a Shubha (confusion/doubt)." - See answer on the Black Banners Forum

Souls in Children

"Do all of our children have a soul inside them? "
"No not everyone. Some of them only." - See answer on the Black Banners Forum