The Black Banners of the East Satellite Station

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Satellite: Nilesat
Frequency: 11096
Symbol: 27500/Horizontal

Be a part of the Media Revolution - the Black Banners of the East is taking information out of the arena of YouTube Conspiracy and broadcasting it's truth to millions on Satellite T.V.
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The history of the Opening of the BBS Satellite Station

In January 2017 AbaSadiq (as) started to announce to the opening of the Black Banners Satellite Station on Social Media.

One of the trailers announcing the opening of the Black Banners of the East Satellite Station- قناة الرايات السود المشرقية الفضائية , 08.01.2017

social media announcement
social media announcement

In December 2017 the opening of the Station via Nilesat finally took place. The official satellite station of Imam Al-Mahdi (as) was on air!

Content was aired 24/7 and later on livestreamed on Facebook and Youtube, too. In the beginning English programs were aired only on Sundays, but just a couple of weeks later Arabic and English were more balanced.
Until today various formats of presentation have evolved ranging from documentaries, to talkshows, to newsshows, just as diverse as the production team.

The Sayha, the loudest and clearest shout of truth

Sayha satellite Abu Turab.png

Of course many instantly began to discuss the parallel between the phenomenom of the "Sayha" - a shout from the sky mentioned in the ahadth which proclaims the arrival of the Mahdi - and the effect a TV station would have on modern day peoople.

Some people said it's crazy to believe that the Satellite channel of Imam Mahdi (as) shall be the Sayha (the call or shout from the sky). But did they also ask themselves how shall the world receive the warning before it's end comes? How shall Imam Mahdi (as) reach all the people of the world at once?

Did they believe that Imam Mahdi (as) will stand with his horse and a script role on a market place and preach while the people pass by, or he visits each one at his door and tells him the last warning?

The prophets and messengers were always talking to the people in their language... if it was Musa (as), he used magic like the people of his time used to talk about religion and he showed everyone that the One God has just the real ability... if it was Muhammed (sawas) he brought the Qur'an in the form of the poets of his time and he showed them that the One God has the ability and the truth... so what about Imam Mahdi (as) coming in a time of globalization and mass media as a mean of communication? Isn't it so easy to believe that Imam Mahdi (as) will talk to the people in the language they are using? Is the world not communicating just through the media like facebook, twitter, TV? And is a Satellite not sending signals from the sky? Of course Imam Mahdi (as) will talk to the people in their language and by the means they have and understand. And this is a mercy of Allah (swt) because he made it easy for us to understand and grasp fast.

If the Ahlul Bayt were talking about a satellite channel, nobody would have understood what is meant, they had to describe it as "shout from the sky". Notice that many other prophecies if the future were speaking in a descriptive way, like the term "iron birds" was used to describe air planes.

So yes, also the world today is shown in it's own language that the One God has the ability and the truth to announce who is His vicegerent on earth at the given time.

The promise: A video of Imam Mahdi (pbuhahf) and his Vicegerent

In December 2017 AbaSadiq (as) promised a great promise...
that this satellite channel will air the very first speech, in audio and video, of Imam Mahdi (pbuhahf) and his Vicegerent the first Mahdi Imam Ahmed al-Hassan (pbuh)...

BBS Youtoube Channel, "Coming Soon - A Live Speech from Imam Mahdi as on the Black Banners Satellite Channel"