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For one thing many ancient prophecies have been fulfilled at the hands of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as). And for another he (as) made gave us some divine promises & and made predictions from the Unseen of which some have been fullfilled, and some are yet to come true...

Ancient Prophecies fulfilled at the hands of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan

The Glad Tidings of the Appearance of the Mahdi

Upon the command of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) his 12 closest companions spread the glad tidings of the rise of Imm Mahdi exactely on the day promised in the hadith of Messenger of Allah (sawas).

Read more about the fulifillment of this prophecy in the article "The Glad Tidings of the Appearance of the Mahdi".

Prophecy of the 12 Men

Imam Mahdi (as) has 313 close companions – the first of them being his vizier Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) plus 12 chiefs. In the night of King Fahd's death (January 2015) upon command of Imam Mahdi he took his 12 closest companions (as) with him to witness the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (as). In the same night the 12 started to deliver the glad tidings of Imam Mahdi's (as) reappearance, spread the information, and asked the Ansar to turn to Allah (swt) to know, if their claim is true or not… and called the Ansar to give victory to Imam Mahdi and Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) now upon their reappearance under this banner.

Through this event at least 2 important ahadith got fullfilled. The hadith about...

  • how people would belie 12 men who claim to have seen Imam Mahdi before his rise
  • how the companion of Imam Mahdi would bring his best men out of 40 men to him before Imam Mahdi's rise

Read more about the fulfillment of these prophecies in the article "The 12 Chiefs from the 313 Best Companions of the Mahdi".

Arab Ruler Very Sick, Several World Leaders Dead, Strange News Story

In the Black Banners Episode 8 (published on 02.10.2015) the 3 following predictions Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) had made (on the 29.09.2015) were presented:

  1. One of the Arab rulers will become very sick and the people will think he will die, but he won't
  2. Several world leaders will die within a short time of one another
  3. In the next few days there shall appear in the media and in the news a strange and unfamiliar news story

Regarding prophecy number 1:
The current Saudi King Salman ibn Abd al-Aziz is indeed increasingly ill according to newsreports.

Regarding prophecy number 2:

Imam Ahmed Al Hassan's a.s. prophecy came true, 28.11.2016

Divine Promises & Predictions made by Imam Ahmed al-Hassan (as)

Most of these promises have been fullfilled and the predictions have come true, but some mysterical announcements are yet to be solved...

The treachery some early Ansar committed against the Imam

The book "The Calf" written by Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan is full of forecasts (Vorhersagen) that some treacherous Ansar would be the first to fight him (as).
This led him (as) to go into a silent absence, while they pretended he (as) would be still with them. In order to created a Fake Impostor Imam on Social Media and opened an Illegitimate Office, collaborated with the tyrant, and displayed clearly unislamic manners - all just to illegitemately collect money from the deceived Ansar.

A Great Event

Promise was pusblished on the 9th of July, 2015

Soon Al-Jamoos will speak

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The following hadith goes with the prediction of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan from the 03.07.2016 via احمد احمد:

Imam Ali (as) said in the sermon of The Gulf (Al-Khutba AlTutunjiyyiah):
"As if I see this one - and he pointed to Al-Hussein (as) - while his light has risen between his eyes, فأحضره لوقته بحين طويل, he will make it shake and collapse, and the believers from everywhere revolting with him. I swear by Allah! If I wished I would tell you their names every one of them and the names of their fathers. They are produced from the loins of men and wombs of women until the Day of the Known Time."
Then he (as) said:
"O Jabir, You [plural] are with the truth, and you [plural] shall be with it and you [plural] shall die in it.
O Jabir! When the Bell shall cry loud, and when the Nightmare befalls, and when the Jamoos ([the cow? the buffalo?]) shall speak, on that day there shall happen wondrous, exceedingly wondrous Events, when the Fire shall be ignited in My sight [or by my sight], when the Uthmani Banner appears in the Valley of Sawdaa' (black)... then anticipate the appearance of the one who talked to Moses from the tree on Mount Sinai. So this will appear with exposed/ manifest appearance, and [it will be] visible and described."

Imam Mahdi (as) and Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) with voice and image

Imam Ahmed al-Hassan a.s, The Promised Yamani, The Leader of the Black Banners of the East said on the 3.08.2016 on Paltalk:

“Whoever wants a voice, then the voice is with the Companion of the Calf. Let them go there.

You will not hear our voice except with our image, inshaAllah. And this is the promise of Allah. ' I promise you that, a covenant of Allah swt.

And it will not be me only. Rather, by my side will be my father and master and leader The Messenger of Allah sawas.

And soon inshaAllah we will bring to you a great glad tidings which will tremble the thrones of the tyrants and oppressors."

قريبا إن شاء الله المفاجأة الكبرى_Soon Inshallah the Great Surprise, 26.08.2016

Great glad tidings on New Year's Eve 2016

Video from the Youtube channel BLACK BANNERS AHMAD ALHASAN, 23.12.2016

On the 23rd December 2016 Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan announced the following on Paltalk:

"On the eve of New Year 2016 a Great Glad Tiding which will shake the thrones of the tyrants and hypocrites."

Note: The event which took place was the announcement of the satellite channel for this blessed call (dawah) - The Black Banners of The East Satellite Station.

{So be patient over all what they say, and glorify the Praises of your Lord, before the rising of the sun and before (its) setting. And during a part of the night , glorify His praises, and after the prostration.
And listen on the Day when the caller will call from a near place, The Day when they will hear the Sayha (the shout/the outcry) in truth, that will be the Day of Emergence } - Holy Qur’an surah 50

How hypocrites react to fulfilled prophecies

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