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Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (a.s.) said in his Will to Imam Hasan (a.s.):
"Make Seven Takbeers, for it will never be commanded to anybody after me, except from 'A Man From My Sons' who will Emerge At The End Of Times, and will fix the crookedness of truth."

-Bihar Al-Anwar, V42, P215

The Prayer

The Ansari Prayer Manual

In the manual "The Prayer" you find the following points:

  • Overview
  • Prayer
  • Timings
  • Explained
  • Prayer Timings Explained - Cont.
  • Wudhu'/Ablution
    • Overview & Invalidations
    • Excludabilities
    • Intention
    • Hands/Mouth/Nose/Face
    • Arms/Head/Feet
    • Extra Notes
  • Ghusul – Overview & Common Necessities
  • Janaba – Overview & Common Situations
  • Ghusl – Extra Notes
  • Tayammum – Overview & Permitted Actions
  • Qiblah – Prayer Direction & Calculation Methods
  • Daily Prayers – Obligatory Prayer Overview
  • Nafil’a Prayers - Optional Nafil’a & Layl Prayers
  • Adhan – Call to Prayer
  • Iqama – Rising For Prayer
  • Niyya & Takbeers –Intention & Magnification
  • First Rak'a
    • First, Second Surah & Conditions
    • Rak'a/Bowing, After Bowing & Sujood
    • Sitting Inbetween, & Second Sujood
  • Second Rak'a
    • First, Second Surah & Conditions
    • Qunoot, Bowing/After & Sujood
    • Inbetween, Sujood & Shahada
  • Third, Fourth Rak'a , Shahada & Tasleem
  • Prayer Extras
    • Prayer Differences & Tone Of Voice
    • Adhan, Iqama & Recommandations

Quotes from Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan about the prayer


The benefit of prayer, and an answer from the holy Mawla Ahmed alHassan a.s. the leader of the blessed Black Banners of the East:

"Prayer is obligatory, and its benefits are many.

From its benefits is that you remember that there is a Creator Whom you must worship.

And from its benefits is that you bow and prostrate and remember that no matter how far you reach you [still] bend down your forehead and head, and it makes you forget your pride and arrogance.

And from its benefits is that it makes the soul (Ruh) of the human being elevate, and it makes his self (Nafs) lighten and become at peace.

All of that is something extremely little and small from the benefits of the prayer.

But all of those [benefits] take place only when you present your soul (Ruh) and self (Nafs) and senses and organs between the Hands of Allah, willingly and with love. And when you rise to pray while you are smiling. And especially the Fajr prayer.
Because usually the human being wakes up at the time of Fajr while he/she hasn’t slept enough, he/she wakes up lazy and tired and his face would be frowning. And that is impermissible." - Translation of a post by احمد احمد from the 10.07.2016

Helpful lectures from the Minbar of Egypt

A blessed BBS brother reminded us once...

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