Free Your Minds My Children

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The feelings of our heart, the inspirations from our soul, and the whispers of the ego all run through the same bottleneck: our mind - which is often all over the place an hard to quiet. The mind determines how well we can monitor, control, and direct our feelings and how well we can differentiate between the inspirations from our soul, the whispers of the ego, and notice the synchronicitis through which God is talking to us.

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) calls us to free our mind. In order that we may become righteous people, sincere and humble servants of God, we must master and free our mind...

Meditation and it's Benefits

Meditation and it's benefits is a look at how we can improve our mental health in order to live a life which is free from jealousy, depression, anxiety and fear. Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) and the Mahdis (as) have now more than once recommended the regular practe of meditation. Therefore a whole episode has been dedicated to this topic in the series "The Medicine of the Mahdis - Meditation".

"Meditation And it's Benefits" from the Black Banners of the East Satellite Channel, 15.10.2018